Friday, February 18, 2011


Malaysia Today, Wednesday, 16 February 2011 posted an article title, ‘The Warlords And The De Facto IGP’ that chronicles in detail a scheme that seemingly protects the ‘evil’ and demonize the ‘good’. The evil that I am referring to are those of the underworld warlords that operate brothels and the gambling trade. The good here refers to the diligent police officers that perform their duties professionally, but are victimized by their very own people intent to protect the evil.

Reading from the article, it astounds me to note the level of clarity and the articulation of events and happenings that sounds too good to ignore and to disbelieve. I have no doubt that the writer of the article is someone from the force that is senior enough, or had provided details to someone who then wrote the piece.

The article not only accuses the IGP and some other senior police officers, but also accuses the minister Hishamuddin Hussein for being in the know of all the fraudulent acts and malice that goes on within the police force. The name of the suspected underworld warlord who goes with the honorific title of ‘Tan Sri’ sure makes a mockery of the title if the article proves to be true. Certainly, a piece that alledge minister Hishamuddin of a sex scandal (period unknown) with a lady from Muar, Johore makes the article even more juicer. Are we to believe this piece or not? Well, let’s wait an answer from the minister concern.

I am once again reminded of another minister who was caught on video having sex with a woman other than his wife, in a hotel in Muar some years ago. What a coincidence as both ministers are from Johore.

It frightens likeminded Malaysians and me that if this article is not thoroughly investigated, it will only bring disrepute to the police force that has already been under a hail of alleged misconduct and abuses, and to the government as well. Since a minister’s name has been implicated in the scheme, I would like to see what responses will come off him. Likewise, a speedy response from the top management within the police force is appropriate to quell any negative views that will impact the good name of the police force.

And to those innocent police officers that are deemed to have been victimized and wrong by your superiors, my call to them is to seek appropriate justice. Hold firmly to your belief that fate lies in the hands of the all mighty, and not in the hands of men.



maurice said...

More challenges coming PDRM way.Nowadays drug trafficking is on the increase by criminals from the Middle East.It looks like Malaysia is their newly found centre of operations for their destructive activities.Immigration Department should tighten immigration entries for this group of people before it is too late.

Another challenge for the PDRM, they need to take heed from the lessons of the Middle East instabilities.The principle of Minimum Force is most paramount when dealing with public disorder.Good intelligence, sound tactics and intensive training will save lives especially the innocent parties.The PDRM need to rectify their weaknesses in order to operate successfully in the new challenging environment.

chop said...

Police Force is part of government agencies to tackle domestic security but since then many critics have been made towards them. Why many people did not vote for govt ruling party because of these lacking agencies to perform well. We can see in middle east riot Police taking rough action until death to the demonstrators itself. Its now became the big issue.

Anonymous said...

Terima kasih, Sdra Mohd Arshad,

We could do with a lot more people from the Services, those who dutifully and conscientiously, work for the rakyat, believing that sovereignty of human values is the ultimate supremacy.

Trust you'll share more for our kids and yours and everyone else, too.

Thank you!