Monday, May 25, 2009


To all my viewers, I have change my header image to a photograph taken in 1966 of a group of 6th Battalion Royal Malay Regiment officers base in Sembawang Camp, Singapore.

For those in the army, they would be able to recognized some of the officers in the photograph, and one of them was Lt Ismail Hassan (standing fifth from right) did make it to Chief of Army. The Commanding Officer was Lt Col Mokhti Jabar (standing left of picture), and the gentleman in dark glasses was H.E Jamal Abd. Latiff, Malaysian High Commissioner to Singapore.

The officer seated on a stool (extreme right) was the battalion’s Second-in-Command, Maj Syed Hamzah who retired as a Brigadier General.



Haezrikal said...


"Old soldiers never die but fades away."

Hope to see more of your collections. "RINAI" if possible. Khih..kih..kih..

Abah said...

Nostalgic picture. I hope Dato put more on this. This we can consider as Team Pop yeh...yeh.

mohamad said...


Thank you for sharing the wonderful picture of your good old army days.

I have problems to identify you! You may wish to explain.

One very significant message I can read from the officers' faces... everyone looks happy and cheerful.
I suppose in the sixtiees, every young officer knew only to serve the country.... cases of cronism and corruptions were hardly heard!

It's a small world! You would not believe if I were to tell you that I happened to know the two generals you mentioned. They are very pleasant gentlemen, loyal and dedicated officers.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

This picture is indeed nostalgic. It is the best part of my life, because we had one of the best CO who shared of life. I will be posting more 'old' pictures later to reminisce the past.
Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that I am the gay seated on the ground on the extreme left. Squatting behind me is the late Mustamam Tahir.....a jovial character.
Pop yeh..yeh, yes it was.

komando said...

Officers those days only know how to conduct jungle operations and conduct themselves like true gentlemen.

We need not be businessman in uniform!

We had good friends and buddies, that was more important, even without cash we always had a good time!

The comradeship was 100%!

As for Dato' Arshad - typo error, not the GAY but the GUY.....seated on the left! We don't have gays in the Army those days, now I am not too sure!

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Kommando,

Thanks for the correction. The two words convey different meaning. Rest assured we were not GAY.