Saturday, December 31, 2011


I am witnessed to the hardship and inconvenience that my grandmother had to face during the period of first Malayan Emergency, with food rationing, security checks and curfew. However, as a child I never knew what all these meant, despite seeing soldiers of the Commonwealth Forces passing through the village hunting down the Communist Terrorist (CT). There was not to be the slightest fear in me.

And when I decided to join the Army, I was witnessed to the entire period of the resurgence of the Communist Insurgency. It was only then that I knew how difficult it was to seek out the CTs and the hardship that the security forces had to face. It was not only the difficulties of having to toil the jungle areas for months on end, but being newly married and having to raise a family, I sometimes found my personal life overbearingly difficult, and at times emotional.

Today, the country had since 1989 freed itself from the CT menace. We can proudly claim to be the only country in the world that had fought communist terrorism over several decades and won. It had taken hundreds of lives of our security forces though, whose death were certainly not in vain. These fallen men will be forever remembered for their sacrifices for generations to come, and they are truly our national heroes. For those (security forces) who had served the country during the period of the Malayan Emergency, Indonesian Confrontation and the Communist Insurgency and are still alive today will appreciate and understand the meaning of peace and security, and how much it matters to them and to the country.

The country today is safe and is at peace. People from all walks of life are free to travel around the length and breadth of the country without the fear of the communist threat. There are no more curfews, food rationing, security road checks, wanton murders and house to house searches for CT sympathizers. Members of the security forces no longer operates in deep jungle areas for long duration, laying ambush and be shot at, be maimed by anti personal mines and bobby traps and to conduct long and treacherous foot patrols. Children no longer miss their father for long period of time, and the constant fear that their father may not come home alive. Ask any wife then, and that was the most common fear that they all harbored in their hearts.

A few days ago, I read that there were some irresponsible people who had openly commented that the country will be in turmoil if de facto PR leader Anwar Ibrahim gets a prison sentence on January 9, 2012. I do not know the basis of their argument and rationalization for them to have derived at such an assessment and conclusion.

Utusan Melayu’s Awang Selamat and Perkasa’s boisterous Ibrahim Ali, the two people that had come out with that conclusion should be grilled for making such ‘startling, irresponsible and ridiculous statement’ that can cause fear and apprehension among the peace loving public. But being somewhat of a ‘government’s spokesmen’, they are deemed untouchable, protected and out of reach of the law. Both, I think never held a rifle before nor had they spend time in the jungle seeking out the CTs. They have neither experienced the tumultuous period of the 13 May nor knew the difficulties and challenges faced by our security forces in warding off the threat posed during the Indonesian Confrontation. I believe they were living off their comforts of home since birth.

I would advise that these two people keep their gap shut, for I know they will be the first people to hide under the skirts of their wives if there were to be trouble in the country. Didn’t Ibrahim Ali threatened to use his ‘warriors’ to challenge Bersih 2.0, but conveniently kept away from being involved during the rally? He lost his keris and that’s the reason why. And for Awang Selamat, please do not hide behind a pseudonym. I say that your nonsensical column in Utusan Malaysia will cease after GE 13. Both are simply cowards and are cheap ‘war mongers’ – that’s what they are good at.

If someone were to ask me how do I assess the situation on 9 January? I would say, “Yes, the situation will be tense but not riotous. Even if they were to be riots, it will be confirm to urban areas (notably KL) and not widespread throughout the country. It will not be anything bigger than the riots experienced during the ‘Reformasi Movement’ of 1998. I think the police can manage the entire situation and certainly I do not believe the Armed Forces should be deployed at all – whatever are the circumstances. Should the Armed Forces be deployed, it can only be done after due consultation and with the royal consent of HRH the Yang DiPertuan Agong, him being the Commander-in-Chief of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Political expedient should not be the primary reason to deploy the Armed Forces. And the Armed Forces should not take the dictates of the political masters. The ultimate reason to deploy the Armed Forces is for the protection of the people; and not otherwise.



It looks like as the New Year 2012 makes its entry, Malaysians are again being pitted one against another. The riling up of the rakyat using the ‘pig’ and ‘lembu’ strategy – i.e. finding pig heads at a mosque in Johor is now making its round.

We have heard about the carrying of ‘lembu’ heads before.

This definitely stinks of a gutter-political strategy. And mind you take note of its timing. It strikes just as DSAI is making a nation-wide road show in the wake of and ahead of the January 9, 2012 court case verdict pending.

If Malaysians should at all get riled up and start glaring their fangs in the wake of such ‘pig’ and ‘lembu’ heads reporting, then we can only say that Malaysians deserve the kind of politicians they have.

Hopefully Malaysians will wake up to the year 2012 and realize that the world has already torpedoed thirteen years into the 21st Century. This is not the Dark Ages nor the Middle Ages, please!

• Malaysians better wake up to the fact that the war is about tyranny verses democracy today.

• Malaysians better be wiser of the fact that citizens determine their government and not politicians breathing down all the time, telling their rakyat what they should do.

• Malaysians must be smart enough and sensible enough to say: Enough is enough; the buck stops right here!

• Above all Malaysians must take responsibility and cleanse this nation of all the politician-crooks who are using religion and royalty issues to destabilize this nation.

The day Malaysians can come together as a one nation of people and say: Malaysia is for all Malaysians, that is the day this God-blessed nation can come out of the deep ravine that deceitful tyrants have plunged us all into this past decade.

When will that day be? If it is not 2012 then when?!



Friday, December 30, 2011


The unrelenting agenda to annihilate Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim - since his unceremonious sacking by his one-time compatriot Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, continues to haunt Malaysians with that huge leadership vacuum that the nation is trapped in right into 2012.

At a time and moment in history this century, when nations are aspiring to strengthen leadership, we on the other hand are bent on crucifying born leaders.

Whichever camp we swear to support, the objective mind dictates that Malaysians are desperately in need of a born leader to take the nation to the next frontier to battle the global challenges that loom in the future ahead of us as we enter 2012.

Leaders are hard to come by. Tried, tested and proven leaders are an indispensable asset for nation building. Anwar Ibrahim by any measure meets the bill of being able to lead this country to its next destination on the social, economic, environmental and political paradigm.

Yet, UMNO is hell-bent in making sure that this icon of the rakyat is crucified at all costs.

The coalition of ‘opposition-led’ political parties is making such headway – never seen throughout the regime of the Tun Doctor and this is best explained by the leadership of one man, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Yet this is the very leader that the UMNO and BN battalion is bent on wrecking.

