Saturday, February 26, 2011


BERNAMA reported that you said “Malaysia will suffer the same fate as Egypt which recently faced a revolt if PAS were to rule the country”.

Pardon me for saying this, that you must be out of your mind to have come out with such an assessment. I do not know who your advisors are, and nor do I know the basis upon which you came out with such a ‘horrendous’ statement. Are you to believe that if PAS were to rule, they will begin chopping off hands, heads and tongue of thieves, murderers and liars? I just could not believe a statement like this could come from a seasoned politician like you.

Being a politician and with an impending by-election in Merlimau, I believe you have to make some sort statement however outlandish, merely to please your leadership and to win votes in particular. And you being the Chief Minister of the state, you have no choice but to make such a statement without due regards for the truth, and more importantly disregarding totally Malay unity. Are to say that PAS members belong to an alien race that is not Malay? And that you are a very special Malay that must be considered and treated differently?

I have this to warn you that the Malays are even more divided now than before, and your statement about PAS has made such division even worse. You know very well that a divided Malay is bad for this country, and the more divided we are, the lesser will be your chances of retaining political power.

As a Malay that had served the nation as a soldier for 33 years, I do not take lightly with what you have said. My loyalty is to this country and to my race, is one and the same. I treat all Malays regardless of their political leaning as brothers. But sadly, politicians like you have a very different way of viewing a Malay. Just because your political leaning is with UMNO, you therefore do not view other Malays from other political parties as being the same like you. I just would like to ask you this simple question……..what then is your religious leaning? Is it different from that of PAS? Or is yours so very special that others are to be despised upon?

I do not want to teach you about Malay unity because as a politician you should know better. My brotherly advice to you is to be more careful in what you say especially if it is one that will hurt Malay unity.



komando said...

The words by the late Tun Ghaffar Baba sums it all well clearly - he says "Islam itu SATU Sahaja".

No mater who you are where you come from, what you wear, eat, drink....the colours of your eyes, hair or whatever brains (if they have any)...this is a fact..but people can't appreciate and understand it!

That is why we have a country call MALAY - SIA !

They have sold their souls to the devil...and we are all victims of their ignorance or maybe even stupidity!

Encik said...

Dato , apa nak d herankan dah memang CORUPT pun jadi ketua menteri jugak . kat negara lain dah tentu BEHIND BAR . tu lah akibat terlalu lama jadi ketua menteri .

Malaysian said...

Why not Malaysian unity?

maurice said...

The statement by the CM is of course mischievous as PAS can never hope to win the election on its own accord.PAS needs the support of PKR and DAP to challenge BN in the next election.The question to ask is can we trust our future with Pakatan Rakyat?Can they do a better job than BN to improve our economy and the unification of all Malaysians.Another question which is close to our heart, can they do a better job in organizing national defence? To be honest I have not anything from Pakatan Rakyat leaders on their stand on this issue.In the absence of clear cut ideas from them, so please don't blame the rakyat for doubting their ability to avoid the kind of problems faced by some Middle East country should they be in power in the future.

MASKAN said...

Pak Chat, I seldom see you in such a foul mood. Unfortunately every word you said is true. I hope other politician read your open letter.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Not a shock for me to read such statement from one Ketua Menteri whose state has sekolah utk org yg termengandung and many more moron ideas....

komando said...

Leaders who are corrupt are most LOYAL...please understand THAT!

Like father like u made me do it.

1 malay-sia

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

The Bogeyman strategy again? I am tired lah. Get some new ideas please my dear CM.