Thursday, September 22, 2011


Now, see what has become of our MACC officers when the department they serve is corrupt, sadistic and abusive. It is this very department that has been entrusted to investigate cases of corruption and abuse, but unfortunately, it is them that are the main perpetrators of such dastardly act. Not having had enough of it, the MACC officers have now turn to become a pack of honorable government salaried thieves.

Just read Free Malaysia Today dated Sept 21, 20011 to get the full story of extortion-cum-robbery involving five MACC officers (some senior ones included) and of whom three have been arrested by the police for alleged extortion-cum-robbery. The incident reportedly took place at KLIA where USD300 thousand was said to have been robbed in broad daylight by MACC officers; the victims being three Singaporean money changers on their fight home to Singapore. And having robbed the Singaporean money changers, they (MACC officers) had the courtesy to tell the victims not to report the incident. See how damn stupid these MACC thieves are?

I just wonder how such an incident involving government officers entrusted with the responsibility to stop the scourge of corruption have lowered themselves to become thieves and shamelessly corrupt. I can only reason that all the five MACC officers must have been involved in some form of corruption and abuse in the past. And I dare say too that there are still many others in the department that are equally corrupt. Although no names were mentioned, I can say for certain that most of them (if not all) are Malay MACC officers, and where do you expect me to hide my face when my friends of the other races talks about it? And it is for this very reason that I am dead against Perkasa’s Ketuanan Melayu that as of now has remain eerily silent.

I have said it many times in the past, and I will not stop saying that I am disgusted with my race that are by and large the biggest perpetrators of corruption and abuse in this country. I sympathies with those who are honest, clean and God fearing, but it is the corrupt and dishonorable few that has brought shame and disrepute to their race and to the organization they serve. I also believe that the rot starts at the top, and I do not mince my word if I say that the bosses must be equally corrupt; politicians and government officials alike.

I think we have seen enough of politicians (including government officials) mired in corrupt practices, and I say that I can no longer trust them for their honesty and integrity, for such exemplary personal qualities has now become a ‘rare commodity’ among them. Examples are many and as of today, some are awaiting trial for corruption, and my only desire is to see them incarcerated in prison cells. That is the only ‘reward’ they deserve for their dirty act.

To the three MACC officers, please do not seek pity from anyone, for you all deserve to be arrested and punished. The most you’ll get is a few years in prison and loss of privileges, but what you will get in the hereafter cannot be less than your earthly prison term. Let’s hope that your dastardly act serves as a lesson to others, that being thieves does not pay. My utmost sympathy goes to the families of these MACC officers.



Anonymous said...

I would not contest your point that "most of them (if not all) are Malay MACC officers".

However, I canot agree with you on "my race that are by and large the biggest perpetrators of corruption and abuse in this country"

While it may well be true that interms of numbers, the Malay dominated civil service and ruling political powers can form the raw basis for your second point, I'd think that it is pertinent to look deeper at those who are behind the corruption.

As a Chinese, I would also look at the massive PKFZ corruption matter. Key players are mainly Chinese. Look back at Tan Koon Swan and Pan-El in 1985.

Indians? Look at how Lingam was caught on the "Looks like me, sounds like me, but..." video tugging at the strings affecting the Judiciary.

One shadowy man pulling strings can end up with many, many more at the lower levels dancing the wrong tune. Whose wrong-doing is worse?

And soon after March 2008, Subang Jaya ADUN Hannah Yeoh told of how folks in her constituency (high number of Chinese, I think) complained abut her anti-bribery actions - Previuously it was so easy to "kow-teem" (settle) some matter with a little greasing of (mostly Malay) civil service palms, but after Hannah became ADUN, susah lah!

On the other hand, the folks of Sibu (high Chinese percentage) did the right thing when Najib made his blatant RM5m "You help me, I help you" offer to get them to vote for BN's Robert Lau during the May 2010 by-election.

We all need to be committed to fighting corruption. The rot is deep and involves all races.

Turby the Bagman said...

Thank You Sir!!You have made my day! If only there were many of good people around like you to point out the misdeeds of corrupted people.I wish you a healthy and long life.

komando said...

Dear Dato' Pak Chad, stop hating your own RACE!

You cannot be held responsible for whatever they do or do not DO!

STOP being a "MALAY or Melayu" just be a good Muslim and the world will be a better place!

After all you are not a Malay, you are a Minang btw!

Harap Maaf!
Bangsa tidak mempunyai apa nilai, yang jadi paling penting ada lah Bertakwa!

shafeek said...

You, like me are known as "self-hating Malays" just as the Jews who criticize and oppose Zionism and Israel are called "self hating Jews".
We despair at our people who are corrupted by Mahathir's Materialism and abuse of power. All it took was one Megalomaniac Mamak to destroy the Malay Ethical foundation.

yemingshan said...

I believe they will end up " tak salah " Do you know why ?

Frankie said...


The MACC "officers" are getting bolder and bolder. Not contented with torturing witnesses to the point where the witnesses are claimed to throw themselves out of the MACC buildings, they now go one step further to openly rob people. We have police personnel openly accepting bribes and committing robberies and we also have personnel from the armed forces committing crimes and robberies too.

What has gone wrong with these institutions and the people working in these institutions? I put the blame squarely on the government. A government manned by incompetent and corrupt people will ultimately destroyed these independent noble institutions when the corrupt government put its henchmen to run these institutions.

Will we soon hear of the AG public prosecutors robbing witnesses in the courts? Stupid thought you might say but in 1Malaysia, the most incredible things happen. That's why we have Malaysia Boleh!!!!

Riversidegrass said...

There's an old saying :-
" Never let thieves run a bank ! "

bob villa said...

Pak general , understand your anger against corruption,me also very angry.
But this anger against the crime should not be used to tar brush on any race or religion or even political membership.There is no exclusivity in crime regardless what some people wish conclude.
Hope you view this matter with an open heart. The are only good people or bad people, period.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Police Corrupt- Send in the MACC. MACC corrupt- Send in the Police. Politician corrupt -Send in the Courts- Courts corrupt- Send in the MACC. See the vicious cycle? With morals and values and principles thrown asunder, we descend slowly but surely to join the failed nations, and take up membership in the Club of Doom. Well done Malaysia! Malaysia mesti bolih!

bob villa said...

Dear MAJ A.R.,
you forgot the most important info BN guarantee will corrupt, PAKATAN NEVER corrupt?????,


sapa BOLEH guarantee????



cskok8 said...

There can be no guarantee that any person or party will not be corrupt. The only thing that keeps people straight is the knowledge that they will be prosecuted if caught. Now BN and related cronies are so arrogant and confident that they will not be punished. If any govt proves incompetent or corrupt, then kick them out at the next election. And make sure no govt servant conspire with them to destroy files before leaving office.