While nations across the globe are sacking failed tyrants and raising true-democracy leaders, we are busy buried in annihilating a blue-chip leader all in the name of greed and tyranny.

If UMNO does have a true leader, the people will not have to hesitate. They will fall in line, rock solid, behind that leader. Can we say this of UMNO and BN right now?

The time is drawing very close for Malaysians who have only this nation to call their home to rise to protect their homeland at all costs. Whether we like it or dislike it; whether we fear it or are brave enough to face it; whether we are principled enough to stand up to it or otherwise – the truth is Malaysia is at the very crucial brink of joining nations that are well into their efforts to be re-born.

The ‘Spring’ and ‘Jasmine’ revolutions are global signs of our times. They indicate that the world has entered into a cleansing phase no different from the renaissance or the industrial revolution or the independence declarations we witnessed all across this planet in bygone eras.

And so, for as long as the political parties keep leadership-crucification a top agenda, we will only be nearing the gates of revolution no different from the Spring and Jasmine versions that the world is currently bearing witness to.

After all, whether we recognize or deny, know or live in oblivion, the world is today hemmed inside a globally networked society. And the lubricating technology of communication sets an ideal climate for mass uprising at all costs. The fall of the Iron and bamboo curtains were mere clarion calls. The Spring and Jasmine revolutions are definite warnings to stubborn and myopic political parties and despots.

The point is, while there is still a window to escape the pains of a revolution, will the conspirators of anti-leadership quit? Will those who still have any moral fiber in their veins left, rise to save this nation?

There is only one defining truth or option left for Malaysia. And that is, do not kill the goose for the love of the golden eggs you want to haul away into your own nest. Malaysians have a right to have star leadership to lead them. And everyone too has a duty to let that star leader to prevail. Anything that comes in between this fusion will lead to revolution.

Ministers, what is your take on this? Mind you, be objective!


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Oleh Datuk Mat Zain bin Hamzah

Penulisan ini, adalah lanjutan kepada perkara salahguna wang zakat MAIWP.

Seorang amil bernama Reduan Mohd.Said(Reduan) berusia 28 tahun, telah dikenakan hukuman penjara empat tahun dan menerima tiga sebatan, yang dijatuhkan oleh Mahkamah Mejistret Kulai, Johor pada 2 November 2011,kerana telah melakukan pecah amanah wang zakat berjumlah RM19,510.00 diantara 16.8.2010 hingga 4.9.2011.

Ketika kejadian, tertuduh dikatakan merupakan seorang imam disebuah Masjid di-Kulaijaya.Beliau dikatakan dilantik sebagai amil oleh Majlis Agama Islam Johor (MAIJ) bagi mengutip zakat fitrah dan derma anak yatim di-Daerah tersebut.

Hukuman dijatuhkan oleh Mejistret Zaiton Anuar, manakala pendakwaan dijalankan oleh Timbalan Pendakwa Raya,A Karthiyanini.Tertuduh didakwa dibawah Seksyen 408 Kanun Keseksaan.

Reduan dilaporkan telah menyerah diri di-Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Kulaijaya, setelah pihak Polis menyiarkan gambar beliau dalam televisyen dan akhbar untuk mengesan dan menangkap beliau.


Sekiranya Polis Johor, sanggup bersusah payah menyiasat,mengesan, termasuk menyiarkan gambar saspek dalam televisyen dan akhbar, sehingga tertangkapnya Reduan dalam kes diatas, dan dihadapkan kemuka pengadilan, kerana menyalahguna wang zakat RM19,510.00,maka sewajarnya Polis Kuala Lumpur juga, mengambil tindakan yang serupa dalam kes salahguna wang zakat MAIWP, berjumlah RM 32,150.00 oleh Dato Seri Jamil Khir,Dato Che Mat Che Ali dan En.Shamsuddin Hussain.

Reduan dihukum sedemikian kerana kesalahan salahguna wang zakat.Jamil Khir,Che Mat dan Shamsuddin juga telah salahguna wang zakat.Persoalannya mengapa tindakan terhadap dua kes sama berat ini berlainan?.Dalam undang-undang semua orang mempunyai hak samarata dan patut dilayan samarata.Jika dikenakan tindakan pula, hendaklah adil dan saksama.Dalam Al’Quran pun begitu juga.

Saya percaya, Reduan telah menyerah diri kepada Polis, setelah gambarnya tersiar di-televisyen dan akhbar, akibat malu serta aib yang amat sangat, kerana beliau sebagai seorang imam disebuah Masjid telah menyalahgunakan wang zakat fitrah, yang beliau tahu , sepatutnya diagihkan kepada gulongan asnaf,fakir miskin dan anak yatim.Beliau insaf bahawa perbuatannya itu adalah satu dosa besar mengikut Al Quran.

Reduan mengambil tanggungjawab akan kesalahan itu, serta mengaku salah apabila pertuduhan dibacakan.Dilaporkan beliau sedang menjalani hukuman undang-undang jenayah. Manakala Undang-Undang Allah pula,Wallhua’lam.

Dengan contoh yang ada dihadapan mata sendiri sekarang ini,kita tunggu dan lihat sama ada Jamil Khir,Che Mat dan Shamsuddin akan mengambil tindakan “gentlemen” yang sama, sepertimana dilakukan oleh Reduan.Dengan menyerah diri mereka dan hadapi pertuduhan, ataupun mereka akan mencabar peruntukkan undang-undang dan Al’Quran.Ataupun mereka akan terus cuba menegakkan benang basah masing-masing dan menyalahkan orang lain pula.

Kita berharap Jamil Khir tidak akan memberi “standard reply” sepertimana Menteri-Menteri lain yang bermasaalah,menjawab akan menyerahkan perkara tersebut untuk diputuskan oleh Presiden Parti atau Perdana Menteri.

Saya percaya rakyat juga menunggu reaksi Polis dalam menangani kes ini,sama ada tindakan yang mereka kenakan terhadap Reduan, akan dikenakan juga keatas Jamil Khir,Che Mat dan Shamsuddin,tanpa memilih bulu sepertimana yang Bukit Aman sering janjikan.

Sekiranya Pendakwa Raya memutuskan apa yang dilakukan oleh Jamil Khir dan dua yang lain, bukan merupakan suatu kesalahan jenayah,maka jelas beliau mengamalkan pendakwaan berpilih,kerana beliau telah pun menuduh Reduan bagi kesalahan menyalahguna wang zakat awal bulan lalu.

