Friday, February 27, 2009


THUGGERY........... and low down scums. These are the words that I wish to describe those UMNO Youth that had caused a raucous at parliament recently to protest against MP Karpal Singh (for whatever the reasons). If I had a son being a party to the incident, I would have given him a tight slap.

Even if they had so much of hatred for Karpal, they had no right to take the law into their own hands, and do something that might hurt Karpal. What can a crippled Karpal do to defend himself. Nothing.......virtually nothing. Indeed, I deem such act as cowardly and their behaviour no better than thugs. Is this what UMNO teaches you to do? And certainly your parents too did not teach you to behave like gangsters.........did they? You have the courts of law to seek justice. Go there with your lawyers and launch report against Karpal. That will be a more civilised act.

As a Malay and a Muslim, I am ashamed at what UMNO Youth had has only brought shame to my race and religion. If UMNO Youth feels strongly that there is a need to fight, please go to Palestine or to Afghanistan. Our Muslim brothers there will certainly welcome you.

I am surprised that the security guards at parliament did nothing to prevent these UMNO Youth gangsters from getting into parliament and causing the 'riot'. And where were the policeman with their water cannons? They had tarnished the sanity of the august house and smeared the good name of our nation. Is this the democracy and tolerance that UMNO preaches? Never mind if Karpal is a non Malay. He still has his civil rights as a Malaysian citizen; just like anyone of us, and that includes UMNO Youth. These are acts that UMNO seemed not to learn, and that will anger others. I am quite sure the Indian community is angry, and I am doubly sure that more Indian votes are lost by this stupid incident.

Let us be civil and most of all, respectful of the freedom and liberties of individuals. Just because one is judged to be 'kurang ajar', or called him by whatever name, he certainly does not deserve to be rough-up. Please let the rule of law prevail, and not the rule of the jungle.

Posted at 9.00 am on Feb 28, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Once again, the issue of direct negotiation for government contract was raised in parliament by Member of Parliament Machang Saifuddin Nasution recently, despite the pledge made by the government that direct negotiation should cease. He was referring to the on-going direct negotiation to be awarded for the sub-marine rescue services for the Royal Malaysian Navy billed at RM 2.45 million to a bumiputra company.

From what I gather, the company being called for direct negotiation is a bumiputra construction company having no previous experience in handling naval contracts. I am also told that it is the same company that was awarded the construction of the aircraft runway at the RMAF based at Gong Kedak, Kelantan, which is said to have major defects in the runway construction that could affect aircraft safety. It is also the same company that has been awarded some construction contracts for the Army Camp at Gemas.

One only need to search the background of this bumiputra company, and it will not be difficult to find that the owners of the company is well connected to some top government politicians. Otherwise, it will not be too easy for the company to be awarded contracts through direct negotiations by the government. As search at the Ministry of Defence will reveal it all, and those involved in approving the award of contracts. Will the MACC be willing to look into this?

The time has come for the government to take stock of the abuses by unscrupulous officials that has been awarding contracts through direct negotiations. I am not saying that these officials are corrupt, but rumors are abound implicating them with corrupt practices.

Posted at 2 pm on Feb 26, 2009


With her out of the country for a much needed rest after a tumultuous period of relentless character smearing aimed at demolishing her political career, Elizabeth Wong is not alone in her time of distraught. Voices of support from various quarters are still being heard, and her supporters have called for her to remain the assemblywomen for Bukit Lanjan. This has also been the stand of her party which sees her an exemplary politician that had served her electorates well.

The Sultan of Selangor was correct in his decision to allow the wisdom of the Menteri Besar to decide on the fate of Elizabeth Wong over the photo scandal, and whatever action needed to be taken must bare into account the wishes of the people. The Sultan sympathized with Elizabeth Wong and hope that she remain calm despite her excruciating ordeal. These are indeed soothing words by the Sultan who wished not to indulge in state politics. As a Selangorean, I pay my deepest respect, loyalty, honour and gratitude for the Sultan’s royal wisdom and advice to the state government.

The person that had triggered the shameful act to demean Elizabeth Wong must have by now felt the extreme public backlash over the episode, which he may have least expected. Even Khir Toyo who was quick to demand the resignation of Elizabeth Wong must have felt how sorry he was to have opened his big mouth too early in making the demand.

And for speaking out loud against Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim alleged corruption, Khir Toyo is now facing a much larger problem involving irregularities in the financial management of Permodalan Negeri Selangor Berhad (PNSB) over the purchase of properties in Saudi Arabia while the latter was the Menteri Besar. This is just one of the many allegations of corrupt practice by the former Menteri Besar who has denied all allegations against him. We are constantly reminded of a saying ‘that if you point a finger at someone, there will be four other fingers pointing at you’. This is exactly what is happening to Khir Toyo today.

I wonder why has it been Khir Toyo alone that has been at the throat of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim since the latter’s appointment as Menteri Besar? What about the former Selangor UMNO/BN exco’s. Not a word is being uttered by a single one of them in support of their former boss. Why this sudden abandonment? Or are they too afraid to open their big mouth too and to be caught for alleged corruption as well? I am quite sure they all have something to hide; hence the deep silence.

Posted at 12.00 pm on Feb 26, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009


Isn’t Perak in a dilemma? Having two Menteri Besar’s (MB) and not knowing which one of the two is a legitimate MB? If we say one is legitimate, then the other must be illegitimate. The latter sounds obscene isn’t it?

There has never been such a confusion in the state, and although BN/UMNO does not want to openly admit the predicament they are in (which was their own creation), they are now forced to dispatch their lawyers to the UK to seek advice from the Queen’s Council on how to deal with the constitutional deadlock facing the state. I thought we have our experts on constitutional law and why go to the UK? What if the QC decides on an opinion that favours the PR? Where else will the UMNO lawyers go?

Legal experts within the country has been divided in their opinion with regards to the issues affecting the state government and the controversies surrounding the appointment of Dr. Zambery as its MB. I don’t believe these controversies will come to an amicable end that soon. We can expect a long legal tussle that may take years to resolve, while the state goes into ‘free fall’ and it is the people that will eventually suffer. Common sense is thrown out of the window, while the power grabbers still insist that they are the rightful rulers of the state.

It was told of a report in a Malay daily that Abdullah’s favourite son-in-law Khairy had urged the appointment of a new speaker for the Perak state assembly to resolve the political impasse. If the report is true, I would say that this is about the most stupid thing ever uttered by an UMNO youth leader. Does he not understand the formalities involved in the appointment of a speaker? And even if they bulldoze through the appointment (like they did in taking over the state government), don’t he know that BN/UMNO voting rights in the assembly will be further reduced, since a speaker has no voting rights? Why not try and do what Khairy has said, if UMNO truly believes in Khairy’s words.

The country has seen enough of the politicking among politicians that has been going on following the Perak constitutional crisis. Not satisfied, there are now attempts to stir the Selangor and Kedah state government with issues of corruption and crossovers. While all this is going on, the real issues affecting the nation takes a back-seat.

And with the UMNO general assembly due within a month’s time from now, I really wonder if our honourable UMNO ministers will have the time to concentrate and be serious enough to tackle the worsening issues threatening the nation today, most importantly the ‘bread and butter issue’.

Posted at 1.30pm on Feb 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Does the title of this article sounds familiar. Well of course, who else can I be referring to if not our honourable politicians, who over the last few months has nothing better to do, except politicking. Just read our dailies and watch the news on TV, and what do we read and hear..............this politician suing another politician. That politician asking another politician to resign. Another minister claiming another politician 'menderhaka' and pledge to defend (whatever it is), to the last drop of his blood. Supporters of one political party protesting against another political party for God knows what.

Even politicking has not escape some of our civil servants today. They are now acting and talking like politicians themselves, and uttering statements that smack of favouritism for a particular political party. They are suppose to be apolitical, but they have somehow been infected by this 'politicking disease' from the politicians themselves.

What utter rubbish these elected people's representatives are............and yet they who are suppose to work for the people (not the people working for them) seems oblivious to the social and economic woes affecting the country today. And you know, I have not seem my wakil rakyat since having voted for him.

Thousands are now jobless, and many more are awaiting retrenchment. Crime is on the rise, and the worse is yet to come when mothers will find nothing left on their dinning table to feed their growing families. If they are to march to the streets one fine day, please don't blame them, and order the police to shoot them with water cannons.

I see so much of disgruntlement among the ordinary people that I meet daily, that somehow goes unnoticed by our leaders. Luxuries have blinded them. And I hear no real discourse among our leaders as to how issues affecting the people today are being resolved. I suppose if there was any real discourse, it must have been done within the walls of Putrajaya, and anything that comes out of it are being kept tightly within the aforesaid walls. Why have there been no open debates among leaders with the public for example. I suppose, even if debates are held, it is only held within the confines of parliament where only a fraction of the debate is being reported.

I can also understand why our leaders takes no notice of the woes affecting the people today. It is because they are being insulated by their cronies, and they only see and hear the good things. They hardly visit the kampung folks that lies deep in the interior, or even visit the squatters in the city center. They prefer to live the comfort of their luxurious homes, and to go out shopping at the expensive shopping malls. Money is no real problem to them, as some people would say, 'it flows like water'.

Please Mr. Politicians, get out of your shell and start your rounds meeting the ordinary people in the streets and villages. You will be better informed of what actually lies in the hearts of the people, and please don't have your cronies stick like leeches around you. When you hear the azan from a nearby mosque or surau while doing your rounds, proceed straight for your prayers with the rest of the congregation.

