Monday, September 29, 2008


The call by former Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Salleh Said Keruak to appoint a Sabahan to head the National Registration Department (NRD) in the state is apt. He cites the unhappiness of Sabahans over the way the NRD handled the plight of 78 years old Sino-Kadazan women who had lost her Blue Identity Card last year, and was subsequently replaced by a Red Identity Card, thus reducing her to a Permanent Resident status.

To add to the seriousness of the case, UPKO Deputy President, Datuk Wilfred Bumburing had even threatened to review the party's position in BN, if the error is not rectified immediately.

With regards to the case above, I am of the opinion that the BN should not be wholly blamed, but rather the individual NRD officer who had handled the case, should bear the burden of his or her mistakes. Hence, Datuk Wilfred's action is wrong and deemed improper, and that his action does not augur well for federal – state relations.

What is evidently clear is that, this is a case of outright negligence by a government official, which has brought disrepute to the department. I find it strange that such an error could occur in a department where computer systems are now being used extensively to store personal datas of citizens, and can be retrieved by a mere click of the computer board. One don't even need to remember the IC number, but just a name would suffice. And didn't the old women have other personal documents to prove, example,birth certificate, bank card, phone bills or even a driving license? I therefore find it hard to believe that the NRD official could make a mistake, or was he or she too damn stupid to do the job properly.

Sabah to me is such a wonderful place to work, and I have served the state on four different occasions; the last being in 1991/92 in Kota Kinabalu. During that time, the state was governed by the opposition PBS government headed by Datuk Pairin Kitingan. I have been invited to attend several state meeting, and despite me being a military officer, and a federal officer for that matter, I have no problems making friends with state politicians (despite them being an opposition government), and state government officers, who are fully qualified to head state departments. Neither did they left me out from attending state official functions. I was always welcomed, so to speak.

I now believe that Sabahan are well prepared, ready and qualified to head federal departments in the state, and the NRD is no exception. It is for this reason that I fully support Datuk Salleh Said Keruak's call to place a Sabahan to head the NRD, and other federal department as well.



National Service Council Chairman, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye has finally handed over the chairmanship to Dato Dr. Tiki Lafe, a BN MP from Mas Gading, and a former Deputy Minister.

The question that I need to raise is why the change of chairmanship, when everyone acknowledges that Tan Sri Lee has done a superb job? Why give it to another politician who had lost his job (for reasons only known to the PM) as Deputy Minister? Is this a case similar to the appointment of Sahidan Kassim as the advisor to NCER, which received snide remarks from Tun Mahathir in his blog?

Many had asked me...why a politician for this job? Do you think he can do a better job than a non politician? Why not give the job to a retired senior government servant, who have gone through the mill,and have acquired lots of experience in managing organisations? There are a number of senior retired government servants who have done exceedingly well in large corporate organisations, and running the National Service Council is certainly no big deal.

The talk among many quarters is that, between a politician and a retired senior government servant, the latter if preferred for any job that requires managerial skills. They say, unlike politician, senior government servants are more dedicated, discipline and has less of self interest. I know of many retired senior government servants who are reemployed, and they command the highest respect by their employers. I cannot say much of politicians.

I hope my comments are taken in good spirit by those who read this, especially politicians. And do not for once assume that this article is aimed at putting Dato Dr. Titi Lafe in bad taste. What Dato Dr. Titi should do now is to prove me wrong, and certainly there are still many aspects of running the National Service, that can be further improved.



Come Wednesday,October 1st, Muslims celebrate the end of the month long fasting month of Ramadan, and greets the new month of Syawal. It is usual that Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in this country is celebrated most by children, and without them, the celebration means little to us.

As a grandfather to three grandchildren (with one more appearing soon), I long to see them the early morning of the first day of syawal, attired in their very best, running to me and kissing my hands. This is the greatest moment of my life, and I suppose that was how my grandmother felt when I did the same to her. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do the same to my grandfather, because he died well before I was born.

As for me, my usual routine the morning of Hari Raya is to visit the grave of my father, and my deceased siblings immediately after aidil fitri prayers at Kajang mosque. I miss them, but Allah s.w.t loves them more.

And to all my readers (regardless of race and religion), I beg forgiveness if I had offended you in my writings. I hope you will continue to support me, and blogging is the only means whereby I can reach out to all, with my writings and thoughts.


Sunday, September 28, 2008


A ransom of USD 2 million has finally been paid by MISC to the Somalian pirates for the release of the MISC ships and crews held by the pirates. However, nothings has been said about the options to take to safeguard our ships from being held captive in future. I suppose, whatever actions needed to be taken by MISC and the government, must of course be kept unknown to the pirates.

But I suppose, sending our RMN ships to protect MISC ships, each time it sails through the dangerous sea waters of the Gulf of Eden may not be a viable solution, as this will incur problems to the RMN. I am sure, the RMN does not favour this solution, as it will cause money (much more than the ransom paid), and more importantly a strain on the RMN resources. It is not as easy as sending ground troops to protect our borders.

Operating in the vast open seas imposes unique problems to the sailors, as detection to dangers especially at night will be extremely difficult. It will be even more difficult if the sea area is being frequently traversed by ships of all shapes and size. And pirates that are known to use small and extremely fast boats, will make identification exceedingly difficult for escorting ships.

The problems of piracy in the Gulf of Eden, which has been going on for quite some time now, should no longer be the problem of individual ship owners or individual countries; but rather the collective responsibility of shipping nations.

And Malaysia being a shipping nation must endeavour to bring to notice to the world community, the dangers faced by shipping nations in the Gulf of Eden, and the urgency to fight the increasing menace from Somalian sea pirates. And I think the best forum to deal with this menace will be no less than the United Nations General Assembly.


And the UMNO Supreme Council (aka UMNO not so supreme in the words of Tun Mahathir) has finally decided to defer the UMNO General Assembly to March 2009 (or thereabout), from its original December 2008 date. But what is so amazing is that the decision was made by two people i.e. Pak Lah and Najib after the two had met, prior to the Supreme Council meeting. If this report is true, the decision therefore cannot be said to be a council's decision, but rather of Pak Lah and Najib. In other words, the decision of the two reigns supreme over others in the council. This is democracy ala UMNO.

