Thursday, September 22, 2011


On Wednesday 21st September, RAFOC successfully held its first Hari Raya gathering at Felda Villa attended by no less than 300 retired Armed Forces officers including their spouses. This gathering wasn’t exclusive to RAFOC’s members only, but the occasion was meant to gather as many Armed Forces retirees, regardless of them being members or otherwise. The attractiveness of this inaugural gathering is in the casualness, dispensing formalities and protocols that the attendees were so accustomed to when in the service.

I was personally greeted by some of my ‘seniors’ with humbleness and courtesy. There was an atmosphere of excitement and fondness to be among long lost friends, and it was obvious to me too that the spirit of camaraderie among everyone, regardless of race is not lost, despite having long discarded the uniform. I would go further to say that everyone including the spouses have much to talk about and to reflect their memorable past. There are also the usual jokes to poke at someone, all said in jest.

For me, attending such a gathering is a reunion of sort. I was extremely pleased to have met some members of my intake, and am even more pleased to meet some who served with me in my first unit i.e. 6 Battalion Royal Malay Regiment, upon being commissioned into the army. And meeting them reminds me of the wonderful time together as young officers gallivanting off the evenings at Kluang and on several occasions at Batu Pahat.

The venue chosen i.e. Felda Villa was an ideal setting for the gathering. There was sufficient space to move around, and wasn’t restricted in an enclosed building like that of a hotel. This was good for smokers too and those who do not want to glued to their seat.

To all those that were involved in organizing the Hari Raya gathering, they all deserve to be commended for a job well done.

I have also been informed of RAFOC’s upcoming event i.e. the 2011 Annual Dinner slated for November. I believe most Armed Forces retirees will look forward to this upcoming event and to enjoy another eventful get together.



Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

I might be late in catching the train. Just wonder is the membership of RAFOC only for 1 star and above or open regardless he was just a 2nd Lt?

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Saudara kamal,

Tak kira pangkat Kamal, asalkan dia saorang pegawai ATM yang telah bersara.

EAGLE said...

Just another apple polishing group.
And still thinking that the people are under their command. WTF an organization is. Do they understand what neutrality, sincerity and justice are all about or as usual jump on the band wagon as the old time habit and profession of a successful military officer in the peace time and to be continued until the final lap of his/her life.
Semoga kita semua di rahmati ALLAH.