Kita akui Pendakwa Raya mempunyai kuasa untuk tidak meneruskan pertuduhan jenayah, namun beliau tidak ada kuasa untuk mengubah hukum yang telah ditentukan dalam Al’Quran.

Polis dan Pendakwa Raya wajar sedar, bahawa Jamil Khir dan dua yang lain itu,yang terlebih dahulu menyalahgunakan wang zakat itu, dengan amaun yang lebih banyak dalam bulan April 2010, jika dibandingkan dengan penyalahgunaan oleh Reduan pada bulan Ogos 2010 dengan amaun yang lebih kecil.Mungkin Reduan terikut-ikut jejak langkah Menteri.


Sekiranya Jamil Khir,seorang Menteri yang bertanggung jawab keatas hal ehwal,kemajuan dan pembagunan Agama Islam,tidak sanggup untuk berkurban menggunakan harta beliau sendiri untuk sementara waktu sahaja, sedangkan beliau mampu,tetapi lebih rela menyalahgunakan wang zakat pula, oleh kerana beliau mempunyai kuasa,maka….bagaimanakah kita mengharapkan Muslimin,yang kais pagi,makan pagi untuk berkurban menegakkan Islam?.

Sebelum kita mencabar orang lain,lebih bermunafaat jika kita sama-sama memperelokkan sikap kita sendiri terhadap Islam dahulu.Janganlah asyik bimbang dengan ancaman-ancaman yang tidak ujud atau sengaja diujudkan,kononnya ada pihak lain yang cuba merosakkan Islam,sedangkan Menteri dan Pegawai-Pegawai Kanan yang dipertanggung jawabkan menegakkan syiar Islam sendiri, yang menjatuhkan maruah dan kesucian Islam.



Wednesday, December 28, 2011


What can I say of this two people; Minister in PM’s Department in Charge of Islamic Affairs Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom and Director Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council Datu Che Mat Che Ali who was alleged to have misappropriated zakat fund amounting to RM63,650 to settle their personal legal fee, being respondents in Anwar Ibrahim’s qazaf application. The alleged abuse of zakat fund by the two was recorded in the Auditor General report for 2010.

Any Muslim would know that to abuse the zakat fund (even for taking a single sen), more so for a personal reason is a sin, and they being people learned in religion should know the consequences. Do they not know that they will have to answer their sins to Allah SWT in the hereafter? Or are they thinking that being a government paid religious official, they will be accorded a special preference in hell? I think it would have been less grievous a sin if they had borrowed money from someone to settle their legal fee. Are the two not rich enough to pay up? I think that amount is a paltry sum for Jamil Khir in particular who is said to have built himself a palatial home.

I think right minded citizens of this country ought to be thankful to former KL CID Chief Datuk Mat Zain Hamzah for highlighting this abuse and for being persistent in criticizing and commenting all that is wrong about this country, particularly with regards to the abuse of power by the powers that be, corruption and the misappropriation of justice. What baffles me is that despite the many critical comments that Datuk Mat Zain had written and published, not one single person within the government dare to act against him. Not the AG, not the IGP and not a single Minister. I would ask – why is this so? And the only logical answer that I can think of is that what all has been revealed by Datuk Mat Zain is true and cannot be challenged. Indeed, Datuk Mat Zain is a lone crusader for good against evil.

Being a colleague of Jamil Khir while I was in the military service, I am ashamed at what he did, if the allegation is proven to be true. I simply cannot accept a person like him with strong religious credentials and a ‘pendakwah’ to have done the unthinkable; an act that is sacrileges. He not only shamed the Armed Forces from where he was trained and served, but more importantly to desecrate the office that he now holds i.e. Minister in the PM Department in charge of Islamic religious affairs.

I do not know whether the PM or anyone within the government will act against the two for abuse and misappropriation of zakat fund. Or will they be given a tap on the back and be let off with a warning? I do not think the two will be ask to vacate their position or for them to voluntarily discharge themselves from their post – that’s the last think that could happen and there are several examples to cite; unlike the Japanese and Korean people where shame is unacceptable to them. To such people, it is more honourable to take their own life than to face shame. And having paid back the money does not absolve them of their sin.

Finally a food for thought from Sheikh Imran Hosein when he wrote, quote “There is a peculiar definition about ‘ulamak’ that all must know: Establishment Ulamak equals Islamic scholars that the government provides them with comfortable living in the secularized Muslim world”, unquote.

Do you not think that the quotation fits the two ‘ulamak’ that I have mentioned above?



UMNO members are living in a strange world; so different from the world that we live in. They have their own rules and definition when confronted with the issue of corruption. Money politics isn’t corruption (by UMNO’s definition) and a criminal offence; hence there is no necessity to bring the offender to face the court of law. MACC and the police too have no jurisdiction over the offender, and the authority to deal with such cases is UMNO itself. Money politics, an UMNO creation have given us new meaning and definition.

We have seen how UMNO dealt with offenders of money politics in the recent past. I suppose Isa Samad was suspended from UMNO and lost his ministerial post because he may have offered his supporters an exceedingly larger sum of money than Ali Rustam and Khairy Jalamluddin could offer to their supporters. Ali Rustam and Khairy Jamaluddin, though found to be involved in money politics, were both left with a warning and were allowed to retain their position in UMNO. So you see, there are distinct grade of offences in UMNO’s money politics. I suppose the more you give the severe the punishment. Conversely, the lesser you give, the lesser the punishment.

The Isa Samad case has proven to us that being punished for money politics has its reward at a later date. Being out in the wilderness for a number of years, Isa Samad today is back in the limelight. He won back his state seat during a by-election at Bagan Pinang, Negeri Sembilan and was further rewarded as Felda’s Chairman. He is now making his presence felt as Felda Chairman with a proposal to go for listing the Felda Global Venture Holding. The opposition to the listing is strong and if this issue is not handled well, it may cause a serious setback for UMNO during the elections. Be warned that UMNO can no longer say that Felda settlers are their ‘fix deposit’ during the upcoming elections. The split among the Felda settlers are too obvious now and the opposition is exploiting it.

Next is Deputy Minister Awang Adek who confesses to have received a regular ‘cash donation’ to support his branch activities credited into his personal bank account. He believes there is nothing criminal about this arrangement and could show proof that all the monies received goes towards the branch activities. What a clever way to deflect an allegation.