Amazingly too, Pak Lah has not decided on whether he will contest for the UMNO Presidency post in March 2009, and preferred to play a guessing game. This has been Pak Lah's trademark, and I suppose he seriously need a bit of time, supposedly to consult his ahli nujum (sooth sayers). As Tun Mahathir had remarked in his blog, his ahli nujum may be just three people i.e. son Kamarudin, SIL Khairy, and the latest being wife Jeane Danker. And little wonder, Pak Lah has appointed the discarded Perlis MB, Sahidan Kassim as the advisor of NCER; the best brain among the people of Perlis. Let us see whether Sahidan Kassim's has the advisory skills to forge ahead the NCER.

Now, should Pak Lah suddenly awakens, and decides to throw his challenge for the UMNO Presidency, and by the grace of God, he wins the challenge. What then will be his options in UMNO? My guess are as follows:

Option 1. Decides to continue as PM, since traditionally, winning the Presidency means securing the post of PM as well.
Option 2. Decides to relinquish the post of PM, and to handover the PM's post to Najib, while still retaining the Presidency of UMNO.
Option 3. Decides to relinquish completely the Presidency.

Of the three options, I can easily discard option 3, because Pak Lah will not want to disappoint his supporters who had voted him in. UMNO is sure to disintegrate sooner should Pak Lah adopts this option, and Najib's reign as PM will be made difficult by the supporters of Pak Lah.

Should Pak Lah adopts option 2, Najib's position as PM will be kept in a balance. Neither will he be assured of support from UMNO members. as well as from members of his cabinet. There will always be the possibility of Pak Lah coming back to demand the post of PM, which is rightly his, should he finds that Najib is a 'non performer'.

This leaves option 1, and in all probability, Pak Lah will want to retain his post of PM. This leaves Najib out, and this can also be the end of Najib's political career.

The guessing game that Pak Lah has thrown open to all must be viewed seriously, and Najib's supporters must be concern to ensure the political survival of the latter. Time is no longer in Najib's favour, and he has to win at all costs. Compromising to Pak Lah's political overtures must cease. And the only way he can be assured of a win is to weaken the support for Pak Lah, and to gain the unwavering support from his other political aspirants within UMNO, namely that of Muhyiddin Yassin, Rais Yatim, Aziz Samsuddin, Shafie Afdal to name a few, and lastly, UMNO Youth led by cousin Hishamuddin Hussein.

Indeed,the entire episode that surrounds UMNO today is a guessing game, a game where only the fittest will survive. Whether UMNO will come out stronger or wither after March 2009, is also a guessing game for us.....the Malays.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Ex Servicemen Association President, Dato Mohamed Ghani was reported to have said that politicians are to blame for not giving assistance to ex servicemen, supposedly because these ex servicemen do not support the politicians (NST online,Sept 27).

I wonder whether Dato Mohamed Ghani knows what he is taking about. Don't he realised that he is himself a politician (a failed one), who should equally be blamed for not heeding to the problems faced by ex servicemen, before he points the blame upon others. In fact, I did in an article posted on September 19, 2008 titled 'Is the Armed Forces so ignorant' highlighted the plight of a disabled soldier named LCpl Maarof bin Ahmad, who for the past 16 years did not receive any form of monetary compensation or contribution from the Armed Forces. This soldier had in fact approached the Ex Servicemen Association for assistance but there was nothing that the association did to help the soldier. The soldier is a life member of the association whose membership number is 2407, and can be contacted at 017-6235113. And for the information of Dato Mohamed Ghani, I will soon be writing to the Chief of Army, highlighting the plight of LCpl Maarof bin Ahmad, and a copy of the letter extended to the Ex Servicemen Association.

I would also like Dato Mohamed Ghani to read another article that I had posted on September 16, 2008 titled ' Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malaysia' to understand what ails the association. Although I am not a member of the association, this does not mean that I have disassociated myself from the ex servicemen. In fact, I now have more time to look into the affairs of ex servicemen, and to assist them, to the best of my ability. An each time I meet them, they all have nothing good to talk about the association.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The Pak Lah has repeatedly said that he will institute reforms to fight corruption, a disease that is so well entrenched in Malaysian politics, and UMNO politics in particular. The disease have permeated the UMNO grassroots, to the extend that even Tun Mahathir had once remarked that UMNO members worth is a mere RM 200. His remarks came after being rejected to represent his division, to the general assembly a few years ago.

The latest revelation by the President of Transparency International Malaysia, Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam clearly puts Pak Lah's reforms (if there was any) to naught. Over just a year, Malaysia has slid from 43rd to 47th place in ranking of 180 countries. The words of Tan Sri Ramon is even more drastic when he said that "what the government has done so far to eradicate corruption has failed to make an impact". Little wonder, Pak Lah has persistently insisted that he stays until 2010, supposedly to ensure his reforms are in place, before he makes his honorable exit.

Personally, having spoken to so many people in business, I believe Pak Lah's reform to fight corruption will change nothing. Just ask any non UMNO bumiputra businessman, and the common answer that one gets is that they need UMNO patronage, and a strong link to the minister's office is a prerequisite. This is the reality that many non UMNO bumiputra businessman has to go through, and their past experience and performance is irrelevant, to get them a government contract.

I was informed recently by an aspiring non UMNO bumiputra businessman that his proposal for a government contract was simply 'highjacked' by someone in a ministry, and awarded to some cronies without having to go through an open tender process, and for a price that is more than 200%, the price offered by the aspiring non UMNO bumiputra businessman. The contract requires specialised technical expertise which the non UMNO bumiputra businessman has, but unfortunately, such expertise is found to be irrelevant by the person awarding the contract, in this particular instant. He is very sure that this contract will fail, and the result will be a disastrous one, not only in terms of the money spent, but more importantly, it will cost lives..

The above is just one example of how people in authority cheat their way to enrich themselves, regardless of whether the contract is fulfilled or otherwise, and I believe there are many more similar cases. We have seen blunders made, and with millions in loss of public fund. One example that I can think of is the infamous ship building for the RMN by the Amin Shah, whose soul is no longer in this country today. And the most unfortunate thing about this blunder is that the culprit get away so easily, and blame 'kept in the closet', so conveniently.

Honestly, I do not know where this country is heading, in terms of fighting corruption, and to rid itself of cronyism, in the award of government contracts to non UMNO bumiputra businessman. And with the present state of affairs, nothing will change, even if we give Pak Lah another 100 years to govern this country.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today, September 21,2008, countries around the world observe the International Day of Peace. And at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur today, the Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans Council gathered approximately 3,000 participants comprised of various military and police veteran organisations, university students and NGO's, to commemorate the day as a day of global ceasefire and no-violence.

The International Day of Peace resolution was formally adopted by the UN General Assembly at its 111th Plenary meeting on September 7,2001, otherwise referred to as UN Resolution 55/282, whereby it was decided that September 21 each year, be observed and celebrated as the International Day of Peace.

