Saturday, April 30, 2011


Someone commented that the swearing of Shazryl Eskay Abdullah in a mosque in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur on Friday 29th is at the behest of the government or an agency of the government. I agree with the comment on grounds that Shazryl appeared to have the protection of a government security agency prior to and throughout the swearing ceremony. He was also provided with a bullet resistance vest.

I understand that a bullet resistance vest (BRV) cannot be purchased by anyone without a license, as it is a security related item, in the same category as firearms. Who else could have provided the vest if it isn’t a licensed security agency, the police or the military; hopefully it is not supplied by the military for I will certainly condemn the act.

The ceremony itself was well organized, with the presence of JAKIM officials including that of its Director Datuk Che Mat Che Ali himself. That’s how important Shazryl is, and the swearing in Allah’s name that Anuar Ibrahim is the man featured in the controversial sex video, that has been prime news for about three weeks now.

Now, what has Shazryl achieved by taking the oath (mind you in the name of Allah)? Does this mean that every living creature on earth has to believe that the words of Shazryl to be the truth and nothing but the truth. Does this mean that should Anuar be tried in any court of law, Shazryl’s oath will lend credence to the final judgment of the court? Isn’t the swearing by Shazryl in Allah’s name prejudged a guilty verdict on Anuar? And will Shazryl act of being in possession and screening the video in public, and by this swearing in the name of Allah, absolve him of any offence?

And let’s see how the media responses towards the oath taking ceremony that hits the news stand this Saturday morning.

As I have anticipated, the Malay print media carried exotic and torrid stories of Anuar’s sex acts in several pages. It also had a half to full page photos of the oath taking ceremony, focused on pictures of Shazryl holding the Quran. Of course, his two other conspirators are not missed out in the photos.

But strangely, the English print media i.e. Star and NST main news reporting that took front page is about the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton, now proclaimed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. In this regard, both the Star and NST have acted sensibly by not doing what the Malay media has done.

Now, one would want to question why the obvious difference in the reporting of the Malay print media with that of the English media over this important oath taking ceremony. I think the answers are simply this.

1. The Malay media has wide coverage among the Malay rural folks and this is good political propaganda aimed at influencing their minds into believing that Anuar is indeed an unworthy Malay and Muslim leader. This hopefully will translate into votes for the government.
2. For simple rural Malay folk, the swearing in the name of Allah and with the Quran at hand is to be believed. No amount of persuasion will change their belief that an oath taken in the name of Allah is a lie. This would further strengthen Malay rural support for the government.
3. Conversely, the Star and NST is not widely received in the rural Malay areas. These papers have greater readership in the urban areas whose readers have much wider perception over a wide range of issues that differs from that of the rural folks. Being better read, would mean that the urban folks are not easily convinced over whatever is being reported by the media.

Anuar will now have a difficult time to convince the Malay rural folks to not believe in what has been said about him. I would think he needs to do a quick check on his support and popularity in his own constituency first before he goes on a nationwide road show to diffuse the negative reporting about him.

And since the Trio has sought to use the mosque, JAKIM, Quran and the name of Allah to prove that what they did was the truth and nothing but the truth, I would then want to pose this challenge to the Trio to also take a similar oath that they have never ever committed any worldly sin; notably that of corruption and extra martial sex.

Would any one of the three dare take this challenge?


Thursday, April 28, 2011


A second short video clip of the alleged Anuar Ibrahim sexual escapade has been up loaded on You Tube. I have not personally viewed the video, but from numerous still photos posted in a number of blogs and some news prints, I am more convinced now that the man isn’t Anuar Ibrahim. From the hair cut, protruding stomach, and sagging facial feature does not make him to be Anuar Ibrahim. The high hair cut looks like a man that is typically Thai. The sagging facial feature makes the man appear more elderly, and coupled with the protruding stomach eliminates any chances that it is Anuar Ibrahim.