I think Awang Adek is unable to differentiate between what is criminally wrong and what is morally right. He being a highly educated person is utterly confused. Let me tell Awang Adek this - that for someone (who is obviously known to you) to credit donations towards your branch activities into your personal account may not be criminally wrong, but surely it is morally incorrect. A person with integrity, honest and sincere (traits of a good leader) would not do what Awang Adek had done. By doing what he did would be seen by others as someone who is dishonest and untrustworthy. That is what I now think of him. Wasn’t he able to think of a better way to receive donation, other than having it credited into his personal account? Now, let’s say that he was an opposition member. Guess what will happen to him? I think another tragedy at the 14 floor Marsalam building in Shah Alam would have occurred.

Besides Awang Adek, aides of two notable politicians were also found to have received monthly contribution from a contractor,exposed by blogger Whistleblower711. Some months ago, we also had another aide to a minister with bundles of unexplained cash found in his house, but that news now has gone into silent mode. It was only yesterday, DPM Muhyiddin when asked about the alleged corruption of his aide said that he is looking into the case and will act accordingly. This case has been quite a while and why hasn’t Muhyiddin reported it to the authorities? What kept him so long to investigate? I smell a stink here? I can tell you that nothing will happen to all of them, unlike what happened to TBH and for a meager sum of RM2,000, he lost his life for it. What sort of justice is this? They can all hide such cases now, but let me tell them that a ‘stink’ like this cannot be kept hidden for too long. It is bound to explode sometime.

So you see, UMNO has set a new definition for corruption for this country. The term corruption only applies to others but not to themselves. They will undertake their own investigation and award ‘punishment’ accordingly and would later reward the offenders for their misfortunes. Say what you like, it is because of this that I believe corruption in UMNO will never cease. I am not the only person to believe in this, but many others and even from among UMNO members themselves.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Malaysians will in the next few days be bidding farewell to 2011 and welcoming 2012. Now, what is in store for Malaysians in the New Year and the years after? Will there be continued peace and prosperity? Will there be greater tolerance, compromises and most of all racial harmony among Malaysians of all races and varying religious denominations?

Will Malaysians be truly a 1 Malaysian society that PM Najib had aspired, or will it remain rhetorical and an unachievable symbol? Will we continue to see race and religious based NGO’s and their noisy commotion, propagating their alienable rights to almost everything under the sun? Will we see an earnest desire and a will to curb corruption and abuse of power by the ruling elite (whoever is to rule the country after GE 13)? Will there be greater transparency in dealing businesses with the government and where corporate governance is applied to the hilt, and favoritism, cronyism, tricksters, plunderers and manipulators are things of the past?

I think it is not too difficult to change if there is the will to do so. As of now, I do not see a serious will to change and the moment a change (I mean for the better) is proposed, there will be interested or vested parties clamoring to deny changes from taking place. There will be protest and the reason for not wanting to change; they say is to protect the interest of a particular race and religion. Race and religion seems the surest way of putting the government at ransom and to withdraw any proposal for change, rather than to view the proposal as one of a national need and interest to serve all.

Clearly, this country needs a strong and a committed leader that is able to steer the country towards a better future. We certainly lack that kind of leadership. The country has seen too much of ‘flip-flops’ and inconsistencies at decision making; the latest being the deferred implementation of the new remuneration scheme for civil servants. The question being asked is how the government could implement a new pay scheme affecting more than a million civil servants without consulting the civil servants themselves. Ignoring CUEPACS is a serious affair and doesn’t the government know this? This is what I term as ‘dictatorial tendencies’ that has got into the heads of the authorities who think that the power and authority entrusted upon them rules the day. I can tell them that no power rules the day; it is the voices of the people that rule the day.

2012 can be the most challenging year for the country. With the 13th General Election drawing close, uncertainties and concerns as to where our future leaders will lead the country are being asked. Should UMNO/BN retain power, are they to continue doing what they have done for the last 54 odd years? Or are they going to be a ‘reformed’ government that is committed towards the betterment of society – a government that is just and with the serious will to eradicate corruption and abuse of power.
Now what if a new government were to take shape after the election? This will be an ‘inexperienced’ government so to speak. And can we be assured that this new government can perform better than the previous government? If we were to look at the performance of the opposition held states today, we could be safe in our mind that we can expect the semblance of a fairly good ruling government. But how will they perform ruling the entire nation is something that I do not wish to predict.

Whatever be the outcome of the elections, the future of our nation for 2012 and the years after will rest upon the government that the people elect. Let’s vote wisely to put in place a government that truly serves the people.

Finally, I wish to take the opportunity to wish you all my avid readers a Happy an Prosperous New Year.


Monday, December 26, 2011


Why have there been over the last few years and in the more recent months, a mounting challenge and rejection towards UMNO/BN? Why has there been so much talk by party elders that UMNO no longer holds true to its pledges that were so beautifully crafted by its founding fathers? Arrogance, thievery, abuse, denials and corruption seem to be the pledges that UMNO/BN now upholds. Honour, trust worthiness, forthrightness, dignity and honestly aren’t important any more. Aren’t these the very traits that Malays and Muslims should be upholding? But why are these traits so blatantly ignored? It is greed – nothing else – worldly greed, and they think that all that they have acquired in this world (illegally or otherwise) will serve them in the hereafter.

I could understand if it is the non Malays that are increasingly distasteful and critical towards UMNO (supposedly to represent the Malay race), but that simply isn’t the case today. It is the Malays; their brethrens that have gotten tired of UMNO, which had caused the Malays to be divided into factions, i.e. UMNO Malays and non UMNO Malays. Tell me which super rich Malays has survived without any political connections? And none will ever dare tell the truth.

Factional disagreement has become so apparent today; hence the creation of ABU (Asalkan Bukan UMNO or Anything But UMNO) led predominantly by Malay groups is a case in point. And the most recent being the unequivocal demand by university student groups for greater freedom of expression and the abolishment of UUCA, and they daringly challenge the government with a mammoth student protest, should their demands be ignored. These student groups are again led predominantly by Malays with a conscience and determination to rid off any ruling that stifle their academic freedom.

Are we not witnessing a new generation of Malay youth that are no longer foolish and can be easily cowed? These are students that know their rights and are willing to face the consequences of their actions? Adam Adli and several others represents that new generation of youth; a reformist at heart, that has all the making of our future leaders with great potential.