The KL celebration was officiated by the Deputy Minister of Defence, Datuk Wira Abu Seman, on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister. Reading the UN Secretary General's message at the gathering this year was the regional UN Representative based in Malaysia.

In addressing the Global Peace Forum 2006, Tun Dr. Mahathir among others said that " If this UN call for cessation of hostilities for just one day on September 21st is observed by all warring factions in the world, then we can say that global peace agenda is starting to get dividends. Of course the ultimate objective is for all nations and their leaders to one day agree that for humankind to survive, for modern civilization to be meaningful there must be a unified effort to criminalized all wars".

Despite the call for an end to all wars by all peace loving nations, wars, big and small, still ravages on in almost every corner of the globe. In the middle east, and especially over Palestine, Israel's dastardly acts against Palestinians goes unabated. The USA being the greatest bully and Satan ever to exist on this earth, had killed, tortured, maim thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians regardless of sex and age, without a tint of remorse. Bush brags himself to be the most powerful person in the world, but doesn't he realised that there is another 'supreme being' that is watching his worldly misdeeds, only to await and place him in hell when he dies. Look at what has happened to his dear friend Ariel Sharon...he is neither dead nor alive; that is the all mighty obvious punishment on earth. What will be in store for him in death...only God knows.

The International Day of Peace being an internationally recognized event, should have been accorded greater prominence. The presence of only a single government minister i.e. the Deputy Defence Minister at such an important gathering, only show how lowly our supposedly national leaders view this event. While the veterans came in full force, proudly displaying their spirit
of loyalty and love for the nation, our leaders non participation at the gathering reflects poorly on their stance over this internationally significant event. Having to say that they are ignorant of the event is a damn stupid answer.

If both Tun General Ibrahim Ismail who came in a wheel chair, and Tun Hanif Omar can be present, and to be seated among the veterans, I see no reason our leaders cannot attend.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


NSTonline reports that KTM Bhd Board of Directors including its Chairman, Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek have threatened to resign over the appointment of Abd. Razak Abd. Malek as the new Managing Director KTM Bhd, replacing Datuk Mohd Salleh Abdullah. No specific reason was given, but one could guess that it has to be something serious for the entire Board of Directors to be unanimous in their disagreement over the appointment of Abd. Razak. I hope the reason is not a political one. But whatever be the reason, the Finance Ministry should take a serious note to the disagreement shown by KTM Bhd, Board of Directors.

Being a regular user of the KTM Commuter train service, my concern and that of the thousands of its users,is the poor state of service of the commuter. I had on a number of occasions written about this in my earlier postings. But despite the many assurance of improved service by KTM, nothing seemed to change; on the contrary, it is actually getting worse.

For the sake of KTM Board of Directors, let me enumerate the concern and complaints that I have so often heard from regular users of the commuter service.

1. Train delays are a daily occurrence. The effect of a single delay will cause overcrowding.
2. Peak hours is usually between 5 pm till 7 pm during working days. Just try and catch the commuter train to either Seremban or Rawang from KL Central during these times, to understand the magnitude of the problem. Shouting, shoving, fondling and even crying by embarking commuters is quite routine. I had witnessed on two occasions where women commuters faint, because of overcrowding.
3. Trains are slow and it is quite often, it stops enroute for no obvious reason. On many occasions, the train will even stop in between Seputeh and Mid Valley, which is the shortest route between two stations. I simply do not understand why this should happen.
4. There isn't enough holding rails for standing commuters to hold on, in crowded coaches. This is where sometimes, fondling occurs, sometimes by accident, especially when the train makes an abrupt stop.

The above are some perennial issues that daunt commuters, that the Board of Directors should be concern, if they are honest in wanting to improve KTM's commuter and train service. The new Managing Director, whoever that the board has in mind, must be someone who can turn around the KTM. It is obvious that the previous Managing Director, has not been so successful in making improvements to KTM.

Friday, September 19, 2008


This morning (Sept 20), I was with a group of Red Crescent Society volunteers distributing food staffs to deserving recipients residing at Pandan Perdana, Ampang low cost flats.

Heading the volunteers was Capt Azhar Lin, a retired army officer who had served with me in Cambodia in 1992/93. Capt Azhar's passion for voluntary work is quite well known to me, for during the big floods in Johor in 2007, he undertook time off from work, to join a group of friends to distribute food to the flood victims.

In Cambodia, Capt Azhar acted as the military liaison officer to the World Food Programme, to plan and distribute food parcels to Cambodian returnees located at various receptions centres administered by UNHCR, and cantoned Cambodian soldiers placed at Cantonment Camps across the Battambang province.

I gladly accepted to join the volunteers, because Capt Azhar had earlier told me that one of the food recipient was a retired disabled soldier, and it dawn upon me that I must visit this soldier, to know what are his problems, if any.

The disabled retired soldier that received us at his house was one LCpl Maarof bin Ahmad (139929) from the Military Police Corps, who was last posted at Markas Staf Stesen, Batu Cantomen, Kuala Lumpur. He now resides with his wife who is a factory worker nearby.

I began to asked him what had caused his disability, and whether he is well looked after by the Armed Forces upon his retirement. To this question, he became emotional and for a while he remained speechless.

Having recovered, he began to relate his misfortune, and his displeasure at the Armed Forces, in particular the army, for having neglected him totally, despite knowing that he is now disabled, and his wife being the sole bread winner. I wish to place on record below, the story of this soldier as told by him.

LCpl Maarof bin Ahmad (139929) completed his recruit training in 1976 at Pusat latihan Askar Wataniah, Ipoh, and was absorbed into the Military Police Corps, as a army reserve force (Askar Wataniah) soldier. His first posting was 1st Company Provost based at Imphal Camp, Kuala Lumpur. His last posting was at Markas Staf Stesen, Batu Cantomen, Kuala Lumpur.

In 1991, while on duty, he slipped and fell in the washroom. He was conscious after the fall, but felt a severe pain and numbness in his back. He was taken to the military clinic at the base and was given 3 days medical leave. Upon completion of leave, the pain persist, and he was referred to Kinrara Military Hospital where he underwent treatment for 5 months, and thereafter, he was referred to General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur (GHKL) for treatment for a further 12 months, before being finally discharged, disabled and without any hope of a total recovery. Throughout his stay in Kinrara Hospital and GHKL totaling 17 months in all, he was never paid a salary by the Armed Forces, supposedly on the grounds that he is an Askar Wataniah soldier.

