Monday, September 12, 2011


You see what I mean when the authorities wants to nail down someone (especially opposition leaders). They will insinuate language of threat to the person concern. This was what Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein did in the case of Mat Sabu for the alleged remarks the latter made by referring to the communist that attacked the Bukit Kepong police station in 1950 as heroes (The Malaysian Insider, Sept 11, 2011), or did Mat Sabu referred them as freedom fighters?

This clearly reflects Hisham’s paranoia of the opposition where anything said by them is deemed a security threat to the country. But somehow, this rule clearly does not apply to the likes of Perkasa boss Ibrahim Ali when he told the Chinese community to stock up food and to remain indoors during the Bersih rally, or Senator Mohd Ezam Md Noh when he threatened to burn Malaysiakini’s office and calling it’s Malay employees to seek employment elsewhere. Both these personalities seem to have a certain immunity to say what they wish, and be rest assured nothing will happen to them.

Hisham, pardon me for saying this to you again………please think hard before you speak. Do not think you are the law yourself, and that you can use the language of threat on anyone you please. I have been listening and watching you talk, and I can say this……… sound so immature and you lack substance in what you say. I also say that you’re keris yielding act was the most idiotic thing to do, and both your grandfather and father, if they were alive would not have liked what you did. Your grandfather was the person that wanted Malayans regardless of race to be reunited, and your father was a man of peace; incorruptible to the core. But unfortunately you Hisham, you are the reverse of Onn Jaafar and Hussein Onn, the two great Malay leaders that I admire most. I cannot say much of the Malay leaders of today; neither can I say much of you.

Now Hisham, you said that there may be other ‘punitive laws’ that can be thrown at Mat Sabu. Please use it on him, if this is the only way to stop the bickering that has been going on endlessly among politicians, academicians, retired members of the security forces and the general public over the alleged remarks made by Mat Sabu. And don’t you realize now that it is only after the remarks have been made by Mat Sabu that there is wide public acceptance that our national history taught in schools need to be restudied. And are you going to shut up Tun Dr. Mahathir for making such a remark? Try and do it if you dare. Had such a remark come from the likes of Lim Kit Siang or Karpal Singh, you will not hesitate to throw the books at them. And Utusan Malaysia will have a gala day reporting about it.

I wish to say this again, that this thoughtless bickering over Mat Sabu’s remarks that has not simmered for days on end is a total waste of time. I want our leaders to talk about the ‘bread and butter’ issues that has worsened and have made Malaysians much poorer. Try taking RM100 to the market today and see what all you can buy. And try to imagine the sufferings of our rural folks if they cannot afford to buy enough food to feed their families. Stop buying all the luxury staffs that some of our super rich politician wives are so fond doing, like buying expensive hand bags and jewelries. Please stop all this nonsense.



Anonymous said...


In many ways, you and I could be blood brothers, something like twins even!

In particular, where Hisham is concerned, your words mirror my own thoughts.

But maybe as your less cultured "brother", I would have worded it much less diplomaticall.

Hisham is the epitomy of the saying, "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it, and remove all doubt." Far from the glory and wisdom of his illustrious father and grandfather!

Not only does his "little knowledge" equals "dangerous thing", but worse, this blatantly incomptent chap is definately "armed and dangerous" with his widespread powers as Home Mininster.

Which he has openly used and abused lopsidedly, protests of double-standards be damned.

Just like how his attempt to swagger around with the long Keris Panca Warisan brought much infamy and disdain to UMNO, politicians of his ilk who seem to infest UMNO in particular, but also BN and its friendly cohorts like Perkasa and such in general, only prove to be the worst enemies of their own organisations.

The rakyat cannot be fooled like before; the truth cannot be hidden anymore. Wira ke, pengkhianat ke... dah jelas. Dulu lain, kini lain.

And all the lies, stunts and antics has haunted before and will haunt in the end.

Arunzab said...


I don't really blame Hisham for what he does or say. It is the mentality of his party members who elevate him to a higher office every time there there is a party election. I can understand them doing so at the early stages as he after all has the DNA of his grand father Onn Jaffar and and father Hussain Onn. But even after finding out that none of the traits of these fine gentlemen has rubbed off him and he is nothing but a clown they continue to support him.
Regarding Mat Sabu if there is a case against him then go ahead and throw the book at him. None of this 'oh! we are waiting further instructions from the AG" Which effectively means there is no case against Mat Sabu. He should just shut up and get on with the bread and butter issues effecting Malaysians.

