Friday, September 30, 2011


Perkasa boss Ibrahim Ali has once again opened his big mouth. He now speaks like he is the Minister of Internal Security, or does he think he is Prime Minister designate? And mind you, Ibrahim Ali is privileged to be seated besides, of all people the Home Minister Hishamuddin himself commenting issues related to internal security and in particular the ISA. Is Hishamuddin acknowledging that Ibrahim Ali is the expert on matters of national security; hence the former need the latter’s expert advice? I think Hishamuddin is wrong to have Ibrahim Ali as his ‘consultant’ for there is many more experience and expert Malaysians on matters of security.

Ibrahim Ali was reported to have said that he wants future detentions without trial to bypass the courts and instead rely on a committee with credible people. He went further to say that national security goes above human rights and freedom of expression. He argued that using the court system (to deal with ISA cases) will take a long time. His statement is in reference to PM Najib’s proposal that the ISA will be repealed and to be replaced by two new laws. Hishamuddin thinks that Ibrahim Ali’s comment is credible, but I say to the former that I seriously beg to defer.

Look here Ibrahim Ali, what you are suggesting mirrors what a communist regime of old would do to scuttle dissenting voices. Communism is long gone where even the two largest communist nations in the world i.e. Russia and China have opened themselves out to the globalised world. I am not denying that both the countries does not have ‘ISA like policies’, but what I am saying is that we a nation that was built on democratic principles should move out from any notion of fear of the country being run over by communist-like elements.

I say to Ibrahim Ali that any form of threat (be they communist inspired, racial or religious threats) cannot survive in this country. So do not get ‘over drive’, excited and paranoid the moment you hear someone say something that sound anti government. And doesn’t Ibrahim Ali know that when the people are deprived of their basic rights, poverty prevalent and abuses rampant, this situation becomes more dangerous that a communist threat? Look at what happened to the North African Muslim states of recent times. The people revolted and threw out their government, and do we not want to learn anything from it?

You and I know that the ISA is a colonial legacy meant to defeat the communist threat then. The British saw the need to legislate such punitive laws because there was real physical threat from the MCP and its sympathizers towards the security and safety of the country. With the end of the first Malayan Emergency and the resurgence of the insurgency, the ISA continued to be enforced, and rightly so. But the situation today is so different after the final surrender of the MCP in 1989. What we have today is merely a friction of the real threat faced by us throughout the Malayan Emergency and the period of the Insurgency. Now, even raising religious and racial issues is considered a threat to national security and this demands the ISA to be applied. Words seem to be more dangerous than weapons itself.

I think Ibrahim Ali’s comment and proposal is dangerous to the safety and security of the country, and if Hishamuddin does heed to the former’s ‘advice’, I would then ask Hishamuddin to resign and have Ibrahim Ali take over the Home Ministry.



Arunzab said...


Rais Yatim the hypocrite gas bag in his thesis for his PhD, “Freedom Under Executive Power in Malaysia” spoke strongly against ISA.yet to day he keeps mum. Instead we have clowns and pea brain slobs like Ibrahim Ali telling us that a committee consisting of 'creditable' people ( like frogs like him) instead of the courts decide the fate of ISA like cases. The fact that Hishamuddin gives him space is in it self a reason to worry about in which direction all this is heading. Then again if the election is called by Nov it may all be academic hopefully with the new govt in power.

bruno said...

Dato,first of all for Hishamuddin to have Abrahim Ali as a security adviser,is better than to have no advisor at all.After all for Hishamuddin,he has nothing to lose.Frankly speaking,Hishamuddin is a smart man.But PM najib gave him the wrong ministry to work in.

Look at his handling of the sensitive cow head issue.If he wanted to give his Umno cronies a get out of jail free pass,then he shouldn't have broadcast his meeting with them to the whole world.And just look how he handled the Bersih rally.In other words he is the right man for the wrong job.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

If Ib Ali wants to hand over a memorandum, it's his right. Just hand it over and bugger off. But, no, it was like a joint press conference with the Home Minister. Does this not tell a tall tale?

tiongsinwee said...

Frankly, its everyday that i will be looking out for more interesting n challenging topics from u....n followed by comments from our friends. Your write-ups and ideas/comments had been great all along.
But,then, i just wonder whether those in power (politicians) ever read and take notice of our comments/grouses. Take this particular topic in question.
This Ibrahim Ali guy....well, there's no good/bad adjectives to describe him. OR maybe there's one....BODOH!

dopey said...

Well said, Sir.
ISA is now just a tool for the current govt to maintain their low self-esteem and insecurity. They have a need to subdue anything that may go against their plan to remain in power. After all, they just can't survive otherwise. They have been too comfortable living out of people's effort and money. ISA is a lifeline the British has left for them to hang on to their dear pathetic lives.

Frankie said...


Ibrahim Ali knows that he and other UMNO friendly politicians will never be detained under ISA as long as the present UMNO government remains in power. Ibrahim Ali knows that he is well protected by his mentor and patron TDM who has his hands on every single UMNO-BN minister's nuts. So if any of the UMNO-BN ministers dare to act responsibly and professionally, TDM is there to squeeze their nuts until they squeal and squirm. This explains why the UMNO-BN ministers are all performing at half past six standards as no one wants their nuts to be squeezed.

TDM is using his puppet Ibrahim Ali to keep making noises on keeping the ISA so that the ISA can continue to be used against the dissenting opposition and right thinking malaysians. Hisham obviously has to entertain Ibrahim Ali unless he wants his two nuts to be harvested by TDM.