Because he is now disabled, he was discharged from military service in 1992, without knowing whether he will receive any form of monetary compensation for his 16 years of active military service (1976 - 1992).

He made several inquiries at the Armed Forces Record and Pension office concerning his unpaid salary, disability pension or any other form of monetary compensation that he is entitled to receive. And each time he sought an answer from the Record and Pension office, the reply that he gets is as follows:

1. He is a Askar Wataniah soldier, and is therefore not eligible to a pension.
2. His personal record of service cannot be traced.
3. His injury is caused while he was not on active duty.

In 2007, and after a wait of almost 16 years, he was finally given his unpaid salary totaling RM21,000 or thereabout, and a monthly family maintenance allowance (not pension) of RM 99.71 sen, which will cease upon his death.

The plight of this unfortunate Askar Wataniah soldier appeared in NST, August 11,2008 and Harian Metro, August 4,2008.

From what has been written above, and if the story related by the soldier to me is correct, several questions need to be asked.

1. Why has the authorities taken almost 16 years to solve the soldiers problems?
2. Why hasn't a single officer met this soldier, to explain to him the actual problems associated with his case?
3. Why was it that the payment made, was merely delivered by post? Why can't it be personally delivered?
4. What actually happened to his service records, that was said to have been lost?
5. The soldier need to know whether his 16 years of service with the army has been officially recognised or otherwise?

One only need to meet and talk to this disabled soldier to understand the plight faced by him today. It saddens me to see that this soldier has not received any form of support from the Armed Forces since he was discharged. I could not believe that the Armed Forces is so ignorant, the existence of this poor soldier.


Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed in an article posted in his blog dated September 18, 2008, has predicted a gloomy economic future for this country. Tun finds it strange that while the US economy is crumbling, the ringgit which should have strengthen against the greenback, is in fact losing its value. He cautioned that if nothing is done quickly to remedy this impending crunch, Malaysian must be prepared to take a battering.....reminisce of the 1997 financial crisis, I suppose.

Having read all that Tun had written, I now begin to agree with the argument of some, that Pak Lah's quick exit from the finance ministry may have to do with the anticipated worsening of the Malaysian economy, caused by falling global economy.

In other words, if Tun's prediction is correct, the blame can now be shifted wholly to Najib, and all Pak Lah could say is...."they you are, even Najib has failed to put the country's economy on track, and because of this I may reconsider the date of my planned handover with Najib".

Interestingly, Tun's has also commented that Pak Lah will now be able to concentrate with his reforms, and to continue perpetuating Islam Hadari..."ada had ada hari" says blogger Shaharin of Sang Kelembai fame. However, Pak Lah can only do this if the Armed Forces does not give him too much problems. Definitely, the Chief of Defence Forces, General Tan Sri Abd. Aziz will not dare to bring up his idea of purchasing the AWACS to Pak Lah as yet.

The news on RTM TV 1 this evening also reports on the statement made by Najib that he will need to be fully briefed concerning the finance ministry, before he decide what to do. This is quite mormal, but I hope those in the finance ministry has to be straight forth, honest and sincere in their briefs to Najib. Let me be honest here, that the people's perception of the ministry presently is not too pleasing to the ear. This is what I hear from people, mainly those in business, who goes around to say that their proposals gets high jacked, and they fear that the same will happen if Najib's relies too much on his subordinates. I suppose. similar things does happen to all other ministries.

DAP Selangor State Councilor, Teresa Kok is now freed from police custody, and we still have RPK sealed up...who knows where. The battle is not over yet it seemed. I read that Utusan Melayu has challenged Teresa Kok be subject to a lie detector test. I wonder if Utusan Melayu is not quite satisfied with the police 8 days grilling of Teresa. Why don't Utusan get the police to be subjected to the same test also? And who then should do the questioning? I just wonder?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi has said that "Anwar is a threat to national economy and security". This is about the strongest statement ever made by the PM, who usually resents presenting himself as being boastful and arrogant. Surely, the PM must have understood the repercussions, in terms of public responses and reactions to his statement, which is deemed serious.

There were some responses that I had received, arguing that the PM made such a statement merely to gain public sympathy and support, to boost his fledging popularity. Others likened the PM as a 'sleeping lion that has just awaken', to strike instant fear in Anwar, Whether Anwar will be subdued by this statement, is very much left to be seen.

But one particular response from a caller that left me bewildered, is the argument that the PM was aroused to make the statement, because he now has the Armed Forces within his grip. The caller further argued that the PM is ready to invoke the emergency powers, and with him heading a Majlis Gerakan Negara (MAGERAN) like authority, to govern the country, should Anwar persist with threats to take over the country.

Such presumptions by the caller strikes fear in me, for I strongly believe that the Armed Forces should not be made a pawn to settle political disputes among politicians, like what appears to be happening to the country today. We have seen images of how the Army were used to quell riots in Kenya recently, and it was an ugly sight. Do Malaysians really need this to happen to the country? My answer is a definite NO, and I do not know what your answers would be?

With the uncertain political enviornment prevailing in the country today, and being made worse by political infighting within UMNO itself, and the opposition charges of a change of government, finally, it is the ordinary people that will suffer. And my final appeal to all feuding parties is to simmer down your charges, and to seek an amicable solution to the problems confronting the country today.


The Ministry of Defence has now a new boss, and it cannot be any other person than the Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi himself. This will be his second time as Defence Minister, and I suppose the Armed Forces will only be too glad to welcome him into their realm.

As for Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, the finance portfolio will be his first, and to be handed the post at a time when the country is in 'distress', may be a challenge to him. After all, Anwar Ibrahim was also the finance minister when he was the Deputy Prime Minister, and was challenged with the financial crisis of 1997, followed by him being sacked from UMNO for sodomy charges and abused of power.

But what should bother Najib now is the persistent allegation by Anwar over the government's poor management of the nation's economy, which directly relate to finance. This is where Najib can proof Anwar wrong, and the way to do it is to ensure that Najib is assisted by sound and credible financial and economic advisors, who are determined to place the nation's interest first before self.

Najib must act quickly to change the people's perception, that the finance ministry is not tinted in corrupt practices and the wanton act of awarding tenders to political cronies only; acts that has been a 'trademark' in the eyes of the ordinary people. Najib has to be extremely careful not to be trapped in this vicious and undesirable quagmire.

Now with the PM at the helm of defence, will he be able to strengthened his political base? Of course, the loyalty that the PM will get from members of the Armed Forces is unquestionable. However, will this loyalty permeates to members of UMNO, who will now view the PM in different light? Najib is said to have done well as the defence minister, and his concern for the soldiers welfare is highly appreciated by the soldiers.