Now, Nurul Izzah’s name is being used as the title of the second video. What has Nurul Izzah got to do with all this? Is it because Nurul Izzah is Anuar’s daughter; hence she should bear the brunt of being despised upon and condemned like her father?

Let me say this to those that had up loaded the video, that they are a bunch of idiots that has a heart and soul of a satan. They are being guided by the devil and are intent to instill hatred for others. If they all are of my race (hopefully there are not), I then need to remind them that what they did is much against the religion. To slander someone is a heinous crime and haven’t they been taught about this early in their life? Maybe, they may not have had enough religious grounding. Maybe, they are sex video paddlers themselves who earns a living by selling and distributing such videos. And don’t tell me that the famous Datuk Trio might have obtained the video from them.

Pardon me for being rude to those who have up loaded the video, for this is the only language that best suits them.

I and many other likeminded Malays have had enough of this sex stories. And as I have said in my earlier writings that the longer this case is prolonged, the more space is given to those who want to further damage the already battered image of Anuar Ibrahim. But one thing is also certain, the longer the delay, the more Anuar Ibrahim wins sympathy to his side, and this may not auger well for the government’s image as well.

While those who have so much of hatred for Anuar Ibrahim would want more of Anuar’s scandals to be exposed, but many parents of school going children are showing signs of disgust, more so when photos of the alleged sex activity is out in the print media as well as in the internet.

Undoubtedly, Datuk Trio has brought the media to new heights i.e. specializing in torrid stories of sex and scandals. Is this what the Malaysian media is good at i.e. destroying the good and noble values that our future generation should uphold? I am not surprise that the minds of our children today is so infested with orgy of sex that having sex in school is part of their 'social activity'.

I just wonder what the children and grandchildren of the famous Datuk Trio will would say of their father and grandfather.


Monday, April 25, 2011


Questions are being asked as to why has neither of the famous ‘Datuk Trio’ being formally charged over the sex video purportedly featuring Datuk Anuar Ibrahim. What is so restraining and difficult in charging an obvious crime of distributing and screening pornographic material? Had it been others, other than the Trio, would the authorities take this long to finish off the case? My guess and that of many concerned citizens is because the Trio are titled VIP’s, and hence they should be treated with dignity even if they have committed an obvious crime. This to me is a classic case of favoured, reserved and selective prosecution, and it further erodes the trust and confidence that we, the citizens of this country have towards our legal process. Stating that the authorities would need more time to determine who the porno actor, is to my mind utter rubbish. Charging the offenders who have themselves admitted to the offence seems unimportant.

The chief trio Tan Sri Rahim Thamby was reported to have said that they don’t distribute or produce (the video); the item was discovered. Is he implying that discovering it makes him an innocent person? But what about screening the video to several invited guests? Is that not an offence? Don’t tell me that this Trio is so dumb not to know that even being in possession of pornographic material is an offence. Now we know the level of knowledge of the Trio whom I would regard as ‘uncouth schemers’.

Remember the case of one Malaysian pilot (reportedly the son of a VIP and a Tan Sri) who was charged by the Australian authorities for being in possession of pornographic material in his personal lap top computer? He did not even show the porno material to others, but the Australian authorities still says it is an offence on a charge of merely being in possession. Now you tell me which is the rightful law; ours or the Aussie.

Based on what I read and hear about this case, I would sum up simply by saying that it is the Anuar Ibrahim factor that is giving our authorities a headache. Whatever medicine is being prescribed, the headache still lingers. And don’t the authorities know that the longer the case is prolonged, the trust in the authorities’ decreases and conversely, Anuar Ibrahim’s denial of him in the video wins him much sympathy and support. Whatever the authorities are trying to scheme, it all revolves around Anuar Ibrahim. It is like a ghost i.e. you see not, but you constantly fear it.

Without any formal charges being brought against the Trio, there is nothing to stop them from making all sorts of statements to win public sympathy and support for the crime that they have admittedly commit.