Please Mr. Politicians, stop this suing one another. Stop accusing one of being a 'penderhaka'. Stop accusing one of corruption when you fully well know that you are corrupt yourself. Stop asking others to resign when you fully well know that you are no better (or may be even worse) than the person that you have asked to resign. STOP POLITICKING and get down to your core business i.e. to serve the people. That's what your job is and the reason why you have been elected.

Posted at 2.45 pm Feb 22, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Deputy Home Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung told Dewan Rakyat today (Feb 18) that the government had to cough out RM 15.153 million to maintain a total of 3,376 extra policemen during the period of the Kuala Trengganu by-election held recently. This must have been a record of sorts i.e. with the largest number of policemen deployed for a by-election in a single state constituency, and the hiring of the most expensive tents costing RM 6 million to accommodate the extra police force.

Now that a precedence has been set, I am just wondering how much more will the government be spending in up-coming by-elections in Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and most probably Bukit Lanjan? And if Kuala Trengganu is the trend setter, I wonder too, how many more thousands of policemen will be deployed?

Honestly, if one were to ask me for an opinion, I would say that the cost to maintain security (so they say) in the Kuala Trengganu by-election is a waste. That amount could have been used to feed thousands of poor and hungry Malaysians. Or better still, donate that amount to the Palestinians suffering in Gaza, if there are no poor and hungry people in Malaysia.

Anyway, I do not believe there was any threat, perceive or otherwise, in the KT by-elections. Neither do I believe that threat was the real issue. Or were they expecting some suicide bombers? Certainly, there were some other hidden agendas that was blinded from our view. And if the agenda is one to ensure a win for the BN, they surely have failed miserably.

These up-coming by-elections will be interesting to watch. Will there be more Santa Claus doling ‘gifts’ and lots of promises to the electorate? If it does, I just wonder if the promises and pledges made in Kuala Trengganu has been fulfilled. Enticing the voters with promises and pledges is an effort in futility these days. It’s their tummies and the food on the table for their families that they want assured.

Posted at 16.00 pm on Feb 19, 2009


My last trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia was in 2004, and having been there the first time in 1992 as part of the United Nations peacekeeping force, I witness a startling change this time, in the life and activities around the city as well as across the countryside, The city is so vibrant with business activities dominating the daily chores of its people, and the countryside remained sparsely developed. I saw no tanks and military vehicles patrolling the streets, and soldiers with AK 47’s and B 40 rocket launchers bunkered at strategic points within the city centre. There were still roadblocks manned by the police at some point along the roads at the outskirt of the city, but not the militia.

I read that there is now an on-going UN-backed trial of former Khmer Rouge leaders in Phnom Penh, the first of which is the infamous torturer of Toul Sleng prison, Kaing Guek Eav, popularly known as Comrade Duch. He is said to have tortured and presided over the execution and murder of no less than 16,000 Khmer women and children. Duch who is now a born again Christian had sought forgiveness for his heinous crimes, for which he claimed to have acted on the orders of his superior.

Besides Comrade Duch, there are four other Khmer Rouge leaders that will also face trial. They are Nuon Chea who was deputy to Pot Pot, Khmer Rouge’s foreign minister Ieng Sary, Minister of Social Affairs and wife of Ieng Sary, Ieng Thirith, and finally Khmer Rouge’s official Head of State, Khieu Samphan. All four are scheduled to undergo trial in 2010.

Toul Sleng prison was formally a school, but was turned into a prison by the Khmer Rouge regime. I visited the prison while accompanying the former Chief of Army, Gen Tan Sri Abd Rahman Hamid on his official visit to the UN Headquarters in Phnom Penh. Evidence of torture and the smell of dried blood still lingers in the air, and inside the class rooms-turned torture chambers. Hundreds of skulls are still stacked up in glass shelves, as reminder of the untold brutality of the Khmer Rouge over thousands of innocent Cambodians.

In the province of Battambang where the Malaysian Army contingent were deployed, there were still signs of torture and execution found in the hills and countryside around the province. Getting a skull isn’t that difficult, but that does not bring solace to those who had lost their family members to the dreaded Khmer Rouge. They claim that taking back any part of what remains of their dead will only unsettled the tranquility of the soul of the dead.

All five former leaders of the Khmer Rouge that will undergo trial for their crimes certainly have blood in their hands. They may not have participated directly in the murder, but at the least, in allowing or having the knowledge in the execution and murder to proceed unabated. I do not believe that they have not witnessed an execution, and neither do I believe that they have not ordered one, consciously or otherwise.

The trial and the subsequent judgment to be meted upon them, will not end the horrors and sufferings of those who are witnessed to the crimes, and those who had lost members of their family. A mother seeing her child’s head being bashed against a tree, or being thrown into the air to be punched by a bayonet will never forgive the perpetrators. Likewise, a son having to witness the mother being raped by Khmer Rouge soldiers and subsequently shot dead will remain vengeful of the Khmer Rouge for as long as he live.

We were told of many other horrifying stories that happened to the Khmers, and we should be grateful that a similar fate did not reached our shores. Had the domino theory of the early 70’s been realized, we are not certain whether we could remain alive till this day.

Posted at 14.30 pm on Feb 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Everybody seems to be jumping into the band wagon. Everyone wants to make a statement or give an opinion. The mainstream media (both electronic and print) too is having a gala time interviewing people for an opinion and flashing headlines like there are no other better news to report on.

The above is the reaction of the gullible Malaysian society following the resignation of Bulit Lanjan assemblywomen and Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong on Tuesday. TV3 last night took some exceedingly valuable time of its prime time news to report on this episode. Even Independent assemblymen from Kelantan Ibrahim Ali was being interviewed by TV3 for a comment. Would you believe this…….of all persons?

Look………a person has fallen from grace because of an unscrupulous act by some conceited moron whose motive(s) is non other than devilish and ill intended. MCA Deputy President and former Health Minister Dr. Chua Soi Lek suffered the same fate and he too resigned.

Although Elizabeth Wong’s case is different from Dr. Chua Soi Lek, their fate however is similar. But I suppose, what is even more traumatizing is the endless shame that both have to bear throughout their lives. And if one is married, this will be even more traumatizing for the family.

I just can’t help but to accept the fact that we Malaysians are born with the ‘busybody syndrome’. But I do not think we should stoop so low as to busybody ourselves in a case that has brought shame to the victim and their families; a case similar to that suffered by both Elizabeth Wong and Dr. Chua Soi Lek.

Posted at 12.00 pm on Feb 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


PKR’s Bukit Lanjan assemblywomen Elizabeth Wong finally quits in the face of a most embarrassing episode of her life, when photos and videos of her in nude were circulated to the public, for reasons best known to the person(s) who started the distribution. There will now be another by-election, the third after Bukit Gantang in Perak and Bukit Selambau in Kedah. Is it not sheer coincidence that all three by-elections are held in states controlled by Pakatan Rakyat? And is the BN expected to turn the political tide to their favour by winning all three by-elections?

The person most happy with Elizabeth Wong’s decision to quit is non other then BN Selangor’s opposition chief Khir Toyo. He has said that Elizabeth Wong should quit over this ugly episode, quoting former Health Minister Dr. Chua quitting his ministerial post over his sexual escapade in a hotel in Muar last year as an example.

Although Elizabeth Wong’s decision to quit may be seen as righteous and honorable by many, but to place her episode in the same league with the former Health Minister as being a reason for her to quit, may not be quite correct.

Khir Toyo should not just applaud the decision taken by Elizabeth Wong. Instead Khir Toyo should asked himself this simple question i.e. ‘what if it was an UMNO exco member. Will he or she quit as well?’

We have seen in the past were UMNO politicians have been caught (and some escape the dragnet) in child molesting, buttock pinching, close proximity and running away (elope) with a mistress and marrying in a neighboring country without the due consent of the father. Aren’t these serious cases, and these shameless and morale less UMNO politicians are still lingering in politics with some even aspiring to be top party leaders. Yet UMNO is blind to all this, and if you were to ask me if I should respect them, my straight answer is a big NO.

Little wonder, we get to see some politicians act like gangsters in parliament; howling profanities at one another during debates. How could they show honor and decorum when some are sex offenders and abusers. Let us now wait and see if the King’s reminder in his royal address at the opening of the second session of the 12th Parliament yesterday, seeking for all parliamentarians to show exemplary attitude and behaviour when debating in parliament. This I think is the first time ever for a King to send such reminders to parliamentarians who are referred to as the YANG BERHORMATS.

Posted at 16.45 pm on Feb 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009


Berikutan peristewa peralihan kuasa kerajaan negeri Perak, berbagai cerita dapat kira dengar dan baca mengenai kisah derhaka, dan siapa pula derhaka kepada siapa. Perkataan derhaka ini mengikut fahaman saya amat berat ertinya. Kita diajar sejak kecil lagi, jangan sekali kali kita menderhaka kepada kedua dua ayah dan ibu kita. Ketika bersekolah, kita juga di ingatkan jangan menderhaka kepada raja. Setelah dewasa, tak ramai pula yang mengingatkan kita, atau kita sengaja buat lupa terhadap kemungkaran dan penderhakaan kita kepada Allah SWT yang kita lakukan seharian, samada sedar atau tidak sedar.

