Sunday, January 29, 2012


PM Najib says that there are 2.8 million RELA (Paramilitary People’s Volunteer Corps) in the country (Malaysia Chronicles, Saturday 28 Jan). That is a much bloated figure that far outmatched the collective strength of the Armed Forces and the Police put together. From my reading, there are only 500,000 odd Rela members.

Now, how and where did PM Najib pluck this number from? Does he not know what it takes to maintain such a large force? I think this figure even doubles that of the Indian Army. If indeed there are 2.8 million RELA members, then we don’t really need the Armed Forces and the Police…….. Just disband them and let the RELA take over the defence and security of the country. And with that kind of number, there wouldn’t be any more thieves, murderers and illegals in this country. Everything will be safe and sound, and it may cause some concern to all the neighbouring regional states.

And what really scares me was when PM Najib said that “when the chips are down, RELA will be with this government to defend the country”. What ‘chips’ is he referring to, and what is the threat that the government is trying to defend……external or internal security threat or a political threat from the opposition.

Please PM Najib, be weary with the kind of words and language used. What you have said can be interpreted to mean many things, and to people like me that had served 34 years in the military, I take it to mean that RELA would be your ‘final line of defence’; I suppose to be deployed to defend the country when both the Armed Forces and the police have lost their battle. And do you seriously think that when the Armed Forces and the police have been defeated, RELA can take over the defence and security of the country? I have serious doubts.

Now, there is already a move by the Home Minister Hishamuddin to arm the RELA. Yes, arming them may frighten Abu, Ah Kow and Muthu, but this will not frightened an enemy’s military force. It has taken years to build an Armed Forces and the Police with some credibility, and there is no way that RELA can be credible by just arming them to be trained once a week in basic weapon handling.

Defence and security training is not just about weapon training. PM Najib knows this very well for he was a long serving Defence Minister. And if someone were to ask me whether our Armed Forces and the Police today are well equipped and trained to defend this country against an external threat, my answer is one of skepticism. And if my answer is to be believed, then it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that the Armed Forces and the Police attains an appropriate level of ‘force credibility’ as a matter of urgency.

I think there is now a lot of confusion about the roles of RELA, made worse by the statement of PM Najib. I think RELA started as an unarmed paramilitary civil volunteer corps that predates to the time when the government was saddled with the influx of illegal immigrants. It was never meant to be a force involved in defence and security because they are not organized and structured as such. Rather they are to work alongside all other security enforcement agencies, to assist them in dealing with security and social issues arising from the mass influx of illegal immigrants.

My stand on this issue is that the roles and tasks of the RELA should not replicate that of the Armed Forces and the Police. They should remain subservient force to assist, rather than being involved with defence and security per se.

In restructuring the RELA and boosting them the extra allowances, I hope the government does not have a hidden political agenda, especially one that is connected to the upcoming elections. Let me be honest and straight with the aforesaid statement. I will agree that RELA should be given an increase in their allowances that has been meager in the past, but I will certainly have my reservations if their roles and tasks are to be changed.


Friday, January 27, 2012


Hello Khairy Jamaluddin, what is so wrong for a Malay to join the DAP? You should be asking yourself why are the Malays joining the DAP at a time when you think that there is no other party in the country that can serve the Malays better? Yes, UMNO have for the last 50 odd years served the Malays, but it has now become increasingly a party of the elitist that only takes care of a handful, rather than all Malays (regardless of their political affiliation). You may want to ask why is it that UMNO itself has been claiming that the Malays are still poor and need to be looked after. You mean to say that 50 odd years of UMNO/BN rule isn’t enough? Now who do you blame for the never ending predicament of the Malays – is it the DAP or PCG (Parti Cap Gajah)?

Search your soul Khairy and you will find the answer as to why the Malays are joining DAP. You don’t need to ask those that have joined because should they answer, you will then reply to them by saying that they are traitors of their race. But let me ask you Khairy, aren’t the Malays in UMNO traitors themselves? Just look at the faces of those that surround you? Do you think they are all an incorruptible lot? Corruption to me is the most heinous of all crimes performed by those that have little regard for their faith and are blind to Allah’s retribution in the hereafter. And I do not wish to bring out the many wrong doings of UMNO during the time of the Constitutional Crisis of 1992 where the Malay rulers were battered defenseless; stripped naked of their honor. That was the time when UMNO were really kurang ajar and please don’t deny this Khairy. You must be a school boy then when this entire Malay ruler’s bashing episode happened.

Now please don’t get me wrong Khairy. I am not saying that you are corrupt, but the talk about you being corrupt around the time when your father-in-law was the PM is so resounding that it is too difficult to disbelieve. I remembered your name being mentioned repeatedly around the coffee shops as the smartest 27 year old and a PM in the making. They also say that you acted like a ‘gate keeper’ and what this really implies, I do not know. I find it hard to believe that for a person like you, so young and to be educated at one of the most reputable and recognizable universities in the world is not able to reason why are the Malays joining the DAP, and you need others to give you the answer.

I am surprised that it was Khairy first that was able to sense the sudden migration of the Malays into the DAP. Now I hear that DPM Muhyiddin has also sounded a warning to the Malays “not to fall for the DAP trap”. I do not know what trap he is referring to – not a mouse trap I hope. We will now have to wait for a day or two before Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali and other Pro-UMNO NGOs to join in the fray with a threat to hold a massive public rally against the DAP; something that they are good at i.e. waste of time.

Let me warn UMNO that the Malays that joined the DAP are not the ‘kucing kurap’ or the ‘katak lompat’ type that goes around begging for favours and contracts. They know what they are doing. They are all learned and with a clear vision of change for the better for the country and its people. More importantly, they are clean and are yet to be exposed to the rot that is plaguing UMNO politicians today. Regardless of who and what they are, I personally think that they will be our leaders of the future. Mark my word.

Now, let me also say this that with Malays joining the DAP, this has further emboldened the Chinese, especially the fence sitters to say that they must be something good about the DAP that had drawn Malays to the party, knowing that the Malays in the past would not want to be associated with a Chinese dominated party, let alone become a member. Clearly, in this regards, the MCA and Gerakan has lost its Chinese appeal and attraction, and especially the MCA’s so oft slogan that they are a party that takes care of the Chinese race is no longer true. I now believe that a party that is based solely on racial lines is no longer attractive and cannot survive the new Malaysian mindset.

With this new political development and shift, can the UMNO Malays now say that they are the only party to defend the rights of the Malays?


Thursday, January 26, 2012


The ABU-Hindraf gathering at Jalan Kebun, Shah Alam on 21 January 2012 that ended up being roughed up by Malay thugs and ruffians allegedly at the behest of UMNO and in connivance with the local police proves that this country is at the verge of a total collapse of civility, respect and tolerance. Viewing the video that was uploaded in several blogs, it was clear that the fracas was started by a group of thugs led by one Muhamad Razali alias Baharom. I do not know if he is from the force or paid by someone to create trouble, but one thing was certain i.e. from the language uttered by the thug, it was derogatory aimed at the Indian community intent at causing a riot.

