Monday, May 11, 2009


I was in town at around 4 pm today, and received a call from a friend from Sabah. Before I could say hello to him, he said, “we have won”. I at once knew that he was referring to the judgment by the High Court that Nizar had won his case, and is legally the Menteri Besar of Perak. This Sabahan friend of mine, though being an UMNO member, wasn't inspired by the nature of the BN's takeover of the Perak state government, which he said was likened to a thief that had broken through the rear door of a house, and claimed that all that is in the house belongs to the thief. And I believe, many in UMNO today felt the same.

Personally, the High Court's decision that favoured Dato Nizar came as a surprise to me, and I suppose to many others. Reading and listening to the mainstream media's comments concerning the case, gave little hope for Nizar, and even Zambry's comments on the May 7th fracas in the Perak State Assembly had made the opposition look like the villain to the entire ugly episode. But if one were to view the comments in the blogweb, a majority had been rather adverse towards Zambry, and one is not surprised that Zambry has been referred to by many unsavoury names by the bloggers.

With the decision of the High Court today, Zamby's administration will be remembered as being the shortest to have administered a state government i.e. 3 months. What is more hurting for Zambry, is that he and his 6 exco members had been ordered by the court to vacate their offices; a scene reminiscence of what exactly happened in February this year, when Nizar and his exco members were told to vacate their offices. It's tit-for-tat I suppose. This High Court decision too will impact upon the decision made by the palace, that had favoured Zambry's appointment.

Now, what about the official residence of the Menteri Besar and his official car? Will Zambry decide to vacate the official residence, and surrender his official car voluntarily, or will he be told by the State Secretary to do so? Now, what if the State Secretary refuses to take the instructions from Nizar? Will this tantamount to disobedience, and to face a possible sacking by Nizar? And what about the police and the local council authorities that had not been too kind to Nizar, when he was ousted as the Menteri Besar. Will Nizar be mean enough to retaliate against them? My only hope is for Nizar to be sensible enough not to overact, or to bear any malice towards Zamby.

The next few days will again see a flurry of activities in Perak, especially with regards to how Nizar would take Perak out of this political uncertainty. It is unlikely that Zambry will allow Nizar an easy time at governing the state; although Nizar is officially the head of government, but without even a simple majority in the state assembly.

I think, the only choice left for Nizar is to seek a dissolution of the state assembly from the palace, and to call for a fresh state election. Will this be Nizar's last course of action, and will the palace gives in to Nizar's request this time? Or will Zambry tries to call for a vote of no-confidence on Nizar, as a means of legitimising his appointment as the Menteri Besar again?

I personally see that there is no other option, except to allow the people of Perak their rights to elect a legitimate government of their choice, and at whatever the expense.



mohamad said...

Remember what I have commented earlier?

As citizens with sound thinking brains we must respect the decision of the court. I further add, at the same time, we must also use our same brains to respect the judicial system of our country.

What happen when we fail to use our brains properly but allowing emosion to control ourselves? We make wrong judgements and predictions!

Almost everybody predicted the court decision would be in favour of BN, Zamry and his team.
The Kuala Lumpur High court however, passed a judgement in favour of PKR, Mohamad Nizam and his team.

We are now seeing excitement and celebrations everywhere by some who fail to realise that there is still a long way to go.

Have we forgotten the nation's legal system and its procedures? I bet, BN, Najib and Zamry will go according to the law..... they will appeal!

So, what is the excitement? the Perak political battle is far from over.

Sound thinking, we have nothing to be excited about until the Court of Appeal passes its judgement. We will be grateful to Almighty when the Perak political crisis is completely over!

We will then get excited and celebrate.

maurice said...

Let us not lose sight that the political problem was first created by the Nizar who has lost the support of the 3 ADUNS.

We should question his ability to lead the Pakatan coalition in Perak.Pakatan need to put a top notch candidate to be the MB in that complex state.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

I learnt something in Somalia, when you show kindness they consider you weak. Nizar should boot the insolent, disloyal, govt servant servant out by the scruff of the neck, it applies to the Sergeant at Arms too.

ommo said...

Salam Dato, AS of 1 pm, the Court of Appeals granted BN a stay of execution, putting the governance of the state in limbo and if they give Zambry back the MB appt then we know the Judges cannot be trusted and political interference is at it's dirtiest but they (BN) don't care but we must be patience for Allah will deal with them when the time comes Insya'Allah we hope it's sooner than expected. Lets' Doa that Dato' Nizar will remain MB.

komando said...

History again being made, first Nizar then Zambery then back to Nizar and now back to Zambery...
This country will be recorded into the "guiness books of ulitimate records"
Never before in the history of any nation have we seen this sort of drama!
The story is far from over, the appeals court will uphold the decision and then what next another round of political turmoil in my HOMETOWN...ipoh mali...Perakians are all goona love it.
Next the Penanti elections will see another wave of total excitement or total chaos!

We shall all see My Dear General !

mohamad said...

Sure enough, the appeal has taken place and the Court of Appeal has delivered its decision.

Before we could say "bye Zamry",
"congratulations Nizar" we now have to bid "bye Nizar" and
"congratulations Zamri". What a joke! Sorry, remebmber, we have to respect our own judicial system.

As citizens with sound thinking brains and without taking any side, we feel that our politicians are making a mess in Perak state.
I have totally ceased watching TVs and reading newspapers because you would see nothing but Nizar, Zamry, BN leaders, PKR leaders and some low mentality Perak PKR and BN YBs!

I appeal to the press to stop highlighting these culprits and guilty faces, appearing happy and waving hands, without realising the RAKYATS are sick of them and demand that all resign in bloc so that Perak has no ADUNs and a fresh election can take place.
Come on YBs!

We, the RAKYATS are most confused and losing patience. Can we now propose a "way ahead" which will give "shits" to these ugly politicians until they wake up, get rid of their agendas and behave!