Saya rasa dalam isu derhaka ini, eloklah kita muhasabah diri sendiri, dan bagi kita mengenalpasti penderhakaan kepada siapa yang perlu kita jauhkan samasekali, serta mengetahui apakah balasan yang akan kita terima kelak. Bagi saya, sudah tentu derhaka kepada Allah SWT yang amat kita takut sekali, dan akan kita usaha jauhinya samasekali. Ini di ikuti oleh derhaka kepada kedua dua ayah dan ibu saya. Tidakkah kita di ingatkan bahawa meninggikan suara sedikit pun kepada ayah dan ibu kita boleh dianggap satu perbuatan derhaka?

Sekarang, dimana pula letaknya soal derhaka kepada raja raja? Saya berpendirian bahawa dalam peristewa yang berlaku di Perak itu, tindakan mereka menyuarakan bantahan terhadap keputusan Sultan Perak itu bukan satu penderhakaan, tapi luahan hak bersuara setiap individu terhadap sesuatu yang tidak dipersetujui mereka. Saya percaya sebagai orang Melayu yang penuh beradap, protes mereka itu bukan kepada raja dan institusi raja itu, tetapi terhadap keputusan raja. Sudah tentu terdapat perbezaan disini.

Saya juga ingin tahu adakah perbuatan membantah keputusan raja itu menyalahi undang-undang negeri? Apa yang patut dilakukan sekira sesaorang ingin membuat sesuatu bantahan mengenai keputusan raja? Apa dan bagaimana saluran nya?

Rata-rata, mereka yang telah membantah itu dari gulongan bangsa Melayu terutama nya. Bansga lain amat berhati-hati, dan hanya Karpal Singh sahaja yang amat lantang menyuarakan pendiriannya dalam isu penyingkiran MB Perak Dato Seri Mohd Nazir oleh Sultan Perak, hingga sanggup menyaman Sultan? Adakah ini di anggap satu penderhakaan juga?

Sehubungan isu derhaka menderhaka ini, terlintas pada akal saya satu persoalan, iaitu mengapa orang Melayu tidak berani membuat protes dengan melaungan berbagai slogan kepada ayah atau ibu mereka, sekiranya membuat sesuatu keputusan yang salah terhadap mereka? Begitu juga, mengapakah orang Melayu tidak berani membuat protes kepada Allah SWT, jika terdapat sesuatu ‘keputusan’ dari Nya yang tidak sejiwa dengan mereka? Mengapa pula orang Melayu berani protes keatas keputusan raja? Apakah rasional nya? Mana lebih besar dosa nya?

Jawapan pada soalan diatas sudah tentu ada pada setiap pembaca saya, dan tidak perlulah saya menjawab disini. Dan kepada mereka-mereka, terutama ahli-ahli politik yang telah banyak membangkitkan soal derhaka menderhaka ini, eloklah muhasabah diri, dan bertanya, kepada siapa kah yang mereka banyak membuat derhaka……kepada raja, ayah dan ibu, atau kepada Allah SWT? Oleh itu jangan lah terlalu mudah menuduh sesaorang itu dengan perkataan DERHAKA.

Posted at 2 pm on Feb 16, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have been handed some broachers of the military hardwares manufactured indigenously by the Islamic Republic of Iran, and I am surprised at the range of military hardwares that Iran is capable of manufacturing. From the description given for each of the hardware, it leaves little doubt in one's mind that the technology used by the Iranians and the superiority of the product, is no different from its western and US rivals. I then when to Youtube and click 'Iran Defence Industry', and wasn't I surprise to view videos of the extensiveness of Iran's defence products for its Army, Navy and Air Force.

The history of Iran's defence industry is only recent i.e. immediately after the fall of Emperor Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Shah of Iran on Febuary 11, 1979 by an Islamic revolution led by popular spiritual leader Ayotullah Khomeni. During the Shah's regime, virtually all of Iran's defence needs were supplied by the US and its western allies. When Shah was ousted and fell out of grace, the US and its western allies imposed an economic and international arms embargo on Iran. Without the weapon it needs and continued maintenance of its fleet of US and European manufactured military hardwares, Iran was virtually placed on a defensive against any potential invader.

Realising the predicament that Iran was faced with in equipping its military forces against an invader, Iran then decided to go ahead quickly to develop and strengthen its capability and capacity to manufacture its own military defence requirement; thus the birth of a full fledge Iranian Defence Industry with full and unbridled state support. It then saw the emergence of a number of defence research and development establishments, recruiting hundreds if not thousands of scientist and researchers of various disciplines with a determination to build up the country's defence industry, with assistance from friendly countries, notably Russia.

It has been almost three decades now, and Iran can proudly stand-up as having the full capacity to indigenously manufacture its entire defence needs; be they Army, Air Force and Navy defence requirements, that are equally competitive, if not better than those of other established defence manufacturers.

Despite the advancement made by Iran, Malaysia a proclaimed Islamic state has yet to approach Iran for its defence needs. I was told that Malaysia will be placed 'under the radar screen of the US' if she decides to have any linkages with Iranian defence industry. I am not surprised by this, because wasn't the Iranians defence exhibitors told to vacate their stalls during the 2008 Defence Services Asia (DSA) exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur? For whatever reasons the organizors gave for Iran's eviction from the exhibition, the fingers are pointed at the US. It is indeed a shame for Malaysia as a sovereign state, to be humbled by the US, and what can we do about it? Virtually nothing. And for how much longer are we to remain subservient to the US?

We have the lessons of Iran to learn, but are we learning from it? My answer is NO. Why NO, because one only need to look around to see what have we really produced indigenously in terms of meeting the country's defence needs.

Is there a national strategic defence manufacturing plan for the country? Or is the government really serious in wanting to assist the local defence industry in the manner that the Iranian's did for its defence industry after the fall of the Shah regime? What are our priorities in defence manufacturing? Building a boat or a gun or an airplane? There are certainly endless questions to be asked and this can only be answered if the country is serious about wanting to develop its defence industry, with the brains that it has. And the country seriously does not lack the brains.

Therefore, for as long as we remain a net importer of our defence needs, we can do absolutely nothing but to have some white man walking the corridors of Mindef, making millions in profits out of our country's defence contracts; and at the same time generously giving 'hand-outs' to those in power. What we are able to achieve therefore are experts as profiteering, and not manufacturers of defence equipments.

Isn't this not a sad story for Malaysia, and 2020 is just 11 years away and when my grandson will attain his 23 birthday.

Posted at 5.10 pm Feb 14, 2009


What the hack is he doing in Penang? Does he not have better things to do in his own home state? Don't tell me that since his ouster as the Menteri Besar, he has now acquired a new profession i.e. a protester. Why don't he just organised a protest in his own state, rather than do it in another state? Does he think that by being a champion among the protesters, he will be gaining more points in the elections for the Ketua Pemuda during the up-coming UMNO general assembly? Does he not know that there is already an on-going police investigation on the person that he wants to protest? And as a former Menteri Besar, he should know better the laws relating to what constitutes an illegal assembly.

The person that I am referring to is former Menteri Besar Selangor Khir Toyo, who was detained for police questioning and later released for being in an illegal assembly to protest against politician Karpal Singh, held in Penang Friday 13, 2009.. The assembly he claimed “was to hand-over to Karpal Singh a letter indicating our (UMNO Penang) displeasure over his recent threat to sue the Sultan of Perak”.

As a thoroughbred Selangorean myself, I think Khir Toyo as a state assemblyman had better confined his activities in Selangor. There are many things to be done, one of which is to keep a close watch on the activities of the present state government under Khalid Ibrahim. Wasn't he the person who had supported an allegation that Khalid Ibrahim had abused state funds to purchased cattle for slaughter during Hari Raya korban? And wasn't he also the person who had brought up the issue of Khalid Ibrahim using a Toyota Lexus for personal use, purchased through state funds? And what about the issue of Kandang Babi in Selangor? He had better monitor this.

Surely, I agree that Khir Toyo should be keeping a watch of any corrupt practice by the present state government, but please, not for the wrong reason.

Khir Toyo, I gave you my had respect when you proclaimed Selangor as a developed state during your time as the Menteri Besar. But I lost some respect for you when I am told that you favoured Selangorean of Javanese origin to be in your inner circle. I, being of Minangkabau heritage will surely be allowed only on the periphery.

And it is no surprise that during Khir Toyo's tenure as Menteri Besar, the Ulu Langat parliamentry constituency (my district of origin) was held by a Malaysian Javanese. Wasn't he able to find a suitable Melayu of Minangkabau origin in the district?

Posted at 1.20 pm Feb 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009


The announcement has just been made………..Bukit Gantang in Perak and Bukit Selambau in Kedah by-elections will be held on April, 7, 2009. What a coincidence, the battle of the two bukit in a single day. But the unfortunate thing is that, why hold it on a Tuesday, a working day.

The onus is on PR to retain both the seats, while a lost by BN means a status quo in its numbers in parliament and the state assembly. This being the case, the pressure to win lies heavily on the PR.

The question now is whether PR can repeat the two wins in the previous by-elections, like they did in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Trengganu.

The contest to watch to my mind will be Bukit Gantang, for the simple reason that this by-election will be a test of the people allegiance to either party (PR and BN), as the result of the controversial take over of the Perak state government by the BN recently. In this regards, BN has to work extremely hard to win back the confidence of Perakians in Bukit Gantang, who may have switch allegiance, and are now more sympathetic towards PR over the controversial take over issue.