My question is what if it were an Indian guy that started the fracas and the audience were mainly Malays? I am quite sure there will be a riot and the police will be there in droves and in double quick time making the arrest. What is actually happening to this country today, especially that of the police force that is suppose to protect us? Is the government in control or have they lost the interest to run this country? Or has that responsibility to govern being handed over to the police? Can Home Minister Hishamuddin say something please? Where are the 60,000 security guards that the government has been talking about? Blue Ocean strategy they say.

I am utterly disgusted at the initial response by the state police officer whose remark reflects total ignorance, arrogance, lack responsibility and incompetency. I just wonder where he was when the trouble was brewing. Was he at home or attending a kenduri kahwin somewhere? Wasn’t he briefed by his officers or was the briefing given by the thugs themselves? And now he comes up with a statement that they have arrested six people whose age ranges from 16 to 19 years old. But the video shows that the main perpetrator to be someone much older and a fatso. Why hasn’t this thug being arrested? Or has he being told to go into hiding until all is safe and clear?

If this is what we call efficiency of the police force, then I beg to differ. If the police had responded well and professionally, they could have affected arrest that same night because there was police presence that was witnessed to the fracas. Obviously the policemen that were there didn't have the slightest clue as to how to react and to control the situation. This clearly shows the standard of training of the policemen now that were no better than the Rela guards. I am sorry to say this because I have many police friends, but I believe they too are equally disappointed at the lack of professionalism in the policemen. Had they been some military guys, I would have hit at them much harder.

I do not know if the six and several others will be charged for causing a public disturbance. Whatever the outcome, the punishment must be seen to be punitive and not just a simple fine and a warning. This incident could have caused a racial riot that we do not wish to experience it once more.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Perkasa’s court jester Ibrahim Ali has now made himself an unwarranted spokesman for the NFC. Now who is he to be briefed by the NFC’s Chairman about the much talked fiasco of the NFC? Who is he to make a comment after the briefing by the NFC Chairman that all is well with the company and for making some racist remarks that there was a non Malay that stole some money from the company and had exposed the NFC’s ‘misappropriation’; I suppose to the opposition.

If indeed money was stolen from the company, why wasn’t it reported early in the case? And why has the court jester to make a reference that it was a non Malay that had stolen the money? Now, is the court jester saying that there aren’t any Malay thieves involved in the fiasco? Now, who actually listens to this court jester – I wonder? And why would the NFC Chairman wants to brief Ibrahim Ali when there is already an ongoing investigation by the police and the MACC. And does he not know that the government had announced that the NFC accounts will be audited by a reputable auditor? Is Ibrahim Ali that reputable auditor?

My advice to Ibrahim Ali is to get off this case as he has nothing to do with it. He is a no body but just being a busy body. And I think he just want to be seen by his ‘masters’ to be doing a just service. I do not think he has a clue about accounting and even if the books were thrown at him, he wouldn’t know what to look at. Is Ibrahim Ali now questioning the integrity of the Auditor General who was the person to have brought out this issue to the public? And all Malaysians must thank the Auditor General for being brave and honest to highlight the many flaws in the management of the NFC.

After Ibrahim Ali, we now hear of another court jester i.e. Perkasa’s Secretary General declaring that Islam is under threat in Selangor with Selangor’s MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim taking over the portfolio of the Exco for Islamic Affairs. This court jester even questioned the religious credentials of Khalid Ibrahim whom he deemed as being unqualified for the job.

Now may I ask this court jester, what are your religious credentials? Do you honestly think you are more qualified than Khalid Ibrahim? Don’t you know that even if Khalid Ibrahim does not have the right credentials, I am quite sure he will have his religious advisors to assist and advise him to make a decision on all religious issues that arises?

Now, just look at all our Malay rulers. They all are the Head of the Islamic religion within the state. And do you think they will make a decision regarding matters of the Islamic faith without any consultation with the religious experts? Even PM Najib has an Islamic religious advisor in the person of Jamil Khir. So what is so wrong with Khalid Ibrahim taking over the post of the Exco for Islamic Affairs of the state?

My sincere advice to Ibrahim Ali is to start looking at all the corruption issues that are being reported involving UMNO politicians and their cronies. To begin with, go and investigate the people that are involved in the illicit money transfer out of the country that runs in the billions. If this is too big a job for Ibrahim Ali, then why not interview the PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor to ask if she did or did not spend that RM300,000 for her clothing in Australia as reported. And if this is also too difficult for Ibrahim Ali, why not interview the two secretaries, Azlina Othman and Awang Adek whether they did or did not received cash from an UMNO contractor as alleged?

And finally, if Ibrahim Ali is too shy to interview all the personalities stated above, then ask UMNO what have they done for the Malays for the last 54 years. You should know the answers.


Monday, January 23, 2012


After five decades of BN governance, what have Malaysians gained and at what price and what have we lost in exchange?

To begin with, where is all of this nation’s booty? There was a time when the colonial masters (rather raiders) came and took all our rubber and tin. But at least they gave us education, healthcare, roads and rails without asking us to pay toll and taxes. Right?

But what can we say of our post-independence masters? The lorded over us and sold us the ‘nationalism’ mantra. They sang ‘Look East’ and ‘Buy British Last’. Later, they seemingly sold us that piped-dream of a modern Malaysia with jobs for all and wealth to be shared by Malaysians.

And so we ran the race at full throttle for the local masters and helped them build their own cartels and fortunes. Today, not only are we left in serious debt but have also pawned our bread and butter jobs that are enriching neighboring countries at the expense of the 27 million citizens of this land.

The factory jobs have gone to foreign labor. The petrol kiosk attendant and car wash jobs have gone to the illegal labor. The maid jobs are sold too. The construction industry is no more an easy entry for locals. Let us not forget the plantation sectors.

We are not even talking about the thousands of massage parlor workers and sex workers coming in under the cover of tourist visas.

Even pasar malam stalls, taxi driving, retail outlets – and many more have all gone to the foreign labor. Just take a tour of Petaling Street or any pasar malam all across the nation to see the reality.

And mind you, there must be truth in the perception that while there may be two million legalized (or authorized) workers here, it is everyone’s guess that the figure could just as well be doubled given the illegal workers coming and going and the recently ‘malaysianized’ foreigners.

So today we have a situation where foreign workers are not only taking back money by the millions from the country, but are also leaving us with a youth population that knows nothing about housekeeping, building and construction, harvesting the fields, trading, and a long list of economic activities, survival skills and know-how.

And let us cut the bull out of that argument that the nation is advancing and therefore Malaysians will not take on menial tasks. Take a look at the West or the East if you will. Their retired folks are gainfully engaged. Their youth population has the option to go into any of the industries that BN has ‘pajak’ to the foreign cheap substitute.

No small wonder then that we are now wrestling with Mat Rempits, drug addiction – including steroids, aesthetic and designer drugs, house break-ins, street crimes and what have you.

The BN led government has failed to ensure technology transfer to all Malaysians. They have failed to build alternative industries to keep Malaysians as economically viable. They have failed to keep the wealth of the nation within its borders. True?

Instead they absorbed the compromised-graduates into the civil service and we all know that half of them are only clocking the punch cards as there is no work. Or if there is work, much of it is redundant, repetitive and unproductive. Ask the traffic cops who man the stations and they will tell you many more stories of doing ‘bodoh punya kerja’.

