Saturday, February 26, 2011


Early this morning, I received an SMS reminding me to view Malaysia Today’s article, ‘Salahguna Kuasa (Pegawai Polis)’ posted on Friday, 25 February 2011. I was also handed a photocopy of the article. These are likeminded people who are deeply concern at what they see as decay in societal and religious values badly affecting the Malays. And I see that all those that are named in the article are Malays, and this shamed me.

The article accuses a serving police officer Supt Jaafar bin Mat of the Narcotic Branch of the Malacca Police Headquarters for being the owner of up to fifteen Security Companies; all in the name of proxies. The article also listed the names of proxies and companies owned by the police officer, including cars and a newly constructed house at Kg. Sg. Tua Baru, Batu Caves that is claimed to be worth RM4 million. If this is true, only an idiot would not believe in the story.

The article claims that this police officer (mind you, he is a HAJI who has gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca) has been detained once for questioning by MACC, but no further action was taken against him, because the report was withdrawn by the person making the report. From the writings, I believed that this scam is being perpetrated with the connivance of officers from the Ministry of Internal Security (KDN), the MACC and even among the police officers themselves.

I spoke to a friend of mine concerning this article and he said that the issuance of a Security License by KDN is a scam, and everyone knows this. He believes that corruption is so rampant and blatant among some of the KDN officers involved in the issuance of licenses. There is an obvious network that is linked with other agencies of government, namely KDN, MACC and the police department. Otherwise, this scam could not possibly work. I wonder if the minister Hishamuddin is aware of what is happening under his charge, and if he does not, he had better find out.

I do not know if this article will hit the main stream media, but I believe it won’t. And I do not know if the appropriate authorities i.e. MACC and the police alike will act on the article and including the police officer concern and I believe they won’t either, unless a formal report is made. This is the norm they say. No report, no investigation however serious. But the authorities take active interest if it involves the opposition or a report that demonized a renowned public figure. Just take the case of Teoh Beng Hock, and for a mere RM2000, the whole world was upon him. But in the famous case of former MAS boss Tajudin Ramli that involves millions, firewalls are placed around the case. Do you call this justice…….I don’t really know. Malaysian justice perhaps.

And if someone were to ask me that assuming I was the IGP, what would I do to Supt Jaafar bin Mat after having read the article. My reply would be……….suspend him from all duties and immediately conduct a departmental investigation, even before a formal report is made by someone, and regardless of whether the article is true or false. I do this because I have to save the good name of the police force that is already mired in all kinds of controversies. Now, will the IGP do what I would do if I was the IGP?



Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

In all honesty and good intent, a man is innocent until proven guilty, however, in cases like this, immediate action should be taken by his superiors to safeguard the uniform. On the point of licensing, it would be interesting to audit the licence holders and lo and behold you may find many retired KDN people holding them. Surprise! surprise!

Encik said...

Dato , satu dunia tahu sup jaafar .Dia punyai KEKEBALAN . Dia memang hebat . Lesen security byk DIA FRANCAIS je . no action taken , why why n why ??? still serving pulak tu ?? mak dato apa nak jadi neeee .Kita tanya KSU ? KITA TANYA PULAK TEAM ODIT KDN SECURITY LISENCE . MASAKAN TERLEPAS PANDANG .KITA TANYA LAGI SPRM N KITA TANYA PULAK PPKKM .

Kamal Sanusi said...

This is what we called 1Malaysia where in actual fact we the layman on street are treated no different like those people in Africa.

Whether you know it, realize it The aparthied concept is now slowly being practised in this 1Malaysia.

maurice said...

Golongan yang tidak bermoral memang mahu cepat kaya raya dengan apa cara jua pun.Tetapi saya ingin bertanya apa yang telah terjadi kepada sistem kepimpinan, pengolalaan dan kawalan PDRM? Apakah alasan CPO Melaka agaknya beliau tidak tahu Ketua Bahagian di Ibu Pejabatnya menyalah gunakan kuasa dengan sewenang-wenangnya. Ianya telah berlaku seperti yang dilapurkan di MT menunjukan sesuatu sangat tidak betul di Ibu Pejabat Polis tersebut.

wira said...

We are in contact with Police personnel daily; more often than not the black n white clad traffic cop controlling traffic at conjested junctions in the morning and after work.
Occassionally we meet the blue uniformed policeman/woman at the Balai when we want to lodge reports or when they are on beat duty. These are the cops that we as normal Malaysian come in contact with and apprciate highly, partly due to their direct contribution to public convenience but mainly because we need their presence to ensure our own safety.
Enter Supt Jaafar and his kind who abuse our thrust by partaking in large scale security business and other corrupt practices at our expense. PDRM will slowly but surely be called "the pagar that makan the padi".
What can we do about it? Nothing!!
We can only hope that our Police, MACC and Judiciary adopt a self-critical stance and correct themselves from within. What other options do we have to overcome this anarchic environment?
You must be naive to think that the fear of Allah will prevent such people from doing it. Far from it Dato', in our blessed country, even the religious dept is corrupt! ha.ha.
Malaysian religious elite only focus on politically expedient fundamentals like whether or not we pray 5 times daily, that our womenfolk cover their aurat, or whether the food served at certain outlet is halal and most often, the evils of elicit sex.
Have we actually seen such socially debilitating issue as the evil of corruption being discussed freely in the public domain?
Hardly if any? Why?
The Quran clearly states that the punishment for thieves is the amputation of their hands. What does the good book have to say on corrupt people? Personally "Wallah-Waalam".
Isn't corrupt practice such as the one practiced by Supt Jaafar a form of thievery?
Maybe for corrupt practices here, we should advocate the cutting of offenders legs instead.ha.ha
Lakulah kerusi roda dan prosthesic limbs nanti!!!
Yang kelakarnya, Malaysia akan mempunyai golongan manusia kurang upaya (tidak berkaki) tertinggi di dunia dari kalangan bekas Polis, bekas tentera, bekas hakim dan bekas ahli politik, berbanding dengan negeri2 lain.