I hope the PM does not forget that he also has the responsibility to look after the well being of ex-servicemen, like me and the thousands more. Maybe, as a start, the PM can begin by looking at the problems faced the Ex-Servicemen Association or the Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malaysia, as I had written in this blog earlier.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Since leaving the Armed Forces in 1998, I have been reminded consistently to join the Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malayisa (PBTM) or the Ex-Service Association of Malaysia. I had in fact been given the application form prior to my retirement, but after 10 years, I am still not convince that PBTM is the organisation that I would like to be associated with.

My reason for avoiding PBTM is simply that, I do not see the relevance and sincerity of the association in looking at the affairs of ex-servicemen. While the aim and purpose of PTBM, as stipulated in the association's constitution is noble, there is nothing visible that PTBM has demonstrated, that truly benefit its members.

I am told that the association had been offered by the government in a platter, several projects and including chunks of land for development. Sadly, incompetence has resulted in the failure of almost all projects. I am also told that a plot of land belonging to the association was sold, and the cash derived was not taken into PTBM's accounts. If this is true, then those involved are no better than cowardly thieves.

PTBM currently has almost 150,000 members, out of a total of almost 400,000 ex-servicemen. It is then one of the largest association (in terms of membership) in the country. But sadly, it is also one of the poorest. Reports have it that at the last Warrior's Day, the monetary contribution received from the private sector was virtually zero. I was also informed that the donors that presented their mock cheques that day to the PM's wife, was actually from a single donor. This need to be verified by the members themselves, and if it is found to be true, I deemed it a most shameful act on the part of PTBM. Members need also to ask, why has the response from the private sector been lukewarm? Surely, there are many private companies that has had business dealings with the Ministry of Defence, but where are they this time around?

I have been privy to PTBM's constitution for quite a while now. Interestingly, there are a number of Articles in the constitution that runs contrary to the principals of natural justice over matters of discipline, that seemingly protects the misconduct of its Supreme Working Committee, and conversely, denies the rights of its members. Articles in reference are Articles 36c,36h, 43 and 44 which stipulates as under:

Article 36c.

'Tanpa menghiraukan apa-apa peruntukan lain dalam Perlembagaan ini, seseorang ahli atau pihak dalam Persatuan yang membawa apa-apa jua perkara Persatuan atau mengenai hak keahliannya ke Mahkamah, membuat laporan terus kepada Polis, Badan Pencegah Rasuah atau lain-lain pihak berkuasa atau media massa (cetak dan alektronik), terhadap Persatuan atau Ahli-Ahli dalam Jawatankuasa Persatuan di mana-mana peringkat sebelum mematuhi sepenuhnya Peraturan-Peraturan Persatuan, maka keahliannya dalam Persatuan gugur dengan sendirinya'.

Article 36h.

'Sebarang keputusan Jawatankuasa Kerja Tertinggi mengenai dispilin, tataetika dan/atau penyelesaian ke atas sebarang perkara atau masalah Persatuan adalah muktamad. Mahkamah tidak boleh diminta menerima atau membuat keputusan mengenai dispilin, tataetika dan/atau penyelesaian perkara-perkara atau masalah dalaman Persatuan dan/atau perkara-perkara Peraturan bersabitan Pentadbiran dan Pengurusan Persatuan'.

Article 43.

'Jawatankuasa Kerja Tertinggi berkuasa menetap, membuat menggubal dan meminda, dari masa ke semasa, Peraturan-Peraturan Pentadbiran dan Pengurusan untuk melaksanakan kehendak Perlembagaan dan/atau Peraturan-Peraturan lain bagi menentukan kesempurnaan perjalanan Persatuan'.

Article 44.

'Jika berbangkit sebarang perselisihan di atas tafsiran Perlembagaan ini atau Peraturan Persidangan Perwakilan Negara atau Peraturan-Peraturan lain yang dibuat dibawah kuasanya, maka tafsiran yang diberikan oleh Jawatankuasa Kerja Tertinggi adalah muktamad'.

The above Articles clearly accord sweeping powers to the Supreme Working Committee, quite unheard of in associations that are similar to PTBM. I sense there is gross error in the authorities that sanctioned the constitution, namely the Registrar of Societies. Or was it a deliberate attempt to accord such powers to the Supreme Working Committee? For a moment, I thought I was reading the UMNO constitution, for there is a similarity? Surely, there is now a serious need to reconsider the prevailing 'discrepancies' noted in the constitution, by its existing members.

The failures in PTBM are numerous; otherwise the association will not be what it is today. I hasten to guess that there are acute problems within PTBM, notably in the chain of leadership at all levels. An essential criteria in the selection of leaders within the association's hierarchy is one that requires its members to be free of politics. Another is that, he should not indulge in private business, to avoid the temptation of using the association as a platform to enrich his own private business interest. This has been the bane in many associations, resulting in the association having to suffer consequent losses in the end.

I believe, what is causing the problem in PTBM is poor and incompetent leadership. And I can vouch, that the ex-service does not lack able and competent leaders who can lead the association to greater heights. I also believe that the reason why many ex-service shy themselves from the association, is the sheer bickering among members, and the imposing power and authority by the current leadership.

For the moment, I do not see myself wanting to be a member, but I suppose my attitude will change, if I see positive changes for the better among the leadership, and the association.

Monday, September 15, 2008


In the next few hours, we will welcome September 16; another historical day in the annals of this blessed country. For my dear friend and blogger Dr. Rafick of rights2write fame, he celebrates his 44th birthday (I guess). For others,the date bares no significance, and is just another passing day.

For the soldiers, they will be celebrating the Armed Forces Day, which is usually filled with activities.....from parades to religious and social activities.

In 1992, when we were in Cambodia serving the UN on peacekeeping duties, September 16 was the day when troops were preparing themselves for redeployment in preparation for the UN sponsored Cambodian general elections. Nobody took notice of the date being Malaysia Day, and the same goes to Dr. Rafick, who must have forgotten that it was his birthday. Anyway, he was too busy fighting off malaria cases, and the many Cambodian patients that he has to treat.

The five opposition controlled states has decided to declare September 16 a public holiday, and with the next day i.e. September 17 being Nuzul Quran, the anniversary of the revelation of the Quran, some of the states has declared Nuzul Quran a public holiday.

