Saturday, May 23, 2009


I had in August last year, and again in March this year, posted an article regarding the alledged corruption charge against former Director General Tourism Ministry, Datuk Mirza Mohammed Taiyab, that is presently on trial. I wrote the articles because I was convinced that Datuk Mirza was innocent of the charge, and a victim of some unscrupulous person(s), high up in the Tourism Ministry. I am not surprised that a politician may be involved as well.

I was elated, when I read a report in the online NST, that a witness in the trial, Zulhisyam Ayob had declared that Datuk Mirza was not aware of the payment made for the latter's dental treatment amounting RM13,000. Zulhisyam Ayob was the ex-husband of the owner of the dental clinic, Dr. Khamsiah Ghulam Haider, and she too declared that her ex-husband did told her not to reveal to Datuk Mirza of the payment. This only confirms Datuk Mirza's passionate declaration to me that he had no knowledge of who actually paid for his dental bills, during a lunch meeting with him in March this year.

I do not know Datuk Mirza before our lunch meeting, but I have heard from friends in the tourism industry that Datuk Mirza is a trustworthy person of high dignity, and does not succumb easily to corrupt practices. He is god fearing, they say, and is well regarded by those who had served him in the ministry.

The only thing that I could say now is that the report of the alledged corruption by Datuk Mirza was the work of someone with an evil mind who was not pleased with him, and is out to frame him. It could well be the work of someone from within the ministry itself, and it cannot be by someone in the lower ranks of the ministry. It has to be someone prominent, and I wonder who could this person be?

I wish Datuk Mirza succeeds in clearing the air over his alledged corruption case, and if he is succeeds in his trial, god willing, it is only proper that he be redeemed to his former position as the Director General, and be paid back for all that he had lost in terms of his deprived remuneration.

But this case must not just end upon Datuk Mirza having succeeded in winning his case. A fresh battle must be launched in the courts i.e. to get the truth out of the person(s) who had framed Datuk Mirza, and justice will be done only when the truth is out. And from this case, I have been taught one thing; that it painful to be honest and a trustworthy public servant. On the contrary, it pays well to be unscrupulous.



FMZam said...

Dear Dato'

I read this article you posted here about Dato' Mirza's case with a mind of a simple person, and came up with one puzzle. It reminds me of a case where a military general was asked by the BPR how come he did'nt know who pays for all the expensive Hi-Fi set in his house and yet keeps it in his house.

Principally and morally, Dato' Mirza cannot cite ignorance as a basis for him to keep an expensive dental work without thinking who pays for it even if he is so bloody ignorance because by accepting it, he had in fact accepting a remuneration from anyone whom he didn't care to find out who, he couldn't just accept it if he is a man of principle.

I am so puzzled by the his easy way out of his case is by citing ignorance. I would respect him if he had thrown away that dental work into the drain at the first instance.

maurice said...


I am just puzzled why the Dato in the first place saw the need to see a civilian dentist where he knew he had to pay for the services and not a government dentist where it would be free?

It baffles me to see a civil servant going for high-cost dental surgery/treatment (unless someone has volunteered to pick-up the bill) with a private clinic.He could have easily secured the services of top-notch government dentists to attend to his dental ailment.

maurice said...


Some people have been successful in engineering the concept of separatism between religious belief and parctices.

Sorry about this, the evidence is plenty.

malaysia said...


If all men can be honest, courts and prisons will not be necessary.

Prosecute all of them, we will hardly have any high ranking civil servants left. Many civil servants will probably jump over this comment. As it was mentioned earlier that it is based on principal and moral. Maybe many will have a different interpretation on principal and moral. To them, having a free meal at the restaurant is just a meal with a 'friend'. Or maybe tumpang the industry fellow touring or sighseeing on a rented car paid by the industry fellow is okay.

Maybe some can help me to define.

komando said...

We shall see..folks..all the tuans will shiver when new government takes over..

All takers no matter in what way is a taker, fly to NZ ke...cuti ke semua sama aje lah!

Eat char kow tiu or kfc ke eat at mana pun sama jugak lah!

FREE makan always taste better mah!

mohamad said...

It sounds very familiar. A Director General visited a private dental clinic and declared that he had no knowledge of who actually paid for his dental bills!

Remember one army general was caught taking some cash from a contractor? Both the contractor and the general declared that the money was part of "nazar" by the former for being awarded a cotract by Mindef?

Datuk Mirza could be innocent, but how on earth a senior government servant of his position committed a stupid act and allowed his weakness to be exposed and exploited by his potential
"enemies". It is most unbecoming of a DG!

Let the court decide and we hope the truth prevails.

Jaz said...

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