Sunday, April 24, 2011


PM Najib, at the recent Pahang Malay Contractors Association, Annual General Meeting (AGM) said that “Corruption and leakage are not only affecting the government’s revenue but also the nation’s economic performances”. I don’t really know whether the members attending the AGM really understood what Najib meant, or was Najib trying to insinuate to the Malay contractors that the nature of their business exposes themselves to the scourge of corrupt practices. Najib’s statement could also be an expression of his concern that corruption is unstoppable, and has somewhat become an embedded culture among the Malay business community.

It is common knowledge, particularly those in the construction industry to express freely of the ‘tolls’ that they have to pay to the local authorities in order to get their project approved. There was an occasion when someone told me that sometimes officers at the local authorities unashamedly demand from housing developers’ money for every single house they build. And who are these people working at the local authorities? If I say that they are mainly people of my race, many will again get angry with me. But this is the reality; an obvious weakness among my race that knows no fear; either to be caught or to answer their misdeeds in the hereafter.

I think Najib knows better than I do of the local authorities and the people that are deeply mired in corruption. And I believe some of the people are known to him. Citing the case of the recent raid by MACC on the Customs Department may be just the tip of the ice berg. Just take a peek at the Auditor General Annual Report and one will find that corruption and abuses are found in every conceivable departments of the government. It is so widespread and massive that I think it will take the entire MACC to just investigate one whole report. But the sad thing is that the ‘bosses’ are too protective of their people, and are often too meek to take punitive action on the report.

And when one speaks of corruption these days, one is drawn to the many ‘eerie stories’ of the Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud’s plundering of the country’s wealth. Strangely, the people of Sarawak still elect him, and this time around he gets stronger than in the previous state election. This is an unusual phenomenon in Sarawak politics where the person who is said to be corrupt gets a huge mandate to continue ruling the state. Unlike in the peninsular, the support for UMNO’s has dwindled, but in Sarawak the PBB remains ever popular. This goes to prove that in Sarawak and particularly among the supporters of PBB, corruption is no big issue. It is now left to the opposition and Sarawak Report to think of new strategies to bring down Taib Mahmud in the next state election. I think Taib Mahmud will not be having a ‘gala time’ the moment he relinquish power………………just like the disposed Mubarak of Egypt.

While I applaud Najib for the cautionary statement he made regarding corruption at the Pahang Malay Contractors Association AGM, I hope he can be equally bold to act upon those he knows to be corrupt. Statements have little meaning if it is not followed by actions.


Saturday, April 23, 2011


1 Bumiputra…………..that’s something new to my ears. Is it similar or different from 1 Malaysia?

From what I gather, the two are vastly at divergence in purpose and contradictory at best. The former being a Perkasa creation talks about uniting all Malay parties (an impossible proposition as at now), while the latter being PM Najib’s aspiration of wanting to create a one Malaysian society that is comprised of the various ethic Malaysian races. It is the divergence that compelled PM Naijb to distance himself from 1 Bumiputra, although Utusan Malaysia, an UMNO controlled print media is supportive of the 1 Bumiputra idea. Tun Dr. Mahathir despite being closely associated with Perkasa, has himself declared that 1 Bumiputra has disastrous consequences.

Perkasa seems to have a penchant for sloganeering, and each time a slogan is drummed up, it catches the very heart of the Malays. One does not need further exposition. Just swallow and nod to all the howling of the Perkasa leaders of which they are extremely proficient. No reasoning or rational thinking is required. They just want others to know that the Malays must be superior because they are the majority. And Ibrahim Ali is just ever willing to draw out his kris, and for what?

I am curious as to why the idea of 1 Bumiputra has cropped up now i.e. after 50 odd years of independence? Why hasn’t years of political dominance of the Malays translate into economic power over the other Malaysian races? Do the Malays need another 50 odd years to be awakened to the realities that have them much poorer than their forefathers? I think it is already too late because 2020 is just around the corner. And even if the nation can achieve a develop nation status by that time; it has little meaning for the Malays. It is going to be the very few elite Malays that will be made rich, and I am not quite sure of the others.