Have we also not heard the all too often song that Malaysians are shying away from the jobs available and so we have to give it to the foreign workers?

It is indeed a wonder how the politicians can get away with such answers. Either Malaysians are fools or they are far too exhausted to even whimper.

We know that unhealthy profit taking is the only motivator for all those hiring foreign workers. Not nationhood. Period.

In any case, if the BN campers knew that Malaysia would not be an attractive cheap labor market eventually, then there are two questions that beg serious answers.

Firstly, then why did the Tun Dr who helmed the nation for 22 years pawn our citizens into cheap labor marketplace in the first place? Why did he take this short cut if not to push his own agenda for power and control?

Secondly, what were all the BN campers doing all these 30 years – why did they not map out strategic master plan to re-engage and transform our labor market into self-reliance?

We could have created our own knowledgeable workforce of construction and plantation workers, maids, traders and cottage industry hands by institutionalizing these sectors. We could have made it if the lords of contemporary Malaysia had kept interest of the rakyat as a priority above profit-taking and self enrichment in that process.

Today, our friends from neighboring countries are enriching their own nations with wealth brought in from the global market place. More there are also enriching their nation with craft and skills that will keep the country in good stead should the world economy crash.

But we – what have we got? The Abu, Ah Chong and Muthu can hardly bang a nail in concrete; the Siti, Swee Wong and Meenachi hardly know much about housekeeping and knitting yarn let alone growing chili in the back yard.

You can have all the skyscrapers. You can have all the flyovers. But when CORRUPTION and SELF INTEREST has blinded you, you leave the population paralyzed in the face of a global meltdown. And when the tides hits our shores do we blame the Soros and Jews again, just like the Tun Dr did before?

Thanks to BN. And thanks to all Malaysians too for believing the Tun Doctor’s dream for far too long, out of fear and passive submission.

Today, while half the working population is clinging on to their jobs for dear life, another half is drifting without much hope given the economic and financial storms brewing across the globe. And between these extremes is a tiny fraction enjoying the spoils of patronage for the new gurus of Malaysia – the POLITICIANS TURNED TYCOONS.


Sunday, January 22, 2012


This past decade has seen Malaysians politics boil and simmer, simmer and boil again. All these are puncturing too many holes in the armour of our economy while steadily shredding at the seams of our social cohesion.

For how long will we continue to be battered by the politicians who are hell bent in their determination to hold on to power is even beyond the soothsayers prediction.

But as long as BN politicians are determined and resolute to remain in power at all costs – even at the expense of democratic principles, then this nation will only sink deeper into the gutter of a failed nation status.

But looking at the daily unfolding of political drama after drama, it is everyone’s best that the rakyat are increasing getting fed up. Like in all nations across the globe, perhaps our youth will when tested to the limits someday soon, burst the seams of social order.

Is this what the BN is waiting and plotting for?

Not only are we the citizens worried about the looming global financial crisis, but even trying to grapple with the runaway cost of living is already a nightmare.

Civil servants are also scoffing at all the political rubbish pilling up. Same too goes to our men and women in blue. Talk to them over a cup of teh tarik and they will not shy from telling you “tak tahu lah apa sudah jadi sekarang”.

Whichever camp you belong to, let us face the fact – by virtue of the fact that BN has been in command of the nation’s political governance all these decades since independence, it must take absolute responsibility for the current state of crisis waiting to explode.

What BN is contributing and experiencing speaks volumes about the bankrupt leadership. And one need not be a management guru or leadership expert to decipher this, really.

BN should not blame the rakyat or the opposition camp for the state of mismanaged politics and bad governance that BN is being labeled with. If only BN had led wisely, the opposition would not be a threat; if only BN politicians had not succumbed to greed and corruption, BN would not have the rakyat abandoning them.

BN, you got it?

If truly people choose BN again, then walk in and get on with the business entrusted. If they lose, then pack and leave peacefully with a resolute will to be more transformed to the liking of the electorate by the next general elections.

BN must stop all these political scheming, talking down to the populace, dishing out threats, continuing to wallow in corruption and scaffolding individuals in their camps who have been alleged to have amassed illicit wealth, testing the justice system of the nation, and what not.

Already the longest serving Prime Minister has failed the citizens miserably. Instead of using his track record, power and influence to show the erring politicians the way forward, he has today become the ridicule of the entire nation. Even senior journalist in neighboring countries have not sparred their ink on the Tun Dr. Why?

For those of us who travel in and out of the country, we have first-hand experience of how many citizens in other countries are beginning to look at Malaysia with great suspicion. It could be far worse with potential investors though. In fact even newspapers in other countries are beginning to identify the serious state of political affairs in the country.

If there is any word that can best describe our current situation, it is this – we are in a mess.


Saturday, January 21, 2012


In just a few hours from now, Malaysian Chinese will celebrate Gong Xi Fa Cai to usher in the ‘Year of the Dragon’. May my family and I take this opportunity of wishing all Malaysian Chinese a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Friday, January 20, 2012


The MACC Corruption Prevention Advisory Board has recommended to the PM that ‘Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers and their immediate family members take a statutory declaration to declare their assets and records to be kept with the MACC’. Whilst I agree with this proposal, I would further add that Secretaries and all other political appointees staffing the office of Ministers and Deputy Ministers must also be required to declare their assets too. I am told that these are the people that act as ‘gate keepers’ and they would do the ‘negotiation’ first with the businessman prior to them being brought in to see their bosses. There have been talks of such cases in the past, and the recent revelation of secretaries receiving monthly payment from businessman may proof that such allegations are true.

Although the recommendation may sound good and well intended, I however do not believe that it will gain the support of those affected. As at now, there is already resistance from Minister in PM Department Nazri Aziz who felt that Cabinet Ministers and their family members should not submit their declaration to the MACC; rather it should only be submitted to the PM. He went further to say that family members should not be required to declare their assets for this may be dangerous.

Honestly, I do not know what Nazri Aziz means by dangerous. Does he mean that exposing too much of the family’s wealth can be the subject of a public investigation? Why has Nazri Aziz to fear if the declaration is honest, truthful and that the assets are not obtained through corrupt means? If PM Najib does accept Nazri Aziz’s proposal, then this defeats the purpose of being transparent and it would only raise public perception that if the declaration is to be submitted for the eyes of the PM only, then the declaration will be subject to abuse and the details in the declaration will not be honest and truthful. If the PM does accept Nazri Aziz’s proposal, the question asked would then be, “who would be scrutinizing the PM’s declaration?”

Regardless of how the proposal is to be implemented (if ever it is to be implemented), I still believe that the Penang government’s method is the most acceptable for the moment. It even allows the people to have access to the declaration by having it posted in the government’s website. There is nothing to fear if one is honest and incorruptible, and I am quite sure this method will be most welcomed by the people. However, I note that the declaration does not include family members which can be a cause of public mistrust and suspicion.