From my personal observation, it is the Malays that have been rather vocal in their disagreement to the take over, and Bukit Gantang being a predominantly Malay populated area may have been infected by the rise against the ‘foul take over’ of the Perak state government by the BN.

Can Zambery, who is yet to warm his seat as the Menteri Besar and is still grappling with the issue of his exco members, may not be equally ready to take on the challenge to lead his party in the Bukit Gantang by-election. Najib too will not be able to lead this time, in the manner that he did in the two previous by-elections. He has other worries i.e. to fulfill his responsibilities as the newly proclaimed Prime Minister (hopefully) and the economic, social and financial issues troubling the nation today. This are serious issues that requires serious attention, and the burden now is on Najib.

With regards to Bukit Selambau by-election, the issue is one of a right candidate for both the contesting parties. It will still have to be an Indian candidate. And I personally think that having a non Indian candidate by one party, and an Indian candidate by another party will spell disaster for the former. Besides, the Indian community will feel that they are being marginalized, and this may not be good for both parties.

I do not want to predict, who wins and who looses. But my only hope is for both parties to adhere strictly to rules governing the process of a free and fair elections, and that sensible issues affecting the nation and the daily lives of the people, takes center stage during the campaigning.

Posted at 17.00 pm Feb 13, 2009


Tidak pernah terlintas di hati ku bahawa bangsa ku ini akan di cemuh, di perkatek dan di selubungi dengan penuh kehinaan oleh bangsa ku sediri. Mana tidak, lihatlah apa yang sedang berlaku sekarang. Bukan kah bangsa ku yang menghentam, memperkecil dan menyindir orang-orang dari bangsa ku sendiri. Bangsa ku yang kaya akan terus manjadi kaya, mengaut segala di hadapan mata nya, dan yang miskin tetap merempat tanpa mendapat perhatian dari bangsa ku yang kaya raya.

Orang politik dari bangsa ku sekarang tidak boleh di harap lagi. Mereka sedang tergila gila merebut kuasa. Tidak kira apakah caranya, asalkan dapat kuasa. Contoh nya sudah ada, dan saya tidak tahulah samada mereka ini senang mendapat kuasa dengan itu. Akan terasalah diri mereka sendiri, samada mereka disukai atau tidak disukai.Orang ada kata, dengan adanya kuasa, adalah kaya. Mungkin itulah sebabnya bangsa ku tergila gila merebut kuasa.

Memang benar kata arwah ayah ku; jangan sekali kali awak jadi orang politik kerana politik itu ganas. Kalau nak berbakti kepada bangsa dan negara, masuklah tentera dan kalau mati berperang, nama tetap akan disanjung oleh bangsa mu buat selama lamanya. Dia tidak menyatakan pula, apa yang hendak dikata keatas orang politik yang mati; samada dia disanjung atau disangkar. Mungkin ayah ku tidak mahu menaruh perasaan buruk sangka terhadap orang politik, dan pernah juga dia mengatakan hormat nya kepada Tengku Abdul Rahman Putra dan Tun Dr. Ismail.

Rata rata sahabat ku yang berbangsa Cina dan India tidak pernah mengatakan perkara perkara buruk secara terus terang mengenai bangsa ku, di hadapan ku. Mungkin mereka menghormati ku. Tapi yang nyata sekali, mereka tidak gemar dengan suasana politik sekarang. Bila mereka persalahkan orang politik, aku faham siapa yang dimaksudkan. Sudah tentu bangsu ku, dan bagaimana pula hendak ku pertahankan kerenah bangsa ku sekiranya apa yang mereka kata kan itu benar. Bukankah kuasa politik itu ditangan bangsa ku?

Mereka sendiri menyebut bahawa bangsa ku kaya. Lihat lah PNB, Tabung Haji dan syarikat syarikat GLC. Semuanya dikepalai oleh bangsa ku. Tapi macam mana bangsu ku tetap di paras rendah dalam perniagaan dan kekayaan? Aku tidak tahu menjawab kerana aku bukan saorang peniaga. Aku tersentak bilamana aku diberitahu bahawa bangsa ku tidak gemar melihat kebawah, tetapi hanya melihat keatas. Apa maksudnya mu, lantas aku bertanya.

Jawapan yang diberikan pada ku senang sahaja. Bangsa mu itu bila dah kaya raya hanya menolong bangsa mu yang kaya sahaja. Tidak langsung memandang kebawah. Itu lah maksudnya. Memang benarlah, perkataan kroni itu tepat diajukan kepada bangsa ku.

Apa lah malang nya bangsa ku ini.

Posted at 12.30 am Feb 13, 2009


NOW YOU SEE, NOW YOU DON'T!. This is the most interesting quote that a friend has fondly described the nature of our politicians today. Why not...........didn't we see the disappearance and reappearance of a number of our politicians recently. One, we are told has even disappeared to Timbaktu, following the footstep of PI Bala. Another, was reported to have fallen ill, but strangely enough, even the good doctor claims that he has not seen him. The other two has yet to reappear, and even a 'man tracking radar' could not trace their whereabouts.There you you see, now you don't.

Jumping like a frog is bad enough, and now this act of 'now you see, now you don't' will require special talent, i.e. to be invisible when times are bad. It is amazing to know that our beloved politicians have acquired new talents, besides the many others that they have in their bag of tricks.

Even the former mufti of Perlis Dr. Asri Zainal Abidin had said that the action of the three assemblymen and one assemblywomen from Perak is liken to 'sikap yang tidak telus dan (tidak) jujur'. But do these people really care?

Did we not see the trickery in Perak recently, that even the royalty is so convinced. And are we to see more trickery with two more by-elections coming our way soon. Phantom voters they say is one of the most renowned trick, but it is getting too difficult to do now. Too many people are watching, and this trick is no longer fool proof.

But I suppose by now, politicians have already develop new tricks. What it is, we will have to wait and see.

Posted at 7.30 am Feb 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I had lunch with a group of senior army retirees, and the idea of this get-together is to keep in touch with one another. Interestingly, and despite most of them being nearing 60’s and some heading close to 70 in age, there is still alertness, soundness and freshness in their thoughts and ideas. Being former soldiers, what else can they be talking about, but of their pass occupation i.e. soldiering. And what is so glaringly obvious, is their strong and unquestionable affiliation towards the military service, making it to appear that the adage that ‘old soldiers never die; they just fade away’, may not necessarily be true in this instant. Definitely, fading away is out of the question for the moment for all of them

All are still actively preoccupied in some form of a vocation, either in business of some kind or acting as consultants cum local agents of a defence related business enterprise.

The conversation that ensued interests me most. Each one have some story to relate. And I would sum up by saying that all is not well for them, especially in their effort to secure a bit of business with Mindef. This is the general consensus, and I sense that their grievance is one of unfairness and lack of transparency in the award of contracts by Mindef, and more importantly, they perceive the Army’s lack of judgment and ill conceived priorities in their procurement exercise.

I had in some previous postings eluded to the problem of selective bidding that is so rampant in Mindef, that is a subject of abuse by those approving authorities and officials. There is no denying that abuse does occur. To prove a point, I have mentioned in an earlier posting that even the list of projects for equipment purchase for the Malaysian Army’s 9th Malaysia Plan, has in it a total of 9 projects listed for selective bidding. This is outrageous and has to ceased. The question being asked is ‘What is so important that the 9 projects be done through selective bidding. Seriously, are there no other bidders for the projects ?’ This question need to be answered, and be answered convincingly.

With regards to the question of unfairness and lack of transparency, there seem to be an occurrence where the award of contracts are well scripted and pre-ordained to preferred and selected individuals. There has been such occurrences in the past, and there is every likelihood of such occurrence happening in future.

What has made matters worse, is that the preferred and selected individual happened to be a foreigner; a white man to be specific, and not a local Malaysian agent. And this foreigner has the audacity to walk the corridors of Mindef at will, barging through the doors of senior officials. Isn’t this in breach of security where I thought, foreigners ought to be escorted into Mindef. Is Mindef security so blind to this, or is the foreigner given security immunity?

There has also been an occasion where a visit by a senior officer of the Army to the manufacturer overseas is being accompanied by an ‘unsolicited’ visitor, unknown to the manufacturer themselves. This so-called ‘unsolicited’ visitor is believed to be at the behest of the army senior officer, and where his bills has to be settled by the manufacturer. Isn’t this disgusting, and I am told that this ‘unsolicited’ visitor is himself a rich person who is quite capable of handling his personal bills. The question that need to be asked in this case is, ‘who has invited this ‘unsolicited’ visitor to accompany the senior army officer. And what right has he to be in the visiting entourage that is strictly on the invitation of the manufacturer, and for what damn reason?’ From the aforesaid incident, it will not be wrong for others to perceive that the senior army officer has some personal business interest with the ‘unsolicited’ visitor, thus marring the integrity of the senior army officer himself.

I am also told that the Army today obviously lack a planned, balanced and structured procurement plan. One question discussed is whether it is desirous to have two or three regiments of MLRS as oppose to retaining just one regiment. And which is of greater priority now; armoured vehicles for the cavalry regiments or the MLRS? Most agreed that the armoured vehicles has greater priority for replacement in view of their foreseeable role in UN peacekeeping duties. Besides, the armoured vehicles in the cavalry units today are getting obsolescence and are too expensive to maintain.

