Friday, September 9, 2011


The Malaysian Insider dated September 09, 2011 article, “Malaysian procurement system riddled with corruption” jolted me like a person who had just being electrocuted. The startling article is said to have been obtained from a US Embassy cable being revealed by whistleblower site Wikileaks. This revelation will certainly cast lots of doubts and raised questions among civil society as to the authenticity and veracity of the article. For me, I have no doubt as to the veracity of the article.

I had all along said in no uncertain terms that corruption at all levels of government is already a well embedded culture; a cancerous like disease that is no longer curable by the best possible medicine and treatment in the world. Looking back at what I have been writing in my CRUSADE AGAINST CORRUPTION, I now feel a sense of total relieve that my ‘accusations’ on how corrupt our society is today is fully justified. My ‘accusations’ are not unfounded, but it comes from the very people that have been doing businesses with various government agencies/officials, and where some are forced to shut down their businesses due to unbearable demands by officials within the corrupt system.

Certainly, I am not the least surprised that even military officials were mentioned by Wikileaks, besides the mention of politicians, agents and civil servants. I know that there are some retired military officials today living off their corrupt gains in style and luxury. But there is one thing that I have been taught by my elders that for those who are living a luxurious life off their ill gotten wealth are a curse in themselves, and that curse permeates through several of their generation.

Islam forbids in the strongest term the act of corruption, and I am thoroughly sad to see that the Malays, especially those in politics, civil servants and the military are the ones that easily succumb to corruption. This is disgusting, and I just wonder why as Muslims that profess Islam as their religion, they do not fear the wrath of the All Mighty as prescribed in the Koran. Do they not read the Koran or listened to the Friday sermons?

A friend of mine who is well versed in religion and to whom I would usually confer had said that for those who are corrupt, their hearts are closed to do anything good, and it is only the evil worldly gains that matters to them. I do not claim to be a religious person but as one gets older, one should realize what is righteous and what’s wrong. It is through this self realization that one should cease to do anything that is deemed evil, particularly one of an act of corruption.

I had in the past been hitting out at some procurement issues within the Armed Forces that I believe is riddled with corruption. I have written about it in several articles, but what I got in return are words to describe me as a person who is frustrated and jealous of the achievements of others. I can now say to my detractors that I have not taken a single cent from anyone, contractors or otherwise, and that I have fed my family with my honest earnings. To my detractors, please go on to say what you want, for it is only the All Mighty that I believe to judge my destiny; on earth and in the hereafter.



taming said...

I have heard of it before but now Dato' Arshad has confirmed by the statement " I know that there are some retired military officials today living off their corrupt gains in style and luxury"!

Who are they? Are they now living in multi-million luxury bungalows, chaufer driven BMW-7 series or Mercedes S-Class? I suppose many others know too! Why is MACC keeping their eyes closed? and for how long?

Our country's system allows and open to government and military officials to go corrupt! The last few years in the service, government officials holding influential positions such as KSU, TKSU, PAT and Service Chiefs, with power and authorities would go out of their way to give private defence contractors attractive contracts! When they retired, they would be rewarded as chairmen of companies running contracts with the government! Win-Win.

Why are we allowing this to happen in broad daylight and what is MACC waiting for? Dato' Arshad and many of us are volunteer witnesses!

To reduce the possibility of future attraction to corruptions among senior civil servants and military, PM Najib must come BOLD and CLEAR with a policy " NO Civil Servants, Military and Police officers will serve with private companies having running contracts with the government within 5 years after their retirement from the government"! Many less corrupt countries practise this policy and Malaysia also BOLEH!


Frankie said...


These corrupt people do not believe in Allah even though they proclaim to be muslims. They pray to the God of Greed so they do not need to worry or fear for their afterlife. I've seen so many wives of civil servants driving the latest Porsche Cayennes, BMWs, Audis, Mercedes Benzes, etc and shopping till they drop at the Pavilion, Bangsar Shopping Centre, The Gardens. Najib's administration must be paying great salaries to their civil servants for them to afford such opulent and lavish lifestyles.

Hussin said...

I doubt there is any way anybody in the present set up can make any significant change to the present way of doing things. It is just too deeply ingrained. The only way is to make wholesale change the total setup.

I also think anybody else given a chance will definitely do a better job than what has been achieved in the last few years. The challenge is to convince quite a number of people who have been indoctrinated with some illogical arguments but we must try.

bruno said...

Dato,corruption has been in existence just as long as the time pasticipants began practicing the world's oldest profession.Even during the times of Tunku,there were corruption among politicians,civil servants and the uniformed personnels.

The only difference are that corruption became very rampant during the premiership of Dr Mahathir.As Dr Mahathir was busy looting the people's bank in broad daylight,corruption became the norm of the day.Politicians,civil servants and uniformed personnels became more daring,taking bribes openly as they feel encouraged to follow the boss.

Nowadays we even hear of the airforce losing plane engines.How can anyone take out airplane engines weighing tons from a secured military base,and having it ended up in Africa.And low level personnels are being prosecuted,while the big fishes are still scott free.

This cancerous cell need a very skilled surgeon to send it into extinction.And these very skilled surgeons are the voters.But even if there is a regime change this coming GE,many of Anwar's people are also ex-Umno,which is a problem too.These are the people when they were in Umno,are also known as robber barons.The same robber barons Umno has.So if PR wins the next GE,no ex-Umno people allowed in the new administration.That includes Anwar too.

EAGLE said...

The only way to put it right is by having a change in the government.
As for the missing engine as highlighted by BRUNO only the just retired PAT has the answer as he was the chief of RMAF at that time. He was the man who reveal the missing engine giving distorted information and trying to divert his own weaknesses by trying to implicate others. WTF. Luckily he was not extended or otherwise the nation defence is at risk.
Wonder where he is now? Cakap tak serupa bikin hopefully he is not one of the chairman in defence related business.
The people have to decide for the next PRU!

Malaysian said...


Corruption is so bad that even our headmaster and headmistress take bribe too. Can you believe people suppose to teach our younger generation is corrupt?


Malaysian said...

We've principal that drive nice car and TNB officer own a very beautiful renovated house. Furthermore, we've some crooked Chinese businessmen that own houses, illegal gambling 4D, etc. It's not a Muslim or non-Muslim problems. It's Malaysian problem and these people are cohort to steal our hard earned money. What did do about Abdul Ghani allege corruption case with Ho Hup? Nothing. UMNO is this country worse enemy.

cskok8 said...

Do you remember the former PAT who had suitcases of money and many, many, many golf bags and shoes in his bungalow when it collapsed during a landslide?