Out of curiosity, I goggle “UMNO” and the opening sentence reads, “UMNO emphasizes as its foundation the struggle to uphold the aspiration of Malay nationalism and the dignity of race, religion and country. The party also aspires to protect the Malay culture as the national culture and to uphold, defend and expand Islam”. These are princely statements that aim to nurture the Malay race into a respectable, reputable, honorable and dignified, and ultimately a God fearing race.

But what has UMNO turn itself to be today? How shameless can they be to talk about ‘ketuanan Melayu’ when it isn’t what the founding fathers wanted the party to uphold. How shameless can they be when they keep saying that the Malays are poor, when they (UMNO) had for the last 50 odd years been entrusted with the responsibility to better the living standards of the Malays? How shameless can they be when they outrageously and unashamedly defend something that is deemed morally and criminally wrong, just because the offender or perpetrator is of their kind? Even dignity and honour is trampled with, and even the position of our Rulers was once challenged. It is arrogance, power, greed and self preserving interest that have overawed them. To deny every wrong doing seems the only way of self survival.

Yes, the Malays are poor (a claim by UMNO), but certainly not among the UMNO elites and their cronies. This is the problem with UMNO that had themselve to blame for creating a division among their own race, and that division is getting wider by the day. That division has now become so intense that many moral and religious values that are so deeply entrenched among the Malays are deliberately cast aside. Sex and scandalous remarks of others takes center stage. Lies to demean and to cast others as unworthy of being human rule the day. Even swearing in mosques is fashionable; a recourse to proof ones innocence and having no thought of fearing God’s retributions. Who preaches to them to take swearing in the name of Allah SWT so lightly?

Never has there been in the last 50 odd years an opposition worthy as it is today. I think this is good for democracy to work where dictatorial tendencies, long the practice among some UMNO/BN elites are slowly being cast away. Check and balance are in place. Close scrutiny is kept over every deal made and there is also now greater awareness among the general public of government spending and activities.

Let us hope that such strong opposition will prevail after the general elections (regardless which party wins) for this country to move ahead and for democracy to survive. I will keep criticizing UMNO/BN for I think I love my country and my race more.


Sunday, December 25, 2011


First, there was the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) of the Ministry of Agriculture. Then, the DVS was responsible for all livestock industries in Malaysia, and catered for both the health and production activities of the livestock.

It was not totally successful as insufficient support was provided to DVS, and the scale of operations was too large to handle for the Department. In the course of the country’s overall agricultural development, the University of Malaya, University Putra (then College of Agriculture) and MARDI got into the act to provide Research and Development support for the livestock industry, which included work with Dairy and Beef cattle, Buffaloes, Goats & Sheep, Poultry and Pigs , mainly. This was a positive step by the Government.

Having established this back-up system for the improvement of livestock in Malaysia, through proper research and application, the Governmentrealized that a lot more needed to be done. This was based on the fact that livestock numbers, especially cattle and buffaloes, were dwindling on a regular basis. Essentially, the production and reproduction of stock was not keepingpace with the slaughter of the animals for local consumption. There was, and is, negative growth in these two sectors.

To counter this, the Government set up Majuternak, as a production organization, to multiply cattle numbers. And, to ensure its success, it opened up production farms around the country and bought thousands of pure and cross bread cattle to fast tract the cattle reproduction process. This was a very practical and sound approach to increasing livestock numbers in the country. Moreover it was controlled by the Government, rather than the earlier practiced “Pawah” scheme, which was a failure. This is because the livestock were distributed to “selected people” rather than farmers with proven track records.

However, over a period of years, Majuternak’s role was taken over by DVS-for reasons unknown. And, the future of Malaysian’s cattle industry came to a grinding halt! The new production farms were given to DVS who eventually privatized these farms to some private operators. Farms in Sisek, Behrang Ulu, Batu Arang and Jelai Gemas were reduced drastically in size and converted to other uses like oil palm, townships, and even for Proton’s expansion. Presently only parts of the original farms in Kluang, Jelai Gemas, Ulu Lepar,Tersat and Tanah Merah remain. All this obviously affected the overall contribution in increasing livestock numbers, specifically cattle.

The end result, Malaysia is back to square one! We are in negative growth as far as cattle, buffalo, goat and sheep production are concerned. However, in the euphoria of producing Halal products, and the demand for Halal meat in Malaysia and the Middle EasternMuslim nations, the Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture decided to set up the National Feedlot Corporation to increase the country’s beef production. In the process the Government provided RM80 Million to develop the infrastructure, and anadditional RM250 Million to produce the beef via Feedlot Operations.

Sounds great. So what?

Today, everyone talks about Feedlot Fattening. I wonder if any real thought has been given to this programme? Essentially, Feedlot Fattening of cattle is a manufacturing process, involving two basic raw materials: young steers (male calves) of superior genetic material, with the potential to grow quickly, and a feed mix that provides maximum nutrition to achieve maximum growth, in the shortest possible time to achieve an economic and profitable enterprise. Of course the two principle ingredients have to be put together and managed properly, to achieve profitable results.

Grand Idea-Great Vision-Fantastic Potential. And, Malaysia becomes a Halal meat Producer and Exporter! Wait a minute. Let’s look again at the proposal. First question- do we have the raw material? A resounding, NO! So what do we do? We IMPORT the raw material to produce the finished product. Simple and common sense manufacturing practices will tell us that we are at the mercy of the raw material producers who will dictate the terms and costs of our end product- Halal Beef.

At the beginning we might get good prices for both raw materials. The primary producers can entice us to get into Feedlot Fattening by providing competitive prices. But, once we are into it, they can and will control the prices, so that we, the Feedlot operators, will be at their mercy. This applies to both steers and feeds. When this happens, what do we do? How do we control the price of the beef that is produced? How do we sell Halal beef that is affordable to the consumer? The prices will be too high, and we will end up losing our investment.

For decades, in Malaysia, the poultry and pig industry has had to struggle with the cost of imported feeds, in their production. Fortunately, at least the livestock components were being produced here. And, the producers of eggs, broilers and pork, working diligently with a combination of various feeds could still produce their products in a commercially viable manner.