From what I gather, the Indian Army which is the third largest in the world has only two regiments of MLRS. And in our case I am told, the Malaysian Army has already signed the purchase of another one regiment, and is toying with the idea of purchasing a third regiment. Isn’t this absurd, and the Army’s rational of having three regiment is best answered by the professionals.

There are many more issues that I wish to discuss here, but I fear it will be long and boring to some readers. It is therefore best that I pen off now, and I hope to continue discussing other issues concerning the Army in another posting later.

Posted at 19.00 pm on Feb 12, 2009


Sunday, Feb 15, 2009 marks the 87th anniversary of the fall Singapore to the Japanese during 2nd World War. It must have been a painful moment for Lt Gen Arthur Percival to present the instrument of surrender to Lt Gen Yamashita on Feb 15, 1942 in a somber ceremony on the island of Singapore.

I was only born a year later after the surrender, but I can recall some exciting stories from my parents as to how they had to survive during the Japanese invasion of Malaya, and their subsequent occupation, until their forced surrender in 1945 at the result of the US bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There have been numerous books written on the war in Malaya, mostly by western writers. Likewise, there are also numerous book written about the 1st Malayan Emergency, and the Malaysian/Indonesian Confrontation. I have tried to be selective in my readings about all these events in books written by western authors. But there is little that I can do to avoid reading books written by such authors, since there are not too many written by Malaysian military historians.

I have this growing concern that the younger generation today have little inkling about the country’s past, more so with regards to the Japanese war in Malaya, Indonesian confrontation and the Malayan Emergency. These are significant historical events that had help shape the future of the country. Ignoring these pieces of the country’s history is likened to ignoring one’s ancestral origins, that is so dear by most people.

I am also equally concern that the younger generation of military officers today too have little inkling of the country’s past, especially those that are military related. Today, the officers and soldiers no longer roam the jungles to hunt down communist terrorist. The counter insurgency experience is now lost. They, I am told are stuck on some islands in Sabah, and strung along the eastern and western coastal areas of the peninsular to deter the arrival of illegal immigrants. This, I think should not be the primary role of the Army in particular, that they have been saddled with since 1997 or thereabout.

To the officers corps of the Armed Forces, they are constantly reminded of the adage that ‘history is known to repeat itself’. Wars can spark at any time and for various reasons. I am not implying here that we should go to war with someone, but the adage does remind the Armed Forces to be vigilant, and to be prepared for an eventuality.

There are many lessons that one can learn from wars and experience of the past, but the application of those lessons in today’s battlefield environment may require rethinking and readjustment. Sophistication in the military hardware’s has redefined new strategies and training, and this has to be fully understood, if our Armed Forces is to remain current and prepared.

The concept of single service warfare may no longer be relevant today; hence there is greater emphasis now towards a joint warfare doctrine. Therefore, the creation of a Joint Force HQ by the Malaysian Armed Forces recently, I think is apt.

The onus now lies in our military leadership to develop new mindsets, new and innovative training strategies, renewed organizational structures, defined roles and responsibilities that are all in congruent with the requirements of the our country’s defence strategy.

The strength in our Armed Forces lies not solely in the hardware’s that it possesses, but in the correct mix and proper utilization of those military hardware’s of the three armed services. And more importantly, the lessons learned from our military history in the fight against the insurgents,confrontation and the 2nd WW should never be lost.

Posted at 12.30 pm Feb 11, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


When Bush left the office of the President of America in January this year, he was known as the worst President America has ever had. He is also known to have successfully evaded a pair of shoes being launched at him during his final visit to Iraq. He is also known to have brought America to war in Iraq that saw more than 4000 US troops sacrificed their lives, and many more maimed for life.

He is also known to have served his entire second term in office having to struggle to end the war in Iraq that he had ordered in 2002, and felt extremely relieved to handover the unresolved war to President Obama. He is also known to have declared ‘mission accomplished’ in the war in Iraq, when it was actually just the beginning for the Iraqi insurgents.

He is also known to have coined a number of rhetoric’s and slogans such as, ‘you are with us or you are against us’, ‘axis of evil’, ‘collateral damage’, ‘shock and awe’, ‘regime change’, ‘weapons of mass destruction’, and several others.

All the above will be recorded in the pages of the great American history, to be read by many generations later.

Now back home, and with Abdullah Badawi gearing to leave office in a few weeks from now, how would Malaysians want the Prime Minister to be remembered, after having held the helm of government for more than 5 years.

Like Bush and his list of rhetoric’s and slogans, I can clearly remember a slogan that Abdullah Badawi had cited, when he gave the BN to an overwhelming victory in the 2004 general elections. The slogans reads, “work with me and not for me”.

Having talked to many of my friends about this, I have developed a list of what I deem appropriate for the Prime Minister to be remembered after he leaves office. I would like to share the list with my readers later. Until then, I would like my readers to place their thinking cap, and to make their suggestions.

Posted at 10.30 am Feb 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I just could not believe my eyes when I read that Raja Putra Kamarudin (RPK) had asked Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Ustaz Hadi Awang to resign and accept collective responsibility for the loss of Perak state to the BN recently. How could RPK have a change of heart so suddenly, and to be in tune with Karpal Singh who had all along been critical of Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership of PKR and PR.

Isn’t RPK the one who was so staunchly supportive of Anwar Ibrahim during the latter’s crisis with the law in 1998, and throughout the period when Anwar’s was in castrated? And I am told that the very existence of Malaysia Today was the result of all that RPK had believed in Anwar, and the latter’s struggle for justice and freedom, for what he claimed to be a political conspiracy against him.

RPK’s sudden change of heart must be something larger than what is obvious to people. It just cannot be the loss of Perak state alone. It has to be something more, and what can this be? Certainly, I will rule out the issue of him not been duly ‘rewarded’ for his tireless campaigning for the PR during the Kuala Trengganu by-election being the reason. RPK wasn’t there as a politician, but merely a staunch supporter of the opposition.

I see this as a worrying sign of disunity among the parties within the PR, which will be exploited by the BN to their advantage. Certainly, the time is not right now for petty squabbles to appear within the PR, when there is already a political crisis in Perak and a lesser crisis brewing in Kedah to attend. What is needed is unity among all parties within the PR and its supporters, if they are to see the party emerge potent in the next general elections.

I now begin to understand that politics is indeed a strange animal. It does not recognize a friend or foe. It is ready to bite anytime and anywhere…….regardless.

Posted at 17.00 pm Feb 10, 2009


Bermacam macam kerenah berlaku dikalangan orang politik melayu dewasa ini, yang sukar hendak saya fahami. Apakah yang menyebabkan mereka tergila gila untuk merebut kuasa, seperti yang berlaku di Perak tempuh hari. Dan bagi orang UNNO pula, lihatlah apa yang telah terjadi bagi mereka yang hendak merebut jawatan dalam parti. Sanggup bermain duit berjuta-juta. Dan bagi mereka yang kaya pula, sudah tentu dengan adanya jawatan, akan adalah sumber pendapatan mereka yang lebih lumayan; tidak kiralah samada sumber itu diperolehi secara halal atau haram.

Perkataan haram itu seolah olah tidak ada lagi dalam ‘vocabulary’ mereka. Yang penting nya duit; lagi banyak lagi bagus, dan tidak keterlauan bagi saya menyatakan disini bahawa sebahagian dari mereka ini sanggup sembah duit dari menyembah Allah SWT. Itulah buruknya perangai sesetengah orang politik melayu dewasa ini. Dimanalah hendak saya letakkan muka saya sebagai saorang melayu yang beragama Islam dihadapan kawan kawan saya yang berbangsa lain.

Tidak terlintas dipemikiran saya bahawa orang politik melayu sekarang sebegitu rakus, tamak dan gila kuasa. Di zaman silam, sesiapa saja yang hendak berkuasa mestilah gagah dan kuat; pandai bermain keris, bersilat dan tidak gentar menghadapi lawannya. Sekarang berlainan pula, ada duit ada kuasa, kalau tak pandai bermain keris pun tak mengapa. Duit adalah segala galanya. Lihatlah bagaimana pangkat dan kuasa telah mengakibatkan dua orang Adun melayu di Perak terjerumus dalam kemaksiatan dan rasuah. Inikah contoh yang terbaik yang dapat ditunjukkan oleh mereka kepada anak cucu kita? Dan saya percaya ramai lagi orang politik melayu yang masih belum sedar diri.

Negara kita akan ditimpa kecelakaan sekiranya orang politik melayu masih terus tergila gila merebut kuasa. Tidakkah mereka tahu bahawa menjadi seorang pemimpin melalui kuasa politik itu ada tanggungjawab tertentu kepada masyarakat. Kalau nak menjadi pemimpin untuk memberi ‘order’ sahaja bukanlah itu seorang pemimpin. Ambillah contoh pemimpin-pemimpin Islam yang tercatat pada kitab-kitab kita. Mereka diiktiraf sebagai pemimpin bukan kerana duit. Mereka menonjolkan sifat-sifat kepimpinan melalui contoh yang terbaik, mulia dan penuh dengan keinsafan diri, selain dari berani dan gagah dalam peperangan. Sanggupkah orang politik melayu kita sekarang sanggup berperang. Jawapannya sudah tentu tidak kerana mereka akan berkata itu bukan tugas kami. Itu tugas tentera.

