Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Former US Ambassador to Malaysia John Mallot’s article that criticizes Najib’s administration has stroke anger at some politicians, notably Minister in the PM’s Department in charge of Parliamentary Affairs Dato Seri Nazri Aziz. He did not come forward with any intellectual rebuttal, but said that he will make a proposal to the Cabinet to ban Mallot from coming into the country.

And in another case, a group that is linked with PERKASA has demanded that the government bar Anwar Ibrahim from leaving the country, because they believe Anwar Ibrahim has plans to leave the country to evade prosecution in the on-going of sodomy trial.

I am also told that there is a call to incarcerate Muslim scholar Dr. Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin under the ISA for suggesting that Malaysia will also suffer a similar fate as that of Tunisia and Egypt, where it is the people’s voice that finally sealed the fate of their Presidents.

Honestly, I do not know what is in the minds of these people, to have come up with such idiotic and unthinkable ideas. I hope PM Najib is not that stupid to take heed of such calls, if he is indeed a practitioner of the freedom of speech and expression.

I now dread the idea of Nazri Aziz becoming the PM one day, and if he does, one can expect the kind of treatment one gets, if one is to say anything critical about the government. I think there will be a censorship of the media and most of all, the alternative media. Foreigners like Mallot, and all others like him will have no place in this country.

I am surprise that Nazri Aziz being a lawyer is not able to accept critical views from anybody. What I would have liked him to do was to invite Mallot to a debate, knowing that Nazri Aziz is extremely proficient at debating. If Mallot is not able to come, than Nazri Aziz will have to offer himself to challenge Mallot anywhere else. This will certainly clear all doubts, and I am quite sure Nazri Aziz will be declared a champion and a HERO by all Malaysians.

With regards to the call to impound the passport of Anwar Ibrahim, and to slam the infamous ISA on Dr. Mohd Asri, my take on this is that such calls are made by person(s) with ‘infantile’ minds. Are we living in the age of the dinosaur where the men were wearing the ‘cawat’, and the women folk bare breasted.

To the person(s) that made such suggestive calls, please think of what the repercussion would be on like minded Malaysians, and how would the international community view and react to such a call. Do you think they will support your call? My answer is NO and it will only raise further mistrust on the government.

It is sad to know that some Malaysian have gone so low in their thoughts that they can no longer act and think rationally.



Encik said...

Dato , umno neverrrrrrrr learn , d word like MUHASABAH , TRANSFORM , is easy to say but hard to practise .PRU 13 vote for PR .Pepatah Melayu Pernah Org Tua2 Kata " ORG YG TAK PERNAH JATUH TAK AKAN PERNAH RASA SAKIT"

aja49 said...

Spot on Dato. When will these BN politicians mature? Can they be more intellectual?

azmi said...

Dato' and sahabat Malaysians,
True enough, many Malaysians still do not think rational but act emotional on any issues and the perasaan kesiankan diri sendiri is still there.