The situation with regards to beef is totally different. We have no stock of our own to fatten, and we have insufficient feeds of our own to feed. However, Malaysia does produce a fair amount of palm kernel cake (PKC) which is an extremely good feed for fattening animals. However, literally 90% or more of this is exported because of better prices overseas. The Government should look at subsidizing the cost of PKC for use by local farmers or set an export tax to encourage local sales. Also, Oil Palm Fronds (OPF) should be promoted to be used as feed for these animals. Again, what is processed and produced locally is mostly exported. Even then, we are far short of the feeds required to produce Beef for export, let alone for our own consumption!

We need to be realistic and honest with ourselves. Stop this grandiose programme that will fail in the long term without proper planning and development of our own primary raw materials-stock and feed.

The Government needs to revert to a Majuternak like development programme. The private sector cannot and will not do this. The basic drawback is the availability of land, and the associated cost of development. Without the Government providing this essential commodity at a reasonable economic price, the private sector cannot embark on profitable and successful large-scale cattle farming.

The Honorable Minister of Agriculture has previously stated that we need up to 900,000 ha of land for ruminant production, and he encouraged plantation companies to utilize their land for cattle / goat and sheep production. This is a very positive approach to long-term ruminant development plans for Malaysia. But, it seems that it has fallen on deaf ears!

Pardon the cliché, but the Government must now take the “Bull by its horns” and tackle the issue of land alienation, for livestock production, at practical costs, and embark on a multiplication programme, on its own or in partnership with the private sector.

As far as technical and research and information for the multiplication of livestock and feeds is concerned, University Malaya, University Putra, MARDI, UKM and USM have all got more than sufficient applicable results available. And, there are sufficient experienced hands-on professionals to manage these production centers.

This is only an introduction to the present situation with regards to ruminant -cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats- production and problems in Malaysia.

The Honorable Minister and his Ministry must seriously review the proposals for improving livestock production, and not be hasty about overnight success. And even though as one Khazanah National Berhad official said, the gestation period for livestock production is too long, let us not forget that rubber, and, now, the Oil Palm industry took decades to be where it is. We can do same for the livestock production.

Malaysia can become a nett exporter of beef, especially, if the programme is set firmly and followed through on a long- term basis, without changes, every time a new man helms the relevant agency.



I received this article via email and I thought I will share it will my readers.


The National Feedlot Corporation Saga has been in the news ever since the Auditor General’s report highlighted the fact that the NFC was only successfully operating at 41%. In fact, the AG should have stated that it was operating at a failure rate of 59%.

There are two aspects to this state of affairs. One is a question of Policy by the Government, with regards to setting up such a huge Feedlot operation without proper study.

The other is the question of Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT), with regards to the financial and fiduciary responsibility of the operators of the NFC.

The first part is dealt in the broad report that is attached, as a Policy paper. The second part, CBT, is the question that is being debated presently, and being investigated by the Police and MACC.

The Criminal Beach of Trust focuses on the word Trust. A project and funds provided to an enterprise and its operators is based on trust. Trust to perform diligently and honestly, and to keep with the purpose of the project, to ensure its success.

The NFC has failed miserably in this aspect.

It has broken the Trust that was implicit in its engagement to produce beef for the nation. The Trust it was given to increase beef production was betrayed when it employed the loan funds to invest in any other business, in this instance, the purchase of two condominiums, which the NFC itself admitted.

The funds invested in the condominiums could and should have been invested in producing its own calves and its own feed for the fattening operations.

After all, the NFC was given about 5000 acres of land to carry out the operation. In as much as the land itself was considered marginal, many types of fodder crops could have been grown as feed for a multiplication programme that would have given value addition to the operation of NFC. This is especially so in the long term.

Quite obviously the operators of the NFC did not have sufficient knowledge of the industry, nor did they seek the advice of qualified consultants, with more than sufficient knowledge to assist the development.

In conclusion, the NFC and its operators should be charged for CBT, removed, and a group of competent and qualified consultants appointed to run the operations, after careful review and study of the present set up.


Saturday, December 24, 2011


Christmas is just a few hours away and Malaysians once again share with Christian friends and their families their joyous moments.

To all my friends and loyal readers of the Christian faith, my wife and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Being Christians, it teaches you to do good on to yourself and towards others, and let us hope that all Malaysians of the Christian faith sets themselves a fine example of what a Malaysian ought to be.



Someone had just posed me this question – Will Anwar Ibrahim be incarcerated? My instantaneous response to him was that, “I am not the judge, and even if I were the judge, I will not give you the answer”. That’s the oft-question ask when the name of Anwar Ibrahim is toyed with in coffee shop conversation nowadays, and the court’s decision on Anwar Ibrahim will be known in a few days i.e. reportedly on Monday 9th January 2012.

The story goes that Anwar Ibrahim stands a hopeless chance at getting an acquittal, if we were to base it on an earlier trial of about a similar offence in 1998. PKR has to brace itself for the worst case scenario where a leadership vacuum in the party will occur if Anwar Ibrahim is found guilty and is sentence to a jail term. I think that leadership vacuum will also be felt in the PR, but how this will affect the coalition’s chances in the upcoming elections is difficult to predict.

There have also been numerous assessments citing the possibility of PR winning the elections i.e. with or without Anwar Ibrahim. Some believe that Anwar Ibrahim isn’t a critical factor in winning the elections anymore, and neither is there the ‘sympathy factor’ that impacted upon PR successes in the 2008 general elections. What are more important now are issues and exposures affecting UMNO/BN today that are most likely to weaken BN’s reputation in the run up to the elections. And issues and exposures detailing UMNO/BN 50 odd years of wrong doing are slowly emerging. Even former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir 20 odd years of rule is not spared of public debate and criticism.

Even if Anwar Ibrahim were to be acquitted and assumes the premiership (should PR win the election), at best he would only last one term as he would breach his 70th birthday at the end of that term. It is for this reason that I think, PR should start developing and identifying a second tier leaders that are reasonably young capable (free of all the worldly vices) of taking over the leadership, so that when a leadership change does occur, the transition would be smooth. I believe the PR leadership today is not devoid of young and able leaders that are not seen to have been infected or to have been influence by the ‘evils and vices of politics’. This is simply because they all have not savored political power, but once in power I certainly am not ruling out the chances of them emulating the inherent adverse qualities of the present UMNO/BN leadership. This will be the biggest challenge for the PR leadership.

So with the uncertain future of Anwar Ibrahim, the PR leadership now has a daunting task at hand to decide upon a ‘replacement’ for Anwar Ibrahim. That replacement has to be decided and made known now so that there will be a clear transition in the change of leadership, should Anwar Ibrahim be incarcerated and the PR wins the election. As of now, that replacement isn’t quite certain and PR cannot place their bet on Anwar Ibrahim getting an acquittal. PR has to start working on the worst case scenario now.