Inilah perbezaannya pemimpin melayu yang diperolehi melalui kuasa politik sekarang dengan pemimpin Islam seperti yang tercatat dalam sejarah Islam lampau. Lantas, saya memohon orang politik melayu sedarlah diri dan bukalah hati untuk merapati silatulrahim dengan bangsa mu sendiri, walaupun terdapat perbezaan fahaman politik. Jangan lah anggap terlalu hina bangsa mu sendiri disebabkan perbezaan fahaman politik, kerana ini akan membawa kepada kehancuran bangasa dan negara mu sendiri.

Posted at 13.20 pm on Feb 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009


Saya telah beristerikan saorang rakyat Johor berketurunan bugis. Terus terang saya nyatakan bahawa perkahwinan saya itu bukan berlandaskan keturunan isteri saya, tetapi kepada kepintaran masakan keluarga isteri saya, terutama ibu mertua saya yang telah memperturunkan resepi masakan nya kepada isteri saya, dan seterusnya kepada anak saya.

Tanya lah orang Johor samada mereka pernah makan beryaini gum, dan jawapan mereka, sudah tentu. Dan masakan beryiani gum Johor ini tidak sama dengan masakan beryiani gum kedai mamak. Hanya sesudah menjamah nya sahaja yang akan menentukan perbezaan diantara beryiani gum Johor dan beryiani mamak.

Satu lagi masakan unik orang Johor ialah Arisa. Generasi moden Johor ramai yang tidak tahu masakan Arisa ini, yang amat termasyhur dikhalangan 'orang istana' pada satu ketika dahulu. Masakan Arisa ini dikatakan berasal dari negeri Arab, dan bagi mereka yang menjamahnya buat kali pertama, sudah tentu tergila gila dengan masakan ini. Apa tidak, kerana ianya enak dan tidak ada tolak bandingnya dengan masakan lain.

Dari segi minumun pula, pernah atau tidak saudara dengar minuman air beh. Saya boleh jangkakan bahawa ramai orang Johor tidak mengetahui nya, kerana air ini tidak terdapat dimana mana kedai runcit di Johor. Air Beh ini merupakan sejenis cordial (sama seperti syrup) yang ramuan nya diperbuat dari sejenis akar kayu bernama 'sesiak'. Saya tidak tahu nama Inggeris nya tetapi ia berbentuk lalang. Akar nya dikeringkan dan direbus bersama gila bercampur ramuan lain. Kelazatan air beh ini terletak pada rasa dan bau air bila diminum. Saya pernah menjamu kawan kawan dengan minuman ini, dan mereka sudah tentu akan bertanya mengenai minuman ini.

Sebulan yang lepas, saya serta isteri telah dijemput menghadiri jamuan teh dirumah sepupu isteri saya di Petaling Jaya. Diantara tetamu yang hadir ialah bekas Timbalan Panglima Tentera Darat Lt Jen Dato Jaafar Onn and bekas pegawai TUDM Brig Jen Arif Awang. Ketika makan, saya di tanya oleh Lt Jen Dato Jaafar Onn samada saya berasal dari Johor, dan saya jawab tidak dan saya nyatakan isteri saya berasal dari Johor.

Dimeja makan yang sama juga, isteri saya pula ditanya salasilah keturunan nya. Isteri saya menyatakan bahawa datuk nya ialah Menteri Besar Johor Kedua Datuk Abdullah Jaafar. Mendengar akan jawapan isteri saya ini, Lt Jen Dato Jaafar Onn memulakan cerita salasilah keluarga nya serta hubungkaitnya dengan datuk isteri saya.

Sebenarnya saya sudah pun mengetahui salasilah keturunan isteri saya dan hubungkait nya dengan keluarga Dato Onn Jaafar sejak mula saya berkahwin lagi. Tetapi saya tetap mengasing diri keluarga saya dengan keluarga Lt Jen Dato Jaafar Onn semasa beliau bertugas dulu kerana takut saya dikatakan cuba mendapatkan 'patronage' dari nya. Apalah saya ini, seorang dagang yang ingin menumpang hidup dengan keluarga Datuk Abdullah Jaafar, yang saya sendiri tidak pernah mengenalinya semasa hayatnya.

Saya amat berbangga bilamana isteri saya diberikan oleh ibu nya satu cenderamata kepunyaan Dato Jaafar Hj. Mohammad (datuk kepada ibu mertua saya) yang masih kekal dalam simpanan kami. Cenderamata itu sekarang berusia 120 tahun dan ia akan menjadi simbol talian kekeluargaan kami dengan pembesar pembesar Johor zaman silam.

Sekira mana mana pihak ingin mengetahui salasilah kekeluargaan Datuk Jaafar Hj. Mohammad, sila layari

Posted at 8.13 pm Feb 9, 2009


Malaysiakini Feb 9 reports that PAS MP for Bukit Gantang, Roslan Shahrum has died of heart attack at the age of 50. And another report says that Kedah State representative for Bukit Selambau, V. Arumugam has quit the Exco post but remains a state representative. Why has this to come at a time when Perak is facing a serious political crisis, and that crisis is now beginning to spread to other states as well. I am not surprise if Arumugam decides to cross over to BN, if the 'offer' is too good to reject. Mind you, it is not easy to become an instant millionaire, if that is what this Arumugam wants. What kind of politicians can we expect these days............from a gate keeper to a postman and the next one, may be a 'tukang tilik'.

The demise of Roslan Shahrum calls for another by-election, and I am just wondering if it is going to be another Kuala Trengganu type of elections. I am quite sure both the BN and PR are all geared to win, but more so for the BN whose credibility is very much in question following the 'coup de grace' of the Perak state government recently. A lost for BN will indicate the adverse sentiment of Perakians towards the party, and this does not augur well for the future of the party in the next general elections.

How then will the BN strategised its election plans this time? Will the BN follies of Kuala Trengganu be repeated? And who is to be their candidate........Abdullah or Najib's choice? And who will lead the party election machinery? Will it be Najib again, or Ahmad Zahid or Zambery? And please don't get the royalty involved in the campaigning.

Surely Najib will not want to take a third beating, and for this it is only proper that someone else takes charge in the up coming Bukit Gantang by election. As a Muslim, I have to believe that it is Allah's will that a by election is to be held in Perak, so close to Kuala Trengganu. And it is his will that decides the winner and loser.

Posted at 6.30 pm Feb 9, 2009


Baru ini saya telah menerima komen dari saorang pembaca blog saya, meninta saya memulakan penulisan saya dalam bahasa Malaysia. Saranan ini adalah baik kerana saya tahu ramai diantara pembaca blog saya adalah bekas perajurit saya, yang rata rata lebih cenderong membaca dalam bahasa Malaysia. Penulisan saya dalam bahasa Inggeris selama ini tidaklah bermaksud untuk meninggirkan bahasa saya sendiri.......jauh sekali. Malahan dalam banyak urusan harian saya, saya menggunakan bahasa Malaysia melebihi dari bahasa Inggeris.

Baru sebentar tadi, saya menerima emel dari saorang rakan yang turut memperjuangkan penghapusan rasuah dikhalangan penjawat kerajaan dan orang politik. Beliau menyatakan masih ada usaha dikhalangan penjawat kanan kerajaan untuk memberikan kontrek melalui tender rundingan terus (selective tender).

Sepertimana yang telah saya nyatakan terdahulu (semak artikal saya bertajuk 'Mindef-Stop this selective bidding' bertarikh Feb 3 dan 'To believe or not to believe' bertarikh Jan 23), saya dengan tegas menyatakan bahawa tender rundingan terus ini terdedah kepada perbuatan salah laku (abuse) dikhalangan pihak yang meluluskan tender tersebut. Ia juga satu cara untuk memperkayakan kroni, dan saya yakin tender rundingan terus banyak merugikan wang kerajaan. Bagaimana tidak, kerana harga sesuatu kontrek itu hanya diketahui oleh pembida dan kementerian sahaja. Tidak akan ada tawaran harga dari pembida yang lain.

Saya telah menasihati rakan saya supaya mengemukakan aduan kepada Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) jika benar terdapat mana mana kementerian kerajaan meneruskan pemberian kontrek secara rundingan terus. Kita tidak harus gentar untuk berterus terang dan memaklumkan kepada KSN sesuatu perkara yang hanya akan mendedahkan kepada salah laku penjawat kerajaan, selain merugikan wang kerajaan. Saya juga percaya bahawa KSN turut tidak merastui lagi sistem kontrek rindingan terus di amalkan di kementerian kerajaan.

Melalui blog ini, saya turut menjemput sesiapa saja yang ada mempunyai maklumat mengenai salah laku penjawat kerajaan dalam urusan pemberian kontrek rundingan terus, untuk bersatu mengemukan aduan kepada KSN, supaya rundingan terus ini di basmikan samasekali.

Posted at 3.15 pm Feb 9, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir was formally sworn in as the new Menteri Besar (MB) of Perak by the Sultan of Perak, marking an end (or will it be the beginning of) a period of political turmoil and uncertainty, and the acrimonious protest by Pakataan Rakyat (PR) party members that followed outside the royal palace in Kuala Kangsar soon after Friday prayers, Feb 6, 2009. Of course, the riot police was at hand doing what they know best.........shooting tear gas.

Never has Malaysians witness such an uproar over the appointment of an MB, and where the people believed that the Sultan had erred in his decision not to dissolve the state assembly, thus forbidding a fresh election. The least that could happen was to allow the state assembly to sit to table a motion of no confidence in the MB, thus legitimising his ouster. This has been the most simplistic argument being talked about by the ordinary people, or are they wrong in their arguments?

