Sunday, September 18, 2011


The much debated issue over the recent statement by PAS Deputy President Mat Sabu regarding the communist terrorist attack on the Bukit Kepong police station on the morning of February 23, 1950, that resulted in the death of 23 people mainly policemen, and including 3 women and a child has solicited a unified response from the Retired Armed Forces Officer’s Club (RAFOC), and including 15 other associated clubs and association of services and units of the Armed Forces.

At a press conference held at Royal Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on September 14, 2011, RAFOC has issued an unequivocal and irrevocable statement to the fact that the Bukit Kepong incident was an act of atrocity by the communist terrorist, consorted by Mat Indera, seen as a freedom fighter by some and a traitor by others. RAFOC is of the view that although units of the Armed Forces wasn’t involved in the incident, any statement meant to disparage the police force its fight against communist terrorism (regardless whether it was any period prior to, or the post independence period) is deem to insinuate Armed Forces counter communist terrorist activities as well.

RAFOC’s statement is made in the knowledge that the police force (including any other auxiliary police units) and all military units of the Armed Forces were united in the fight against the scourge of communist terrorism that emerged following the end of World War 2, and its resurgence in the late 60’s.

For any member of the security force (police and armed forces) that had battled the communist terrorist during the First Malayan Emergency and later, the period of the resurgence of communist terrorism would be slighted if their sacrifice were questioned, particularly by those who played no part in the fight against the communist threat. The fact that the nation is at peace today is the result of the sacrifices displayed by members of the Malayan/Malaysian security forces (including the commonwealth forces prior to and immediately following independence). RAFOC’s statement is merely to put forth in perspective its roles, together with that of the police force in their fight to eradicate the threat of communism.

Many have died in the course of fighting communist terrorism (some civilian officials included), and I think it is not heroism or honour that they seek in death. It is merely to fulfill their sworn responsibility to defend the country. And if they were to die in the course of fulfilling that responsibility, it thus becomes our responsibility now to defend their actions, and not to make disparaging remarks about them. I think this is where Mat Sabu has gone wrong, and RAFOC’s statement is quite explicit at that.

I have also heard rumblings from some retired military officers to say that RAFOC should avoid getting into a ‘political melee’ over the statement made by Mat Sabu. Here, it is not politics that is in questioned. It is about defending the honour and sacrifices of the fallen policemen; be they the servants of the colonial masters or otherwise. And indeed, the fallen policemen and the rest deserve an honourable place in the annals of our nation’s history, and their actions are not to be questioned.



paul kiong said...

Dear Sir,
I fully appreciate your fair
comment on this issue and I concur with your sincere views and that of RAFOC.This is especially noted in your last paragraph and as I see it
it is as a non-political view of a pahlawan like you. You can be assured
that most colleagues and friends of mine will share the same views as yours.

bob villa said...

Anything said this days, can be construed as taking a political side. But this "Forrest Gump version of history" should be torn down without hesitation, this include the stupid notion that technically we were never colonize.
Staying silent can be consider as a collusion to distort the facts, at least that is my opinion.

maurice said...

We have to acknowledge Communism had proven to be good for some countries like China and Russia at some point of time.It was communism that saved and provided justice for the Russian and Chinese peasants and industrialized the two countries.So we should not condemn that communism is an evil political ideology.

azmie said...

in that case, we should also recognize the contribution of those who died serving their japanese masters during the japanese occupation.

TAG said...

Did Mat Sabu (MS) went round the country questioning the sacrifices made by our security forces in fighting the communist terrorist pre and post merdeka? No he did not. Are there any movements that exist in this country whose aim is to downplay the sacrifices made by the SF when fighting the CT? There are none!
MS said Mat Indera (MI) is a freedom fighter. Abdullah CD said MI is communist. The deduction by the honorable general following his written? appreciation is that MS said the communists that attacked bukit kepong are freedom fighters and heroes and it follows that the policemen of
Bukit kepong are therefore British lackeys.

I can understand UMNO' s twisting and turning of MS
words to their advantage and as expected MS
had no recourse but to sue.
But I cannot understand why RAFOC chose UMNO's interpretation of MS's words.

It appears to me that the retired generals are using
RAFOC as a political platform albeit for UMNO. Otherwise
how can one explain the need for RAFOC to go to town
echoing UMNO's interpretation of MS's words.

Can RAFOC now claim it is apolitical. If it had been really apolitical, it would have met up with MS and get his explanations.