I would say that corruption among politicians (ministers and deputy ministers included) today is already a household word and is an embedded culture; a cancer of sort. I do not need to justify my statement because it is already in public domain. I do not see any will by the government to eradicate this ‘cancerous disease’ that is well rooted in every nook and corner of the civil service, and in the confines of the offices of some of our political masters. I fear the worse for this country if corruption cannot be uprooted, and if nothing drastic is done, rest assured this bless country of ours is doomed to failure.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Absurdity is the only word to describe the instruction by PM Najib to both DPM Muhyiddin Yasin and Agriculture Minister Noh Omar to look into the NFC fiasco. I think the instruction comes a bit too late since the case is now being investigated by the police and MACC. And what good is Muhyiddin and Noh Omar to the case now, particularly Muhyiddin who is deemed a party to the fiasco; him being the Agriculture Minister then to have approved the project to NFC. Now, it is just like asking someone to investigate a break in, when that someone was involved in the incident itself.

It was also reported that when a reporter had asked Noh Omar about the case, he conveniently said that the case be best referred to Muhyiddin. Now, what sort of an answer is this? It only shows how irresponsible he is, despite being instructed by PM Najib to look into the case. This answer would mean that the burden now rest solely upon Muhyiddin and Noh Omar wants to have nothing to do with it. This is the state that UMNO ministers are in now, where responsibility and accountability are taken for granted, despite Noh Omar being the present Agriculture Minister. The least he could have answered was that the matter is currently being looked at, although such an answer may sound equally stupid.

Shahrizat is now on a three weeks leave, hopefully to ponder over her fate and that of her family. I do not wish to speculate what will become of her when she is back from leave, and hopefully by then Malaysians would have a better insight as to how the case will proceed i.e. will there be charges leveled at the owners of the NFC or otherwise. I don’t believe that Shahrizat would be asked by the party leadership to resign knowing that she could bring others down with her over the NFC issue. The only choice that the party leadership has is for her to voluntarily exit the party and with ‘conditions’ attached.

As of now, the focus on the NFC fiasco is the misappropriation and abuse by the NFC management’s handling of the project where accusation is targeted at Shahrizat’s husband and her three children. But little attention is given to the people and authorities that were a party to have approved the project. Had the project being closely monitored and procedures abided strictly by the relevant government authorities, I think the project could have been saved from the mess that was reported. I am also not expecting that the approval was without a ‘side deal’ to benefit someone of influence or simply a ‘toll keeper’.

Looking back at the case, surely Muhyiddin who was the Agriculture Minister then has a lot to answer. And for him to absolve blame would tantamount to an act of betrayal, cowardice and dishonesty to the solemn pledge he made upon assuming the post of the Agriculture Minister. And now being the DPM, he has to show greater courage and forthrightness in what he does since this is a case of serious public interest. He can no longer hide the truth; neither can he lie because the facts are all in public domain. I think Muhyiddin is now trapped between the two evils and the only way out of his predicament is to reveal the truth, although this may be damaging to the party and to his close associate that had a hand in approving the project. This act may also be the cause of his final demise from politics, which I believe he fears most.

Clearly, the NFC fiasco has grown from bad to worse. The deeper you prod, the more is revealed, and now out comes the credit card spending amounting to RM600 thousand by NFC. Now, it would be interesting to know what was actually spent. I hope it is not for some personal luxury items like expensive watches, bags, shoes, perfumes and clothing that bears exclusive and branded names. I think there is that tendency to do the aforesaid because the money isn’t theirs.

Finally, let’s await the outcome of the investigation by the police and MACC. I would definitely not want to listen to what Muhyiddin or Noh Omar has to say about the case, and it would be best that they lay off from having to do anything with the ongoing investigations. Actually, they ought to be investigated too rather than being asked to look into the case, as ordered by PM Najib.



Former Tourism Minster Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir has dropped a ‘bomb shell’ that will now proof for certain that money had been widely used by UMNO to buy votes in previous elections. In the past this issue has been widely talked about but there wasn’t anyone from within UMNO that dared to come forward to substantiate and confirm such an allegation. Since the statement was made, there has not been any single rebuttal by any member of the ruling UMNO party; certainly not from the party’s top leadership. Silence is golden they say, but in this particular case, silence is a confession of guilt.

With this revelation, it puts to rest the perception that I have had since the 2004 election, and that of many others, that UMNO had continuously won the elections through devious and corrupt means. It is now proven that UMNO is a party of cheaters and for that, all those that had won the election through the aforesaid means does not deserve the allowances paid to them, and calling them the ‘Yang Berhormat’ is utter disgrace and a mockery. It is more appropriate that such elected members be called the “Yang Penipu’. You may think that I am being rude and hard on these cheaters, but what better expression can I use to describe them.

I had been a leader of men and it dawn in me that being a leader comes with responsibilities. I have to gain respect from the men I command and lead, and I can only achieve this by showing to them my exemplary character and behavior; both in words and action. Had I been a leader that was unscrupulous and rose up the ranks through devious means, I ought to be mocked and shamed wherever I go. I am not saying that I am an exemplary leader, but I am convinced that I have not bribed or bad mouth anyone to get to where I was in my career in the Army. How my superiors viewed me wasn’t important, but how my subordinates had looked upon me, I think is more relevant.

The upcoming election will be a difficult one for both the BN and PR. UMNO/BN has declared this election to be a ‘Mother of all Battles’. PR too sees this election to be their ‘Day of Judgment’ that will determine whether the party sinks or be kept afloat. Both parties have their strength and weaknesses. UMNO/BN has a proven record of ruling the country (for better or for worse) since independence, while the PR has the four states to proof their worthiness. UMNO/BN of late seems to be mired in controversies (corruption, misappropriation and abuses), while the PR seems to be shaken by the sacking of its PAS Selangor state exco member Dato Hassan Ali that can be a torn in the PR’s efforts at winning the elections.

Surely UMNO/BN has all the resources, especially the money (taxpayers money of course) to be handed out to those with a household income of less than RM3000 and some other cash handout as a bait (this was vehemently denied by DPM Muhyiddin) to win votes. I say this is because if it was an honest gesture to help relieve the people’s suffering, it should have been done many years ago on a regular basis; not a one off and at a time when the election is just around the corner. Muhyiddin can say what he wants but clearly, he cannot hide the ulterior motives behind the cash handouts to Malaysian anymore. UMNO/BN is known for this and watch my word; more cash handouts will be delivered as the election draws near. Where the money is coming from, God knows.

With vote buying or not, UMNO/BN’s scheming tactics at winning the election will now be under close scrutiny; not only by concerned Malaysians voters, but by some of their own party members who are clearly fed up with the cheating that has been going on in UMNO/BN. This cheating scheme has gone long enough, and Malaysians can no longer stand by to watch and be govern by a party that is elected through the most unscrupulous and devious means. I will expect the people to rise against a government that is elected by such means.


Monday, January 16, 2012


I was with a group of retirees sharing their normal tea tarik session this morning at Putrajaya. And being retirees what else could we be talking about other than about our children, grandchildren and most of all, what need to be done to keep our mind and body healthy. And being retirees, this does not mean that we do not keep abreast with all that is happening in the country today. On the contrary, our level of awareness has peaked up and we are more concern now about what is happening to the country today, than during the time when we were all working. The reason is simply that time is now at our pleasure to read and to reason out, and to be able to make a comparison with all that we see happening to the country today, with that of the past.