My simple answer to the woes that is troubling the Malays today is in the weakness of the Malays themselves. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask this simple and direct question…………what’s wrong with me? The answer that you will get is also fairly simple and direct i.e. you have been spoon fed and relied on quick success without wanting to think of helping others of your kind. Malays are easily corrupt and there is too much of back stabbing. You may want to curse me for saying this, and I have been saying this many times before.

Just look at the many famous Malay corporate names of the 80’s and 90’s. Despite making their millions from government contracts, where are they today? Have they been able to develop other Malays to become entrepreneurs as well; I mean the honest and God fearing ones? The answer is a big NO, and who ought to be blame for this? Want to blame the other races for their misfortune? Again, I say…………take a good look at the mirror and ask the same question………..what’s wrong with me?

I can only say this of the Malay corporate leaders that depends their livelihood on government contracts i.e. stop being corrupt and do not corrupt others.


Sunday, April 17, 2011


Col Azmi Zainal Abidin whom Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) has said to have linked to a conspiracy to slander PM Najib and Rosmah with the brutal murder of the Mongolian beauty Altantuya in 2008 over the purchase of the Scopene submarine, is now under investigation by the military. This has been revealed by the Chief of Defence Force, General Tan Sri Azizan Ariffin recently.

It puzzles me to know that it has taken almost three years for the military to finally decide to conduct a Board of Inquiry (BOI) over the case involving Col Azmi. Why wasn’t the BOI conducted when the case first came to light? If indeed what Col Azmi did was wrong from the military standpoint, he should have been punished, and if the offence is severe enough, he should have been discharged from service. Such punishment is within the bounds of the military as officers service in the military is at the discretion of the Supreme Commander i.e. the King.

From my meager understanding of the military law, I honestly do not know what military offence has Col Azmis committed? If the offence is one of attempting to slander PM Najib and Rosmah, then it is to my mind not a military offence. I would think Col Azmi has committed a civil offence and he should be charged to face a civil court.

Based on the little that I know of the case, I personally don’t see a need for a military BOI. And even if Col Azmi has to go through the rigmarole of the Court Martial, and if he is subsequently found guilty and sentenced, this does not mean that he cannot be charge further to face the civil court.

I am not privy to the terms of reference of the BOI, but I think it has more to investigate the extent of information that was revealed to RPK, and who others were involved. I am quite sure there were no military secrets revealed by Col Azmi, and if there was, then he ought to go through the full brunt of military investigation.

I have been told that Col Azmi was originally from the Engineering Corps and opted to join the Intelligence Corps later in his career. This would mean that he is not a ‘thoroughbred’ Intelligence Corps officer, as some would say. And if Col Azmi really did pass the information to RPK with the intention to slander PM Najib and Rosmah, then Col Azmi deserve the punishment that awaits him, though a bit too late.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


There have been several complaints raised by a number of retirees who are not particularly pleased with the current arrangement with regards to the relocation of the Out Patient center by the Malaysian Armed Forces Medical Services (MAFMS) out of Sultan Tengku Mizan Armed Forces Hospital (STMAFH).

With the opening of the new STMAFH at Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur to replace the old and dilapidated Armed Forces Hospital at Kinrara, the general perception was that the new hospital would be the center for the treatment, care and rehabilitation for all medical related ailments affecting servicemen, their families and including retirees. It was to be the best equipped hospital to serve the Malaysian Armed Forces, to mirror that of the US Armed Forces Hospital that even serve the medical needs of its President.

The complain that I receive is specifically one that is related to the Out Patient center that was previously located at STMAFH, that has now being relocated to the old medical center at Mindef complex. Whosoever had this ‘marvel idea’ of relocating the Out Patient center back to Mindef had little inkling as to the problems faced by all those who are required to call at the Out Patient center for a medical checkup or an appointment, especially so for retirees and their spouses.

