Sunday, August 31, 2008


I watched the programme 'Ambang Merdeka' on TV last night which I thought was very impressive and colourful. I also wanted to see who will be hoisting the Jalur Gemilang this time, and surely it was not Khairy Jamaluddin or members from Permuda UMNO. The Jalur Gemilang was appropriately hoisted by students of PLPKM.

As I viewed the ongoing events, I began to recall a similar event in August 1957, especially the lowering of the Union Jack, and the hoisting of the flag of independent Malaya which happened at the stroke of midnight.

There was no TV than, and I wasn't brave enough to leave the house and to walk several miles to the Padang in front of Sultan Abdul Samad building to watch the flag lowering and hoisting ceremony, as well as to welcome Merdeka Day. I was 14 years old than; old enough by today's standards to leave the house with or without the parents consent. However, I wasn't one of those who dared to defy my parents, to leave the house and to return home pass midnight.

Fortunately, we had the radio and it was through this media that we followed the historical events of the night of August 30, 1957, and the shouts of Merdeka at the stroke of midnight.

Malaysia is now 51 years old, and the physical development that we see in Kuala Lumpur and around the country today is so obviously different. There was no bus service to school, and walking to school was a joy as it wasn't too hot. There was no fear of me being knocked down by a car, because the route to school was usually empty. It is so different today, and I would not dare allow my 11 year old grandson to walk to his school, which is just a short distance away from my house.

Despite all the wonderful things that we see happening today, I just wonder whether Malaysians are truly Malaysians. We still call ourself Malays, Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indians. Why this race categorisation? Why not just Malaysians? This is the central issue that has made us suspicious of each other. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just walk into our neighbour's house, not thinking that he is a Malay, Chinese or Indian? I also believe that UMNO, MCA and MIC in its present racially bias distinguishable entity, should not exist any longer.

Many will disagree with what I have said above. But I can't help but to express my views about what Malaysians are today, because I grew up in an environment where my neighbours and schoolmates were truly Malayans.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) has now been placed at full gear, with the arrest of a number of Puspakom officers, and hopefully with many more arrest yet to come. ACA activities has been in the limelight for good reasons over the last few months, and this is beginning to heat other departments as well.

I have reasons to believe that all government departments that has dealings with the public are susceptible to corrupt practise by its officers. And I am told that the construction industry is about the most corrupt in this country. Even door keepers demands a share of the cake; otherwise the applications gets nowhere.

Recently, several top notch government officers were arrested, allegedly for corruption; the Director General of the Immigration Department and his deputy, and the Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, to name a few.

From what I gather, the DG Ministry of Tourism, Dato Mirza Mohd Taiyyab arrest is shrouded in some 'mysteries circumstances' known to the staffs of the ministry. They say that Dato Mirza is an honest and a decent government officer who is not known to fall prey to corrupt practises. They believe that some dirty hands are at work to discredit Dato Mirza, and they point out that a minister has a hand in this ugly scheme.

If the above is true, the ACA has to come down hard to investigate the truth. Let not Dato Mirza be a victim of some unscrupulous scheming person(s), whoever they maybe. If it is found that a minister is involved, please get his or her scalp, and dump it into Sg. Buloh. But never, never for once allow an innocent person to be victimised, for the wrath of Allah will surely fall upon those unscrupulous schemers.


I wish to congratulate the Auditor General, Tan Sri Ambrin Buang for another startling revelation of improprieties in the management of government funds by ministries and its associated departments.

It startled me to read that the Ministry of Education is once again mentioned for its poor handling in the purchase of some IT equipments for schools, which the report say is missing, Immediately upon this revelation, the Ministry of Education has reported that the equipments are not lost, but are currently being installed in schools.

I am quite sure Tan Sri Ambrin Buang has been thorough and correct in his reporting. He would not have made the report if it wasn't true. I suspect, the people involved in the purchase of the equipments may have something to hide, and when the truth is revealed, they are left with no other option but to declare that the equipments are available. I am just wondering what the Honorable Minister of Education has to say about this, for he has been mute regarding this issue.

Millions of ringgit of public funds have been lost due to poor financial management by ministries and departments. But there is absolute indifference as to who should take responsibility over these losses. Of course, no minister should be made responsible, and that leaves the poor government servant to shoulder the blame. In most instances, such matters are kept under wraps, without any action being taken. Is this what we called public accountability, where the people in-charge is not accountable for anything at all. Please do not blame me, if I say that the public servants are partly to blame for the ills within their ministries and departments, and some are known to work in cohort with their bosses.

I am told by one public servant sometime ago, that the Malaysian public service is one of the best and the most efficient in the region, if not the world. But I keep doubting myself of what my friend have said, every time I read the Auditor General report.


Anwar Ibrahim has made a seriously flawed move, the very first day as an opposition parliamentarian by storming out in protest against the DNA Bill introduced by Minister of Internal Affairs, Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar. I view his protest as a sign of weakness, contrary to what he had pledged i.e.that he will fight all out against the BN government, and certainly the best place to fight is in parliament.