I would salute these generals with the utmost respect like I
did when I was in service and at one time serving as their staff officers IF they had RAFOC to come out with a
statement reminding Malaysia of the sacrifices of the SF in
their fight to eliminate the CTs WITHOUT any reference to

I stand to accuse them that they are insincere towards the
members of RAFOC who had joined RAFOC with the belief that this organization is apolitical.

Arunzab said...

By their own admission (FAFOC)this has been a well flogged subject. where every man and his dog has had his say. It has come to a stage that it has become boring.The lack of a single comment thus far is a testimony to it.
Can we move on to something more interesting please.

Thank you

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Has anyone got the full video of the speech or the full transcript? All I have seen are the short ones over the MSM. Cannot trust the newspapers or the MSM nowadays. They can make mountains out of mole hills or vice versa.

hussin said...

salam dato,

rafoc sudah terjun ke dalam lubang yang digali oleh umno. semangat yang ditunjukkan rafoc itu benar. tetapi membuat kenyataan dengan hanya semata2 mengguna pakai apa yang dilaporkan oleh media umno boleh dilihat bahawa rafoc tidak menggambarkan peribadi anggota2nya tetapi lebih kepada sentimen yang membuak2 berdasarkan putar belit media umno. rafoc perlu berdiri megah sesuai dengan kedudukan ahli2nya.

bagaimanapula kedudukan rafoc dengan korupsi yang melanda angkatan tentera?


hussin said...

"I think it is not heroism or honour that they seek in death... I think this is where Mat Sabu has gone wrong, and RAFOC’s statement is quite explicit at that.

I have also heard rumblings from some retired military officers to say that RAFOC should avoid getting into a ‘political melee’ over the statement made by Mat Sabu."

rafoc's statement but who is the "I"?

Malaysian said...

We might say it's because of British action that forces the communist or leftist take up arms. Nevertheless, if we didn't control their influence on the ground then Malaysia would be under communism now. South East Asia during that period is the battle ground between Communism and Democracy. It was the battle ground of ideas. Needless to say, I can't deny that communist or leftist helped speed up Malaysia independence. Also, in my humble opinion the leftist love Malaysia too so they are willing give up their life for this country. However, I am glad the Alliance or British won. Because our military and police, I get to enjoy our Democracy (could have been better).

I am not sure what Mat Sabu said in his speech but we all owe our life to the military and Alliance leaders.

We must not mixed current BN leaders with Alliance leaders. They are two different group of politician. Before the 80s, most of our politician work for the people but now they work for the rich and powerful only.
I am glad our security force won. You gave up your life for me so I can enjoy my freedom. Now, it's my duty to elect a government that will protect our democracy that you fought so much for. I will do my best to fight against corruption! It's a shame we let our current leaders destroying our beloved Malaysia.

Malaysian said...

I am curious how are we treating our veteran especially the Iban unit that fought the communist. Is our Military treating veteran fairly?

bob villa said...

If defending the sacrifice of our nation defenders, is considered as getting in a political melee.

Then defending the nation and killing communist terrorist then is apart of bigger political melee.

The only matter of concern right now is that are you defending the sacrifice of dead.

In light of political idiot trying to re write history and desecrate our defender sacrifice, why worry what other think it.

They called you "running dogs"and far worse,did that weaken your resolve to fight them off.

Why the doubt now that you are doing the right thing,defending your fallen brothers.

naruto said...

Salam Dato
I do support the called made by certain quarters that RAFOC should not involved in the political malee caused by Mat Sabu. As we all agreed that we just carried out our honourable duty to defend our 'tanahairku', the principle is that we are the professional soldiers. What our political master wants and as long as it is in line with the national law and interest at that time, we are obliged to carried it out.
All we want is that the nations acknowledge and honour of what we had done!
When come to subject of history, just like other social science subjects, the interpretation of what happened is depend on perspective. For that, there is neither right nor wrong answer.
Let politician talk about political science and we talk about military science. For us the military or ex-military men, we look at thing differently whatever his or her status before.

hussin said...

apa pula pendirian rafoc berkaitan kerakyatan untuk bangladeshis dengan syarat undi umnobn?

paul kiong said...

Dear Sir,
I fully agree with your comments and statement issued by RAFOC on this issue. As a recipient of the SP and
PKH(Perak)during the 2nd Emergency I can understand the sufferings and hardships the fighting warriors and members of their families had gone through during those difficult times.
I believe many of my former colleagues will also agree with your sincere and honest statement especially the last paragraph where during those days fighting the war with the CPM/CTO without any political inclinations except for King and country.

