Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Now, the inquest’s verdict is out i.e. that Sarbaini’s death was a misadventure, which meant that he was not murdered nor did he commit suicide. He died having slipped off the MACC HQ’s building in KL. One wonders what he was doing on a narrow ledge of the building’s third floor pantry window. Was he trying to escape unnoticed by the MACC, thinking that he could jump onto the roof of the badminton court below? But why does he need to do this since it was reported that he came to the MACC HQ on his own free will. It would have been different if he was trying to escape after being arrested.

In the case of Teoh Beng Hock, the inquest ruled that Teoh committed suicide. In other words, he died on his own accord and that no one is responsible or can be accused for his death. But I think Teoh wasn’t a crazy guy to simply take his own life without a cause or reason. If he isn’t crazy, then there must be a strong cause and reason that had made him jump off the window of the fifth floor of the Selangor MACC HQ building. Even someone with real courage would not want to do what Teoh had done.

So, escaping and jumping off the window of an MACC building has now become a trend if one wants to escape the hell of MACC. Only fools would want to do that, and I think both Teoh and Sarbaini are certainly not fools. There is no reason to escape through the window when there are enough doors to get through. One would believe if Teoh and Sarbaini were ‘graduates’ of the Tanjung Rambutan Mental Hospital, but on the contrary both were sound and decent human being enjoying a good life i.e. one with a family and the other was about to be married. What are the factors and reason that had led them to escape through the window and fall to their death would seem unimportant.

With that verdict, both the cases are deemed to have ended. No one at MACC is faulted upon, and all can now proceed to do what they were good at doing i.e. investigating cases of corruption, abuses and what not. ‘Guilt’ is never a word that is of concern to the MACC officers, and should there be another incident of death while in their custody, then one can guess what the verdict would be.

The same can also be said of death while in police custody, where no one has yet to be brought to justice. I think, justice can only be served if the dead can be brought back to life, and that can only happen in the hereafter. As of now, those that were a party to the death while in MACC and police custody can continue to enjoy the worldly pleasures without the fear of retribution. But pray and pray hard that the time for your retribution will certainly come.



Wood said...

Looks like dead man tells no tales. Based on my opinion it looks like this judge try to copy some materials from TBH's case and this is the reason why the verdit is quite similar.

Frankie said...


When has the PDRM, MACC, or any government agency ever owned up to their mistakes, deaths in their custody, mismanagement, corrupt practices, abuses, incompetencies, etc, etc? RCIs are all wasted time, money and efforts because no one gives a damn about the RCI which is really a slap in the face for the King since he approves the setting of any RCI. All the government agencies have ready answers for their actions or inactions such as "he threw himself out of the 14th floor window or he thought he was superman or he strangled himself or he hit himself in the eye and gave himself the black eye". And then the famous answer of all time for the poor planning and mismanagement: "teething problems". There has never been a smooth and successful launch of any project by any government agencies because it is the "teething problems" that are to be blamed and not themselves.

What does all these tells us? Simply that we are a third world banana country run by an incompetent and corrupt government. An incompetent government stuffed with incompetent and unqualified ministers means they know nothing of how to improve the areas and functions they are supposed to be leading. The fish rots from the head and that's exactly what's happening to all the government agencies. Get rid of the stinking corrupt government with its incompetent cabinet and replace with honest and competent people (take a good look at the professionals running Singapore, Australia and Norway) to run this country. This present government has overstayed its welcome by 54 years.

mitchell said...

The verdict returned on this 2 cases leave much to be desired, as Dato has so rightly pointed out, what led Sarbani and Teoh to do what they did? I am not learned or well verse with the process of law, but, shouldnt the coroner firmly question on events leading to their death..as Dato titled the entry "Time for Retribution Will Come". All we can do is pray that others in MACC, PDRM and relevant bodies take heed and fear the wrath of the Almighty.

Arunzab said...

The court also ruled that the deletion of vital CCTV recordings was an error by the MACC security but was not done on purpose as no one knew of Ahmad Sarbaini's arrival on April 6.

This kind of finding by our courts is a direct result of Mahathir having destroyed the judiciary. We all know the sacking of Tun Salleh and the 5 most senior judges in the country in 1992 was the beginning of the end of justice in Malaysia.

Malaysian said...

Maybe this article explained why the police force work for UMNO:


Anonymous said...

If you are summon to the MACC office you will enter through the front door but you have to exit through the window ledge on the 3rd floor so that u came out as a superman to be alive.It sound funny but true.