They all having to know that I am a blogger had asked me to comment on the recent statement made by FT Minister Raja Nong Chik that the Chinese community at Lembah Pantai are beginning to be drawn towards the BN. I said, “Yes, I am aware of that statement by Raja Nong Chik, but I believe he must be day dreaming when he uttered that statement”. I do not know on what basis of facts was used by the minister to come out with such a statement. If it was Shahrizat to have said that, then I do have some reason to believe it. But having to come from Raja Nong Chik who is virtually a ‘novice’ in the Lembah Pantai constituency is hard for me to believe. Is it because after handing over hampers and ‘ang pow’ to some 400 odd elderly Chinese, and presumably after having a quick brief by the MCA representatives is enough to convince Raja Nong Chick that the Chinese at Lembah Pantai will vote for the BN this time around?

Now, let me say this to Raja Nong Chik and to his MCA ‘advisors’ – once again, please stop your day dreaming. The reason I say this is firstly, Raja Nong Chik isn’t an elected representative and he became a minister through the ‘rear door’. They should know that the Lembah Pantai voters are not the kampung type where they can be easily manipulated once a year with hampers and ‘ang pows’. You give, they take and after all, the money for the hampers and ‘ang pows’ does not come from their personal pockets. If the money is from the allocation provided by the government, then it is public money and for this, the entire elderly Chinese community throughout the country deserves the same gift of hampers and ‘ang pows’.

Secondly, Lembah Pantai constituents are of the middle and higher income group; hence they are not illiterates; rather they are a learned lot. They are fully aware of what is going on to the country today, and can differentiate lies from truth; rhetoric or otherwise. When even the super mama Shahrizat Jalil could be trounced by a virtually unknown Nurul Izzah in the last elections, this time who is Raja Nong Chik to take on the jewel of PKR Nurul Izzah. Does he not know that Nurul Izzah has got much stronger and more popular today? Just walk the streets at the Lembah Pantai constituency and one can sense her popularity. And even if BN were to use the usual money tactics to buy votes, they can be terribly mistaken this time? Was it not the popular former Tourism Minister Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir who said that money (lots of it) was used to buy votes in previous elections? Of course the voters will take the money handed to them, but this does not guarantee the electorates will vote for the BN candidate – not now.

Thirdly, Lembah Pantai has a large number of young voters and there is no denying that this time around, it is the young voters that will make that critical decision as to which party will be chosen to govern the country. We have seen how the youth (especially university/college students) have daringly come forward to make their voices heard at public forums, in direct challenge to the rulings imposed by the government. This new form of public opinion and awareness is unheard off before. There is the obvious realization that their voices can no longer be subdued by archaic government rulings, and that they want to have a role in the political, economic and social development of the country; especially that affecting their life as matured university students. They no longer want to be cocooned to the academic trap, and to be seen as school children; to be told what can be done and what cannot be done.

Finally, if someone were to ask me this question,”Where then should Raja Nong Chik contest, given that PM Najib thinks he is a winnable candidate and wants to still make him a minister; this time through the ‘front door’? My answer would be this – “Dump Tengku (?) Adnan out of Putrajaya and bring in Raja Nong Chik”. I think Tengku (?) Adnan has had enough as a minister. Let’s see if PM Najib takes this bite.



I found it interesting when look at the array of local newspapers available today concerning the BBC interview with Anwar Ibrahim. What I found amazing was that the interview made the headlines on the front page of a Malay vernacular paper while in the STAR, and English tabloid, it only occupied a very small unnoticeable column on page 12.

The English version was straight forward while the Malay version had other motives. I guess it is a battle of the minds within the Malay Muslim community. Even though Anwar meant well, but the usual twist and turn makes it look like he is promoting gayism and of course its activities, all unacceptable in Islam. It would be better if Anwar avoided these bobby traps and get down to doing what needs to be done.

What I find equally amazing is that people who have plundered the country’s wealth, murders etc, have yet to be tried justly and punished or may have been tried and given holiday sentences, to be viewed by the same community in general with indifference but yet when it comes to sodomy, there is s hue and cry. Are not all kinds of offences treated with severity in Islam, but yet SODOMY occupies the headlines!

When further reflect on this issue, is it not archaic when we view the 20 year prison term in comparison to one year for plunder the nation’s wealth? I definitely believe that such laws are outdated while those in practice truly a joke.

In concluding, it can be said that there is a need to look at justice with a conscience rather than to manipulate it to serve specific interest.

Note: Hj. Mokhtar Stork blogs on


Saturday, January 14, 2012


PM Najib has been on the offensive to retake the wealthiest state in the peninsular i.e. Selangor, lost to the PR coalition during the 2008 elections. As a result of the change of government, many startling issues have surfaced, especially with regards to poor corporate governance of the BN government resulting in loss of state revenue through unscrupulous deals involving state officials and politicians alike, and even the mismanagement of government owned business entities. I would simply sum it up by saying that leaders of the previous government threats the business entities as their personal ATM where money can just be disbursed to suite their whims and fancies. Otherwise, why had Selangor being a highly resource rich state be in the red over many years under the BN government, in stark contrast to the present government where in over just two years were able to record a surplus in state revenue; thus reclaiming itself to be the richest state in the Federation. Records of the success of the PR government are readily available in the various new media, but conveniently shielded out in the mainstream media.

Over the last few months and culminating in the grand festivities to welcome the New Year in Shah Alam, Selangor, the federal government has been doing a lot of publicity by announcing projects in the state that would supposedly appeal to the people, in the hope of winning their votes. MB aspirant and Selangor UMNO Deputy Liaison chief Noh Omar has been on a fault finding mission to discredit the state government where ever the opportunity arises, unknown to himself that what the PR state government is doing now is to undo the wrongs of the previous government. One obvious example is to stamp the illegal extraction of sand by unscrupulous contractors and because of this, there is now an increase in state revenue over the extraction of sand through proper and well enforced regulatory measures.

Yesterday, PM Najib during his visit to the state, he had made the usual promises and pledges e.g. to reduce the rental rates of tenants at the PKNS complex and promise to build a surau and a Hindu temple at the Taman Rimba Jaya housing area; supposedly with a caveat i.e. to vote in the UMNO/BN government during the upcoming election. I think PM Najib’s approach to solving the people’s problem is too amateurish and lacks sincerity. The reason I say this is because he perceives the people of Selangor differently, since the state is governed by the opposition. Had he been sincere and is wholeheartedly willing to help, he only need to call upon the Menteri Besar to discuss how best to solve the people’s problems. What is there to be selfish about? Aren’t the people of Selangor Malaysians themselves?

Being born in Selangor, I think I have a better understanding and feel for the people of the state. I must declare that I am thoroughly frustrated with the UMNO/BN government in the past who sees themselves as rulers rather than a servant of the people. I have never been associated with any single elected representative because I do not see myself being of the same league with them. My hatred for them culminated in the broom presentation incident (if my readers could remember) by the then MB Khir Toyo to one of the President of a local council as a mark of displeasure at the poor performance of the council. The incident is the most shameful incident ever for the recipient of the broom and a show of absolute arrogance by the MB. I did say to some of my kampong folks that had the recipient be me, I would have thrown the broom back at the MB face.