EAGLE said...

Garbage in garbage out. This is the problem and RAFOC leadership must look at the mirror and ask whether the sentiment or the message represent of all RAFOC members.
Common man if anybody wants to be an idiot even at the last lap of your age please do so but at your own peril.
Free to talk and free to think so what is this RAFOC?
Alahai... GOD give us brain and use it in line with the Lord's command. Dari muda sampai ke tua nak membodek! Apa benar ke MS menghina "the Forces" Typical of the perasan breeds!

Malaysian said...

Mej. A R Ramachandran

You are right about listening to the whole speech before we conclude anything. Are we taking Mat Sabu speech out of context?

Lastly, why didn't RAFOC make statement about corruption within the military? Is corruption less evil than communism?


komando said...

We will continue to harp on issues which are so trivia and lose sight of the bigger picutres that we have in front of us ALL!

HORAY - the devil won!
He deceived us all!
There are much more important issues & things in this country that needs to be FIXED and "His - Story" is not the first and certainly not a priority!

2.The state of affairs concerning corruption is a bigger matter!
3.The security of our citizens and protection against CRIMES is critical!
4. The education standards and issues of teaching ENGLISH!
5. THE MILLIONS OF UNWANTED ELEMENTS - in the form of PATI called it by any name are illegals in this country!
6. The election issues!
7. The judiciary and its credibility.
8. The Police and its image.
9. The social tension CREATED & unecessary provoked by irresponsible parties and characters.
10. The so called social justice and fair play that the whole country yearns for desperately.

This is just only 10 points for the leadership to ponder about and keep working on first!


Arunzab said...

This is the full text of Mat Sabus
speech down loaded from blogger (Tukar Tiub)for those who asked for it.

Bukit Kepong, Teks Penuh Ucapan Mat Sabu…Bukan Pengkhianat Pun!!!

Saya terpaksa mendengar berpuluh kali untuk mendapatkan teks di bawah berkenaan ucapan Mat Sabu berkaitan Bukit Kepong. Ini kerana videonya ‘serabut’ sedikit!! Ikuti ucapan di bawah.

…..Bukit Kepong, polis itu polis British, hak serang Bukit Kepong tulah pegawai kerajaan, ketuanya MaT Indra, Melayu, tetapi semua sejarah itu ditutup, Jins Samsuddin buat filem, Jins Samsuddin tu UMNO, cerita bukit Kepong, hak serang balai polis tu penjahat, polis tu polis British, sebelum merdeka negara kita diperintah oleh British, tapi dia buat filem yang hero hak pertahan balai polis, hak serang tu pengganas, padahal Mat Inda ketua penyerang balai polis tu dan akhirnya dia dihukum gantung di Jering Taiping, begitulah juga Tok Janggut, Tok Janggut ni lawan British, tapi sebelum British nak..nak bunuh dia, dia menghasut Sultan Kelantan untuk mengishtiharkan Tok Janggut sebagai penderhaka, bila ishtihar Tok Janggut sebagai penderhaka, barulah tok Janggut dihukum gantung di Pasir Puteh Kelantan. Semua sejarah negara kita bohong….

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Maurice, this is for your benefit, for "We have to acknowledge Communism had proven to be good for some countries like China and Russia at some point of time.It was communism that saved and provided justice for the Russian and Chinese peasants and industrialized the two countries".

Say that to the millions of poor, dead and starving peasants. By that statement I know that you do have a very shallow knowledge about communism. Well open up your mind to The Bloody History of Communism

Arunzab said...


I have always asked my self why is that the athorities tend to glorify our servicemen who have done heroic deeds only when the need arises to suite them . In the case of the policemen of Bt Kepong they all died paupers. Ask the family of the last hero of Bt Kepong? Fron the letter by Idris Hassan to the NST he died in 2005 a bitter man ignored in life time and lied to after death by the Malacca Chief Minister and deputy Home Minister. Semua chakap macham tin kosong !!!!

I have read about this great police officer Paul Kiong an SB officer a SP holder and Perak's Pingat Keberanian Handal (PKH) he had put his life on line working behind enemy lines yet when he applied for a small piece of land in his home state he was given the run around by the land office ( File Enche hilang) and finally nothing came of it. There are many other Paul Kiongs in this country treated in a similar manner. Perhaps the RAFOC should be more interested in highlighting such cases than trying to put a political spin on saga of Bt Kepong.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

If I say "A", people would say I'm siding "A Team"

If I say "B", people would also say I'm siding "B Team"

What should I do?
Well, I can surely vote the people/party I like and quietly influence & persuade people to vote the people/party I like. Once a while, I give some comments which may be seen hash to some people which is not to others.

There is no ex-service who will in support of Mat Sabu even though facts has been offered for further deliberations for 1001 reasons. No need to mention those in service loorrr...

The more discussion on this Mat Sabu, the more people hate the said political party. The more jerangkung coming out from almari. The more stupid statements made by so called leaders or professor kangkung belacan.

At the end of the day, people are still facing the price hike, economic pressure, higher cost of living, more crimes on the streets dan yg sekasta dengannya.

What is so significant on the review and/or revoke of ISA and other laws that benefit people?

The answer is NO... It only benefit those poliTAIK towards ensuring their winning in forthcoming GE scheduled before Xmas where some pengurus pilihanraya dah mendapat tauliah skalipun tiada dinyatakan tarikhnya.

What a weakest KERAjaan I have now....

ahmad said...

Bila kita diajarkan dengan Appreciation antara perkara yang dibuat secara teliti adalah Approach (Pendekataan). Kita usahakan sebanyak kemungkinan Pendekatan A, B, C, D, dan sebagainya. Sekarang apa dah jadi RAFOC hanya baca akhbar Utusan Malaysia dan dengan satu pendekatan sahaja telah membuat keputusan sedangkan kita perlu melihat pendekatan lain melalui Buku, Rujukan di Library, Kajian tempatan dan selain nya barulah membuat the best probable course of action. Mana ilmu yang dipelajari itu diletakkan... sudah lupa atau terikut nak berpolitik?

ahmad said...

Maaf, lihat kembali video sepuloh tahun sebelum kemerdekaan ini.

Malaysian said...

Thank you Komando for reminding us not to lost sight on the current problem we're facing. Below is the list we should focus from Komando:

2.The state of affairs concerning corruption is a bigger matter!
3.The security of our citizens and protection against CRIMES is critical!
4. The education standards and issues of teaching ENGLISH!
5. THE MILLIONS OF UNWANTED ELEMENTS - in the form of PATI called it by any name are illegals in this country!
6. The election issues!
7. The judiciary and its credibility.
8. The Police and its image.
9. The social tension CREATED & unecessary provoked by irresponsible parties and characters.
10. The so called social justice and fair play that the whole country yearns for desperately.

hussin said...

SPR Pernah Keluarkan 60,000 IC Palsu

ini berlaku dalam tahun 90an. pasti ada di kalangan anggota rofoc yang masih berkhidmat termasuk di sabah.

kemudian pendedahan oleh pm bangladesh di website beliau bahawa bangladeshis boleh dapat ic dengan syarat mengundi umnobn.

di mana segala pengorbanan anggota2 tentera yang menentang komunis sedangkan ic palsu dan ic dikeluarkan secara berleluasa demi kuasa? bukankah tindakan ini boleh menjahnamkan negara bak virus kanser?

jangan zalimi diri sendiri dengan menutup mata serta buat dek kerana yang melakukannya melayu? nak kata turut terlibat dalam operasi ic palsu, tidak ada bukti. kalian masih macam katak bawah tempurung, jangan gigit jari yang memberi kalian makan, masa depan negara, anak cucu kalian, biaq pi mampus?

tidak berpolitik?


paul kiong said...

Dear Arunzab,
Thanks for your compliments. I don't really consider myself great. I was just doing my job the best I know how as a combatant. To tell you all the truth,me and my fellow colleagues beat the CPM/CTO at their 'own game'
in underground activities in urban areas and militant tactics in jungle
warfare not by learning junglecraft or anti-subversion tactics from books or written manuals BUT from the insurgents themslves when operating and living with them. I am NOT here to glorify the enemy BUT as the saying goes," to catch a thief, one must be a thief". To win a war one must know the enemy. Yes, I deem to agree with you that the Govt of the day appears to pay much less attention to the 'needy' ex-servicemen whom some of them are financially in poor-shape. Politicians on both-sides of the divide should seriously look into the plight of many of those who needs help rather than 'fighting' over trivial matters. Due recognition must be given accordingly.As for myself, its true I was given the 'run-around' back in the 1980s when applying for a small piece of land for cultivation in Perak. If with 2 credentials for valour, national and state,does not qualify me for that small request, I really don't know what does. Although my war in actions were all carried-out successfully in Perak State, I HAD NEVER once been invited for any official state functions. I am not grumbling as I fully understand how the system works after all the years of service.We combatants don't demand for medals nor demand to be invited. But I feel this is part of protocol and etiquette and not abiding to it would look bad on the Authorities concerned. In the case of the last surviving Bkt Kepong hero who died an unhappy man,my deepest sympathy goes to him and his family. Hopefully the RAFOC and the Ex-Policemen Association will focus more on the dire needs of many of its members who are going through difficult times in this time of inflation. They had contributed their share to the country in bringing about peace and prosperity and now its only fair that society and its people give them some recognition and dues.

bob villa said...

i don't care about your petty politics but here is group of local modeller putting up a show at Museum Negara, by showning off local period scale model for the next one month.

Maybe the nit piker(or shit picker) and the so call non-political politician and make an issue of the accuracy of the depiction... any way for a sample visit this site

Arunzab said...

I stand corrected on my first comment that this is a boring subject, I see now it is not and it still has a lot of fire in it.


I've seen and heard what'd been said by Mat Sabu in a video clip. Again I saw and heard him in person a week ago in Klang. What he'd said was about patriotism and fighting against British for independence. He was concerned why the Merdeka celebration wasn't inclusive to everybody! He lamented that merdeka has become an UMNO event. The UMNO only projected their men e.g Tunku, Onn Jaafar, Tun Razak, as independence fighters. He was just reminding the audience that the fighting against British had started earlier and fighters like Tok Janggut, Mat Kilau...etc should be considered as pejuang kemerdekaan too. Name Mat Indera was mentioned along with others. In incident Bkt Kepong, he was mentioning about the attack; he did suggest that the group who attacked it could be called heroes too because they attacked Rumah Pasong British. It was in 1950 before Merdeka. It admitted, he's not communist; not a PKM supporter. He did mention his late father worked with the Japanese Occupation Admins. It was a fact of history that no one can change it. He didn't say anywhere or implying anything about the dead policemen in Kepong. MS isn't my favourite politician but to crucify him the way it is now, with RAFOC getting involved, it's definitely unfair and uncalled for.

komando said...

The British wants their work cut out easy, anybody against them is an enemy of the state!

So - lump them all as "COMMUNISTS" !
It is the best covenience to them!


Anyone caught having any intention to go against the Brits & its policies are labelled as enemy of the state!

Is there any different between then & NOW ?

komando said...

That being the Case!

If we still hold grudges agaist our 'one time enemy' do we do it till we DIE!

I ask because the Japanese made this country a HELL on Earth when they ruled!

Many innocent persons died, they were slaughterd, tortured, murdered and killed mercilessly!

Yet we welcome them and worshipped them - as our GURUs!

The LOOK EAST POLICY - explains it all!

So many INNOCENT people died for no apparent reason - some just because they did not bow their heads and said "ALI KATOH" !


matsingkong said...

One thing good about this whole issue, is Malaysians have a platform to discuss on sensitive issues.It good and progressive.
And one thing too, time and time again, representatives who claims they are our voices are meddling with non 'important' issues. Never heard about RETIRED ARMED FORCES OFFICER'S CLUB (RAFOC)when I was in service. Have they got nothing to do ,..I presume? Ever thought of all the ex servicemen leaving the service without progression in life and slumped into poverty whilst other Malaysians progress well into the 'financial' world.Since the day Pernama was privatised, gone was the essential support for the servicemen from the time they served till exiting the service. Look at the sorry state of Persatuan Bekas Bekas Perajurit..C'mon guys, where's our priorities ????? not HISTORY !!!

komando said...

SOME SAY TOP SPINNERS - are good for the Game of Cricket.

Fast Bowlers good for baseball.

Slow pitchers are best for Softball!

I do not now what they want in Rounders - a game played when we were kids!

It is a matter we all know and see!
But the History of this Land is in a real Kucah-Kacir situation!

The bigger pictures have been well SPINNED - until all heads now are "berpusing pusing", issues of Grave & Greater Importance is left OUT!

Good spinners - Politicus & Politikus a new game has been invented!

Hip Hip Horay!