Monday, February 7, 2011


I am concern that in the last few days, PM Najib has been uttering statements that smacks of arrogance. I do not know whether he was unaware the consequence of his statement, or that he just could not care what others think about what he has to say. I do not know him personally, but I have always admired him when he was the Defence Minister, and I had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions.

It was only a fort night ago that I commented on a statement made by PM Najib and as reported in Metro dated January 14, 2011, when he claimed that “the states held (dipinjamkan) by the opposition will end soon” (refer to my article “Words that hurts and being gentle wins hearts” dated 21 January, 2011). I did say at the conclusion of that article that I will not stop being critical of Najib if he continues to make such unwarranted statements.

Now in Star today, PM Najib has warned Malaysians not to do what the Egyptians are doing i.e. using demonstrations in an attempt to usurp power. He further said that he “will not allow it to happen here”.

And what does this warning mean? Will PM Najib use the powers available to him to quell the raise in people power, even to the extent of calling out the military? Does PM Najib not know that throughout the demonstration, the Egyptian military has remained non partisan, and I believe strongly in the neutrality of the Malaysian Armed Forces, should a similar people’s protest occur (God forbid) in this country. I do not know how the Malaysian police will react, but from past experiences the police have developed an expertise in the use of water cannons at the slightest provocation.

If I were the PM, I would have said differently to the press in reference to the protest in Egypt. I would say that “The Egyptian people’s protest is a lesson that we (the government) should take heed and learn from it. The voices of the people should not be ignored. It is the people that have brought the government to power, and it is therefore incumbent upon the government to do all that is necessary to care for the people” or words to the effect. Warning the people is not the right thing to say, and it only shows how paranoid the PM gets at the slightest indication of threat to his position and power.

I now wish to make a plea to the people that encircle the PM, and most of all to his Press Secretary. Please do not allow the PM to continue using provocative words that will incite hatred for the PM. If you think it will enhance the PM’s stature as a tough and no-nonsense leader, then I say you are wrong. Provocative words or language are meant to be said by dictators only, and dictators do not last in this modern day.



EAGLE said...

Simply said Dato', it is a clear indication of "takut dengan bayang bayang sendiri"
Those who read The Star this morning were laughing and words of ridiculing the PM is the order of the coffee shops talk.
Too bad the PM has to spent time at the Airport waiting for the arrival of the students!
Alahai... C130 kenapa lambat sangat terbang! mana kamu pergi?

maurice said...

The ballot box is certainly a better option to express your happiness or unhappiness rather than resorting to street protests which eventually will put life and property at risk.Only hungry people take the streets because they are desperate.

taming said...

The PM needs not issue such
"Warning" to the Malaysians because
we don't deserve such a threat!
On the other hands, we the RAKYATS,
feel that our POLITICIANS must really be warned to buck up!
POLITICIANS must not take the RAKYATS for granted with slogans which get the country to nowhere.
POLITICIANS must earn the respects
from the Rakyats and NOT turning to become "ACTORS", showing faces everywhere when there is TV coverage and hoarding wealths at every opportunity after being elected as "wakil Rakyats".
If POLITICIANS do not take heed, we the RAKYATS, WILL throw you OUT in the democratic General Election!


DTK,A very good comments and those retired MAF per who were involved in corruption will 'rasa the cili'


dtk, very good comments

komando said...

not all are blind and stupid in the uniforms!

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Eagle,

'Takut pada bayang bayang' is apt.