Looking back at all that has occurred to Khir Toyo since being dethroned as the MB, I think he is now being punished for his arrogance. It is Allah’s will that he be found guilty in his recent court case and he ought to know this. Allah gives and Allah takes it away, so they say.

If anyone were to ask me what would be the chance of UMNO/BN winning back Selangor. My straight answer is – not for now – and not in the future. PR bastion i.e. Selangor will remain firm and unshaken.



I had in some earlier articles mentioned the name Kugan; a 23 year old Indian boy who was found dead in police custody some three years ago in the Taipan police station, Subang Jaya. The name is now a symbol of police brutality that is commonly associated with dictatorial regimes. I am glad that the case is once again brought to public notice by the lawyers representing Kugan’s family members who has sought that justice be brought against those responsible for Kugan’s death. Having seen photos of Kugan’s dead body, I am very certain that he did not die a natural death as the police had alleged; rather Kugan had died a violent death of beatings and torture, all in the hands of the police. Surely Kugan did not beat himself to death; just like the Anwar’s black eye incident where the IGP then had said that the black eye was self inflicted; only to know later that the IGP was a blatant liar.

Till this day, I cannot understand nor could I accept the lies perpetrated by those that had caused the death of Kugan; directly or otherwise. Everyone, from the police to the doctors that had examined the body of Kugan had lied through and through, without any sense of guilt and fear that they all will be answerable and questioned in their graves. Yes, they may escape the wrath of the law now because of the power they yield, but one has to believe that God’s punishment in the hereafter is most severe. As I have said before, those who had caused Kugan’s death and the death of the hundreds more in police custody can have their freedom today, but their guilt cannot escape them. With blood in their hands, it will linger in their minds and hearts till they finally face the Creator.

As the lawyer of the family of Kugan had said that this is the most heinous crime committed by the police upon a yet to be proven offender, but the police finds it irrelevant to take up the case to prosecute the murders despite the knowledge that a grievous crime had occurred under their charge. Till this day, not a single person has been charge and the case remained unheard; safe in the vaults of the Taipan police station. For all we know, all the files may have gone missing.

I can now appreciate and understand the reason why retired senior police officer Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim is so vehemently passionate and persistent to bring to justice the abuses, fabrication and misconduct by AG Gani Patail and former IGP Musa Hassan, particularly in the case involving Anwar Ibrahim black eye incident of 1998. Despite the evidences detailed out by Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim in several revelations against the two to the media, nothing has been done, let alone be acted upon by the relevant authorities in the government. The silence is indeed deafening, but this is the sorry state of affairs of the nation today where the powerful rules as it wishes and they do absolutely no wrong. It is only the weak and meek that get to answer for the slightest mistakes made. And as Anwar Ibrahim would say, “a policeman that takes RM50 from someone is called corruption, but for the well connected, taking RM500 million is called commission”. I do not believe that under the present regime, Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim’s lone voice of reason will ever be heard. There is too much at stake and if all the allegations are to be heard, then those in power today and the past would have a lot to answer.

Finally, let’s hope that Kugan’s family gets the justice that they so deserve. Likewise, the hundreds more that had mysteriously died in police custody. The same can also be said of the death of Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sharbani whose cause of death too remains a mystery that makes a good Bollywood movie. And how many more mysterious deaths will continue occur in the hands of the authorities before we Malaysians can finally be assured that justice has no bounds and limits – rather justice is equal for all.


Friday, January 13, 2012


I can only say, CONGRATULATIONS to Penang CM Lim Guan Eng for being the first state government to have all the Exco members declare publicly their personal assets. This is a fine example of what leadership is all about – truthful and honest to the people that had voted them in? It takes a Chinese CM to do what a Malay CM or PM should be doing all along, and aren’t the Malay leaders, especially UMNO leaders that has held the reins of power for more than five decades not ashamed? If CM Lim Guan Eng has the courage to order his Exco members to declare their personal assets, why can’t PM Najib do it to all his ministers, deputy ministers and secretaries? And mind you, the declaration can be viewed by everyone in the state government’s web page.

The answer to above question posed is simple – CM Lim Guan Eng isn’t corrupt and he does not have the wealth to boast around. No Bali-like palatial home, no exclusive German made imported cars (not one but many) and no private holidays and world trips travelling on First Class at public expense. Can we say that of our UMNO/BN leaders? Surely no – and we have seen examples of the luxuries enjoyed by some UMNO/BN leaders that we know isn’t from their honest and hard earned earnings. I think CM Lim Guan Eng leadership example is more Muslim than most Muslims in this country has shown themselves to be.

CM Lim Guan Eng has shown to us what a PR government should be doing in projecting its leaders as trustworthy and honest elected representatives. My only desire is to see the remaining three PR state governments do likewise, and I am quite sure this will appeal to the electorates.

I do not think the present UMNO/BN leadership has the will nor the desire to do what CM Lim Guan Eng had done. They can no longer hide their wealth because it is too obvious. Please don’t get me wrong here. I am not implying that all UMNO/BN leaders are corrupt and unscrupulous, because I know some are God fearing and plain honest. I do not wish to name them here; neither do I wish to list those that are unscrupulous. I think everyone knows how to distinguish the good from the bad.

To CM Lim Guan Eng, let me tell you this. Please keep up the good and exemplary work. As a Malay, I salute you for your honesty, sincerity, will and commitment to transform Penang into a state that is free of corruption. We have not had this for the last 50 odd years and the example that you have shown, I am sure will be a ‘pace setter’ for other PR state governments to emulate.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Sodomy II is now over after a long and perilous trial. It is not Anwar Ibrahim that I cared less, but I cared more for his family members. I sense the agony, restlessness, fear and uncertainty that the family members had gone through all these years. I being a father of three children and a grandfather of four grand children could sense the suffering endured by Dr. Wan Azizah, her children and grandchildren. It is because of such great feelings of sympathy that I had for Anwar’s family that had influenced me to slant most of my writings to favour Anwar Ibrahim. I am truly amazed at the strength of Dr. Wan Azizah to be able to withstand the persistent onslaught against her husband by UMNO, and to be able to keep the family glued together in times of absolute hardship. With the trial over, I hope Anwar’s family members can now go on with their lives in the comfort that they do not have to endure many more trips to the Jalan Duta High Court.

The slandering, smearing, scurrilous attacks and character assassination of Anwar and his family by UMNO and their cohorts however will not cease. Even as I write, I could already hear voices of dissent against Anwar, and expectedly from none other than Ummi Hafilda, the sister of PKR’s Azmin Ali. Isn’t this the woman that was embroiled in Anwar Ibrahim’s first sodomy charge? And wasn’t she the woman that was renounced by her own father for causing a feud within the family? To be renounced by her own father is serious and hell awaits her if she does not repent and seek forgiveness from her father. I do not know if she had ever sought forgiveness from her father before he died. Ummi Hafilda has vowed to continue her personal vendetta and scurrilous attacks against the three A’s i.e. Anwar, Azizah and Azmin. I am quite sure she will be a super campaigner for UMNO in the run up to the election, slandering everyone that is associated with Anwar including his own blood brother Azmin. You call this an honorable lady? It’s only UMNO that honors’ her. So Ummi, please keep on slandering and smearing others to your heart's contend. And after you have finished, take a look at the mirror and ask yourself if you have never sinned in your lifetime.

