Sunday, September 25, 2011


Am I not proud to be a Selangorean? Of course I am proud after having being told that the Selangor state government has managed to increase its cash reserve by about RM200 million in the first 6 months of this year. With that, the total cash reserve now stands at RM1.1 billion i.e. the highest ever achieved by Selangor over the past 28 years. And I believe too that no other states in the federation can equal such achievement (probably with the exception of Penang). Certainly, Sabah and Sarawak cannot match Selangor even though Sabah/Sarawak is blessed with the abundance in natural resources.

Having said the above, I am quite sure someone will jump to the conclusion that I must be pro PR government (I have heard this being said to me many time before) and that I am insensitive to the previous government that has declared Selangor a develop state first ahead of the rest. I must say at the onset that I am neither pro PR or anti BN government. I am just merely stating a published fact that is deliberately shielded off the mainstream media for whatever reason……..God knows. And I am also not insinuating that Khir Toyo has done nothing good for the state. Certainly he has done something good, but he could have done better to even outclass Khalid Ibrahim’s three years reign over the state government. With Khalid Ibrahim’s achievement, many will ask how and where has Khir Toyo failed, and how and where has Khalid Ibrahim succeeded.

I have listened to Khalid Ibrahim speak in public, and my impression of him is that he does not have the oratory skills of the likes of Anuar Ibrahim or even that of Khir Toyo. Setting that aside, Khalid Ibrahim’s strength is his corporate and managerial skill in heightening revenue for the state, and that really matters when one is appointed the head of government. In a way, Khalid Ibrahim has fulfilled his responsibility to better improve the well being of the rakyat.

I was at my kampong a few days ago and the talk around the village is how pleased the senior citizens are to be given a onetime cash voucher of RM100 (I am yet to collect mine) by the state government to buy food staffs at authorized hyper markets. This is beside the other ‘goodies’ (regardless of race/religion or creed) offered by the Selangor state government, such as free water of 20 meter cubicles for every household, financial grants to students who gain university entry, elderly and disability scheme, heritage fund scheme and the rural micro credit poverty scheme. These are facts that everyone should learn from, rather than haul negativities over trivial issues at the state government.

The achievement of the Selangor state government certainly has it positive effects on the federal government too particularly that the excess revenue earned by the state is paid to the federal coffer in terms of taxes. PM Najib being the Finance Minister should be happy about this, and rather than be in the same chorus to criticize all the PR government is trying to do, PM Najib had better work with Khaild Ibrahim to see how the federal government could help to further prosper the state. I am sure the people of Selangor will appreciate this.

And now looking back to the years the previous government has been in power in Selangor, the state not only is the richest state in the federation, but the billions accumulated in the past could have been used to prosper the citizens of the state; like giving out cheap homes to the poor and the deprived. Even school fees can be done away with in the state and some cash subsistence be provided to the poor. In fact, the citizens of Selangor should be living in reasonable comfort; but certainly not like those state officials living in palace like homes paid for from……………God knows how and where. Do we not see this happening in Selangor and even in some other states? I hope Khalid Ibrahim will not be that stupid to do what Khir Toyo did……….to build a Bali like home in his village among the coconut trees.

Talking about palace-like home, I am drawn to a photo posted in some blogs of a house reportedly owned by a Minister in the PM Department who was appointment a Minister just two years ago. Now people are beginning to question his ability to own such a house, which he says is built from his saving and earnings. Well, he can say what he wants, but why has he to build the house now, while being a minister? Does he not know that being a minister (a first term minister at that) he comes under constant public scrutiny and this is unavoidable? And when people see something unusual, especially like building a palace-like home that is assessed to be no less than RM5 million, this will surely raise the ‘alarm’ and public awareness. Don’t blame the public to this; blame yourself for not thinking deep enough and of your ignorance.



sang kancil said...

For the past 50 odd years, especially the last 25 years, the country (under BN's control) were and is still rule by LIARS THIEVES and SCUMBAGS.

Thats is Malaysia for you.

Frankie said...


