Monday, June 30, 2008


"I guarantee that his life will not be danger when police carry out their investigation. We have a legal system here and everyone, including Anwar must respect that"

The above were the words of Home Minister, Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar, reportedly to have been said at the Parliament Lobby, today, Monday 30th.

Who is the minister trying to fool? Wasn't Anwar's life threatened when he was arrested and brought to Bukit Aman aka Bukit Jahanan? Has the minister forgotten about the 'Black Eye' incident? Who was the person that 'mutilated' Anwar during the investigation? Wasn't it the honourable IGP of all the person?

With that as a reminder, and if you were Anwar, would you not be frightened too?. Or would you invite the police to arrest you? Only a fool would want to do that.

What alternative has Anwar got, other than to seek refuge where even the police could not get him. That was what he did, and you think he did the wrong thing?

My thanks and that of all peace loving Malaysians, to the H.E. The Turkish Ambassador for protecting the valuable life of our future Prime Minister.

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