September 16 isn't the day that Anwar Ibrahim will declare himself the PM designate. How unfortunate, and I suppose the Taiwan trip by BN backbenchers must be the spoiler. And the unfortunate thing to happen a day before Malaysia Day was the resignation of the Minister in the PM Department, Dato Zaid Ibrahim over the ISA issue. He had asked Muhyiddin Yassin to resign, but instead he decided to leave first. Isn't the Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan thinking of following in the footstep of Zaid Ibrahim?

With so much of chaos in UMNO, September 16 will not be a blissful day for Pak Lah and Jeanne Danker. The same goes for Najib and Rosmah. What will they being thinking off? Will there be more resignation? And with Muhyiddin standing firm by what he has said, and which must have angered Pak Lah, September 16 may not be his lucky day.

As an ordinary citizen, I know that September 16 is another working day for me, since Wilayah Persekutuan does not declare the day a public holiday. And with Selangor being a public holiday, I know for sure, it will be another rush to work for me at the Kajang train station, early tomorrow September 16.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Come September 16, 2008, the Malaysian Armed Forces will celebrate its 75th Anniversary. That date also coincides with the Birthday Celebration of TYT Yang DiPertua Negeri Sabah, which is a declared public holiday for the state. One can also associate September 16 with the purported date of the change over of government from BN to PR, which has now been deferred; so says Anwar.

Having left the Armed Forces for a decade now, my love and spirit for the uniform has not withered the least. I still hold dear to the military friends that I had; many have since retired and some of my subordinate officers are now holding high positions. It is unfortunate that none of my children are in the military to continue my legacy. But this is not so for the Indian Armed Forces, especially among the Sikh community. A Sikh classmate of mine whom I had befriended while a student at the Defence Services Staff College, India says that he is a third generation army officer to have served the Indian Army. Both his father and grandfather were army officers, and he has no qualms about getting his son to join the army. He says that the Sikh community in India places the military profession in high esteem.

I watched the Merdeka Parade on TV recently, and was awed by the impressive show displayed by members of the Armed Forces. In just ten years, I see a different kind of army. Its equipments are not the ones that I had seen while I was in the army before. The air force too displayed their ability and skill to handle advanced fighter aircrafts. As I sat watching the parade with my 11 year old grandson by my side, I wondered if he will be the one to follow my career path later, as he grows up.

My thoughts now goes to the many officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces who had placed their lives in defence of the country, especially those who had served the Second World War, Malaysia-Indonesian Confrontation, the first Malayan Emergency and 'second emergency'. Many lost their lives, and some others maimed for life, and their sacrifices are never forgotten. Mention is always being made in speeches during Armed Forces Day.

And my thought specially goes to Tun General Ibrahim Ismail now in his late 80's, who had served during the Second World War and the rest. He is a towering figure of a true general and a leader of men. I would have thought that his rightful place during the Merdeka Parade, was to be seated besides the King, and be attired in full military regalia. This is the sort of honour that the Armed Forces should have accorded him, and in all military functions.

I bless the Armed Forces and its able leadership, and to move ahead in building a strong and formidable Armed Forces.


Muhyiddin Yassin's statement asking Pak Lah to rethink his exist plan as UMNO's president has come under fire from various quarters. The latest are from Wanita UMNO Chief,Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, MB Negeri Sembilan, Dato Seri Mohamed Hassan and Minister in PM Department, Dato Zaid Ibrahim. They all expressed their resentment at Muhyiddin, and called for him to resign if he no longer have confidence in Pak Lah's leadership. However, Najib who is a party to the exist plan, has neither voiced his disapproval or approval to Muhyiddin's statement, but said that he "preferred to leave it to UMNO members to decide". Najib's statement is seen by many as having to abandon Pak Lah 'in time of distress', and I suppose, this is quite typical in politics. The maxim that 'there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies' in politics is therefore real.

Asking Muhyiddin to quit UMNO is to me a thoughtless remark by Zaid and Mohamed in particular. Don't they understand the power base behind Muhyiddin? Do you think UMNO Johore will abandon Muhyiddin, just like what Najib has done to Pak Lah? By virtue that Muhyuddin is the Vice President of UMNO, isn't that a clear indication of UMNO members support for Muhyiddin? The ramifications to UMNO if Muhyiddin quits is disastrous, and Zaid/Mohamed must know this. And for both Zaid and Mohamed,I am not quite sure whether your support in UMNO is well entrenched, and your criticism of Muhyiddin is well taken. And please remember Zaid that your position in the government today is through the 'back door'. Hence, you do not know your strength in UMNO.

The above is a clear indications of a split in UMNO that is getting worse by the day. I blame it on the members themselves who seemed not able to manage a simple crisis occurring within themselves. And if this is the state of affairs among UMNO politicians, I have little confident that they are able to manage larger crisis; for instance, one that affects the entire nation. And that is where the Armed Forces can take their place, I suppose?

For what is happening in UMNO today, my advice to them all is to cease making anymore statements. You have the General Assembly coming this December, and use this forum to determine the future of UMNO. Say all what you want to say within the four walls of PWTC. The arguments may take days, but if it is for the betterment of UMNO, why not prolong the assembly. And finally, please stop treating the delegates that attends the assembly once a year, as tourist.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


The politics of this country is getting more interesting by the day. With 3 people already detained under the draconian ISA, will there be others? Just wonder what is Ahmad Ismail doing, now that he has been suspended from UMNO. Will he be THE 4th person to join the trio? Interestingly, there was a police report made against him, and it is interesting to see what will come out of it.

While watching Aljazeera news this afternoon, there was a phone interview by the news caster on the Minister for Rural Development, Tan Sri Muhammad Mohamed Taib regarding the arrest of the above trio. To my surprise, the minister spoke in english, and it was better than Zainuddin Maidin. At least, the whole world is able to listen and understand the responses given by the minister to the questions posed by the news caster. Not the mumbling like rhetoric of Zainuddin.

To the question as to why was Sin Chew Daily reporter, Tan Hoon Cheng detained, while Ahmad Ismail was not, the minister responded by saying that the matter is under police investigation. I am not quite sure what the minister meant. Was the minister referring to Tan's police investigation or Ahmad Ismail's police investigation?

And in UMNO today, we see a champion in Muhyiddin Yassin, who has said that he is willing to take the risk over his remarks concerning the change over of UMNO's Presidency between Pak Lah and Najib. He has said that 2010 is too late, and reasoned out that Najib has too little time to do any changes to UMNO, to ready the party for the 2012 general elections. Pak Lah remained firm and said that "the change over plan was agreed by UMNO's Supreme Council". Najib on the other hand has now said that "he leaves it to the UMNO delegates to decide". Isn't this in mark contrast to what he has been saying all along, that he agrees with Pak Lah to the change over plan to be in 2010? And what has Pak Lah to say to this? I sense something brewing in UMNO, and the position of Pak Lah is even more precarious now. Surprisingly, SIL Khairy has not joined the 'fry'.

