Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today, February 8, 2011 is a bad day for two politicians who face corruption charges; a preoccupation that is getting too rampant among our Malay politicians. The politicians named are Pandan UMNO Chief Abdul Ghani Ismail and former Selangor state executive councillor Mohd Shariff Jajang; the former being charged for accepting bribes while being a tender committee member of MPAJ, and the latter on a corruption charge over a land application in Sepang some years ago.

This may just be the tip of the ice berg as talks of corruption among politicians are so often heard. They say that the higher one rises in politics; the larger would be the largesse, and the Khir Toyo and Ling Leong Sik corruption charges are just two examples to quote. I do not wish to mention the allegation of massive corruption labeled at the Sarawak Chief Minister as there is yet to be a case against him. But evidences seem aplenty, and the MACC appears to be in slumber.

While writing this article, I received and SMS directing me view Malaysian Insider reporting the case of a ‘former head of the Philippine defence forces facing allegations of graft died in an apparent suicide’. General Angelo Reyes, 65 was to appear before a House of Representatives inquiry on corruption in the military today, February 8, 2011. I think General Angelo Reyes is known to some in the Malaysian Armed Forces.

I then receive another SMS asking me whether we will see such a thing happening to some of our Malaysian Armed Forces Generals who are deemed to be involved in corruption. My answer is yes, if he is a Malay and denounce his Muslim faith. But if he chooses to remain true to his Muslim faith, then he will have to wait till he dies a natural death and to be judged in the hereafter.

I am glad that talks of corruption among the Armed Forces personals, and in particular the army has subdued somewhat. There is no longer the ‘unsavory talks’ that was so often heard in the past, and I trust the new army leadership has reign upon those who were believed to be involved in corrupt practices.



komando said...

They eat and sleep as though nothing has happened...

BUT wait it has not happened YET

Their time will eventually COME

LEKLOOK said...

What else can you say Dtk.