I simply could understand that if the hastily reading of the Bill is a deliberate attempt by the BN government to incriminate Anwar in the Saiful sodomy case, Anwar then had to remain steadfast in battling his case out in parliament. By walking out in protest has not affect BN the least, but the losers were obviously the opposition themselves.

Anwar must understand that the people who had voted him into parliament, wants him to prove his prowess as an elected representative by speaking out against his proclaimed abuses of power by the BN government. He has been afforded the opportunity to do that, but not by walking out, the way he did.

I must admit that I am one of those who wanted Anwar to win the by election, simply because I am hopeful that he can be a strong opposition voice in parliament, to checkmate the government. And I am quite sure, I am not alone in this matter.

Anwar has about four years to prove everything that he had pledged, and he ought to be reminded too that the people who voted for him are no fools. And should Anwar fumble, there will no longer be a third time for him in parliament.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Despite having lost the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat in the by-elections on Tuesday 26 to Pakatan Rakyat (PR), BN politicians are in complete denial, and are still reluctant to accept that the lost has anything to do with the weakening of support of the people towards the BN. They claim that the win has not changed the position of BN in parliament which remains strong. One BN politician even remarked that the 15,000 odd majority obtained by Anwar over his BN opponent is small. Others have said that Anwar’s win has been anticipated, and they are not shocked by the outcome. I suppose, they are waiting for a bigger shock to come.

The only voice of reason came from Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin, who cautioned that Anwar’s win ought not to be treated lightly.

From the statements made, it is obvious most BN politicians have not learned their lessons, and denial upon denial, seems their only way out of their predicament.

What has actually become of BN politicians? Have they not realized that their grip on power is gradually being eroded? Don’t they know what it means to loose during an elections? Are they thinking that their voters will not desert them, because they have been a long serving MP, and had served the voters well? Are they to believe that having held the reins of government for 51 years, makes them impervious to losing the elections?

Surprisingly, besides UMNO, comments from other BN component parties is somewhat subdued. I thought, MIC leaders would have come up strongly in support of Abdullah and Najib, as they would normally do. But NO…this time around, they opt to remain eerily silent. Or is this an indication that their support for BN has wavered?

Now that Anwar is an MP, let us all wait and see if he is effective as a new member of parliament. He certainly has to perform well as head of the opposition in parliament, if he wish to remain an elected representative in the next general election. And let us not forget too, the many promises that he has made during his campaigning.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Anwar has finally won, and his route to Parliament is clear. But what next? Will he be able to garner enough support by way of a crossover of BN parliamentarians to form the ‘people’s government’ come September 16, as he has so convincingly claimed? There were also lots of promises made during the campaigning, and will Anwar be able to fulfilled those promises? Will he be able to stamp out corruption which he has so passionately pledged, since his release from prison. These are some of the questions that Malaysians wants answered, more so for those avid supporters of Anwar.

With Anwar’s win, what then was UMNO/BN’s failure during the by-election?. To say that Anwar won primarily because Permatang Pauh is his home ground is unacceptable and lame. And to say that Anwar had used the race card, to appeal to the Chinese and Indians to vote for PR is not right either. Clearly, for me, the manner in which UMNO/BN had strategized its campaigning was all wrong, and UMNO/BN must accept this fact.

UMNO/BN has misunderstood and failed to read the sentiment of the people of Permatang Pauh. Acting like instant Santa Claus, by giving out huge amount of cash to mosque, madrasah, schools and others, is counter productive. The people are cleaver enough to understand the actual reason of the instant cash handouts. Why now they say. Why not several months or years before. To claim that the instant cash handout is not politically motivated, and has nothing to do with the by-election is dumb.

Even the swearing of a politician in a mosque at Permatang Pauh, did little to change the opinion of the voters, especially the Malay voters, and this is easily proven by the increase majority obtained by Anwar.

I was not anywhere at Permatang Pauh throughout the by-election period. But I have a lot of friends (both UMNO and PR), whom I am in constant contact throughout the period. From the very outset, they knew that it was very difficult for BN to win. They felt aggrieved at the way the UMNO/BN campaign was being done. The nightly show featuring Saiful’s swearing for one, had caused more hatred for the BN, than joy. Accusing Anwar for being a traitor of the Malays for accommodating the Chinese and Indians, as well as being a Jewish agent, must have alienated the Chinese and Indian voters, and for them to cast their votes for PR.

UMNO/BN big wigs that came in droves to support their candidate, did little to appease the voters. Their speeches were nothing but to condemn Anwar, with little to talk about issues affecting the people and the nation at large. One UMNO speaker even want to the extend of saying that this by-election is meant to bury Anwar. Now with the results out, who is to bury who?

There are lots of lessons to be learnt from this by-election, which I dubbed, the dirtiest ever. However, having heard the news over TV 1 this morning, I am glad that Najib has graciously conceded defeat for the BN, and said that democracy is still very much alive in Malaysia.