That this man is in a party position where he can one day be the countries Prime mister is really a nightmarish thought. Only the public can stop this from happening by doing the right thing at the next election.

bruno said...

Dato,this Hishahmuddin is another big crybaby.Look what he ordered the police to do to the PSM-6.Now this Mat Sabu spat.If he cannot have it his way he will get down on his knees and wailed like a baby,until he gets his auntie to buy him a doll.

This guy does not have what it takes to be a HM.Under pressure he will caved in.Luckily for him the communists have laid down their arms and gone home,or else he will be wetting his pants everynow and then when he see's a commie with a rifle in his arms.

Faizul said...


UMNO is so desprate to cling to power that a small man like Mat Sabu can shake the whole establishment to the core.

They are prepared to change history to stay in power. Did not realise that we had been an independent country all this while.

The only thing they know is behave like thugs and use all the resources available to them to threaten the citizens who have a different opinion.

Frankie said...


The likes of Hishamuddin and his cabinet colleagues from UMNO are all beyond redemption from the disease that attacks their grey matter (thus reducing their brain to feces matter) and the poisons of corruption and racism that flows through their veins.

Hishamuddin's antics and threats are no longer jokes that we used to trade and laugh over when I sit down with my friends over teh kosong (which is all we can afford nowadays). Instead Hisham's antics are now itself a threat to national security because he has given the green light to Utusan, Ibrahim Ali/Perkasa, Pembela, GAP, Berita Harian and all other UMNO vehicles to increase their venomous and illogical "attacks" against anyone seen to a threat to UMNO. Such "attacks" by the UMNO vehicles are not only confined to opposition parties but also to their own so called coalition but impotent partners in BN. In a rational and developed society, Hishamuddin would have long ago lost his political position and would be declared a pariah in the political environment.

But we are in a sad 1Malaysia where people with low intelligence (such as Hisham) are still around and holding on to important cabinet positions solely on the account of their family name. The UMNO disease of patronage shows no signs of being cured which leads to these low intelligence strutting their feathers around like a peacock but not realizing they are a curse upon themselves.

But perhaps a day will come when Hisham may put himself under ISA thinking that his action will endear himself to the Malaysian public as a "hero". I don't believe in miracles but this is one miracle I hope to see before a low intelligence life form like Hisham is put out to pasture.

Meantime I share with you my predicament of having to stretch my ringgit when RM1.00 can now only buy me 3 tiny class C eggs or a tiny bunch of spinach in the pasar tani. And yet our 1Malaysia government is all riled up over some historical event which will not help us to put food on our table and yet Najib still thinks 1Malaysia can be a developed high income nation. Fat hopes!! We would be lucky if we are not colonized by Indonesia by 2020 when Indonesians (legal and illegal) already comprised 20 % of the Malaysian population currently.

Anonymous said...

It is very simple to sort out this Hishamuddin we just kick him and his party out come PRU 13.This should be well embeded in all our mind now.We have given too much faces to these politicians and it is time for us the raayat to teach them a lesson once and for all.

Kamal Sanusi said...

This so-called Menteri Amaran always make a statement in which he doesn't know what he is talking "round-about".

He used to be proud in announcing the success of his 6P program in registering more than 1.3 million PATI. However, remain silence when asked how on earth the PATI can pass our so-called tight border security.

His "talk first, think - never" attitude has confirmed my saying that there is a kasta-kasta system and apartheid policy in Malaysia which nee to be sent to the deepest grave.

The name list of those people they are so scare with has just being updated to include Mat Sabu apart from Anwar Ibrahim ect...

Charge Mat Sabu in court if the latter has broke our existing law and threatening national security (is it national or umno's security?). Why taking so long, scare of the case being kick-out? Why worry since our judge has been claimed by some people can easily being bought?

TAG said...

Dear Dato

I have just got a SMS from RAFOC advising of a press statement followed by a press conference on Mat Sabu's statement sic Kenyataan Mat Sabu to be held tomorrow. I am sure you have too.