Friday, December 23, 2011


Has anyone wondered what will the scene be like if UMNO/BN were to be defeated in the 13th GE? Will there be an orderly changeover of government or are we expecting otherwise; a state of calamity, instability, chaos and public disorder? These are the concerns that I am beginning to have, and I suppose many likeminded and peace loving citizens would feel apprehensive, more so with the revelation of more of UMNO/BN leader’s wrong doing, and the persistent war mongering by Malay NGO’s; fearful of the loss of ‘ketuanan Melayu’and their self proclaimed inalienable rights and privileges.

Awang Selamat of Utusan Malaysia must have crystal gazed and has predicted an uncertain political, social and economic environment will envelop this country should PR reign after the 13th GE. But what Awang Selamat did not do is to crystal gazed his own future and that of Utusan Malaysia, should there be a change of government. I think he believes it is only UMNO/BN that has the right to rule this country, regardless of the unstoppable and endemic corruption that is going on among politicians and government officials, the flight of illicit money out of the country that runs into billions, the phenomenal increase in deficit spending that has reached almost half a trillion that could bankrupt the country, and the ease at which the government seems to be flushing money for projects that is likely to end up in failure – PKFZ and NFC are cases in point. Just watch, the act of flushing money will heighten as the general election draws near. My kampong folks are only waiting for the roads and lanes to be resurfaced and possibly lighted up.

Someone commented to me recently that every government project would end up in failure if the hands of politicians and cronies are deep in it. Let’s watch the outcome of the proposed listing of Felda Global Venture; supposedly to generate a windfall for the Felda settlers; masterminded by the infamous, Isa Samad. I do not know what is there in him that had softened up PM Najib to appoint him Felda’s Chairman. I suppose Isa Samad’s past record of being barred from UMNO after being found guilty of money politics qualifies him to the Chairmanship of Felda. What about the Chairman of Felcra then? You know who is he? I think he is one of those porn CD peddlers.

This nation of ours has not experience a changeover of government following a legitimate and democratically held election. If the takeover of the states of Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Kedah and Perak following the 2008 general election can be cited as an example, than we can be rest assured that there will be some semblance of an orderly changeover. But my fear is that this involves a changeover of government for the entire nation where there is likelihood that some states aren’t quite ready to handover for a prescribed reason. It is not easy to hand over power to someone else after more than five decades of continuous rule, and knowing that the loss would badly affect the livelihood i.e. income, businesses and privileges of many who are already well entrenched in their comfort zone.

We have also seen the ‘force retake’ of the Perak government by BN lawmakers following the shift of allegiance of three PR lawmakers towards the BN. Although the incident in Perak was found to be legitimate by the courts, it somehow does not satisfy the people of Perak that had voted in the PR government. This is understandable because voters felt cheated by the three PR lawmakers that had jumped into the clutches of the UMNO/BN, which caused the PR government to be swept out.

Having had the experience of being swept out, PR should no longer rely on a marginal win. PR has to win hugely to avoid a similar situation from happening at the federal level. PR should know too that it is money that can sway allegiances, and I believe there is no lack of money in UMNO/BN coffers. If say you need ten people to shift allegiance and the payout is RM1 million per person, that totals only RM10 million; a fraction of the billions given out to PKFZ, or of the RM500 million commission received for the two submarines or even the RM250 million soft loan for the failed NFC project. I think this shift in allegiance need to be watched closely in the next general election because UMNO/BN has too much to lose if PR were to form the next government. As the saying goes – ‘desperate people do desperate things’.

As I have said in an earlier posting, the sudden surge in the exposures of UMNO/BN wrong doing is the will of Allah SWT and what is worse; at a time nearing the general election. I believe it is Allah way of telling the government that enough is enough, and for UMNO to believe that all that is being exposed can no longer be kept out of public notice. My final word to UMNO/BN - CHANGE OR BE CHANGED


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The people that make up the government of Malaysia are an unusual breed of people that does things that nobody else would do. For example, take the indelible ink that is proposed to be use for the upcoming general elections. Before the ink can be accepted for use, the government would require it to be scientifically tested, supposedly to ensure that the chemical content of the ink does not contain any ‘haram’ ingredients that forbid Muslims from performing their religious obligation. Once the test is done, JAKIM would then give its approval. This however is not the end of the story. The Election Commission will look at the legal aspects; hence the AG has to be consulted.

I do not know who else need to be consulted. Will the police, bomba, JPJ, PWD, Syabas and others be consulted? Or whether Parliament needs to pass a Bill to sanction the use of the indelible ink? You see, how long winded the process takes just to use the indelible ink, whereas the recent election in Iraq, Yemen, India and in many other countries, the indelible ink was used. A number are Muslim state and there wasn’t any hue and cry about the ink being haram. I suppose Malaysian Muslims are more Islamic than their brethrens in the Muslim world. Or is it because the users of the indelible ink are mostly from third world countries; hence we don’t want to be seen to do what a third world country does.

I remembered that the indelible ink was suppose to be used during the 2008 general election, but was withdrawn the last minute for reasons best known to the authorities. I do not know if there were any scientific test carried out on the ink, or the withdrawal of the ink has anything to do with JAKIM or was it constrained by legal impediment. The decision not to use the indelible ink resulted in the lost of tax payers money amounting to a few million. I suppose to the Malaysian government, this amount is no big deal.

If the authorities are so concern about the issue of ‘halal-haram’ that impinge upon the performance of Malaysian Muslims religious obligations, then I would also advice the authorities, particularly the Islamic religious authorities to start issuing edicts relating to corruption, slander, lies, breach of trust, acts of thievery and abuse of authority and power. These are acts that are so blatantly and shamelessly displayed by our Muslim leaders today that they seem to fear no one, not even Allah wrath. I would like to see the ‘Muftis’ and various religious groups to come forward to reprimand those Muslim leaders that have done wrong, and to guide them to be righteous, reformed and be God fearing Muslims. There are many, and some are still languishing in their newly acquired wealth.