Monday, August 25, 2008

TENTERA DARAT - 1933 - 2008

I was recently presented with a table top book titled 'Tentera Darat 1933 - 2008' complied and published by the Malaysian Army. I have to thank the Chief of Staff of Army HQ, Brig Jen Datuk Baharum for be kind enough to present me the book. The book must have costs Army a fortune to publish, but it certainly is not a waste.

My opinion of the book is one of praise. I salute those that had toiled to make the book a success. It is indeed a historical record of the Army; from its early beginnings to what the Army is today. There are lots of pictures to view, and for some old and retired soldiers like me, I could feel the sense of pride at having to serve and be part of the Malaysian Army.

In trying to document the many achievements of the Army, nothing is being left out. Heroic events of our soldiers during World War 2, Malaysia-Indonesian confrontation, Malayan Emergency and the Army's participation in UN peacekeeping duties all over the world, are all being well documented. I could also view some pictures of myself, and this certainly made my children and grandchildren proud at having their father and grandfather documented in the book. My elder grandson was so excited that he says that he wants to show the pictures of me to his schoolmates.

I would like to suggest that Army distributes copies of the book to all universities, as a way to encourage students to join the Armed Forces upon them graduating.

I would also like to suggest that Army undertakes to consolidate and document a book on the participation of the Army on UN Peacekeeping duties. We have seen many successes on peacekeeping duties, but it has not been published for public reading. What need to be done is to dedicate a chapter to each mission, and to be written by the officer who commanded the mission. This is also a way of encouraging officers to write their experiences, which is lacking among the officers corps today.


Over the last few days, I have been watching closely events surrounding the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign. With only a few hours left for polling, I can only describe this by-election campaign as the worse and the dirtiest ever. Everyone who participated in the campaign are no better then fools and idiots. They all have nothing good to talk about, other then bad mouthing, cursing and swearing at each other.

Most of them are an educated lot, and I am surprise that their actions and the language that they use during the campaign, does not reflect them to be of good and sound character.

The mainstream media has nothing better to show. Virtually everyday, the story of Saiful's swearing takes centre page. It is being repeatedly shown on mainstream TV channels, and I am told that the same is also being screened at nightly 'ceramah' by one political party. I do not know how Saiful feels about this, but I am ashame. Even my grandson has remarked that he is not quite sure whether Saiful is a male, a female, or half male half female.

Even the imam who witnessed the swearing is not being spared. He too is being made to participate in the nightly 'ceramah', even for a few minutes. Mufti's too are being interviewed to give their 'professional opinion' on the swearing. I asked myself, 'What is all this?. What is happening to us Malays?. Is this the culture that our dear parents have taught be rude, vulgar, disrespectful, arrogant to others?. It this the character that we want to show and teach our children?'. You Malay politicians are making the Malays look like idiots and fools, and a laughing stock to other races in this blessed country.

Now Saiful's swearing act has caught on others to do likewise; supposedly as a way of proving to others that he has done no wrong. I would have thought that if one is right and does no wrong, he need not worry himself about what others would think of him. A righteous person need not necessarily have to prove anything to anyone.

There are many many issues that you politicians can talk about. You know that this country is sinking caused by some idiotic policies and actions, and you care not for the many who are suffering. Go down to the villages and kampungs, and you will see that not all can afford three meals a day.

Everyday, we read of murders and robberies. Yet you can have 6000 policeman deployed in Permatang Pauh to ensure the safety of the area. This to me is a sheer waste of human resource.

Honestly, I am fed up with what I see happening in Permatang Pauh. Fortunately, I do not belong to any political party, and I wish to remain 'apolitical' for the rest of my life. And I am also seriously having second thoughts of casting my vote in the next general elections.

Friday, August 22, 2008


At long last, the PM of all person, decides to take a ride on the commuter and the LRT, to see for himself the problems faced by commuters. I am wondering whether he has taken over the portfolio as the Minister of Transport.

I am not implying that the PM should not do what he did, but he could have just ordered the Minister of Transport to report to him, his concerns regarding the problems faced by KTM and LRT commuters daily. I do not know how the the Minister of Transport and his entire ministry reacted, but I would be ashamed to have my boss do things that I am suppose to be responsible.

Being a regular passenger on the KTM commuter, I have lots to tell about the plight of passengers, especially during the peak hours. It was only yesterday, August 21 that I heard a child screaming during the rush to get into the KTM commuter at Mid Valley station. Apparently, the child was hit by the closing door of the commuter. It must be a horrifying experience for the child and the mother. Shouts by angry passengers trying to get out and into the commuter, especially during the rush period is a daily occurrence.

I am quite sure the KTM management is well aware of the problems faced by its commuters. What is actually required is a total revamp of the entire KTM management, whom I believe have little interest in improving the KTM commuter services.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


It has been almost a week that I last posted an article in this blog. I just wanted a short break from writing, and to maintain a close watch at what is happening around the country today.

