Sunday, May 17, 2009


BUKIT BOTAK in Selangor is now under probe by the state government for alleged irregularities in the allocation of lots to non eligible land owners. This land scam can be traced back 20 years, stretching throughout the period of the BN government. This recent finding may be the 'tip of the iceberg' in matters affecting the allocation and distribution of land titles, by the previous state government.

This land scam is obviously the work of government officials (probably from the district land office) in cohort with self serving, greedy, corrupt and dishonest politicians. Having to back track 20 years, would mean that all the Menteri Besar's during that period can be assumed to be a party to the scam, and claiming ignorance now is unacceptable. Indeed, the people of Selangor are well informed of the high handedness of officers working in the various district land offices, and this land scam only confirms the long standing notion that politicians, and government officers working in land offices throughout the state are unscrupulously corrupt.

MACC is also believed to have began the probe, and to investigate a case that dates back 20 years, will be a difficult task. Denials upon denials by former government officers and politicians will now be heard, and I suppose some of those purportedly involved may have retired, or some even dead. I have little confidence that MACC can unravelled the whole truth to this episode, and to bring speedy justice to those involved.

The thing that the present state government can do now is to sieve through every single application, and to discard those that was believed to have acquired the land title through dubious means. Certainly, politicians, non residents of that area and those who were children then, can be omitted easily, leaving only those who were the original land owners of the land.

It will be a difficult task though, but if the state government is truly committed to the ideals of justice and fairness towards its people, and the will to eradicate corruption, what is deemed impossible can be made easy.

Being a thoroughbred Selangorian, I salute the present state government for bringing to light, this massive land scam at Bukit Botak, by past government officers and politicians.



mohamad said...

We must congratulate the present state government for revealing the Bukit Botak massive land scam.

The RAKYATS do not care what party and the leaders who rule the state. As long as they serve the RAKYATS' interest we WILL continue to support them. As a citizen and Selangor RAKYAT, I must say thank you to MB, YAB Tan Sri Khalid, for exposing this scam which I consider a big crime committed by those concerned.

I can bet, there are many more similar cases which the present govenment is working on, keep it up. We do not expect press reports but once the "culprits" are identified, the government must go all out to book all these criminals and expose them to public.

We expect a lot from MACC in investigating this scam. Agreed, the task is not as easy but we also expect they leave no stones unturned. Every single politician and government officer responsile must be brought to face justice and that is the only way we can contribute in assisting PM, YAB Dato Sri Najib, in reducing corruptions in this country.

I agree with Dato' Arshad that there are two groups of people involved, the polotical leaders and government officers. Some may have died but many have been promoted or retired and are still around. Since these culprits are still alive MACC has to hurry before they escape into the graves with their sins!

If MACC needs our help we will volunteer for free, for the sake of reducing corruptions.

komando said...

Dream dream dream...remember this song..we are all going to sing this song for a long long time!

Convictions and finding them ALL guilty as charged!

Can't believe it, till it happens!

mohamad said...

Dear Dato',

I have been following your blogg for past few months. I suddenly realise that your fellow serving military and ex-servicemen, except for maurice, komando, captazhar and few others, don't seem to come forward with their views on many subjects which you have raised.

I suppose your comrades are either too lazy to write or they just feel more comfortable to continue to "play safe" in life and accept what comes. To say that these guys are not aware of your blogg's existance is not true because I often heard from of my ex-servicemen friends complimenting your blogg.

As a civilian citizen who has the highest respect for the military I have very high hope for your comrades to share their constructive views through your blogg. Their distinctive leadership and vast military experiences are very valuable to let them fade away.

May be you have a better strategy!

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Mohamad,

Thanks for your continued comments which I value; regardless of whether it is positive or otherwise. The more critical, the better it is for me.
You are quite right is saying that the uniform gays, either retired of not, are a bit hesitant in making their comments. However, I do bet calls supporting me and to ask me to continue writing. This gives me a lot of courage and motivation.
There are also others who regard me as anti establishment, because they view some of my writings as being critical of the government. Say what the want, but nothing will stop me from expressing my views, and I cannot pretend to be someone else except Arshad.

komando said...

