Friday, June 27, 2008


Now, UMNO has accepted Ezam back to its fold. What does this really means to UMNO and to Ezam himself? For me, I can come out with a number of guesses of which, I would like you readers to share with me.

1. By joining UMNO, Ezam will see himself safe and secured from harassment by the some agencies of government, notably the ACA and PDRM.
2. Being out of UMNO and PKR, Ezam has very little to fend himself. He needs to feed his family, and be looked up as an aspiring politician. As an NGO, he can only make noise, and nobody really care or listen. Look at what happened to his claims that he has files and files of reports concerning corrupted BN politicians. I wish to ask him now....."Where are the files now. Have you eaten them up?"
3. Pardon me for saying this, "A person like Ezam can never be a trust worthy friend. I will cast him away like a rotten egg".
4. Ezam need to look at himself at a mirror, and say "Who is the worst of person on this earth today". Bet you, the mirror will say " You Ezam".

As for UMNO, the reason Pak Lah smiled was because he can now make full use of Ezam to discredit Anwar Ibrahim. Sure enough, Ezam has said that he will expose all the misdeeds of Anwar Ibrahim. But Pak Lah and Ezam must understand this...God is watching you. Is this what you preach in Islam Hadhari? were with Anwar once before. And is this the way you treat someone who had looked after you. I am quite sure that there was something good that Anwar has given you. In return, you throw shit and rubbish at him, in you greed for UMNO power. Believe you me, your stay with UMNO will be short live.

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