Of course, I have been following closely the events surrounding the Permatang Pauh by-elections since nomination day, and with only five days remaining for polling day i.e. 26 August,the news being reported via the mainstream media, is certainly not in Pakatan Rakyat's favour.

The beating of the two photographers during nomination day allegedly by PR supporters, and the swearing of Saiful, were hot news for several days continuously. And the latest report of corruption charges on two PR Perak state Exco members has placed PR Perak state government on the defensive, and it might well affect PR chances of winning big in the Permatang Pauh by-election.

Of the many issues raised by both parties during the campaigning, the swearing of Saiful on the Koran interest me most. The manner in which the swearing was done had come under various criticism and comments from many religious quarters. Even the former Indonesian President, Gus Dur has voiced his comments over the matter. As a Muslim, and having read the criticism/comments made, I am now not certain whether what Saiful did was correct or otherwise.

And having watched Saiful on TV, I begin to wonder how could this tall and physically strong 22 year old boy be sodomised by a 61 year old man called Anwar. I was 61 year old, 3 years ago, and I know I could not easily bring down a healthy and strong 22 year old boy like Saiful. I need to be equally strong and tall to do anything untoward, towards someone like Saiful. I could not imagine myself having to wrestle and fight to get the 22 year old boy to take off his pants, without him having to take a punch at my face. Don't tell me that Saiful is so weak a person as not having the strength to fight off Anwar's advances.

This makes to me think that what has been said of Anwar may not be true...and only God knows.

Friday, August 15, 2008


As the by-election date for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat draws near, the battle of the media has began. As at the moment, the mainstream media clearly has an edge over the opposition’s media in news reporting on the up-coming by-election, for obvious reasons.

Just over the last two days of reading, the NST has reported numerous statements uttered by BN leaders reflecting confidence that this time around, its candidate, Datuk Arif Shah will come out the outright winner.

Here, I wish to list some of the statements made by BN leaders concerning its candidate, as reported in the NST.

1. Hishamuddin Hussein said, ‘Barisan candidate accepted by people’.

2. Ali Rustam said, ‘BN has good chance of winning seat’.

3. Penang State Gerakan Secretary, Datuk Dr. Teng Hock Han said, ‘Arif Shah was accepted not only by the Malays, but also the Chinese, Indians and Thai’s’.

4. Penang MCA Deputy Chairman, Lau Cheik Tuan said, ‘Party was confident that Arif Shah would triumph over Anwar’.

5. Syed Hamid Albar said, ‘Arif Shah will deliver the goods’.

6. Samy Vellu said, ‘The BN candidate has our full support’.

Whereas, on the side of the opposition, Anwar Ibrahim is reported to have said that, ‘ We (PR), are not just facing UMNO, but the whole BN machinery’, and this obviously is Anwar’s biggest challenge.

Penang Chief Minister, Mr. Lim Eng Guan is also reported to have said that, ‘ Anwar Ibrahim will not only represent the constituency if chosen as an MP, but also has a shot in leading the country by becoming the next PM’.

Clearly, there is a striking difference between the statements made by BN leaders, and the two opposition leaders. While the former is overly confident in winning the by-election; the latter seems to lacks confidence, and is extremely cautious in making any judgment.

It will also be interesting to hear what both the candidates have to say during their campaign, and let us hope that character assassination of leaders will not take center stage. But I am not surprise if the proposal made by Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid to admit non-bumiputra into UiTM, will be BN’s main issue during the campaign period.

It is now left to the voters of Permatang Pauh to decide who should represent them in Parliament. Will it be Arif Shah or Anwar Ibrahim? The choice is in the hands of the voters.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Menteri Besar Selangor, YAB Tan Sri Abdul Khalid’s proposal to allow non-Bumiputra admission into UiTM was met with severe criticism from may quarters; in particular from the PM himself, and the Vice Chancellor UiTM, Prof Dato Seri Ibrahim Abu Shah.

Tan Sri Khalid, in response said that his statement ‘was blown out of proportion and taken out of context’. He went on to say that he made it ‘in the context of raising the standards of institutions of higher learning, so that Malays and other bumiputras could improve their career prospects’

I believe, Tan Sri Khalid was merely making a proposal, and if at all the government is in total disagreement with the proposal, the Ministry of Higher Learning could have issued a simple statement to say that ‘the government is not yet ready to accept the proposal’, or something to that effect. There was no need for the PM to say that ‘he (Tan Sri Khalid) has no power to do that’ i.e. to propose changes to admission into UiTM, or the Vice Chancellor making hard hitting statements on TV, to counter the proposal. I wonder what the Malaysian viewers, particularly non-bumiputras have to say to the remarks made by the Vice Chancellor. I think, it smacks on racism, and I am disgusted to hear such unwarranted statements made by a person deemed knowledgeable, and is of reputable character.

