Thursday, June 30, 2011


IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar has come out with this ludicrous statement, quote “based on our observation and analysis of the impending gathering, we believe that it would cause tension, chaos and destruction of property, injuries and maybe even loss of lives” unquote.

I am just wondering how the analysis was derived at, and what observation methods were used to conclude the statement that the IGP had made above. If the analysis were to come from the Special Branch of yesteryears, I would tend to believe it because they are experienced and capable officers, but I doubt it now. I know some of them, and they are truly a professional lot.

All along, I have not read nor heard any single statement made by the organizers’ of Bersih, nor from any one of the NGO’s and opposition party leaders that they are out to create chaos, destruction that can result in injuries and even loss of lives, as declared by the IGP. What I did hear are some stern warnings issued by Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa and supporters of the government, including UMNO Youth to expect trouble should the Bersih rally proceed. Wasn’t UMNO Youth involved in an attempt to burn the PKR office at Petaling Jaya? What wrong has the building done to UMNO Youth that the building deserves to be raised to the ground?

Tell me, was it not Ibrahim Ali who had said that he will not able to control his people if they turn violent at the rally? What violence is he talking about if the intended violence is to be instigated by the sordid and rowdy Perkasa members themselves? Did the IGP not know this, and why wasn’t Ibrahim Ali arrested and kept in solitary confinement at ‘Kamunting Resort’ for insinuating violence? Did the IGP hear anything from Bersih or its supporters to words that there are out to create trouble? Certainly, I have not heard of any, and I am neither deaf nor blind.

Bersih leaders has repeatedly said that the rally will be peaceful, and even PAS leaders has allowed the police to arrest any of its members if they are found to be trouble makers. So clearly, it is Perkasa, UMNO and its supporters that are inclined to create disorder, and not Bersih. How then did the IGP and the government come out with such negative and frightful analysis, which makes them appear that they are going to be the perpetrators of violence during the rally? We have had Bersih 1.0 prior to the GE 12 and did we see any dead bodies then? Who then created the fracas if it wasn’t because of the water cannons? And what was the outcome of Bersih 1.0? I do not need to tell you.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Now the yellow Bersih T Shirt is outlawed by Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein. What if someone decides to wear a yellow coloured trouser with Bersih inscribed at the buttock, or is wearing a yellow coloured underwear inscribed at the front portion ‘I love Bersih’. Will they be persecuted too? Some time ago, a black coloured T Shirt faced the same restriction.

Now what is actually happening to you Hisham? Or have you gone crazy that you can no longer think and decide rationally? The announcement you made to ban the wearing of the yellow coloured Bersih T Shirt is the most idiotic and laughable decision ever made by you. Right thinking Malaysians are not only laughing at you, but the entire civilized world, with the exception of Zimbabwe maybe. It is really funny, and what can we expect if we have clowns like him running the country. Hisham, if your grandfather Datuk Onn Jaafar; an adorable gentleman is alive today, he too will be laughing at you, for it was he that fought for the liberties of the people of his time.

Just in case Hisham does not realize this; what you have done is to cause more hatred for UMNO/BN at a time when the GE is nearing. The actions taken by your police in making arrests of so many people over the Bersih affair is intimidation at its worse. This can easily spark public unrest, and if that happens, I have you to blame. The people are already feeling the pressure that their rights is being denied, and please do not push them to the wall any further. Learn the lessons of the recent civil unrest in Egypt. Who actually gained by the unrest……….it is the people, and who actually lost………it is the leaders of the country and the all powerful President Mubarak is forced to surrender his crown. Do you want this to happen to the leaders of this country? Just try it on the people if you wish, and I am certain that you will end up losing sleep.

The problem with you Hisham is that since you were born; you were living a life of luxury. You must have had several nannies to pamper you. And you hardly knew or felt the difficulties of the kampong folks. During the troubled period of May 13, 1969, you must be in your teens and does not understand the difficulties faced by the security forces in trying to maintain the peace. And today, there is no one serving member from either the police or the military that saw duties during that troubled period; not even the present IGP. I can tell you that it was no joy, and I think it is because of your ‘ignorance’ of the problems associated with public order that you have made such preposterous statements that will put the public and the security forces in harm’s way. I know you will not be affected by the rioting should it develop, because you will get all the security protection you need.

I am sorry for continuously hitting at you over the last few articles of mine for your self imposed stupidity; for I think I love this country more than you.



I watch in disgust in You Tube the illegal gathering of purportedly members of UMNO Youth protesting in front of PKR’s Headquarters in Petaling Jaya just two nights ago. To me, they are a band of hooligans gathered to protest against PKR’s support for the Bersih’s rally scheduled 9th July. And what is even more disgusting is that the hooligans were allowed to proceed with their noisy protest without any resistance from the authorities i.e. the police. Some days before, there was also the burning of pictures of Ambiga, the principal organizer of Bersih by what was believed to be Perkasa members. I believe, had it been the opposition or any other civil society, the gathering would result in the arrest of its leaders. This clearly shows the double standards practiced by the police in dealing with illegal gatherings that can adversely affect the popularity and support for the Najib’s administration.