This relocation has upset many a retiree for the following reasons:

1. Getting into the Mindef is a hassle as they would have to get off their car and report to the Guard Room for identification before being allowed passage through the guarded entrance. Retirees are not given any special preference, even if they show their AF Pension Card issued by JHEV.
2. Having got into Mindef, they are then faced with locating a suitable parking space that in most instances is not available close to the Out Patient center. They will then have to double park, only to be chased off by the MP’s.
3. Having got to see the doctor, and if the doctor has prescribed to them some medicines, they would then have to travel to STMAFH to collect the medicines, as Mindef Out Patient center does not have a dispensary.
4. If the doctor so prescribe that a patient is required to have an x-ray taken, they will have to travel to STMAFH for an x-ray, and the results be referred back to the doctor at Mindef Out Patient center. This has been the arrangement because Mindef Out Patient center does not have the x-ray facility.

Prior to the relocation of the Out Patient center, retirees are much at ease because of the comfort that the new hospital offers. There is no hassle at the Guard House as one enters the hospital compound. Parking spaces are in abundance, both outdoor and covered. Getting from one point to another for a check-up or treatment is hassle free as it is all being done under a single roof. The ambience within the new hospital is one of tranquility and hassle free; something that all retiree would need in the final days of their life.

Please remember that as Armed Forces retiree, it is not sympathy that they need; rather it is understanding and care. And under the present medical arrangement that an Armed Forces retiree has to endure for their outpatient treatment, the MAFMS has certainly ignored the aforesaid basic need of retirees.


Sunday, April 10, 2011


CM Sarawak Taib Mahmud has finally vented his anger at the stamping of the Bahasa Malaysia bible (AlKitab) by calling the action taken by the federal authorities as a STUPID IDEA that should not be applied to Sarawak. Taib Mahmud further said that he had spoken to PM Najib about not stamping the bible which the latter agreed.

Such harsh statement coming from Taib Mahmud at a critical time of the Sarawak state election does not augur well for federal-state relations. The statement hits at the very heart of the federal authorities, in particular the Home Ministry, and to be more direct at Minister Hishamuddin himself. I am just too eager to see how Hishamuddin reacts to the statement made by Taib Mahmud, and the word STUPID, I think must have severely dented Hishamuddin’s ego.

And by implicating PM Najib in this, Taib Mahmud is trying to tell the Christians in Sarawak that PM Najib has reneged in his agreement not to stamp the bible. What is Taib Mahmud trying to show the Christians in Sarawak? By his statements, is he not implying that PM Najib has not kept his word, and is therefore not to be trusted? To me, that is the impression I get out of Taib Mahmud’s statement. Clearly, Taib Mahmud is trying to show the Christians in the state that he cares, and hitting out at the federal authorities, Minister Hishamuddin and including PM Najib is simply to show power against the federal authorities including his boss, that he hopes will translate into popular support for him in this Saturday’s state election. He is purely playing politics here, and he knows that the loss of Christian support spells doom for his 30 odd years of rule.

I think PM Najib is being placed against the wall now over Taib Mahmud’s statement. Likewise, the same goes to Minister Hishamuddin. What can both the cousins do now to react, or will they ever dare react at all? Can they just ignore Taib Mahmud? Can they sideline him and get an alternative leader from among the BN component parties to lead the coalition government; should BN win this state election? Will PM Najib be bold enough to ask Taib Mahmud to step down, or can Najib garner sufficient support to pressure Taib Mahmud to relinquish the post, the way UMNO did to Tun Abdullah Badawi? I personally think that 30 odd years at the helm of the state administration is much too long, and stepping down now is far too risky for Taib Mahmud in light of the massive exposure by Sarawak Report of his plundering and corrupt practices.