The people of Perak are now heavily divided in the Sultan's decision, and the kampung folks who are the voters are even more confused. Even the legal and academic fraternity are divided, rightly or wrongly, but the fact remains that PR is now no longer the state government. Certainly, the events surrounding the final take over of the Perak government by the BN will be prominently recorded in the annals of Perak; just like the early history of the Malay Sultanate that are filled with intrigues of power grabbing among powerful rulers and noblemen. In the days of old, it was the kris, sword and spears that will determine who actually rules. But today, it is the rakyat that decides; not individual politicians.

I am not privy to any part of the decision making process that had resulted in the Sultan to make the decision that he did. To the minds of the ordinary rakyat who may not have an intimate understanding of the state constitution, may have wanted a snap election to be held. Their reasoning is simple; that both the BN and PR have equal number of seats in the state assembly. The three defectors i.e. two from PR and one from DAP, who had opted to remain Independent, has no legitimacy to be associated with the BN, although they had pledged their allegiance to the BN. Being Independents, they can swing allegiance to either party and there is nothing to stop them from doing so. Or is the BN assuming that the Independents are a political party that is being recognised as a component party of the BN?

With a razor slim majority in the state assembly, Zambry Abd Kadir cannot be comfortable in his new exulted post. A 'counter leap frog' is probable, and there is no guarantee that the defectors will not do it again.

Will their allegiance letter (if any) to the BN be claimed to be a legitimate document that will hinder them from leap frogging? Or are they disallowed to resign their position as assemblyman, on their own free will from now on? What if the two (Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman) who are facing a corruption charge be found guilty and sentenced? Will this not qualify them? And in the worse case scenario, what if someone decides to 're-kidnap' them?

The Sultan may be correct in his decision though the arguments against it are numerous. The BN's strategy of a 'coup de grace' and declaring the three defectors being their legitimate supporters are questionable issues that shall long remain in argument by most. It is hard to say that governing Perak will be smooth from now on. Certainly, events over the last few days has created a wide rift between the two main parties, and any reconciliatory efforts at this stage may not work.

Only time will heal, and the final count down will be the 13th general election scheduled in the next 3 years from now.

Posted at 12.45 am on Feb 7, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009


Going by what is happening in Perak over the last few days, I am fortunate not to have been involved in politics. I noticed that in politics, one is only being honored and respected when one is in power. The moment one leaves office, the history pages awaits him and he virtually goes into oblivion. I am therefore grateful to have served the Armed Forces and to have left the armed service with grace and honour.

Look at what is happening to former PR Menteri Besar Mohd Nazir Jamaluddin. The moment he is being told to resign by the Sultan of Perak, his office is being surrounded, his residence being kept under surveillance, and even his brand new Toyota Camry is ready to be snatched away. What does all this mean? Are we all that cruel to treat a man who was once the head of the state executive so lowly? Show him some respect and allow him to retain a bit of his lost pride, but don’t just shoo him away.

I am surprise how we human’s can treat another fellow human in such a disgusting manner, more so if we all claim to be Malays. Just ponder a moment and try to recollect how our dear parents had taught us by their examples, of how they treat a fellow human being. My late father was strict, but there was kindness in him, and I never once saw him show disrespect to anyone, even if he was angry at someone.

I am quite sure Mohd Nazir is hurt by the actions taken against him. And I am quite certain that the same fate will befall on the new Menteri Besar, should he not be able to retain his position come the next general elections, or is he very sure of his survival at a time when the Perak state is in turmoil? And will grace and honour be accorded to him when he exits from power?

What I saw happening in Perak is a serious lesson for all politicians, where only the ‘fittest’ will survive. And to survive, it is the end that matters; not the means to the end.

Posted at 12.20pm on Feb 6, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


“UMNO had stooped so low by accepting former PKR assemblymen who have been charge with corruption” was the remarks made by Tun Mahathir Mohamed, in view of the events surrounding the PR led state government over the defections of a number of its assemblymen to the BN.

Responding to these defections, BN components party leaders have expressed support for the coalition to form a new state government in Perak, despite what many say as “a government formed through illegitimate means”. It appears that for the BN, gaining back the lost states is the end, and the means to that end does not really matter.

And for this, I have to remind Information Minister Shabery Cheek to ask UMNO/BN to be “more mature in politics and do not hope for defections by elected representatives to enable them to join any new government that might be formed”. This was what he said of PAS and the opposition in London, and have you forgotten this Shabery Cheek? What have you to say now.........just swallow your words.

For me, all the four assemblymen that had defected from PR and joined BN does not deserve to remain elected representatives. They ought to remember that the electorates had voted them on the basis of them being a representative of the party that they had once belong. They cannot now claim that they have the full support of the electorates which is quite the contrary. This is because their decision to defect is not the decision of the electorates; rather it was a unilateral decision. Hence, their position as an elected representative is deemed illegitimate, and to prove their legitimacy to the position is by resigning and to contest a by-election.

Tun Mahathir's remarks of UMNO's decision to accept defectors, and worse still with a tinted record is apt. UMNO cannot now say that they have accepted them based on the people's choice and having the confidence of the electorates. Neither can they be referred to as leaders, and if UMNO insist that they be called leaders, I will dubbed them as 'shameless leaders'. Worse still, by willingly accepting them, will only add to UMNO's already large numbers of tinted members/representatives.

One ought not to be distracted by the events surrounding the fall of the state of Perak to the BN. Rather, one has to search very deeply the circumstances that had caused the PR assemblymen to defect. There will be many questions to be asked and equally, many answers to be made. Whatever be the questions, certainly CORRUPTION will be in everybody's mind.

Posted at 10.45 pm on Feb 4, 2009


I had on January 23, 2009 posted an article titled ‘To believe or not to believe’ based on a report by Tim Leonard of Sun Daily, citing DPM Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak’s statement that he no longer encourages selective bidding (also known as direct negotiations) for all future government contracts. I personally welcome such a statement (though not being a contractor), and believe all government contractors welcomes the same.

I personally know a number of contractors who have been bidding for contracts with the government, and they all agree that selective bidding should not be practiced at all, as it is open to abuse by unscrupulous officials. They cite many examples, and they are all at the mercy of the approving authorities at the various ministries. There is virtually nothing that they can do but to accept and say that ‘reseki itu di tangan Allah’.

I am told that Mindef is no angel at this, but have been a persistent offender at awarding contracts through selective bidding. I am also told that the Army’s Procurement Plan under 9th Malaysia Plan (RMK 9) has listed a total of nine (9) projects awaiting approval for selective bidding. Now, isn’t this in defiance of the statement made by Najib, and who is this recalcitrant that dares to defy the Finance Minister’s statement? Or does this recalcitrant from Mindef thinks that the statement was made in jest?

We the taxpayers would like to seek a response from Mindef, especially from Army HQ as to why the nine projects listed under RMK 9 are for selective bidding. There is no malice intended here, but I am merely trying to seek fairness in the bidding process. Certainly, I am not wrong in I?

Posted at 2.20 pm on Feb 4, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In my article titled ‘Wheeled or track self-propelled howitzer for the Malaysian Army’ that was posted on January 30,2009, I am very much encouraged by the response that I received, either in the blog itself and the many phone calls from military officers (retired and serving officers) relating to the article. I am delighted too that my article had generated considerable argument among fellow military officers, that I now begin to feel that my ‘presence’ in the Army is still in their midst.

From the responses that I get, it appears that there is a general consensus that the wheeled self-propelled howitzer is preferred over the track self-propelled howitzer. I am told that the preference for a wheeled self-propelled howitzer has been made known by Army some years ago, but there appears to be others who felt that the track self-propelled howitzer is equally competitive to the former. On what basis is the track better than the wheeled can only be answered by those in the service today.

But my concern is that any decision to procure either the wheeled or track self-propelled howitzer must be based of the realities of how the army is to be structured in the future, the nature of its employment and how the army envisage the future battle is going to be. The battle of today relies on speed of deployment, excellent communications, reliable and effective system of logistics support and last but not the least, good and speedy intelligence.

Assuming that both the wheeled and track self-propelled howitzer does meet the above ‘criterion’, than the factor of costs will finally come to play, most importantly the costs to maintain the fleet.

The fear has always been the army’s failure to get what it actually wants, and its past experience in large procurement exercises falls short of what is desirous.

I did mention in my earlier articles that this ugly words called ‘projek wahyu’ overrides all decisions and places the army at the mercy of those without a clue of what is actually required by the army. This ‘projek wahyu’ has to stop, and let the army decide what it wants. I believe the army has a highly competent and professional committee to evaluate and decide its procurement needs.

And my final advice to the Chief is to strictly confine his decision to the findings of the above committee, and not to be swayed by ‘external influences’. Please remain professional and always have the nation, service and your man at heart.

Posted at 5.35pm Feb 3, 2009


Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek is reported to have said that political parties like PAS should be more mature in politics and not hope for defections by elected representatives to enable them to join any new government that might be formed. He went on to say “that when the general elections is over, that’s it. We wait for the next general elections. PAS or any other political party should be more mature in its politics by giving the winners a chance to carry out their tasks and responsibility”. These remarks by Shabery Cheek was told to reporters at a Chinese New Year gathering at Malaysia Hall, London, Sunday last.