From the statements made by UMNO/BN leaders following Anwar’s not guilty verdict, there isn’t the obvious fear shown by them that more trouble can be expected from Anwar, given his new found freedom. The show of ‘confidence’ can either mean that UMNO/BN is fully equipped and ready to take on the full brunt of Anwar’s onslaught, or that the party is now too confused and digging hard to device new strategies to counter Anwar’s new wave of popularity that is so obviously seen at all his political rallies. This new wave of popularity is a photo copy of the scene that led to PR unexpected victory in denying UMNO/BN their two third majority during the 2008 GE.

While PR leaders are already in the forefront in their daily political rallies, UMNO/BN leaders are still tugged in the comfort of their stately homes, officiating functions and possibly attending dinners as its guest of honour. Maybe, some would return home on the weekends to their constituencies for a meet-the-members session and to hand out a gift or two.

It is interesting to make a comparison on the people’s appeal and response at UMNO/BN’s and PR political rallies. I note that there is an obvious mismatch between the two political parties, notably in the quality of the speakers and their fluency at articulating issues. I think PR has an upper hand at this. PR also seems to have a retinue of young and able speakers at any particular rally and their appearance is pleasantly received by the audience who are also generally young. I wonder why is the UMNO genius Khairy Jamaluddin so quite now? Has he not started his rallies? I am just waiting to hear him debate with PR’s Rafizi over the NFC scandal.

In UMNO/BN it is only PM Najib that seems to be making his rounds at meet-the-people sessions, but the audiences that attend his political rallies are certainly far short of the numbers attending Anwar Ibrahim’s rallies. If this can be taken as a measure of popularity, I think Anwar Ibrahim is one up on PM Najib. Anwar Ibrahim’s oratory skills and the way he appeals to the audience to communicate with him is no match for PM Najib. PM Naijb’s is too stereotype in his speech and presentation. He also does have the right vocal to attract the audience attention.

I think UMNO/BN has yet to be awakened to the political realities that surround them; made worse by the recent corruption scandals plaguing the party leaders. Despite the obvious misdeeds, PM Najib has yet to level blame on anyone of them. On the contrary, PM Najib has declared that there are no claims of corruption against anyone of them i.e. Shahrizat, Awang Adek, Jamil Khir and I suppose this includes the two aides of Ministers. And what about Azalina Othman Said? A decision like this I think will be the cause for the eventual downfall of PM Najib and that of his party.

If indeed UMNO/BN is to fall this upcoming GE, then it is the number 13 that is to be blamed.



‘The Whistleblower 711’ blogger has now made another revelation of alleged corruption involving former Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Said when it was shown that she had received a CIMB Cheque amounting to RM300,000 on 7 April 2011 from one Dato Yahya Abdul Jalil of Advance Maintenance Precision Management Sdn Bhd, for unknown purpose. You know, I have not seen that kind of money in my entire life.

Earlier this same blogger had exposed what is believed to be allegation of corrupt practice involving aides of honourable Ministers and including one Deputy Minister Awang Adek himself (view my earlier article dated 28 December 2011 titled ‘Corruption – A Definition by UMNO’) and the giver is the same Dato Yahya Abdul Jalil. I suppose Dato Yahya must be an extremely wealthy person (I think he must be an UMNO member) and a generous one at that. And DPM Muhyiddin Yasin had said that he would do an internal investigation of the alleged corruption of his aide. Would you believe this?

I do not know Azalina Othman’s reaction to the allegation. Will she also claim that the money is a contribution towards her party work and that she has all the receipts to prove? The cheque was made payable in the name of Azalina Othman and this would mean that it has to be credited into her personal account. This seems a mirror image of Awang Adek’s case where he said that the money received and credited into his personal account was meant for party work for his constituency. What else can he say, but let’s wait awhile to see if Azalina Othman does come out with a statement to rebut the allegation. Dare you Azalina?

You see, despite all that has been said and written about the rampant corruption within UMNO involving every level within the party hierarchy, nothing can stop their ferocious appetite and greed for money. It does not really matter how it is done so long as money flows into their pockets. Fear for Allah’s wrath means nothing to them, and they shamelessly attend prayers sporting their recognizable high ‘Songkok Hitam’ and ‘Baju Melayu’, pretending to be good Muslims. I say to such people that they are a bunch of hypocrites and unworthy of being Malays and a Muslim. They all ought to be ashamed, but shame isn’t a word that they know off. And how could they be ashamed when even their Religious Affairs Minister unashamedly used ‘Zakat’ money to pay off his legal fees. What an in despicable act for a person learned in religion.

Now getting back at Azalina Othman, I have heard lots of stories about her when she was Tourism Minister. Not the so good ones though, and in sharp contrast to Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir when he was the Tourism Minister, who was very much liked by the Ministry’s staffs. I think that’s the reason why Azalina Othman did not last very long as a Minister. I don’t think she is any more a winnable candidate for the upcoming election by PM Najib’s definition.

The 13th General Election is just around the corner they say, and corruption will be a major issue to be talked about by the opposition during the campaigning. This will not be easy for PM Najib and his fellow ministers to defend. New exposures are being revealed every other day creating new challenges for the MACC to act speedily in order to satisfy the public’s urge for a corrupt free government.

And by the way things are going I do not think I could see my country be corrupt free during my life time if UMNO were to be back in power after the election. And if there were to be a change in government, I am not too optimistic either that the country will be absolutely free of corruption, although I believe corruption will be reduced drastically.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Has anyone given a serious thought as to who were the people likely to be involved in planting the explosives during the ‘Free Anwar’ rally at the Jalan Duta Court complex Monday last, other than what was commented by the police? Has anyone seriously argued or reasoned out what was the real motive behind the planting of the explosives?

It was reported that the explosives were time activated and placed under a police cone. We were told that the police had cleared the area around the court complex a day before and continued to maintain surveillance of the area till the very last minute. I am told that there were several hundred policemen deployed to maintain tight security around the court complex a day before, and continued their presence until the crowd gradually dispersed after the verdict on Anwar Ibrahim was announced.

What comes to mind about this peculiar incident is that the nature of explosives used (as described by the police) cannot be prepared by any ordinary person. It has to be done by someone with a good knowledge in the handling of explosive and if it is to be timed activated, the process is even more difficult. With this in mind therefore, the operation to plant the explosive cannot be done in haste; rather it has to be deliberately done and this would involve more than one person. One must be reminded that for an explosion to occur there has to be at least three basic components used i.e. detonating cord, detonator and the charge. I am to remind my readers that these three basic components are not readily available in the sundry shop or super market. These are highly controlled items available only to the military, police and companies involved in quarry blasting.

To most, the immediate reaction to this incident is to square blame on the people that attended the rally, and this would mean supporters of the opposition and their sympathizers. I detest to such a view because I know too well that it is beyond the crowd’s ability or intent to deliberately plant explosives without being detected, and of all places under a police cone. If at all the crowd wanted to be unruly, they do not need explosives to cause a riot. Even their bare hands could be equally destructive.

