Saturday, May 16, 2009


UMNO Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin is back in the news. This time echoing what PM Najib has to say about the Perak fiasco, blaming it all on the opposition, and saying that the BN does not fear of a fresh elections in the state. Khairy had also called Anwar Ibrahim a hypocrite; supposedly being the 'villain' that had started the ruse of a massive crossover of BN parliamentarians to the opposition, hoping for a change of government from BN to PR. This, to the delight of the BN government, did not materialised.

Khairy has been in limbo since Najib had not listed him for any ministrial appointment, but had assigned him to concentrate his efforts at strengthening the UMNO youth wing. How far has he succeeded in his newly assigned role is yet to be known. And from what I gather from UMNO insiders, Khairy is now operating like a lame duck, since having lost the usual pair of 'clutches' from his father-in-law.

With regards to the opposition's call for a fresh elections in Perak, as the only way out of the political impasse in the state, leaders of the BN component parties have been divided over this call. They seemed not to be able to reached a consensus, but rather voicing a differing in opinion, thus reflecting a division within the BN. Consensus, that has been the hallmark of the BN success, seemed to be thinning out, and this is not a good indication.

While most UMNO leaders seemed to agree that the party is not afraid of a fresh elections, they however have placed a caveat i.e. that a fresh elections will be costly for the government. I just wonder if the by-elections in Permatang Pauh, Kuala Trengganu, Batang Air, Bukit Selembau and Bukit Gantang were not costly. One knows that the amount of promises made, and the instant financial handouts during these by-elections must have costs more than the actual costs of running the elections. Now, who should be blamed for this unnecessary outlandish spendings? The BN or PR?

Even Tun Mahathir had said that the BN winning the fresh elections in Perak is a foregone conclusion. Is it because of this that the BN leaders are divided, or have they reached a consensus that a fresh elections is out of the question? Tun Mahathir's direct statement must have embarrassed BN leaders, and had placed them in a quandary.

In the case of the PR, the party has been consistent in wanting a fresh elections. I suppose, winning or losing does not really matter for them any more. And even if they lose, it will only be a measure of the the party's popularity by the people, which calls for renewed strategy in the future. And if they win, sustaining their popularity will not be that easy, as the myriad of demands of the people keeps ballooning.

Now, Thursday, May 21th 2009 will be a day for reckoning for Nizar, and the nation awaits the outcome to be announced by the Court of Appeal. Earlier, the date was set for Monday, May 18th 2009, and with this change of date, both Nizar and Zambry's hearing will be conducted on the same day.

I do not wish to place my bet on any one of them, but my only hope is that the court's decision will be one that will best serve the people of Perak; not that of Nizar or Zambry.



mohamad said...

As a true citizen who would never want to be involved in politics, I am allocating the blames to the present very sad Perak state political limbo to the politicians of both sides.

We respect good and clean politicians ( not many of them) but we are most disgusted and disappointed by the way each side is trying to outdo the opposing side. We are in worst shit when the courts, judges and lawyers get involved in trying to decide who should be the legal MB and who should be running the state government.

We must never forget the basics: even if the court delivers a decision which makes one side happy it will will not make the RAKYATS happy as long as we are being deprived of making our choice!

The whole world is looking and laughing at us. Now that Najib has stretched his hands to offer a way ahead and what the hell Anwar is waiting for? For God's sake, keep personal agenda, self interest aside and let us talk and arrive at an amicable decision to save Perak and national credibility.

Both BN and PKR leaders, get rid of your personal ego, agenda and self interests...irrespective of what the perceived outcome/result, a fresh election MUST be held soonest. I am sure the most respected Istana would also support this move.

Election is expensive? NO, NO, nothing is expensive if we place national, state and RAKYATS' interests above politics!

komando said...

The courts will have a say only, not necessary the last say!
We the Rakyat has the final say!
Whatever the outcome this Thursday does not matter anymore.
We the rakyat will put our powers on paper when the time comes, just wait for it to happen.
They can't rule for ever, no empire can last forever, even ROME fell! The British fell! Germany fell!
UMNO is falling now !