Since the announcement of the Bersih’s rally, many Bersih’s supporters have been rounded up by the police for their statement to be recorded. Besides some politicians, all of whom are opposition party members, a renowned national laureate A. Samad Said was also roped in for police questioning for a poem recital he made during the launching of the Bersih rally on June 19th. And what is even more disgusting, even those wearing Bersih yellow coloured T Shirts are being detained and questioned. I just wonder what has a yellow coloured T Shirt got to do with violating public the security and the safety of this country. Truly, this is Malaysia Boleh in its meanest form; a practice that is associated with tyrants and dictators.

Honestly, I do not know what has become of this country that I still love dearly. Are we already a police state, or is this country now being governed by a communist regime where civil rights and liberties are indiscriminately trampled upon? From the actions taken by the authorities suggest that democracy is already dead in this country. This is worse than the period of the Malayan Emergency or the Communist Insurgency, where a least the authorities then i.e. police and the military were highly protective of the people. What we see happening today is that the authorities are acting like bullies and rouges that have little regards and respect for the rights and liberties of the ordinary people.

Last night, I was with a group of friends over coffee and the topic of discussion revolves around the Bersih rally. I can tell you that not a single person liked what they see happening to the country today, especially the methods used by the police in handling supporters of Bersih. I do not know whether PM Najib realizes that the uncouth attempts by the authorities to quell public dissent is counterproductive and can affect voters support for the government in the next GE. If the government does not realize this, then I might as well say aloud that the people, especially the urbanites are getting angrier at the government for their own stupidity. This is also the general perception that I get when I meet and talk to people of all walks of life concerning the state of the country today.

Believe me, the next GE will be a tough one for PM Najib, and if the government continues to allow the authorities to trample public opinion, civil rights and liberties, and I see little hope for a resounding victory for the present government.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


What better word can I describe this man named Ibrahim Ali other than say that he is just another ‘war-monger’. Surprisingly, he seems to gets ever ‘popular’ by the day with his nonsensical speeches that threatens racial harmony, peace and security that had been nurtured by our forefathers? Many have said that he should have by now been dumped at ‘Kamunting Resort’ for a brain cleansing treatment, and if this treatment fails, he should then to be referred to Tanjung Rambutan to have his brain removed. I say this because Ibrahim Ali of recent times has been a disgrace to the Malay race. He has made the Malays a much hated race, whereas we the Malays are peace loving people. I now begin to doubt if Ibrahim Ali is a Malay himself.

When I was young, I remembered my late father bringing home friends that are not Malays and seeing him work alongside them and setting aside their racial and religious difference makes me think that they are more than just friends. These were the Malayans that I saw in the early 50’s who were more united then, than it is today. I would further reinforce my statement by saying that Malayans were more united under British rule and by having the likes of Ibrahim Ali, has made Najib’s 1 Malaysia slogan meaningless and a mockery. There was also a similar comment made by former Finance Minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah that can be viewed on You Tube, who himself has said that he doubts the success of 1 Malaysia. How could 1 Malaysia has any meaning when some idiot is out to champion his own race and threatens others; whereas this country guarantees equal rights for all its citizenry. And that idiot claims that what all he did has the support of his race; something that I totally disagree.

And in this era of the 21 century where all people of the world are supposedly to have reached the zenith of civilization; Malaysia unfortunately has Ibrahim Ali who acts like he is Hitler; fiery in speech but hollow in thoughts. Despite the many intimidating speeches that he had lashed out against the intended July 9th Bersih rally, the Chinese community, the opposition parties and even Bersih’s principal organizer Ambiga, he seems untouched by the authorities as he continues to howl like a sex-starved and hungry lion. I have heard his speeches on You Tube and its all utter rubbish.

As a Malay, I don’t need Ibrahim Ali to be my spokesman. Neither would I want to acknowledge him as a Malay leader. Compare him to the likes of Dato Onn Jaafar, Tun Dr. Ismail or YM Tengku Abdul Rahman, he is in no league with anyone of them. Even Ahmad Bustaman who is fiery in his speeches is adorable and is definitely more sensible than Ibrahim Ali. The language of threat that he had directed at other races and including the many Malays that are opposed to him, is only uttered when he is surrounded by his henchmen. Point a gun at him, he is sure to run helter-skater under the skirt of a lady Perkasa follower.

For all that Ibrahim Ali has said and done, it is obvious to me that he is under the protective mould of someone powerful. He is untouchable, so it seems. I don’t think he requires a police permit to hold a rally, and I am yet to see him being led away by the police for his scathing speeches of hate and threats. If it was someone else; he/she would have been thrown to ‘Kamunting Resort’ to be left in isolation and be provided free meals at public expense.