The excitement about Tun returning to UMNO has somewhat been subdued. No reports on TV nor the MSM. Or have they been silenced too?

Note: While I was writing this article, a friend called to say that Tan Hoon Cheng has been released by the police. Unfortunately, not yet for RPK and DAP's Teresa Kok. One wonders what had soften the police to release Tan? Is it because of the Ahmad Ismail strong link in Penang UMNO?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I received several call from friends today, saying that I was wrong in my argument that Tun Dr Mahathir will keep to his word that he will not be rejoining UMNO for as long as Pak Lah is still the PM. They were referring to an article that I posted a day earlier, where I reasoned out that Tun is firm in keeping his word, and is unlikely to rejoin UMNO.

I quickly called up friends to confirm the above, but none said that Tun had personally made a statement that he has rejoined UMNO. I returned home hurriedly to listen to the prime time news at 8 pm over TV 1, and still I did see Tun appearing to make the announcement. I searched the internet and it was the same.

But what appeared on TV 1 were interviews on Tan Sri Rais Yatim and Ustaz Nik Aziz commenting
on the likely return of Tun into UMNO. Personally, I will be disappointed if Tun returns to UMNO for the simple reason that UMNO members had ostracised him the very moment he stepped down as the PM. Just look at how Nazri Aziz ridiculed Tun.....something that the elder Malays will despised. The elder Malays have describe Nazri's words and actions as 'kurang ajar'. Sadly, we still have politicians acting like gangsters in Parliament, making the august parliament akin to a coffee shop.

The final curtain has finally been laid upon the controversial Datuk Ahmad Ismail, though late. Some say that he ought to be sacked from UMNO, and I tend to agree with that. Look at the results of his action, and more importantly at BN as a whole. He has created mistrust among the largely non Malay BN component parties, causing them to rethink their usefulness to remain in the BN. This episode surely has left an indelible stain in the relationship of the component parties within the BN.

Despite having been suspended from UMNO, Datuk Ahmad is still hopeful about playing an active role in UMNO. It was reported that he aspires to be appointed the advisor to his division or even to become the secretary general. What ambitious person this fella is, and Tengku Adnan had better watch this.


I read with utter disgust comments made by PAS Youth and DAP MP Charles Santiago regarding a cautionary statement by Malaysian Chief of Defence Forces, General Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal, over the racial furore brought about by now suspended former Penang UMNO divisional leader Datuk AhmadIsmail, as reported in Malaysiakini.

PAS Youth (no mention of person’s name) was reported to have said that the Army should “stay out of politics”, while DAP MP Charles Santiago said among others that “the role of the Army should be confined to barracks, and works at the behest of the government”.

Reading from the comments made by the two politicians, I can only conclude that they are totally ignorant regarding the roles of the Armed Forces. They have even failed to fully understand the reasons why General Abdul Aziz had to come out with his statement, which was plain enough for idiots like me to understand.

For the benefit of the two ignorant politicians, let me quote what General Abdul Aziz had said (as reported in all MSM) “racial issues are the most feared by security forces as they could lead to chaos”. Is there anything sinister in the 15 words statement by the General? Was he implying that the Armed Forces will shot anyone who creates chaos? What the General said is a plain and simple statement which everyone, including politicians, has been saying. General Abdul Aziz is concern and is absolutely correct to say that he fears racial issues could lead to chaos.

The maintenance of security of this country is the General’s utmost responsibility, regardless of where the threat to national security is coming from……be they internal or external. And being responsible for national security, it is wrong for the General to make a cautionary statement to the people, if he sense that some people are getting careless in what they say, that could lead to chaos and public disorder?

For the benefit of the two ignorant politicians, the Armed Forces has every right to be concern about what is happening to this beloved and blessed country called Malaysia. It is you, who seemed not to have any regards for national security. Maybe you were not born to witness May 13, and to savour the hardship caused by it. It was the poor soldiers that had to toil, sometimes not knowing where they will be sleeping, or are they able to sleep at all.

And for DAP MP Charles Santiago, please don’t ever think that the ‘Army’s role is to be confined to the barracks”. Please get yourself invited to an Army barrack to see what they actually do.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The seizure of two MISC vessels Bunga Melati Dua and Bunga Melati Lima earlier last month by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden (a narrow shipping lane between Somalia and Yemen), and the holding of its crew for the purpose of ransom, is to be condemned by the entire world community. The Gulf of Aden is reported to be the world’s most dangerous, and also one of the world’s busiest shipping lane.

The incidence of piracy apparently is not a recent phenomena. Rather, it has taken the toll on many passing ships over several years. It is unbelievable that such incidence have been allowed to occur without any concerted measure to seriously curb the piracy threat to the international shipping community.

The dispatch of three RMN ships by the Malaysian government to the affected area recently, I believe is but only an immediate measure. What plans and strategies will be put in place for long term measure, is not known.

The government must not see this problem as being its own. Unilateral action is not the answer. Rather, it is one that requires an international solution, as it affects the international shipping community. Hence, there ought to be an integrated international effort to fight this lingering security threat that is badly affecting the shipping community.

I suppose an international organization like the UN, should begin the initiative to gather countries whose ships are affected by this threat, to seek and adopt an effective operating arrangement, to protect and ensure the safe passage of commercial vessels passing through the Gulf of Aden.

But as an immediate and effective means to counter these warring pirates, I suggest a military option to seek and destroy the source of the threat, wherever it maybe. I would further suggest that all commercial vessels deploys armed marshals on board, just like the air marshals on board US commercial planes today, following the September 11 destruction of the New York World Trade Centre.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Tan Sri Mahyiddin Yassin was reported to have admitted to have met Tun Dr. Mahathir, to persuade the latter to rejoin UMNO. The reason given was that, many in UMNO wanted Tun back into their fold to strengthened the party which is falling apart, caused by dissensions among party members. Although no reference was made to Pak Lah's failing leadership, I believe Mahyiddin Yassin has somewhat lost confidence in Pak Lah's leadership. And by having Tun by the side of Mahyiddin Yassin, the latter would be more secure and confident to contest during the up coming party election, and that includes Tengku Razaleigh as well.

