Monday, May 18, 2009


It is utter disgusting and a disgrace to Malaysia for having a Foreign Minister who goes on a smear campaign, and of all places, during a press conference in the US in the presence of the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Anifah Aman, Hillary Clinton is not someone of your match and standing, and because of this you ought to be extremely careful of what you say. If what comes out of your mouth stinks, the whole nation stinks as well. So please say things that are sensible, and do not make a mockery of yourself. Those that attended the US press conference are distinguished and renowned reporters; not the kind that you face regularly in Sabah.

My gut feeling tells me that this Foreign Minister of ours do not understand what a press conference is all about. Have he not been taught what to say, and what not to say in a press conference? Does he not know that whatever he says, is being flashed throughout the world in a matter of seconds? I believe this Foreign Minister Anifah Aman of ours only understand ‘kampong politics’, and if he had said the same thing in Sabah, he can be forgiven; but not in the USA. He certainly has made himself look like a fool in front of all those at the press conference.

Even if he has a grudge against Anwar Ibrahim, or for that matter, anybody else, saying something that is unpleasant to a person’s character is most ungentlemanly and improper. And even if he is being questioned by a reporter, certainly he must be smart and knowledgeable enough to be evasive, by not giving a direct answer. I think Anifah Aman must quickly learn some tricks and wits at articulating questions from reporters, and certainly Tun Mahathir can be his good teacher. Or may be INTAN can teach him something about diplomacy.

I now can expect the worse from our newly branded Foreign Minister. Just wait when he attends more foreign conferences, and to listen to what he will say at the press conferences. And I would like to also listen to him deliver speeches at international conferences, to learn more of our foreign policy. I hope he knows what to say.



komando said...

The whole episode has shamed our country, the mess the FM made shows how bright our Ministers are in the current Cabinet of Clowns.

Sad day indeed that we have proof to the world what a country we are really.

Shame shame shame!

mohamad said...

This is what happen when cabinet ministers are plucked from the bushes, just because they are from certain state or represent certain party division in order to please some groups of party followers.

YB Rais Yatim should have educated and cautioned Anifah on how to face American press. Knowing the American press community, I can guess that they must have trapped and ambushed Anifah with aggressive qusetions and remarks which forced our FM to be on defensive.

Irrespective of what really happened between Anifah and Anwar Ibrahim, he should not have made such a childish story during a joint press conference with US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

What was really Anifah's motive in highlighting the so called "Anwar Ibrahim's offer" during an international joint press conference?

If he were to tell the Americans that he is a good boy and Anwar Ibrahim is a bad boy, then it is a sheer rubbish. The American Administration and the American people know exactly what is really the true picture in Malaysia. Anifah's personal story is uncalled for and does not speak well of our country's Foreign Minister.

We can expect Anifah's press statement in Washington has given Anwar Ibrahim's lawyers some extra work. More court cases coming?

In the light of what has happened to Anifah, the PM and his Cabinet should take this incident as a very serious misadventure by our FM which should never be repeated. Malaysia's foreign relation credibilty and image must be of the highest standing and it must start with the FM.

Haezrikal said...

We cannot have this sort of personality to represent us domestically, what can we expect of him to represent us in the international arena.

Shame, for nothing he put all Malaysians to SHAME!

maurice said...

Really unbecoming for Dato Anifah to response in such a manner to Hillary Clinton, as if he was anwering a question posed by the opposition in a local parliamentary debate.

Dato Anifah should realize, to be a successful FM he should master the art of diplomacy.

It is the rule, spoken words used in international forums, especially on matters affecting state-to-state relationship, should be couched in diplomatic language.

psc said...

anifah is suffering from foot and mouth disease.