Friday, May 29, 2009


Former PKR Wanita Chief Aminah Abdullah who is also the Independent candidate for the Penanti by-election, is more of an actor, rather than someone who is serious about wanting to be an elected representative of a state assembly, and a law maker. I view her antics as nothing more than cheap publicity, that has been exploited by the mainstream media to embolden her popularity. Her pictures that has been spread over the print and electronic media shows of a person that is better as a wife, and a mother dedicated to the chores of her household; then an aspiring politician.

I am now inclined to believe that the taping incident was a deliberate act on the part of Aminah, with malicious intent to discredit both Cheah Kah Peng and Lim Eng Nan. Aminah must have lured both Cheah and Lim to her house on a pretext of a social invitation, but in reality, it was a trap. Who would believe that is was not a trap, when the taping made deliberately, without the prior knowledge of her two house guests. If it was a honest invitation, no sensible and good natured hosts would want to tape the conversations of their guests, other than for some self serving interests.

For what Aminah has done, she certainly does not deserve to be elected to the state assembly, and neither could she stand tall for her honestly and integrity. She will now have to bear being labeled by all sorts of names from those who are angered by her act. I am certainly one of those who does not think much of her act, because it only reflects poorly of her image as a thrust worthy person. If she can do to discredit her own former party associates, what is there to stop her from doing the same to others later.

Not enough with having the tape, she now says that she will reveal an undisclosed incidents that happened in a hotel in Nibong Tebal, Jawi in 2007, implicating the Penang PKR Chairman Datuk Zaharin Mohd Hashim, and I suppose with many more exposures.

I just wonder, as the by-election draws near, what will Aminah’s election campaigning be like to lure the electorates. I hope she does not end up selling tapes.


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komando said...

He haw she lost everything...nasib baik kain tak lost jugak!