I do not want to predict the use of the indelible ink or otherwise, because as I have alluded earlier, the people that makes up the Malaysian government are an unusual breed of people. They can say YES today, and the next moment they will say NO. Regardless of what the decision would be, I hope the government will take serious note on the wishes of the people. It is clear that the people want the indelible ink to be used and if this is ignored, I fear the consequences would be hard on the government.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Do you not see how stupid is Perkasa? They say that the Malays (I suppose referring to Perkasa Malays) will not come out to vote during the upcoming general elections if the Election Commission proceeds with the use of the indelible ink. I challenge Perkasa to do so, and let’s see who is going to lose this election. If Perkasa does not know who is going to lose, then let me tell them that it will be UMNO that is going to lose. And if that were to happen, I can tell you that many will be dragged to the courts to answer for their 54 years of wrong doing. And if ever I were to see so many politicians being dragged to the courts after a new government is formed, then I will say that these politicians deserve the wrath of Allah SWT on earth, and what awaits them in the hereafter will only be known to them when they go six feet down under.

Now, the Shahrizat’s family lembu fiasco is not over yet. Having ‘stolen’ NFC’s money to buy themselves the luxuries that we the ordinary people could not possibly acquire in our lifetime, another explosive story of Shahrizat’s family greed and thievery acquisition of another luxury condo costing RM10 million in Singapore have now surfaced. No wonder they say that NFC was making a loss, but that loss is actually Shahrizat family’s gain. Now with this latest exposure, let’s hear what PM Najib, DPM Muhyiddin, Khairy Jamaluddin and Noh Omar have got to say. I bet all will be acting dumb and mute like the three monkeys; see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

Please forgive me for using such hush words on our leaders, but this old soldier is sick and tired of listening and reading about the many exposures of wrong doings by UMNO politicians. What saddens me most is that all the perpetrators are Malays and claiming themselves Muslims – and yet UMNO and Perkasa have the audacity to talk about ‘ketuanan Melayu’ and defending the Malay rights and Islam. What rights are they talking about when they have shown themselves to be thieves and liars? What defence are they talking about when they are the ones to deliberately breach and to consecrate the religion of Islam? Do they not know what awaits them in hell for being thieves, corrupt and liars?

I can now say that Shahrizat has been lying to us since day one, claiming that she does not know anything about the NFC affairs. What a bluff she is, and yet Wanita UMNO gave her a standing ovation for all the denials and lies. I think she is a poor example of a wife and a mother, and definitely she isn’t the kind of leader that we Malaysians would want to have. Why doesn’t PM Najib ask Shahrizat to swear in the name of Allah SWT; just like what PM Najib himself had done before, or Saiful Bokhari, or even the porn CD distributor?

Now speaking about corruption, I read about these two secretaries serving the two most powerful politicians of the country i.e. PM Najib and DPM Muhyiddin, are alleged to be corrupt (view Whistleblower711 for details). For this to happen right under the very nose of our two powerful leaders is unbelievable and unacceptable. Whistleblower711 also alleged that a senator Deputy Minister is also on the take from a contractor since January this year, and that contractor is also an UMNO member. So you see how corrupt the people in UMNO are, and one cannot be wrong to say that UMNO is corrupt to the core. I have my sympathies for those who are not corrupt, but coming from the same mould, they will have to face the wrath of the people and bear the shame for being associated with a group of corruptors.

I believe the recent exposure of corrupt practices and wrong doings by UMNO politicians is the will of Allah SWT. If UMNO leaders does not see this, than they deserve to be kicked out during the upcoming GE. I do not wish to see this country of ours go to ruins, being led by leaders that are dishonest, lacking in integrity, corrupt and bleeds this country for their own self interest. We have seen far too many of such leaders and I personally can no longer bear to be led by leaders of this kind. If UMNO cannot change its bad leaders, than it will be the rakyat that will change them.



I watched the news on TV3 last night, only to catch a glimpse of Agriculture Minister Noh Omar speaks about some proposed federal development funding for the state of Selangor. Being the Agriculture Minister, I would expect him to speak about his grand idea of how the federal funding will be used to benefit farmers in the state. I would expect that such funding is to further reinforce state funding.

He spoke about the many federal funded projects lined up for the state but did not elaborate what are the natures of the projects. Of course, he quoted some costs that the federal government would be providing for the projects. The amount would sound attractive to most, but certainly not me, simply because I am not a contractor or a possible benefactor of any state projects that are either state or federal funded.

I continued to listen to Noh Omar speaking, and I was horrified to hear him say that people (I suppose he was referring to the people of Selangor) must know that the funds for the projects are from the federal government (supposedly referring to UMNO/BN). He quoted a particular infrastructure project for the Shah Alam municipality, just to impress viewers and the people of Selangor in particular that the fund for the project isn’t from the state government. What arrogance is this?

So you see the kind of mind set that this Selangor parliamentarian has. He thinks that the federal fund belongs to UMNO/BN, or maybe it is from his own pocket. Does he not know that the Selangor government and its people also contribute towards the federal coffer? I think Selangor being the riches state in the federation must be the largest contributor to the federal coffer. It is the people’s money my dear Noh Omar, and even if you say the money is from the federal government, the people of Selangor too have a share in the money.

Noh Omar can go around the state saying all that he has said on TV, but the people of Selangor aren’t that stupid anymore. They have had enough of 50 odd years of UMNO rule that only saw the wealth of the state being robbed by a handful of Malay elite. Do I need to mention who the Malay elite are? Ask my kampong folks in Ulu Langat; they will tell you.

My brotherly advice to Noh Omar is to always think before you speak. Even the pay and allowances that you get is not from UMNO/BN; it is from tax payer’s money. So please do not make any distinction between federal or state funding. The source of funding is still from the people.


Thursday, December 15, 2011


It has been a week that I posed a challenged to Bigdog aka Mohammed Zakhir Mohammed, to come out and face Brig Jen Dato Abdullah Mohammed over the former’s accusation that the latter had joined PKR with 50 other retired armed forces personals (refer to my article posted on Thursday, December 8, 2011 titled ‘Bigdog – A liar of the highest order).

I had provided Bigdog my hand phone number and suggested that he decides the place and time of the meeting at his own choosing. As at today, Bigdog hasn’t responded, although many had called me that they too wish to be around, if the meeting materialized. I do not really know why others have a special interest in Bigdog. I never had any interest in Bigdog before this issue came to light.

Come on Bigdog, don’t tell me you have chickened out? I can assure you that there will not be any punches thrown at you by Brig Jen Dato Abdullah, because I know him to be a true gentleman. What he wants is an honest answer from you to clear his name.

For your information, