Thursday, September 29, 2011


Sixty thousand odd voters have been struck from the electoral roll of the 12.3 million voters, says the Election Commission (EC), and this was done between July and September this year. Further to this, another fifty thousand voters’ record is being scrutinized, and that adds up to more than one hundred thousand who must have been voters during the 2008 GE. What an alarming figure, and it is only now that the EC realized the discrepancy that would otherwise be kept away from public notice.

Now, let me ask you this question. If it wasn’t for Bersih 2.0 and the public surge for electoral reform, do you think the EC would want to take all the trouble to do what they did and announced their ‘achievement’ and supposedly ‘hard work’ to the public? Have the EC ever announce such cleansing act to the public in the past? Never; they would rather keep it quiet away from public notice, and continue doing the ‘tricks’ that they have been doing all these years. They would even say the postal voting is the most secured voting system in the world, and I do not know which other country in the world conducts postal voting the way we do. I believe our postal voting is flawed and has been abused, and I will continue to say this if nothing drastic is done to change the system. I hate dishonesty, and I believe it is because we have been dishonest all the while that truth is slowly being revealed. I think many more ‘tricks’ will be revealed in the months to come.

Following the Bersih 2.0 rally, the government has proposed the setting up of an Electoral Reform Committee that will comprised of members from both the political divide. I hope members will also include those from Bersih; rightfully so because they were the ones that started the initiative for an electoral reform. This reform is not to meet the interest of any one political party or politicians, but it is to meet public and voters interest. I have read somewhere that the composition of members of the committee has been determined, but I am not aware of its terms of reference, or whether the committee has convened.

With so much yet to be done to resolve the issues plaguing the EC, I am quite certain GE 13 will not be held within the next 6 months or so. It was rumored that the elections will be held in November, and there was even a prediction made that the incumbent government will be reelected if the election is held in November. I would believe in the prediction if no electoral reform is carried out, but it would be a tough election if all of Bersih’s demands are met by the EC or by the Electoral Reform Committee.

I’ll be reaching 68 in a few months from now, and my only hope is to see the next election be the ‘cleanest’ and ‘abuse free’ GE. But what concerns me is that this upcoming election is the 13th GE, and that number can be worrisome for those who are superstitious. Can that number be a bad omen for the BN or PR? This, we will have to wait and see.



EAGLE said...

Dato, yet to believe in the EC cleansing effort.
Just a simple declaration is not enough. Show us!!!
Nothing can be trusted at the moment especially when it is done within the four walls. Typical Malaysian of all departments!
If the PM himself cannot be trusted what about the others.
So whatever announcement made hopefully Malaysians are smart to see between the line of the deception agenda.

tiongsinwee said...

Wow! One hundred thousand? uv said, its a huge number of voters who wd have voted during the 12th General Election 2008. If this initiative (cleansing effort) was done before the GE 2008, im sure PAKATAN wd have captured more states, if not Putra Jaya, for that matter.
The revealing/cleansing effort by the EC (thanks to Bersih 2.0)...must be giving BN some sleepless nights.

Frankie said...


The 60,000 "dead" voters is only the tip of the iceberg and there is no reason to believe the EC will have "cleaned" up the electoral roll before the next GE. It may sound like good PR for the EC striking off the 60,000 odd names but the EC has also kept silent on the "new instant" voters who have made their way into the electoral roll mysteriously.

The maths is simple: Strike off 60,000 voters and add in 120,000 new voters who would surely be voting for BN in exchange for getting their instant blue MyKad or citizenship.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

11/11/11 seems a nice date,
It ain't too late for a date with fate,
People of the realm are goin to see,
True Malaysia- One and free,
Devils at the helm gonna cry in pain,
Wait for our moment, it won't be in vain,
Power to people we'll never lose,
Round their necks will cook their goose,
Peace and prosperity to one and all,
It will all come when there's a fall.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

Bersih 2.0 rally has given impact and opened up our eyes on this issue, thanks to them despite hardship faced by the participants.

I would agree with you Dato that our GE will be held only after they (EC + KERAjaan) managed to manipulate completely all the necessity in voters registration. This couple with the success of sending Anwar behind bars.

Otherwise, it is only a rumors to say GE will be held in November.

Mark my word, the GE-13 will be the dirtiest election we ever experience. The post election result will make Malaysia jumps into lots of problems/trouble and uncertainty with more rallies be held which may result in increase of inflation, jobless and economic downturn.

cskok8 said...

Every death has to be reported to the NRD. Is it so difficult for the EC to get these details from the NRD and delete them from the electoral rolls. I heard they are now sending SMS to voters to verify their name. Do they expect the dead to reply that they are indeed very dead and please delete my name.

samsaimon said...

Lets not say 'hurray' yet Dato!
Its only about 60,000 deleted.
Whats about the One Million plus PATI registered and given the voting rights to vote for BN ?

This is the main ISSUE !!!

mike joey said...

This is only the tip of the ice-berg. If the people n Opposition dont 'dig' I really dont think the EC will
come out with any statements on its
rectifications as of now. We still have a 'long-way' to go before we can even reach the half-way mark in the
peoples 'spring-cleaning'.

bruno said...

Dato,the couple of hundred thousand is just the tip of the iceberg.There is at least many times more that figure that may have gone unnoticed.Postal votes from our men in uniformed and the diplomatic staff overseas are already fixed.Ninety five percent for BN and five percent for the opposition.The five percent for the opposition is for show only.

And the Sabah immigrant issuance of mycards.At least a few hundred thousand immigrants are involved.That is why these East Malaysian states are considered safe fixed deposit states for BN.At least we can see Anwar very quite as a tikus on this issue.He was the one Mahathir deployed to take charge of the project.Now the devil has come back to haunt Anwar.
He cannot speak about this subject because he has a batang stuck in his mouth.

bob villa said...

oh ye who have little faith..... what WILL happen ,WILL happen....... weather you suka ke tak suka......