As I see it, PM Najib’s dilemma is Taib Mahmud’s strength. Bringing down Taib Mahmud now either through unpopular means or by way of persuasion may cause the fall of the federal government as well. Clearly, this is what PM Najib does not want. Even if Taib Mahmud willingly steps down, there is no guarantee that his replacement is strong enough to lead the state, as Taib Mahmud never really had someone ready and capable enough to take over the helm. I am told that all his subordinates are being held at arm’s length; certainly not in the departments where Taib Mahmud’s has direct control to plunder the state’s wealth with impunity.

I think this state election will not bring about the expectant changes that the PR has hoped for. The PR may win additional seats, especially in the Chinese dominated urban areas; certainly not the rural areas where 30 years of Taib Mahmud’s rule is well embedded in the minds of the rural folks, where Sarawak is synonymous with Taib Mahmud. They can be easily manipulated by mere promises at every state election, and being simple rural folks, an unfulfilled promise really means nothing to them. They are too simple to even bother to ask for electricity and clean drinking water.


Saturday, April 9, 2011


Home Minister Hishamuddin is to sue Anuar Ibrahim for a claim that the latter had made, that the former was a party involved in exposing the sex video. Well, Hishamuddin has the right to do that, but one would have thought that he has more important things to do than to concern himself with Anuar. And the question that remain elusive is why hasn’t the authorities acted against the trio (one Tan Sri and two Datuks) who became famous overnight by just being porno video peddler? Don’t you think this is the more important issue for Hishamuddin to be concern with? Laws against porno video peddling are clear, and why hasn’t Hishamuddin said anything to prosecute the trio? Now, precedence has been set i.e. peddling of sex videos and screening it to others is not a crime, if you are a recipient of an honorific title.

Till today nothing is heard of the trio, and stories of the sex video hasn’t simmered either. By prolonging the case, any doubt that people would have that the person depicted in the video wasn’t Anuar, would gradually diminish. I wonder if this is political ploy that is related to the up-coming Sarawak state elections i.e. the longer the delay, the greater the chances for people to believe that it was Anuar the porno actor. And this will go against the PR chances of gaining support in the Sarawak state elections. But I am told by some friends from Sarawak that crowds keep coming at every PR campaign, and Anuar is a crowd puller. Whether this will translate into votes for the PR is yet to be seen.

Just as the sex video is heating up and including ‘Anuar’s Sodomy 11’, we now have ‘Teoh Beng Hock’s clone Suicide 11’ being played up for public hearing i.e. the tragic death of a senior Custom Officer Ahmad Sarbani while in MACC’s custody, a few days ago. MACC’s ‘gang-ho operations’ did not stop just at arresting Custom Officers nationwide, but continued its tsunami raids on Immigration Officers with the arrest of eight including a female officer; all of whom are Malays. For this, I am thoroughly ashamed. But one thing is certain; all those under MACC custody will not be able to jump out of another window. This time, the MACC has become smarter. They now conduct their investigations in offices located at the ground level, and not anything above that.

MACC is now facing a volley of criticism from the Custom Officers themselves who have sought to meet PM Najib and the MACC chief over this case. They are of the opinion that the MACC has not handled the investigation well and had made it to appear that Ahmad Sarbani is the villain and must die of suicide. There is now a theory that some big wig in the Custom Department is involved in causing the death of Ahmad Sarbani, and this is known to some within the department. Whatever had caused Ahmad Sarbani death, the MACC has to accept that they are partly to blame for the unfortunate demise of a senior Custom Officer while under their charge.