For how long will some of our schools and institutions of higher learning remain racially polarized? When are we to be called truly Malaysian, if we continue to have, and segregate our children into Malay, Chinese and Indian schools? Fifty years of independence have not changed our society the least, that is still being identified by its racial entity.

I have been schooled in a totally racially integrated government school from the moment I entered school, and that was in the beginning of the early 50’s. I enjoyed the friends that I had, and we never identified ourselves by race or the colour of our skin.

Because of this upbringing, I had little problem in associating myself with my Chinese and Indian friends, who would readily come to my house to play, and to have meals together. My parents would welcome them as being part of the family. This are my school friends, all of whom have now pass their sixties, and when we meet, it is not about race, but about friendship.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Over the last 5 days, we have been watching harrowing images on TV, of the most recent war between Russia and Georgia over Ossetia. For most of us, we may not be fully aware as to the main causes of the war, but most will understand that Georgia was once part of the great Soviet Union, and in 1992, Georgia became an independent state following the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Elsewhere, in Iraq and Afghanistan, peace and security has yet to be fully realised, and the cost to human lives, be they soldiers or civilians has not ceased. Despite big powers involvement, namely the US and its NATO allies which started the war thinking that it can be over in a few months, have now been taught a serious lesson by the rag-tag Iraqi and Afghan soldiers, that military superiority alone cannot guarantee immediate success in war. For how much longer can the US and its NATO allies sustain its war in Iraq and Afghanistan, can only be answered by Bush, the war monger, and its NATO cohorts.

With thousands of soldiers dead, many thousands more maimed, and voluntary conscription no longer a choice among the bodily able youth in the US today, I now believe that Bush or any other successive US President, may no longer find it easy anymore to obtain US Congressional approval to wage another war, against what is so often referred to as 'belligerent states', or its enemies in the US war against terror.

With Russia now at 'war' with Georgia, it will be interesting to see how the US and its NATO allies react to Georgia's call for military help and intervention. Will the US be ready to come to the aid of Georgia, thus opening another front, and this time against a much more superior 'enemy', that is unlike Iraq and Afghanistan? Recent announcements by Bush concerning the war, is far too mild, lackluster, and without the hard hitting rhetorics that was so often heard, prior to the US invasion of Iraq. Is Bush doing this merely to appease Russia, and to make amends for his over zealous and boastful pronouncements e.g. mission accomplished, shock and awe, and the surge, that might have angered the Russians, in his war against Iraq?

And likewise, how will NATO allies react? Will it be a full scale military intervention, or are they merely offering themselves as peace mediator? I could imagine what will become of the region, and of the whole world, if the entire might of the Russian military is to take on both the US, which is already a spent force, and NATO forces. It will be catastrophic, and untold lost of human lives and sufferings. And the thought of Russia and the US, both being nuclear powers, makes war between the two a dangerous proposition.

And at the home front, let the war between Russia and Georgia, and other wars around the world be a stalk reminder to both our political and military leaders, that war can confront the nation at anytime. Our so called friends today, can be our enemies tomorrow. And we do have problems with our neighbours that can spark a conflict.

And in our eagerness to achieve economic prosperity, our leaders must never neglect the development of our military forces to meet vital military needs and challenges of the future. I believe, this has been the weakest aspect of our military development, due primarily to the lack of interest, military understanding and knowledge of the military, by our leaders.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


NST online dated August 5, 2008 reports that 'Seized syabu worth RM 1 million missing from Johor Police HQ' This apparently is not the first of such reports, but losing critical evidence like this had happened several time before. What has the police to say of this. And more importantly, such incident further erodes public trust and confidence in the police force.

Whatever excuse the police may give out, there is nothing that can bring honour, trust and credibility to the force any longer. Even the Johor Chief Police Officer has been avoiding the press, and this only reflects his arrogance and unworthiness as a responsible police officer, at facing the truth, for which the public so demands.

With the missing evidence, how then could the police proceed with the case to prosecute the people involved in the seized syabu. I can only say this....that there is something seriously wrong with the police force today. They have build up a force that is made up corrupt officers, which knows no limit to their ill doing. It is impossible for anyone, other than the police themselves to have stolen the seized syabu. They are therefore the worse culprits, and a total disgrace to the uniform they adorn.

Only recently, we are fed with reports of massive corruption in the Police Logistic Division, where top police officers of the division has been called in by the ACA for their statements.

Another interesting case involves the awarding of contract to a relatively inexperience local IT company, to equip the police force with state-of-the-art communication equipment, only to be told that the company supplying the equipment is a foreign based company, with a former Israeli Air Force officer as one of its directors. How could this be a slip...or is it corruption that had blinded the eyes of those police officers involved in recommending the contract?

With all this scrupulous happenings within the police force, I now wonder if the Musa Hassan can ever get his well deserve sleep every night.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


In paragraph 4 of my posting titled 'UMNO - A party with lots of surprises and a comedy of error' I had erroneously written '11 August 2008', which should have been '11 July 2008'. Error is highly regretted.