Do you think that RAFOC press statement tomorrow be apolitical? I doubt very much. It either echoes that of UMNO's or that of PR, echoing that of the former seems very likely. I hope I am wrong and the statement tomorrow is apolitical.

In my view RAFOC got no business entering this political fray. The country is already divided on the merits of Mat Sabu's statement. So how would RAFOC's statement ( does not matter which side it falls into ) contribute to bringing this issue to an early closure.

RAFOC's press statement unless it is apolitical and is not seen to be taking sides, will divide its membership into political divides.

Why cant RAFOC conduct a quick referendum from its members to obtain a consensus before releasing a press statement.

This idea of giving a press statement and a press conference seems to be taken in a rush and it smells.

Let me say this. If an organisation like RAFOC goes into political divides, then we are one step away from going into national divides.

There are AF Veterans who have political inclinations and given current political awareness, my take is that many AF veterans do.I joined RAFOC not due to my political inclination but because above everything else I wanted to remain attached to an organisation that is above politics and stands proud in the name of God, Country and Honour and above all, righteousness.

I hope and pray that after tomorrow I will continue to feel proud being a member of RAFOC because it is above politics.

Col Roseli said...

Mat Indera may be closer to fit into the category of 'pejuang bangsa' as compared to the Bt Kepong police. The Bt Kepong police could only be categorised as 'pejuang bangsa' if only we were to accept Henry Gurney as a 'pejuang bangsa' as well (as Henry Gerney was the boss of Bt Kepong then). But then what 'bangsa' was 'diperjuangkan' by Henry Gurney ...

xpara87 said...

Mat Sabu just throw one small spanna, the whole nation ngelabah and melatah. Kalau berlaku peperangan, entah macammana jadi nya.?

nur_emyinda12 said...

Salam Dato'

Very well said and interesting read! Signifying a man of substance indeed and not being resembalance of the "polimice" (the plural form of politikus...many...many of them wandering around with different tags of experimentation) Hmm...they are actually awaiting for 'PRU'; just to send them to their dreamland; a place of nowhere...i'll then patiently observed these pathetic lots with my mind open with no evil at heart ;-)...perhaps!??!!

xairlinepilot said...

YBhg Dato,

The main problem with this Hisham..

His grandfather and father are always "Onn"... Only he is always "Off".

komando said...

MERDEKA - the untold story

Since the story of Mat Indera hit the nation a lot more stories came flying out, isn’t it strange of this country! To have debates and forums talking about Independence or MERDEKA of this nation of 54 years old! We just celebrated Merdeka Day & Malaysia Day today ( 16th Sept ) for the very first time a joint celebration!
Many historians join in the fray, from former leaders, Professors and re-known history gurus’ gave their 5 cents worth about our Malayan history. I have written earlier before the matter “arose” that history is for the victors to write and others to dispute!
We claimed now that Malaya was never colonized by any foreign powers! We were administered by Governors appointed by the British Government, they were all only acting as adviser of the Queen of England!
Firstly, why was the Union Jack lowered on 31st August 1957, when all eyes saw it was an English Flag! It was replaced with the Jalur Gemilang, then called the Bendera Malaysia?
Why did we become part of the Commonwealth of Nations, if were never under British Rule?
Why did we organize the CHOGM – all heads of Commonwealth Heads attended the meeting in KL?
Why did we organize the commonwealth Games in 1998 in KL?
Why does our PM attend CHOGM meetings till today, every year without fail?
Why do we have war memorials of the British Army in Malaya from Sabah, Sarawak to West Malaysia?
Why did Tunku go to London to negotiate with the English Government for our Independence?
Why was it called the Independence of Malaya in the historical records in the museums in London, England?
Was it the Dutch, Portuguese, Indonesians, Indians, Japanese or Chinese because all of them were here before the British Empire landed and established a BMA ( British Malayan Administration ).
I feel that were all wronged in trusting the British when they wrote our history books after 1957 and we all studied it blindly in school!
Believing that we were ruled by the British! I do hope the Orang Asli or Orang Asal as they are called today can tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because they were the original peoples, rather occupiers/settlers and sons of the soil of this distorted nation, all others came from somewhere!

Dear Dato' Pak Chad - my apologies to have hijacked your space to dwell on this matter!

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