As for now, I have avoided writing about the Sarawak state elections. But I think this is going to be an interesting state election for Sarawak, and the number of candidates contesting is proof of the intensity that this election has generated among the people. Personally, I think the lost of Sibu to the PR candidate during the by-election is causing much worry for the BN, especially now in all Chinese dominated areas and including the urban areas. If the BN cannot wrest control over these areas, then I see a weakened BN dominating Sarawak politics in the future that will finally lead to the demise of Taib Mahmud’s three decades of absolute rule.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


When I got to the office at 10am this morning, my colleague hurriedly pulled me into his office and said, “Want to read another thriller of another man falling to his death from the office of the MACC?”. Prior to this, I had no knowledge of the incident, and upon reading it in the internet, my hands got itchy and could not wait any longer to write something about this incident in my blog when I get back home.

The news story reads something like this; ‘Selangor Custom Assistant Director Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed was found dead at the MACC building in Jalan Cochrane early this morning, and is believed to have fallen out of the third floor window. Ahmad Sarbani is being investigated for graft, together with 62 others in a nationwide scoop by MACC’.

This news looks kind of similar to the Teoh Beng Hock suicide story of ‘self strangulation’. The difference is that Ahmad Sarbani fell off a third floor building and not a 14 floor building, and we are not told as to whether it is another ‘self strangulation’or suicide. I am quite certain that this is going to be another story of suicide, and that the MACC will deny till dooms day that Ahmad Sarbani was left all by himself at the time of the suicide, and MACC officers had nothing to do with his death. They will reinforce this by saying that were absolutely no witnesses, but God.

If anyone were to ask me, “Did Ahmad Sarbani actually jumped out of the window to his death?”. My spontaneous answer is that he did not self strangled himself, nor was he trying to escape by jumping out of the window. I believe someone was threatening him with death if he did not cooperate in the investigation (that is the usual case). And I believe too that the threat was physical, with Ahmad Sarbani being pressed close to the window. This is the only answer that I can think off, because the MACC has over the last few years shown itself to be unprofessional in carrying out their investigation, and the only method they knew was to employ the ‘Gestapo’ method. I do not believe Ahmad Sarbani or anyone would want to take their own life if the investigation was done professionally. I now tend to believe in what others has been saying that some MACC investigating officers are nothing but ruthless thugs, and Abu Kassim has to believe this.

The one major reason that stops me from believing that Ahmad Sarbani killed himself is that he is a Muslim, and he knows the consequences of his act in the afterlife. Suicide is the last word among Malaysian Muslim. Ahmad Sarbani is not a Palestinian fighting to fee their land from Israel’s brutal oppression and deprivation. Neither is he a suicide bomber. He is an ordinary person, and if indeed he was involved in graft, he still has time to repent, should he be send to jail. In jail is the best time for him to repent, free of any worldly influences.

All this has to stop. And the only way to stop this is to boot out the MACC Commissioner including a few others, and for the government to do a complete revamp of MACC. This has to be done now, and there should no longer be anymore compromises or RCI's if the government is serious in wanting to salvage what is left of the good name of the MACC.


Monday, April 4, 2011


Now there are calls from certain parliamentarian to screen the sex video that alleges Anwar Ibrahim’s involvement as the porno star. What a dumb and stupid idea is this? Can’t these honourable MPs think straight or have they all got bitchy themselves? If at all they want to see a porno video, just search the internet like what the two MACC officers in the Teoh Beng Hock trial did; to satisfy their lust for sex videos in the comfort of their office.

And I am just wondering what would their wives at home think of their husbands watching a sex video in parliament? Haven’t they had enough of the sex lives at home? And do they not realize that there are women MPs around, and what would these women MPs say? I am yet to hear someone from among them protest, or have they too got bitchy themselves?

I can only ask this, “What is actually happening to our Yang Berhormats”? I have lived long enough to witness the birth of our Parliament soon after Merdeka and to read what all is being debated and discussed. There has never been a request for a free sex video screening in Parliament before, and I do not think there has ever been one like this in the august house of any other country; not even in Zimbabwe or Lesoto. News like this travels fast and I am quite sure parliamentarians across the world will be laughing their hearts out at this stupidity.