UMNO politics is full of surprises and a comedy of sorts.

Today, August 5, 2008, an UMNO veteran, Dato Mazlan Harun had filed a report to the ACA, alleging that some top leaders within UMNO of corruption and abuse of power. The report did not specifically mentioned the top leaders by name, but it was obviously linked to an August 11, 2008 letter written by UMNO PJ Division Chief, Dato Zahar, to UMNO's Secretary General, whom Dato Zahar accused the PM and DPM of corruption and abuse of power. How far will this report be investigated, or will it ever be investigated by the ACA, remains to be seen.

If the ACA is courages enough to investigate, this will be the first occasion in UMNO's history, and the history of this country, where both the PM and the DPM are being investigated for corruption and abuse of power. Should this happen, the country will fare no better than some countries in Africa, or even Israel where the PM is under investigation for corruption, and is unlikely to remain in power for long.

And also today, it was reported that UMNO Wanita Chief, Rafidah Aziz has decided that she will contest for the post of UMNO Wanita Chief in the up coming UMNO General Assembly, and to hand over her post to Sharizad Jalil in mid 2009. Rafidah Aziz was said to have 'urged Wanita members
not to field challenges for the movement's top two posts'. If that was what she said, Rafidah Aziz has committed the same offence as the PM and DPM i.e. in breach of UMNO's code of conduct, which tantamount to corruption and abuse of power. Let us see if another report is sent to the ACA over the action of Rafidah Aziz.

I am just curious as to why Rafidah Aziz need to contest anymore, a post that she has held for almost 20 years, and having been active in politics for 42 years. Does she need to prove to others,that she is still being needed by Wanita, and by not contesting, there will be disorder and chaos to Wanita's leadership? What makes it so different if Sharizad Jalil is allowed to contest for the top Wanita post now, rather than to be handed the post in mid 2009? I see no sense of reason in this arrangement at all.

For as long as UMNO continues to have members who relishes greed for power, the party will be one with lots of surprises and a comedy of sorts.


I have just received an SMS from a former colleague informing me that 6 Battalion, Royal Malay Regiment will be receiving its new regimental colours on August 15, 2008. The battalion is presently based in Kepala Batas, Alor Star, Kedah.

Back in 80's, the base was occupied by 9 Battalion, Royal Malay Regiment, of which I was its Commanding Officer for two years, from 1980 until 1982. In the 80's, most infantry battalions could hardly find time to be in base, long enough for its soldiers to be with their families. In the case of my battalion, we were deployed on operations for a period of three months at a time, with a three months break, and back again on operations for another three months. This was the routine, and even when the battalion was in base, there were other activities that the battalion had to undertake eg. battalion retraining, formation exercises and sporting activities.

6 Battalion, Royal Malay Regiment was my first battalion that I was posted to, upon completing my officers cadet training at the Royal Military College in 1966. The battalion was then based in Kluang, Johore, and the Commanding Officer was Lt Col Mokhti Jabar (died in service in 1978 in the rank of Colonel). I was detailed to B Company as a platoon commander, and its Officer Commanding was Maj Dahalan Sulaiman (retired in the rank of Major General).

I believe, the new regimental colours that 6 Battalion, Royal Malay Regiment will be receiving is the third. The original regimental colours which was presented to the battalion during the British Colonial period was destroyed during a fire of a storehouse at HQ 5 Brigade, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in 1969. I could remember the burning incident, because I was then the adjutant of the battalion based in Tawau, Sabah. The regimental colours was kept in transit at the storehouse, and was to be flown back to Tawau, after a parade held in Kuching, Sarawak. The accompanying officer was one Capt Badaruddin Yassin.

I also wish to relate a bad experience that I had with the regimental colours. In 1967, I was assigned to be the colour ensign at the Merdeka Parade held in Kuala Lumpur. Being the colour ensign, I was given the responsibility to care for safety of the regimental colours. The battalion regimental HQ was then based in Labuan, Sabah.

After the parade, I directed the colour escorts to store the regimental colours at Batu Cantoment Camp, and to bring it back to Sg. Besi Air Force Base the following morning for our return flight to Labuan.

Upon my arrival at Sg. Besi Air Force Base that morning, I realised that my name had been deleted from the passengers manifest list. The reason they gave was that I was late, and my seat had been given to someone else. However, the colour escorts who had arrived much earlier, had managed to secure their return seats, and had safely loaded the regimental colours into the aircraft. What I did not realised was that my Commanding Officer was also on the same fight to Labuan that morning, and upon seeing him, I told him that I could not return to Labuan with him, because I no longer have a seat in the aircraft, and will only return to Labuan the next day. He did not say a word, and I knew he was angry at me for being late.

The following day, I arrived at Sg. Besi Air Force Base, and this time I was early. During the flight back, I was restless, and I know that I will be punished upon my return to Labuan. I had broken a sacred rule, that I as the colour ensign, should have at all times, to be with the regimental colours. In this instance, the regimental colours had flown out without me.