Despite all the unkind words that I have for Ibrahim Ali, I somewhat have my deepest sympathy for him. This is because his days in politics are numbered. Come the next GE, and if he takes on the challenge to contest as an Independent candidate and in his present constituency, I doubt very much he could get back his deposit.


Monday, June 27, 2011


How erratic and insane can Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein be by suggesting that the Army will be deployed, should the up-coming Bersih 2.0 rally scheduled for 9thJuly goes berserk. I protest vehemently to such a deployment, for I believe the Army should never to be used against a peaceful public rally.

Does Hishamuddin want to test the loyalty of the Army to response to his call? What right does Hishamuddin have over the Army, by suggesting such a dumb and thoughtless idea, when the people involved in the rally are ordinary and peaceful citizens of this country; some maybe his own family members? Does Hishamuddin think that this is a police state where public dissent or discontentment cannot be tolerated? Has he not learnt the lessons of the recent events in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and the current political upheaval in Libya? All these events started as a peaceful public protest against a ‘tyrannical’ government, but when physical force is applied onto the people, they will revolt. I am not surprised if the same will occur if force is applied to those attending the up-coming Bersih rally.

Let me remind Hishamuddin that the Army is not a tool to fool around with. His father Hussein Onn being trained as an Army Officer would be saying the same thing. We are not yet police state, and I do not think the Army would want to take orders from him; particularly when the order is to silence public opinion and protest. Being a lawyer and a lawmaker, he should have understood better that the nation’s constitution give its citizen every right to a freedom of expression, and organizing a peaceful public rally is one way of expressing such rights.

I have complete faith and confidence in the current Army leadership in not wanting to be cowed by Hishamuddin’s call for the use of the Army. I can also say for certain that the other two sister services of the Armed Forces would not want to be a tool of Hishamuddin. I am also confident that all retired military officer would share the same feeling that I have on the use of the Army against public rally. I am certain too that the consequences towards public security and disorder would be extremely severe if military troops were to be used, and this certainly is not what the nation wants.

My brotherly advice to Hishamuddin is to be more cautious in what he says, especially with regards to the use of the military forces, and to show due respect to His Royal Highness the King, for he is the Supreme Commander of the Malaysian Armed Forces.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


It’s been almost a month long that I’ve been off the blog sphere, and many thanks to a dear friend who helped me solve my problem in getting back into my blogger dashboard. I do not think anyone would want to hack into my blog; nor do I think someone wants to see me off the blog sphere, although I was once warned to be more careful on what I write. I think I’ve mellowed a bit now, much to the satisfaction of my ‘better half’ who seems not to agree to most of what I write. She had once told me that I should be thankful to the government of the day for providing me a pension and criticizing the government is like ‘biting the hand that feeds you’.

Now, I want to relate to you what I had gone through soon after retirement that is not known to many people. I was invited into politics and voluntarily joined a political party. The reason I joined is that I felt I could be of some service to society. In other words, it is ‘pay-back’ time for me and thinking that my military experience could be of use in politics. For about two years, I was within the circle of politics and tried my best to understand the game played by politicians and how they relate themselves to society.

Now, looking back, I thought my two years with a political party is not what I wanted to be. I realize that I could not be of any service to society because my reach is only limited to members of that one political party, and not to others who are outside the party. In other words, my service to society is limited to party members only and others are quite unwelcomed. I felt this strange especially when some others are people of my race, and just because they are not party members, they ought to be treated differently. This is something that I could not accept and my days in the party soon came to an abrupt end.

Having had a cursory insight into the game of politics, and a bit of what I see happening in the business world, I then started blogging, especially upon hearing the abuses of politicians and the corruption that goes on unabated amongst civil servants; and members of the Armed Forces is no exception. If one cared to read all my earlier articles, I have never failed to criticize the failings and abuses within the Armed Forces, especially when it involves senior officers who are known to have enrich themselves through their unscrupulous dealings with contractors etc. I am most thankful to the current leadership of the Armed Forces and including the three services, where talks of corruption by local businessmen has somewhat simmered. I am not saying that corruption has been totally eradicated in the Armed Forces, for I know that there are still some hard cores who continue to take bribes from contractors/suppliers, especially those officers with the authority to issue the notorious Local Purchase Orders (LPO). I will be keeping a close watch on them, for I know who they are by just looking at their lifestyle.


Monday, June 20, 2011


Dear Readers,

I had over the last few weeks found difficuties in getting into my blogger dashboard. I do not know the reason why, until an IT trained friend of mine came to my rescue.

It's back to writing, and to my many avid readers, I thank you for your concern as regards to my long silence, and the support I get to all my writings.