This minister has the cheek to bad mouth PAS for reasons only known to himself. Why just mention PAS and not UMNO too? Isn’t UMNO in this dirty business of buying elected representatives from the opposition to defect to UMNO? Haven’t he been told about an attempt by of all person, the No.2 UMNO boss to buy two Perak PR representatives? And being an UMNO minister, isn’t the party guilty of trying to ‘bribe’ Kuala Trengganu electorates during the last by-elections. The almost RM 1 billion that was handed out is not UMNO’s money you know; but public funds.

And this minister too had the cheek to say that “PAS or any other political parties (I suppose he is referring to the opposition political parties) should be more mature in its politics by giving the winners a chance to carry out their tasks and responsibility”. Come on Shabery, just look at what Khir Toyo and his cohorts are doing in Selangor. Are they not trying to find faults in the new Selangor state government? I don’t need to tell you what the faults are; please find out yourself.

And what about Penang? Just look at how the UMNO fellows in Penang are acting. Are they not trying to do what Khir Toyo is doing to the new Selangor state government? But on second thought, I may want to forgive you for being cheeky, for your name also bears the word ‘cheek’.

It is nice to bad mouth others Shabery, but before you do that the next time, please take a deep look at yourself before you start to open your big mouth. And may I ask, what are you doing in London?

Posted at 11.15am Feb 3, 2009


More drama emerging in Perak, and this time Ipoh Barat PKR Division Chief Fauzi Muda had claimed that he was brought to meet DPM Najib Tun Razak at his residence on March 11, 2008 by supposedly UMNO agents, and was offered RM 50 million to entice two PKR asemblymen to defect to BN. Former Deputy Defence Minister Zainal Abidin Zin was also mentioned to have been present during the meeting.

Fauzi Muda had also said that PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim was informed of the meeting. But the question that need to be asked is why had not this matter been reported to the authorities on March 11, 2008 itself. Why now? And had the two Perak assemblymen not 'disappeared' from PKR's radar, will Fauzi Muda or Anwar Ibrahim ever bring this matter out to public notice? I sense that something is not quite right here, and I believe that there must be more truth to hide than to expose. Or is there a much larger 'conspiracy' between PKR and BN/UMNO to sideline PAS? Mind boggling.......but this seemed to be the game played by political parties today.........a game of 'I watch my back and you watch mine'.

I had just called a nephew of mine residing in Johor to seek his views concerning the current political scenario in Perak. And this is what he has to say, 'Orang politik sekarang perangi macam budak budak. Tidak ada kesetiaan langsung kepada parti dan kepentingan diri mengatasi segala galanya'.If this is the example shown by our politicians, who are we to believe? We voted a candidate for the party he represents, but only to defect to a party not of our choice. This is betrayal of the voters trust of the highest order, and it is only honorable that the candidate resigns.

The alleged involvement of Najib in 'candidate buying' is serious, and he had better defend himself against such allegation. Keeping quite, as he would normally do, does not make him look good this time, besides a sign of personal weakness. He has far too many allegations that remained unanswered, and adding another one so close to the UMNO's General Assembly makes him in the eyes of non UMNO members, an unsuitable candidate for the UMNO No. 1 spot.

The unfolding events in Perak will be interesting to watch, and will we see many more defections in the remaining states? Certainly, Negeri Sembilan state is the one to observe.

Posted at 8.00am on Feb 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009


I AM PUZZLED.........puzzling indeed! This two PR Perak state assemblymen, Jamaluddin Md. Radzi and Mohd Osman Jailu are in hiding, and for what? We know that they have a corruption case to answer, but isn't corruption synonymous with some politicians? Some get caught and some don't, but this two state assemblymen (or have they lost their status as assemblymen) hiding is a real mystery.

There has been many speculations regarding their mysterious act, but I do not want to further add to the speculations that has already being talked and written about.

My concern is more for the constituents who had voted them as their representative. Acting the way they did is a betrayal of the people's thrust, and for this the two 'miscreants' deserve a sack from the party. Accepting them back into the party will be a grievous mistake, because they have shown themselves to be irresponsible, dishonorable, uncouth and without principle.

This a bitter lesson for Pakatan Rakyat, and the party ought to be more cautious and selective in naming their future candidates. Naming someone as a candidate on the basis of popularity alone may no longer be correct. He has to have brains and with impeecable background, and one of action rather than talk. I have always admired people who can talk, but more often they are not people of action. And at the same time, we have seen people who are reticent, but they are highly principled and full of action. Read the book 'The Reluctant Politician' and you will know whom I mean. Malaysian can never again get a politician like the person that I am referring to in the book.

With the 'sacking' of the two former state assemblymen, the country is geared to witness two simultaneous by-elections in one state. This is going to be dubbed the 'battle of the century' and losing is not an option for either the BN and PR, more so for the latter.

And will we once again see the grand Santa Claus making its rounds in Behrang and Changkat Jering on the scale of Kuala Trengganu? And what about the policemen this time. Can they afford to deploy such massive number of policemen to the two constituents simultaneously? Wonder what the scene will be like for the two constituencies.

Posted at 8.10 pm on Feb 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009


DISGUSTING............this is the only word that I can describe the brutal 'ragging' of an army trainee that was shown on prime time TV3 news at 8 pm tonight (Feb 1, 2009). This calls to question the entire training scheme that this trainee had gone through; who is responsible for the training and what supervisory measures are in place to oversee the conduct of the training. From what was shown, it was obvious that there had been a lapse in supervision by a training officer, or was the officer himself involved in this barbaric act of torture of a young army trainee. This is not Abu Gharib, and in my 34 years as an army officer, and my involvement in training, I have never seen nor come across such extreme brutality.

This is not the first time a similar incident of 'ragging' of such proportion had happened in the army. I personally know of a similar case of a young officer undergoing training was severely beaten up by his trainers, to the extend that this young officer still retains the scars of such beating on the back of his body. Apparently, the officers-in-charge of the training had connived in keeping this dastardly act from being known by the superiors. I challenged those who know of this particular incident that happened 2 years ago, to come forward to reveal the truth.

One is also to be reminded of a similar incident some time ago that happened to some air force trainees, and another of the army commandos.

I urge the Chief of Army to fully investigate the incident immediately, and to place those responsible under close arrest, to facilitate a full investigation. I trust that the investigation team are officers of high integrity, and must be fully independent reporting direct to the Chief of Army himself.

If the culprits are found to be guilty, the only sentence that I can think of, besides them being discharged dishonorably from the armed service, is to incarcerate them to prison.

I am also reminded of a recent statement by the Chief of Defence Force when he said that the Armed Forces are in need of young men to join the armed services. With this dastardly incident, I wonder if any young men would consider making the Armed Forces their career, particular in the army.

Posted at 21.50pm on Feb 1, 2009


I read that a group of UMNO members reportedly from Wilayah Persekutuan had demonstrated in front of the PWTC building in the federal capital recently to protest against the alleged abuse of its members by MACC officers whilst in detention for alleged corruption. It was also reported that there were some policemen around to keep watch, but did nothing to disperse the demonstrators. I suppose the demonstrators had obtained the required police permit, or were they the preferred lot where a police permit is not relevant? Probably, had I led a protest for greater transparency in the number of murders while in police custody, I would have been knocked out of my senses by the policemen.

This is the reality today where even holding a demonstration is accorded selective treatment by the authorities. In the west, demonstrations are a daily occurrence and without much worry for the policemen. It is the element of fear and the curtailment of the people's rights to assembly and the freedom of expression that had made the civil society angry.

I was a student at the Defence Services Staff College, India in the late 80's, and we get to hear eminent civilian and military speakers coming to the college to give talks on a regular basis. I can tell you this.......that they are free to expound they views on about anything, and even being critical of government policies. But I don't see any policemen around to keep watch on the speaker.

That was in the 80's, and I can feel that there is so much of liberty and freedom of speech among the Indians (both the speaker and audience who are military officers) ending up in a discourse that benefits everyone. Herein lies the mark difference in mindset and exposure between an Indian military officer and a Malaysian military officer.......the latter being fed only with 'what's good with the government of the day'. Try and be critical (even in this period of the new millennium) and you will end up being a nobody.

Now getting back to the UMNO protesters, and I suppose all the protesters are Muslims, I would like to ask them this plain and simple question.

1.Which of this two offences i.e. one, being harshly interrogated by MACC officers, and two, being involved in corrupt practice deserves greater punishment by Allah?

2.Are you not aware of the magnitude and extent of corrupt practice among UMNO members today that even YM Tengku Ahmad Retaudeen has to admit that corruption in UMNO is rotten from top to bottom, or words to that effect?

3.Don't you know that indulging oneself in corruption is sinful to both the taker and giver?

4.Are you so naïve as not to believe that buying and consuming food that is purchase from money obtained from corruption is similar to consuming pork or filth?

5.Are you sure that you will not die one day, to face the wrath of Allah SWT and be questioned severely as to your source of wealth on earth?

6.Are you that rotten to willingly succumb to corruption, and disregard your pride, morality and dignity?

To all who have indulge themselves in corruption, I have this to say..........."you may have tons of cash with you, but I look at you as nothing more than dirt that can be kicked around at leisure. I give dogs better respect than you".

Please UMNO, have some sense of love for your race and religion. Certainly, your parents did not teach you to be corrupt the moment you were born. And to make matters worse, don't you know how other races view the Malay race today..............'mudah dibeli dengan duit soggokan'. This is what disgust me most, and you are the cause of all this. And please UMNO, I love the party so much, but not the people who are running the party today.

Posted at 5.20pm Feb 1, 2009