Friday, February 11, 2011


The picture of Hasbie Satar, a former aide to Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackob ( name that knows no further introduction) is all over the mainstream media. He is now facing a charge under the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act 2001 which carries upon conviction a maximum prison term of 5 years or a fine of RM5 million, or both. Hasbie Satar was the Political Secretary to Tan Sri Nor Mohamed from 2008 until his arrest and subsequent resignation in February 2010.

Hasbie was said to have amassed cash totaling more than RM2 million, purportedly through illicit means and kept in the safety of his home in Teluk Ayer Tawar that is located within the parliamentary constituency of Tasek Gelugor of which Tan Sri Nor Mohamed is its MP.

Now the question being asked is whether Tan Sri Nor Mohamed was aware of Hasbie’s illicit activities? And the more serious question is whether Tan Sri Nor Mohamed is a party to the illegal activities of Hasbie?

Say what you want; these are the obvious questions in the minds of many, and it is impossible for people not to inhibit such cynical views of Tan Sri Nor Mohamed over this case, and he ought to know this.

Hasbie being a political secretary is evidently a sort of confidante to Tan Sri Nor Mohamed. Hasbie knows every step that his boss takes, his associates and dealings, and may even have access to confidential ministerial papers.

I believe, Hasbie must have made all his money by simply tracking all those business dealings (government or otherwise) that his boss was engaged in and demanding a commission from such deals. I believe too that for those having business dealings with the ministry, Hasbie was there acting like a gatekeeper seeking that they pay a toll to have access to the Minister. These acts are a common occurrence in most, if not all ministries and departments, and it prevails till this day. I hope someone can prove me wrong in this.

Making RM2 million in two years is a lot of money, and that is only from one person. There are many persons like Hasbie around, but I suppose some are much cleverer than Hasbie, to evade arrest. Hasbie is therefore the stupid person to have stashed so much cash in his personal possession, where his house became his bank. I suppose he trusted no one, and I just wonder if he has built a vault in his house.

Let’s give Hasbie a chance to answer to the charges and to see how lucky he gets. But I would also like to hear what his former boss has to say? Will he claim total ignorance, or will he dare to be a prosecution witness to the case? May justice prevail?



wira said...

You have probably hit the nail on the head when describing Hasbie as a gate-keeper. You are also right in saying that there are many like him, usually those occupying appts like private secretary, political secretary, press secretary, and to some extent, personal secretaries to ministers.
There are those up and coming political aspirants not so close to the throne but operate along similar modus operandi. These people prepare themselves early to become future party leaders by volunteering for high profile party posts like ketua pemuda Bahagian, Ketua Cawangan/Bahagian etc, to make themselves visible at the same time stash up campaign funds.
These so called contract facilitators are believed to rake in between 10 to 30% of contract value depending on the size of the contract and they operate hand in glove with the 1st layer gate-keepers.
Among govt suppliers and contractors, these gate keepers are called "HANTUS".
Why do you think there are so many 'Direct Nego" govt contracts still????
Show me a poor political/private secretary from the Treasury or Mindef or the PM's Office, I will 'sunat' one more time!!! But normally this layer never shows-off.
It is the 2nd layer who flaunt their cash and their fancy cars..

komando said...

any story for the press....sandiwara...

just like jangan ketawa series