Now, let’s back track to the Reformasi Movement of 1998 and the recent Bersih 2.0 rally. Were there explosive used? Yes, the police did find some ‘Molotov cocktail’ during the Bersih 2.0 rally but even that, I believe it wasn’t the work of members of the rally. It was some flimsy job by some ‘agent provocateurs’ who let the find by the police who then claimed that it is the work of members of the rally. How convenient.

Now, in the case of the explosion at the Jalan Duta court complex, I again say that it isn’t the work of anyone from the crowd because they had no interest in being riotous, even if the verdict on Anwar Ibrahim was a guilty verdict. I do not wish to place blame on anyone but my gut feeling says that some professional hands maybe involved.

I did speak to some of my military friends about the incident, and one responded by saying that this is a job done by someone stupid who thinks that we are all stupid to place the blame on the rally. Now, who could that someone stupid be? Your guess is as good as mine.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The acquittal verdict by the presiding judge in the Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy charge on Monday will be headline news for many more weeks to come, particularly in the new media and blogs. Seriously, I did not expect an acquittal verdict, and I had even wrote earlier that Anwar’s position is a forgone case. I would not even believe the statements made by Anwar’s defence team that they had a good chance of winning the case, simply because I am greatly influence by previous court judgment, whereby cases brought up against the opposition would normally end up in them (opposition) being the loser.

I am not at all elated by the acquittal because I believe there are many more cases; and serious ones too, that have not been accorded due justice. Here, I am talking about the numerous incidents of death in police custody, and not a single policeman has been charged, tried, found guilty and sentenced for causing such death. I am not going to list them here as these are renowned cases where justice simply took a blind course. Clearly, there isn’t the will by the authorities to prosecute their kind and this leaves the perpetrators to roam freely, despite the guilt of being an accomplished in the murderous scheme.

I am also not too concern by the comments made by some of our UMNO leaders and their likes that the acquittal verdict on Anwar is proof that the judiciary wasn’t in anyway influenced by the government. I hope such comments coming from the PM, DPM, Rais Yatim and even from Tun Dr. Mahathir are sincere and come from deep in their heart. Honestly, I have serious doubts because it is a known fact that since Anwar’s sacking in 1998, he has been UMNO’s arch enemy and surely UMNO does want to see its enemy survive the political turmoil. They would rather like to see Anwar being cast away in oblivion. This is a fact that they all cannot deny.

I do not want to prejudge the course of action that the prosecution would want to take, but surely we cannot deny them their rights for an appeal. And should the prosecution wins the appeal and the acquittal verdict reversed to one of guilty as charged, then there is no justifiable reason for anyone to now say that the judgment is being influenced by the government. So you see this is the reason why I do not want to believe in any of the comments made by our UMNO leaders. In this regards, let us all be reminded of the illegal take-over by UMNO of the Perak state government following the 2008 election that an earlier judgment in favour of the PR was subsequently reversed in favour of UMNO. This is political trickery and a ploy of the highest order that could only happen in Boleh Land.

As for Anwar and PR, please do not for once be too certain that your chances of winning the upcoming election and of forming a new government is easily within grasp. You do not know what’s up the sleeves of the BN, and you ought to know too well the enormous resources (I mean money) within their control. Do you need to be reminded of how one particular UMNO Pekan candidate who was certain to lose the election, could suddenly become a winner by some miraculous stroke of luck? This can also happen to Anwar and the rest at their own turf. Anwar and PR have to set aside any thoughts of forming a new government as yet and to focus their sights on improving their gains in the last 2008 elections.

A strong and credible opposition is what this country desires, regardless who wins the election.



Got this comment via email. Interesting reading and I’d like you be the judge.

THE JUDGE GAVE A SIMPLE explanation that the DNA sample could have been contaminated. He could have come to this conclusion a long time ago and decided then that there was no case to answer. However, he did not do that and instead said that Anwar had a case to answer and hence the trial.

Remember also at one stage Anwar wanted the judge to be replaced because the judge had made comments that implied that Anwar was guilty. In any democratic country the case would have been thrown out based on the evidence presented.

Saiful even admitted that it was consensual sex so they change the charge. Saiful even had an audience with the PM to discuss this case – of course PM said he met Saiful to discuss about his scholarship!

Everything was pointing to a conviction by hook or by crook. Surprise, surprise the judge decided to acquit Anwar. What made the judge make a 180 degree turn around? Now, all the ministers and the good old Doc is saying, “there is no such thing as interference with the judiciary system”.

They must think we were born yesterday. Anwar was the biggest threat to UMNO and they are doing everything they can to hang on to power. So why was he acquitted?

So far I have not seen any pictures in the internet about the heavy presence of the FRU like they had the Bersih rally. I even got the impression that there was not much police presence. It is as if they knew that he was going to be acquitted.

I would guess that 90% of people would have thought that Anwar would have been convicted for a case that should not have gone to trial in the first place.

To me this verdict smells. What is the real answer why he was acquitted? Did Anwar do a deal? I am not debating the issue whether Anwar was guilty or not. To me the more interesting take from this is why was the decision so contrary to everyone’s expectation?

Let’s keep an eye on Anwar’s behavior from now onwards. Let’s wait and hear the things Anwar talks about from now onwards.

His first words after the acquittal was he is surprised and vindicated – “We have an agenda. Will focus on elections”. Hmmmmm.


Monday, January 9, 2012


At last all Malaysians can heave a sigh of relief and sing prayerfully with hope. The acquittal of Anwar Ibrahim this morning has potentially saved the nation from a worrisome ‘Malaysian Spring’.

It also gives the Malaysian judiciary a small opening in the window to ejaculate from the jaws of political injustice and reinstate the purity of democratic justice. It is now up to the entire judiciary to swing wide open its door to let the winds of democracy smoothly sailing the world to come full breath into the country too.

Indeed, the ruling party has wasted the rakyat’s wealth – in terms of costs and time, in its disgusting, persistent and vendetta-filled political agenda to finish-off a man who continues to give hope for a better Malaysia for all.

The time has come with wisdom as we Malaysian’s have been spared a nasty Spring, and now can jump-start our journey to a sunshine Malaysia. This now is in the hands of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) and his leadership partners in the coalition Pakatan pool. Malaysians must pray, hope and insist that the coalition move on a steady steam to build a hopeful and inspired nation that can nurture its people, the Rulers and the nation of tomorrow.

And for this to happen, all those who only have the hope for a fair Malaysia and its future generations at heart must come together without any conditions. It is time to rise, and continue this journey to cleanse this country of all the ill-doings of past and present politicians who have greedily thrived on corrupt ways to self enrichment.

Just look at the way the politicians have been leading their lives. Just look at the way they build palaces for themselves. Just count the flashy cars in their garage. Or take into account the splashing overseas trips their families frolic in. Or even the obscenely expensive jewelry and artifacts that hug their silken clothes, and the oversized rings and handbags that they shamelessly flash in all public settings.

Rings and bells? Of course! But let us not waste time on these filthy stories. It is time to cusp the early rays of sunshine in our bosom.
Let us rid all these opulence and give back to the rakyat and the nation what rightfully belongs to all Malaysians.

The time has come to a high note. We should move on to build our summer of tomorrow. Let us in the sunshine hope. DSAI, you have to deliver now Sir.

It is now or never. The rakyat must galvanize this God given new hope and it needs every citizen’s contribution.