Thursday, June 19, 2008


Last weekend, I attended a wedding reception of my nephew held at the Balai Warisan located along Jalan Tun Razak. I always look forward to attending weddings of my relatives, because this is the one occasion where most of my family members and their families would get together for one huge family reunion. Being an elder, it also gives me the opportunity to be introduced to the younger members of my extended family, whom I may not have met on previous occasions.

Of course, when we the elders meet, there will be many things to talk about, ranging from the result of the last elections to the recent oil price hike, and many more. It is a ‘mini parliament’ of sort, where views and opinions are blurted out without due regards to those around; and without a presiding Chairman, the meeting can be boisterous.

After a two hour sitting, I was able to grasp a range of interesting issues discussed which I would like to share here in this blog.

First. It was reported that Dr. Khair Toyo, the former MB of Selangor had ‘deployed’ some lawyers as his ‘eyes and ears’ to monitor speeches made by PKR members at religious gathering. Dr. Khair is reported to have said that he will sue those speakers who makes false and malicious remarks against him.

I do not know whether the above report is true or not, but on hearing it, my immediate remark was to say, “How silly of Dr. Khair to do such a thing. Don’t he has other better things to do. Don’t tell me that this is his new occupation after being ousted as the MB of Selangor. And don’t he realize that he is wasting the precious time of the lawyers?”

And from the responses of many, it is obvious that all were not quite pleased with the action of Dr. Khair Toyo either, and this is certainly a minus point for Dr. Khair Toyo’s popularity. I know for sure that most of my relatives are UMNO members, but I do not know for certain whom they voted for during the last elections, or have they all shifted their allegiance to other political parties?

Second. The issue of ‘Rumah Rasmi Exco Selangor’ that was build by the previous Selangor state government was raised. To this, someone remarked that the ‘ghosts’ of the previous occupants still lingers in the houses, and this was the reason why the present Exco members are reluctant to occupy the houses.

There is the believe among the Malay folk, that houses left vacant for long period of time, will actually be occupied by ghosts, and I have come across some who have had such experiences.

Later, I am told that the houses will be made good use of by the new state government, through leasing or hiring it to corporations , thus generating valuable income for the state coffer. This is a plus point for the Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and the PR Exco members who have all decided to reside in their own homes.

Third. The talk that Pak Lah is acting like Santa Claus recently, was about the most interesting topic at the wedding. Pak Lah now appears to show his gentle and generous being, by announcing huge ‘financial reward’ during his state visit to Sabah, in particular. The questions asked, “Where did he get all the money from?. If he has all the money to throw around, why then did he raise the price of fuel?”. Is this an act to entice his waning Sabah supporters to remain loyal to him?.

Many more questions were asked, but I personally think the ‘threat’ from Anwar Ibrahim, and also from Sabah’s YB Yong Teck Lee, a BN partner, is haunting Pak Lah. This is certainly a plus point for Anwar, and his ‘threat’ is taking full effect on Pak Lah.

I left the wedding ceremony sensing that there is now greater sense of awareness among the ordinary people regarding issues effecting the country today, and to themselves. Certainly, the results of the March 8 election has taught politicians that they should no longer take the people’s views for granted. And to those who have lost the elections, particularly those who were elected representatives before; gaining back their lost position may not be so easy the next time.

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