Upon my arrival at Labuan, I was greeted by the adjutant, Capt Zainal Che Dan, and the first thing that come out of him was that, I have been ordered to do a 30 days duty officer starting the day I arrived Labuan. I wasn't shocked at the pronouncement, for I clearly deserve the punishment. The next 30 days was a 'harrowing experience' for me, because I had to be in my uniform every minute of the day, and to be sleeping in the Duty Officers Room.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


As UMNO's General Assembly draws near, problems within the party has now begin to emerge. Over the last few days, incidence of money politics at branch level has been reported, and I am quite sure, money politics which is an embedded UMNO culture, will not stop there, but will continue at division and even at the national level.

There is already a call by UMNO's disciplinary council to have ACA officers keep a watch over its members during the election period, and this reflects the seriousness of the problem within UMNO today. Until and unless, a more severe punishment is meted out against offenders, money politics in UMNO will not cease. The problem with UMNO is that they view money politics as a domestic problem that will be dealt with by its disciplinary council, and not an act of corruption liable to be tried by the civil courts. This maybe the reason why the activities of corruption by party members, within and outside the party has so often been heard. Shame and the fear of being punished, has little meaning.

It was only today that I read a stunning letter written by UMNO PJ Division Chief, Capt Dato Zahar Hashim (retired) which was posted in RPK's Malaysia Today on August 01, 2008, accusing both the PM and his deputy of corruption and abuse of power. The letter dated 11 July 2008 was addressed to UMNO's Secretary General, a day after a close door meeting which the PM had called, involving all division chiefs, youth leaders, wanita and puteri UMNO leaders.

Capt Dato Zahar's letter states that the PM and the DPM had appealed to all present that they wished to continue to hold their post, until the declared handover date in mid 2010. What this implies is that the post of party President and Deputy President should not be contested, to enable both to remain in power until mid 2010. Capt Dato Zahar view this appeal as outrageous and unacceptable; one that is in breach of the party's code of conduct. He also cites that both the PM and DPM have acted to demean the virtues of leadership by example. As an ex serviceman, I salute Capt Dato Zahar for his stance and courages act to defend the party's code of conduct, regardless of the implication that may befall upon him. He has set an example that the 'saya sokong' attitude that is so prevalent within UMNO, is certainly not his 'bread and butter'.

The next issue that is boggling UMNO is the upcoming Parliamentary by-election in Permatang Pauh, Penang, which was left vacant due to the resignation of its elected representative, Dr. Wan Azizah. The date for the by-election has not been announce by the Election Commission, but leaders within UMNO and PKR has began to make advances into Permatang Pauh.

Whilst PKR is sure of fielding Anwar Ibrahim, UMNO on the other hand has yet to make an announcement. Will it be Datuk Pirdaus Ismail or Izam or Datuk Abdul Jalil (Pematang Pauh UMNO Division Chief)? Whoever UMNO elects to contest in Pematang Pauh by-election, will face an uphill task of beating Anwar Ibrahim at his own turf. Prediction of a possible win by UMNO this time around, abounds the mainstream media, and I am quite sure the 'battle of the media' is set to begin.

Will the Pematang Pauh by-election be another Ijok by-election? We will all have to wait and see.

Friday, August 1, 2008


The Anwar Ibrahim sodomy case has simply gone overboard. To many people are making statements, and the press is having a gala time at making their views heard too. Even the blogs are not spared in making their cases heard. When will this damn thing stop.

Now Syed Hamid has said that the police has wrapped up their investigations. If that is so, just go and arrest Anwar, like the way the police did to Anwar recently, if Anwar has a case to answer. And if there is none, just throw out the case and ask everyone to shut their BIG mouth.

Even some Ministers out of ignorance, has appeared out of their cocoon, to make threats. The statement by the Deputy Minister of Health that the private hospital (referring to Pusrawi Hospital I suppose)that had exposed the medical note on Saiful, can be liable to a hefty fine, if found to be negligent in handling the medical note. May I ask this basic question.....who is this Minister to make such a threat and announce the fine? Please, the case is already in the hands of the police, and let justice takes its course, and we don't need the Minister to make threats on anybody.

I have said this many times before in my earlier postings, that our leaders need to straighten themselves, to see the reality of what is to become of our country, if the political scene is not put right. Everyone knows that the economy is not doing too well, and the people are suffering. Just ask the people in the streets, and you can get an honest answer, which is not good to be heard by Honourable Ministers.

I say all this with anger in my heart, because I see and hear the suffering of the people every day. Please Ministers....take to the streets, to feel the pulse of the people.


Recently, I have been informed that there is now an attempt by some retired military officers to document their experiences and personal involvement during the racial riots of May 13, 1969. I believe, the outcome of this document will reveal to the public, the entire May 13 episode from the perspective of the military, of which the public has very little knowledge. It will be interesting to see how the public will react to this revelation.