When one is drunk with power, he feels he is invincible and he is above the law. This is exactly what has happened to the UMNO elites. These UMNO elites are so brazen and bold to show off their ill gotten wealth and richness as they believe no one can touch them, let alone take any action against them. One can take just take a look at the UMNO elites (UMNO cabinet ministers, chief ministers and UMNO warlords) and see their lavish mansions costing tens of millions, their fleet of expensive European cars, their wives shopping sprees at Bangsar Shopping Center/Starhill/Pavilion, their Armani/Saville Row suits, theri lavish lifestyles, etc. Effectively these UMNO elites are saying "So what, what can you do about it?" in the faces of millions of malaysians. And they are correct there's nothing we can do about them because they control the judiciary, PDRM, MACC, AG, EC and everything else that ensure they will not be prosecuted and remain in power perpetually.

TAG said...

Dato, like always your write up touches my very core and there is always something I would want to add by way of comments, either for or against or if not to expand your thoughts. I do feel inferior at times that my writing skill is limited to ride on someone else's but then I am comforted by the thought that a blogger would want some soul to respond to his writings, positive or negative is irrelevant.

Back to this particular posting of yours, what I dont agree is your declaration that you are neither pro Pakatan nor anti BN. Is there a necessity to declare a neutral stance to be popular?

I think everyone should declare one's political beliefs/leanings. For that matter I dont think many would believe you when you say you are neither Pakatan nor BN meaning you are apolitical. Not from your recent writings anyway.

Unlike RAFOC, MindNoEvil requires no membership. Anyone can comment. No subscription required and better still can remain incognito.So whether you are BN or Pakatan makes no difference to the person who wishes to participate in any discourse with you.

I got no problem if RAFOC took a political stance but at least declare it at the onset that RAFOC is BN friendly and uphold the BN manifesto and aspirations.

I could decide then whether the other benefits I could derive being a member of RAFOC outweighs the disadvantage of being a member of an organisation that supports a political party you dont believe in.

I am sorry that I am still riled up over RAFOC's involving itself with Mat Sabu's statement. I was looking forward to RAFOC's Hari Raya gathering but childish as it may be, I refused to attend.

cskok8 said...

Glad to know that you are not "suffering" as our DPM claims.

Malaysian said...

Though I am not born a Selangorian but I can't help to be proud to call Selangor my home now. I can agree more that our MB is a good manager though he's not a good orator. I prefer somebody that talk less and do more for the people. Good Job Mr. Khalid!


bruno said...

Dato,just to cut a long story short,under Khalid's stewardship Selangor have been able to increased it's cash reserves these last several years.Umnoputras,the so called robber barons of the Malaysian people must accept the fact that these cash reserves were attained during not the best of the boom years.

Let us just imagined that during the boom years of the past decades,under the Umno stewardship,if not for corruption and the mass plundering of the state's coffers,how many tens of billions would Selangor havs amassed.And that is just Selangor alone.

Just look at the palatial mansion of a local warlord in Pandamaran,Khir Toyo's bali mansion,and froggy Ezam's mansion.And these people are from the third or fourth echelon of the Umnoputra ranks.

Even Penang under the stewardship of LGE have increased its cash reserves,these last several years.And these Umno doomsayers and their cronies even have the cheek to called these exemplary states a failure.Just imagine if not for the mass looting under the Umno leadership,would Malaysia would have achieved developed nation status even before Singapore achieved hers.

Now the projected date to achieved developed nation status is 2020.It would be a surprise that under this corrupted Umno GOM,and at the rate this country is going,Malaysia will not be relegated to under developed nation in 2020,that is if Umno is still in power.

bruno said...

Dato,the only time Malaysians,especially the Malays can walk with their heads held high is when the Umno led GOM is sent to pasture.Then there will be less of the 10 billion for the ministers,50-800 million for their deputies and their cronies,10-50 million as rewards to divisional heads for fixing divisional and party elections to fifty ringgit bribes to vote for Umno and BN candidates.

This fifty ringgit bribes to the electorate to vote for Umno and BN candidates is a real insult to the people's intelligience.Yet there are still some people who will still fall for this leftover of bread crumbs bribe.When Umno GOM is on the opposition bench then will successful Malaysians be proud that the stigma of favourtism is finally over.At least for the short term,until the new team learn the tricks of the old dogs.Then corruption will be on a roll again.

Whether we like it or not,corruption is here to stay in Malaysian politics.Umno is big time plundering of the nations wealth.PR is on a smaller scale,then later to big time too.The best is on a one to two term,then the federal government changes hand.This will help keep the check and balances.

dopey said...

Way to go Selangor MB!!!
Hope to see the same kind of revenue, even though not in terms of number but in terms of percentage of increase, in other states in this 'poor' rich country.