Friday, December 31, 2010


Well…….I am back, after six months sabbatical, and let me begin by wishing all my viewers a HAPPY AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. If 2010 wasn’t a good year for some, let’s hope 2011, and the years ahead will be more meaningful for you and your families. As for me, my only hope is to see that my four grandchildren grows up to be grateful citizens, respectful to their elders and leads a healthy life.

Seriously speaking, after being off the blogsphere, some thought that I had gone ‘six feet under’. But by the grace of Allah SWT, I am still very much alive, though not as fit and healthy as I want myself to be. What concerns me most at this age and time is whether I could maintain my mental prowess i.e. to be thinking, talking and writing sensibly. I must admit that there are times when I am at a lost for names of people that I meet; people who were my close associate. It can be embarrassing though. This certainly is a sign that a lapse in memory has occurred; just like an aged computer. But thankfully it is not too serious as to even forget the name of my wife.

Many have inspired me to continue writing and I am encouraged by this. And I must say that over the past six months of hibernation, there are many interesting issues and happenings in the country that could be written about. I have decided to come back this 1st day of January 2011 and to start sharing my thoughts over a myriad of issues that is affecting our country today.

As a start and being a Selangorean, I read with disgust the sad state of affairs in Selangor over the appointment of the new State Secretary. The Selangor state government is adamant that the post is to be filled by someone of their choice, who has the confidence of the state government. Loyalty to the state government (whoever forms the government of the day) is absolute and cannot be compromised. I am sad too that the Sultan is being dragged into this issue. And whatever the reason the Chief Secretary Tan Sri Sidek Hassan had to present the appointment of the new State Secretary to the Sultan first before making it known to the Selangor Menteri Besar, surely does not augur well for federal-state relations. Personally, I too do not agree with the action taken by the Chief Secretary to bypass the state government in the final appointment of the State Secretary, without an earlier reference and discussion with the state. Clearly, the Chief Secretary is being outright disrespectful, arrogant and ignorant. It would appear that the Chief Secretary does not understand that state governments are elected by the people, and it is only right that the state governments must have its top civil servant to be a person that is supportive of the state, and he acts on behalf of the people who have elected the state government through a democratic process.

I remembered that upon taking over the appointment of a Brigade Commander, the first thing that I demanded from my staffs is loyalty; that my staffs shall only earn my respect if they are loyal to me. I do not compromise over this issue, and I even told them that should they disagree with me, they have the option to leave. I think the same would apply to the prevailing situation in Selangor. And in this instant, if the appointed State Secretary cannot work with the state government, or the state government sees the State Secretary as hopeless, then the State Secretary has no other option but to leave.

Another interesting case that can affect the good name of the government is the alleged incident of rape by a senior minister of the federal government on an Indonesian maid. From what I read, the description given of the rapist is that he is a person who hails from Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan and a learned person though. I am not so certain of his age, but he could not be younger than me. I am thoroughly ashamed because my grandfather hails from the same village as this senior minister. I am quite sure the entire villagers in Petaling and Gagu are now glued to this story. My hope is that this allegation is unfounded for it will shame me for being a Minangkabau, if the allegation is found to be true.

And by sheer coincidence, I read too the report about the rape charges meted upon the 65 year old former Israeli President Moshe Katsav by the Tel Aviv District Court, which carries a 4 year minimum, and a 12 year maximum prison term if found guilty. Moshe Katsav is said to have raped and molested four lady staffs at various times in 2007. This period somewhat coincides with the rape allegation by the Malaysian senior minister…………. unbelievable isn’t it! And what would be the sentence if our senior minister is found guilty and charged? Will he be subjected to canning, over and above a prison term?

I know there will be many more ‘juicy stories’ and surprises to come this new year that will illuminate the political landscape of this country. And with a snap election anticipated the first quarter of the year, such ‘juicy stories’ will be the thrust of the opposition campaign.