Dear Mohd, the rest of the guys are not willing to share ideas becos they have a fear in them still!
From day one the military taught them not to question orders and follow all ORDERS blindly!
It is sad but that is the training effectively cultivated.
As for Gen Dato' Arshad, he is of a different breed of OLD SOLDIERS!



mohamad said...

Dato' Arshad and komando,

Thank you for clearing my cloudy mind.

I know that the military must be loyal and serve the government of the day. This is very much expected, otherwise there would be never ending troubles and unstability if the country's military becomes involved in politics!

I learnt a lot from my military and ex-servicemen friends whose views seem to differ from yours. Being loyal is one thing but blind loyalty can be damaging to people and their organisations. I know that military leaders are very mission orientated but they must progress with time and keep themselves abreast with the surroundings, including political development in places where they live.

Giving educational and constructive views does not tantamount to becoming anti-government or anti-establishment. I feel sorry for you, Dato', if there are some who have branded you as "anti-establisment". I suppose this is very much expected, expecially on few occassions, you have hit hard on certain people and or their organisations.

I view differently Dato'. I feel that political leaders and serving senior generals in the military should look deeply and positively over some of your "reports" and "comments".

Those who eat chillie and feel "pedas" must take positive steps to correct theselves instead of passing negative remarks on bloggers.

Dato', you must be a very resposible and accountable person. After having gone through a solid army life and served the nation with merits, I am very sure your facts are very well researched and you have no reasons to spread rumours or go against the government or establishment.

Soldier on Dato'. Please continue blogging and will give you our support. We all will contribute to assist Najib and his Team to reduce corruption.

captazhar said...

Dear mohamad,

Actually the military's role is to defend the sovereignty of the country against any external threats. It is not to be used to keep the government of the day in power. Even the military's role for internal security is limited, according to the standard doctrines. In the end, the leaders must have the moral courage to do what is right but this moral courage seems to be severely lacking in todays society.

And your statement that says,

'We all will contribute to assist Najib and his Team to reduce corruption.'

My question would be is Najib & his team really serious about eradicating the corruption that is eating and rotting the soul of this country? Or is he just making some rhetoric statements prepared by his consultants to cheat the rakyat? The latter seems to ring true based on the performance to date!

wira said...

Dear Pak Chad',
This type of land grab happens in every state with perhaps Perlis being an exception due to its size. It is happening everywhere, and quite blatantly. As an example, a look at the map of Cameron Higelands will reveal many such tales. More often than not, the award of land there are done with complete disregard to the environment. And if you all think that these land thievery occurs only in BN led state govt, just look at the Kelantan side of the Highlands!!It is all the same.
Thinking people should realize that democracy in Malaysia is only evident and exercised for the short period of time between the date of the dissolution of Parliament and the announcement day of the election results. From then on, until the day the Parliament is once again dissolveed, all the rakyat of this blessed country, irregardless of race or religion, have to succumb ourselves to Grand Cleptocracy.
If you think it is only our land that is being grabbed, think again. Today Malaysians can't even think freely. I am not surprised that someday we mught even be robbed of our souls...
Who are those people involved, one might ask.
They are ordinary folks like us but they all have in their hands the special ingredient called POWER. It can be political power, obtained by way of a fleeting democratic proccess called elections, or administrative,
obtained through years of obedient service to a State or the Federal Service, or even religious, obtained through years of religious indoctrination (brain washing)in the Madrasah and Sekolah Pondok.
The insidious thing about it all is that all three types of power are open to abuse, depending on the rewards and also the objective of the ppeople in control.
Why do you think there is this problem over the appointment of Thasrin as Selangor SS. It might appear like a 'storm in a teacup', but in reality it is a major power struggle between PKR, BN and the Palace.
Herein lay Malaysia's problem!! we are unique in that, the Colonials left behind an administrative and political structure that are purposefully and clearly defined.(the Classic divide-and-rule approach). For one reason or other, this clarity of boundary or what is commonly termed as separation of powers has diminished. So what do we do???
Your guess is as good as mine.