Every Malaysian who were witnessed to this tragic incident dubbed as the darkest spot in our history, will vouched never to witness such an orgy of killing and destruction again. For those who had lost their loved ones, the tragedy would not be easily forgotten, and it will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

But following the tragedy, Malaysians today has become more tolerant of each other, and accepts that the diversity in our society is unique. Such diversity shall remain so for many more generations to come.

I was not involved in the pubic order operations during May 13, because I was than serving in Tawau, Sabah. Tawau had no TV than, and we relied entirely on the local dailies for news concerning the tragic events looming in Kuala Lumpur. Even making a phone call to my parents who were residing in Datuk Keramat was difficult. In fact, I never got to call them at all.

I believe, what will come out of the document, written by retired military officers who were at the frontline of the entire tragedy, will serve as an important lesson for all, and in particular to our national leaders ‘that the use of the Armed Forces in public order duties, must be made with full responsibility, accountability and complete restraint’, a view that I have always held throughout my military years.

We hope to see many more military officers write their military experiences or memoirs, that will be useful reading for the future generation of military officers. Gen Tun Ibrahim Ismail (retired) who now has two published books to his credit, Gen Tan Sri Hashim Hussein (retired) and Maj Gen Dato Nordin Yusof (retired) with one published book each, and few others have set the pace for more books to be published by military officers in the future.


Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed is reportedly to be furious at the presence of Tony Blair in Malaysia. He is here in Kuala Lumpur to deliver a lecture on the topic of' The Rule of Law and Good Governance' at University Malaya on Thursday 31 July. Tun Dr. Mahathir had accused Blair of war crimes in Iraq, and together with Bush, both had caused the death of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Blair had been severely criticised, both in the Uk as well as abroad, for being a 'little poodle' to Bush.

Blair's topic for the lecture seemed strange. For a person who had lied to justify his country's waging a war in Iraq, he is totally unfit and incompetent to speak on the subject. Just like Bush, he too is incompetent to talk on the question of human rights. The abuses of his troops upon captured Iraqi prisoners in Abu Gharib and Guantanamo, and the inhumane policies that he had instituted to deal with those captured prisoners, makes Bush the worst ever war criminal alive today, and a justified case to be tried before the War Tribunal in the Hague. Both Bush and Blair may escape trial on earth, but as good Christians, they very well know that there is no escaping trial in death.

As at June this year, the UK had lost a total of 176 soldiers in Iraq, and the US with a staggering figure of 4,127 soldiers dead. In terms of US soldiers wounded in Iraq, the number is 30,000 odd, with many of them going insane.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan had passed the 5 year mark, and the UK and US soldiers has no way out of their predicament. Many more will die and be maimed for life, and their leaders seemed oblivious to the sufferings of the soldiers, who were ordered to die in a war based on lies.

This 'war mongger' Bush has now set his eyes on Iran, but let us all see if he can enlarge his country's theater of war, before he quits the US Presidency this November.


PAS President, Ustaz Abdul Hadi Awang's recent statement 'that PAS will not go into a political merger with UMNO, and is committed to the Pakatan Rakyat ideals', seals UMNO's hope of forming a coalition government in Perak, or in any other states controlled by Pakatan Rakyat.

The former MB Perak, Tajol Rosli who had been luring PAS leaders within the Pakatan Rakyat, Perak state government of a possible coalition, has now to accept that his rightful place in the Perak State Legislative Assembly, is as an opposition leader. Being in the opposition, he still has a role to play as the people's representative; an effective one if he so wished. But I am also informed that Tajol Rosli has still not officially handed over the leadership of the state government to the new MB, following his party's lost during the elections. Was he hoping of making a comeback (certainly not as the MB), if Pakatan Rakyat had accepted his proposal of a coalition government?

In the state of Selangor, we have now been told that there was a secret meeting held between PAS and UMNO state leaders immediately after BN's lost in the elections. What was actually the purpose of the meeting is not well known, and being born a 'Selangorean', I certainly take offend to such secret meetings. I perceive this to be a weakness in the PAS leadership, as such an action can be seen as betraying the trust and confidence of Pakatan Rakyat's partnership.

I can say this for sure that following this revelation, many who were supportive of PAS during the last election, especially in the constituency that I voted, are now beginning to raised doubts as to the sincerity of PAS within the Pakatan's coalition. I say this in all sincerity, because all those who had voted for PAS had high hopes of seeing changes in the state government, as UMNO/BN had ignored the people with its 'bossy and arrogant attitude' for too long. Let this be the last that we hear of any 'secret meetings' with UMNO, and PAS will now have to take steps to redeem itself from any misconception held by its voters.

A coalition within Pakatan Rakyat will only survive if there is absolute trust among all its leaders. And taking about leaders, it will be good if all Pakatan Rakyat leaders take a serious note of what YAM Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah has spoken recently concerning leaders. It does not need an Oxford graduate to understand what all has been said by Raja Dr. Nazrin. It only requires common sense.