Thursday, February 3, 2011



Yes, that’s what most people would say about KL, but what about the mentality of its people? And sure I have a lot to say about the cleanliness and the massive traffic jams that has become ‘symbolic’ of KL. In fact, someone remarked the other day that while Bangkok has improved substantially; KL sadly has deteriorated and has become what Bangkok was before.

Just a few weeks ago, in the process of me reversing my car, I accidently knocked the car behind me. I did not notice the car was behind me because the car was too close to be viewed from my rear mirror. I apologize for the accident and told the driver that I would bear the costs of the repairs. Instead of accepting by apology and my offer, the driver began hauling curses at me in the presence of the crowd that had gathered. Fortunately, I am already a 67 year old man. Had I been 40 years younger, I would have bashed him up. I felt terribly humiliated by the persistent curses hauled at me, and that the driver was nothing more than in his late 30’s. This is an example of the mentality of people in KL that I despise most. This driver does not understand tolerance, respect, rude and let alone recognized that it was never my intention to knock his car. Even my humble apology and offer wasn’t good enough.

Talking about cleanliness, just take a walk along the back lanes along Jalan Pudu, Jalan Chow Kit, Jalan Ipoh and the many back lanes that criss-cross KL. You will be surprise to see the amount of filth littered along these lanes and the stench that permeates the air. And have you noticed the way restaurant owners do their business? Take a look at the rear of the restaurant or peep into the toilets? I do not wish to describe the scene because the answer is too obvious…………..filthy, stinks and what not. But what have the local health authorities or the local council been doing all this while?

I remembered walking the back lanes around Ipoh in the early 90’s and to my astonishment, the lanes and drains were all clean. I could not even see restaurant owners setting up chair and table along the path ways that is a common sight around KL. If I am not mistaken, the city Mayor then was Dato Shahbuddin whom I had the pleasure of meeting him at his office and congratulating him for managing the city well. I do not know whether Ipoh is still the same, but if it isn’t, then the present Mayor has to be blamed.

It is certainly not good enough to say that KL has the trappings of modernity, but its intolerant and rude population, the massive traffic jams, poor and inefficient public transport service, cleanliness along the back lanes, stinking public toilets; all these makes KL a city unworthy of its standing.

Now the million dollar question…………who do you blame for all of KL woes? My take is the City Mayor himself. And, what have you to say to this?

KL certainly needs more than an improvement. What it really need is an RSM type Mayor with a pace stick strolling along the streets and back lanes of KL as frequent as possible to keep tab on the city hall workers.



wira said...

Thrid World class city maybe; 1st world city? No chance.
Get rid of corruption in City Hall and elect city councillors first!!
Baru ada harapan..
As long as it is run like a civil service and by an unelected minister....
Sekarang ada pulak FT memberi anugerah darjah Kebesaran...
As though we do not have enough Sultans and Governors?
Kelakar betul.
Macam Datu Mindanao pulak??

eshark said...

Setuju dengasn komen Dato... Sebelum saya komen, sesiapa pun tak akan kata "saya pun sama seperti mereka atau sebahagian daripada mereka". Dia... Mereka... semua buruk. Kita yg bercerita yg terbaik. Bukan saja di KL, di mana2 pun sama. Bila berurusan dgn manusia, perlu ada penguatkuasaan sebab sifat semula jadi manusia tak suka akan peraturan. Kalau diletakkan penguatkuasa di setiap simpang dan tempat yg jadi tumpuan kenderaan keluar masuk saya yakin hidup kita akan tenteram.. Tukarlah Mayor setiap tahun pun, sama saja. Mayor cuma boleh buat polisi, bagi arahan, kuatkuasakan tapi adakah manusia yg berada di KL tu akan ikut???
Mesti ada cadangan, kita ubah atau mantapkan atau kekalkan sikap diri kita sendiri supaya tak ikut sikap yg buruk tu. Tak boleh ubah sikap orang lain.. Cool jangan stress. Jangan masuk KL kalau tak perlu kerana akan menambahkan kesesakan..

taming said...

What world class city are we talking about?
KL is far from it! YBM Minister Raja Nong Chik and his Mayor must get out of their air-conditioned offices, walk the backlanes, go to Chow kit areas, stand by road junctions traffic lights and watch 'hooligan drivers" breaking traffic rules every minute! We must not also forget the
"unscrupulous parkings" everywhere!
KL is becoming a "sick city", turning from bad to worst.
Poor enforcements in every area!
Some parts of KL are turning into
similar slum areas of Bandung, Surabaya, Jogjakarta and Bangkok! There is hardly anything pleasant to look at these areas... many zinc and atap "warongs" serving tasty looking but dirty local foods, rats and flies infested drains and of course unattended garbages!
YBM Minister, Datuk Bandar and Ketua Polis KL, why are we seeing all these in what otherwise would be a beautiful city?
There is certainly a complete failure of enforcement every where and it is really shameful.

Lim Chui Deng said...

Part of the city been conquered by PATI:

Chow Kit by the Indons
Petaling Street by the Bangla
Jalan Alor by the Africans

How can it be the world class city. Something has to be done.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Lim,

I think I am better off living in Sg. Petani or Kuala Ketil than in KL.

maurice said...

Honestly speaking I am proud of my KL city.But it is not perfect but better than most Asian countries I would say.I agree we need to improve on enforcement, landscaping, entertainment, cultural content, intellectual output and drastic improvement of transport services including doing away with the ugly-looking budget taxis.Property owners and hawkers must be responsible for the cleanliness of their premises.KLites must do their part to keep the city clean.

azmi said...

Either the Mayor shape up or ship out. About time the Mayor and his seat warming execs walk the streets and accept the truth. Every level of DBKL must be proactive.
Even Putrajaya is getting worst. The govt servants living there are making Putrajaya as their own kampong, parking anywhere they want and nobody takes any action.