Since the BN/UMNO failure during the March 8 general election, Mahyiddin Yassin is the only UMNO minister to have been extremely cautious in making statements regarding the loss of BN/UMNO. He had even cautioned the government not to take the threat by Anwar Ibrahim of a possible change of government this September 16 too lightly. I would likened Mahyiddin to be a person with a voice of reason, which is obviously lacking in most UMNO members. Many would just echo the voice of their top leaders by saying "saya sokong".

One is also to note that Tengku Razaleigh, though a party veteran has consistently been a dissenting voice at Pak Lah's leadership. He appears to be of the same frequency with Tun in voicing his disagreement over a myriad of issues affecting the party and government. And although it would be an uphill task for Tengku Razaleigh to win the presidency of UMNO, Tun's presence in UMNO can marshal some support for the former.

Mahyiddin had admitted too that UMNO members support for Tun is still strong, though many would prefer to remain silent. But what of Tun? Will he accept the appeal by Mahyiddin Yassin and rejoin UMNO? Will Pak Lah and Najib be alienated when Tun rejoins UMNO, and consequently draws the members support away from Pak Lah and Najib, in favour of Mahyiddin and Tengku Razaleigh? And with Pak Lah at the helm of the party, will he allow Tun's application to rejoin UMNO be accepted?

The above are some questions that need to be answered before Tun makes a pledge to rejoin UMNO. My guess is that Tun being a man of strict principal, will stick by what he had pledged i.e. to rejoin UMNO once Pak Lah is out of the party. I am told by someone who have worked with Tun, that it is not easy as ABC to change Tun's mind, once he has reached a decision. And Tun is also noted not to have made decisions at a flash; rather it is as a result of a deliberate and deep thought.

It is for the above stated reasons that I believe Tun will not rejoin UMNO just on the appeal of Mahyiddin Yassin.


It was reported in Malaysiakini today that the Malaysian Chief of Defence Forces, General Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal has come up strongly against the current political turmoil caused by a racial remark made by an Penang UMNO Division leader recently.The General was reported to have said that "racial issues are the most feared by the security forces as they could lead to chaos".

This issue has been allowed to drag for several days, and a solution is extremely slow in coming by the leaders of BN and UMNO in particular. What had kept them mute is something that most could not understand, despite them having acknowledged that race and religion are the two most sensitive issues affecting the Malaysian society. Yet, it is the politicians themselves who seemed oblivious to this sensitivity, for reasons best known to themselves.

It was apt and forthright for General Aziz to sound a warning to those who continue to ignore the sensitivities of our society. Some politicians seemed not to have learned the lessons of May 13, 1969. Even if they were not born in that year, they ought not to be forgiven for not knowing what May 13, 1969 meant to this country. If another similar incident like the May 13 is to happen again,...god forbid...I just wonder where will these so called 'peoples champion' be hiding.

I would like to appeal to Pak Lah to take a more serious stand on this matter, so that a recurrence of this issue will not occur. And what Pak Lah must realise is that the problem was created by politicians from his own state...PENANG. And if it wasn't arrogance, impertinence and disloyalty to Pak Lah's leadership by these Penang politicians, what else can we say of them?


At long last, a new Malaysian Armed Forces, Officers Mess at the Ministry of Defence, will finally be constructed to replace the old and dilapidated Officers Mess that was build during the colonial era.

I remembered writing personally to the Minister of Defence, Dato Seri Najib in 2001, explaining to him the poor state of the officers mess and that the Armed Forces deserve a new officers mess. I was sadden at the sight of the officers mess, especially the officers rooms, which are constructed of wooden structures, most of which are being infested by white ants and crumbling. I had the courage to write to the minister because I was already retired then, and I know that I will not be reprimanded by the generals in the Army.

I was pleasantly surprise to received a reply from Dato Seri Najib a few weeks later noting the contents of my letter, and that he will do the necessary to remedy the situation. He did write to say that an allocation of RM30 million will be set aside for the construction of a new officers mess.

A few days ago, I received a call from a serving army officer telling me that the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the new officers mess was launched by Dato Seri Najib on August 4, 2008. He told me that the design is likened to a 5 star hotel with enough amenities for its occupants, and for those who frequent the officers mess. It has more than 300 rooms and a banquet hall to accommodate 1000 people. From the building description that I obtained from the officer, the total cost of construction far exceeds RM30 million, and I believe no serving military officer will complain, if what the Armed Forces will get is the best that the government could offer.

Although it took almost 7 years to realized the assurance that Dato Seri Najib had made in his reply to my letter, I would still like to sincerely thank him for fulfilling that assurance. I can assure the minister that I and my wife will be a frequent visitor to the officers mess once it is ready.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Rumours abound that the crossover of several BN parliamentarians to the opposition this September 16, is likely to take place, despite persistent denial by the BN leadership. Talks along the streets and coffee shops in and around Kuala Lumpur, clearly wants a change of government. The scene is somewhat similar prior to the March 8 general elections, where the talk of the town was one that favoured an opposition win.

Despite a want for change, the people seemed skeptical as to the sort of government that the opposition will provide....will it be for the better or will it be worse? Will the corruption charges filed against the two Perak state PR Exco members be a reflection of the sort of PR government that we will be getting? Although the corruption charges has yet to be proven, it has in some ways affected the people's perception of PR politicians, as being one that is no better than BN politicians. Should they be found guilty by the courts, PR has only one option left i.e. to rid them of the party.

UNMO/BN, and to Pak Lah in particular, problems affecting the party seems endless. The racial slur coming from a Penang UMNO Division leader has angered the Malaysian Chinese community; not necessarily MCA or Gerakan, but the country's entire Chinese community. As a result of this poor and thoughtless UMNO judgment, there are now rumblings within Gerakan about the party quitting BN. My guess is that, if this is to happen, then there is every possibility that MCA will follow suit.... marking doomsday for the BN.

I sense an apparent weakness in the BN leadership in handling the above issue. What had stopped the PM from summoning the Penang UMNO Division leader to his office upon knowing the case? It was reported that the PM was not able to contact the Division leader for an explanation. Isn't this sheer arrogance by the Division leader, or was it his way of showing off his authority to the PM? And why has Najib to stoop so low as to apologies to the Chinese community, on behalf of the Division leader? A precedence has now been set by Najib, and there will be many more apologies by Najib for every silly mistake made by UMNO members.

September 16 is just a week away. Will a change of government take place as envisaged by Anwar Ibrahim? We all have to leave it to the parliamentarians to decide. But one thing is for sure..the people that has chosen them to parliament are no fools. Should they not perform, the 13th General Elections will surely seal they fate in politics.