Friday, June 20, 2008


Once again, the much awaited debate between two notable politicians i.e. former UMNO Youth Chief, Rahim Tambi Chik and PKR's Badrul Hisham Shahrin aka Chegubard, over issues of national interest, aired on Astro Awani on June 19th at 8.30 pm, did not materialized.. This time, Rahim Tambi Chik did not turn up for unknown reason. Badrul Hisham therefore has to contend with a relatively unknown personality that evening.

In an earlier programme, it was the Head of Puteri UMNO, YB Dato Noraini who failed to turn up to a face-to-face meeting with PKR's MP, YB Nural Izzah Anwar, also for unknown reason.

I now begin to wonder if the 'disappearance' of both the UMNO politicians on a live TV programme, is UMNO's latest strategy of frustrating their political enemy, or are they just too timid to face them? Compared to the two UMNO politicians, both Badrul Hisham and Nurul Izzah are relatively new in politics, having only made their presence felt during the last general elections.

If this is UMNO's strategy, little wonder none of the other veteran UMNO politicians have ever dared to accept the opposition's challenge to an open debate. If one could recall, Badrul Hisham did offer a challenge to UMNO's up-start Khairy to a debate during the last general elections, which the latter had conveniently ignored. Likewise, Anwar Ibrahim also offered a challenge to some UMNO leaders to a debate during the elections, but sadly, there were no takers.

By absenting themselves, both the UMNO politicians had missed a golden opportunity to project themselves, as having the oratorical ability and skill to discourse knowledgeably on a variety of issues affecting the country today. On the other hand, Badrul Hisham and Nurul Izzah appearance on live TV, has certainly made them ever more popular.

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