And earlier too, I read that there have been demands by some quarters that a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) be formed over the sex video episode………….an RCI just to determine whether it was Anwar Ibrahim or not in the video? The police have said that the video is authentic, but the main actor is uncertain. So they will now need an expert (a foreign one) to determine who the male porno actor is. And my question is……… you really need an RCI for a case like this? Are we not making the King look stupid if ever he agrees to the RCI? Just look at the outcome of the Lingam Tape…….korek, korek, korek case. What has been the outcome? And the only thing we got was denial from everyone, and the case got nowhere.

My final word on this sex video episode is to request for our parliamentarians act and talk intelligently. And I know that there some among them that are intelligent, but please speak out against those who act and talk stupid.


Sunday, April 3, 2011


For a paltry sum of RM2000, Lenggang assemblyman lost his pride and dignity. And for that sum too, a three years jail sentence and a fine of RM20,000 awaits him. That’s the sentence pronounced by Session Court Judge on Lenggeng first term BN assemblyman Mustafa Salim. He was charged and found guilty of accepting bribe from a sand mining contractor two years ago, and will be appealing against the sentence.

Najib has said that he shall remain an assemblyman while pending a final appeal and it is unlikely that there will be another by-election, should Mustafa Salim fail in his appeal and goes to jail. Regardless of the final judgment, the pronouncement of his guilt by the Session Court Judge is enough for the assemblyman (if he has any morale left in him) to take immediate leave voluntarily from politics, and all those that uphold honour and dignity does not need to be sympathetic with him; this includes Najib himself. To remain a Yang Berhormat, in light of the sentence meted is a mockery, and I do not need to teach Mustafa Salim what it demands to be called a Yang Berhormat. And I believe Najib would have gain greater respect if he refrains from making any pronouncement concerning this case, least he be construed as showing sympathy and support for a corrupt assemblyman.

In neighbouring Indonesia, it was reported that the Ulama’s has decreed that those Muslim corruptors shall not be accorded the customary religious rites upon their death. Some would say that this decree is the extreme that one would accord a dead Muslim. But others would argue that the punishment that awaits corruptors in death is even more severe and unimaginable suffering. I am quite sure all Muslims including Mustafa Salim knows this, but why have corruptors been blind to the fact that Islam forbids the practice of corruption? I am sometimes dumbfounded that Malays today form the majority of those that are involved in corruption, and I say this without inhibition or regret. If this statement of mine were to hurt the Malays (corruptors), then I say that I get a full sense of satisfaction and relief by hurting them, as this is the only language I think they fully understand. And can someone say that I am wrong and outlandish in making such a statement?

Now, what we read of the massive corruption in Sarawak involving a top politician is damning. Yet, nothing is seen to be done, and they say that the top politician goes on to plunder at will. Piles of report concerning this top politician have been made, and what else need to be served in order to get the authorities to commence the investigation. Our top leaders have remained tight-lip and the MACC has been evasive in answering questions relating to the case. The police seems not to know how and where to begin. And for all this, the top Sarawak politician in question walks a free man. I think, this top Sarawak politician has immunity to charges of corruption. Or is he some kind of angel that does no wrong?

Many had asked, “What if it was a top politician from the opposition led state. Will he get the same treatment as the top politician from Sawarak?”. Honestly, I am lost for an answer. But taking the example of the treatment that the Kelantan Menteri Besar received from the authorities over the piece of birthday cake and the supposedly free trip to Mecca, then I would say that the entire weight of government i.e. MACC, police, the mainstream media and what have you, will be hounding the top politician till he/she is left high and dry. I cannot imagine what will happen if it were Lim Eng Guan or Khalid Ibrahim? There will surely be lots of protest by predominantly Malay groups that calls for both to resign from their position.

Sadly, this is how Malaysian politics works today………….gutter politics to say the least. And now with the state election in Sarawak drawing near, we hear reports that the military is being used to harass voters into favouring the state government. Hope this report is not true, as this will be fodder for the opposition to whip the state government.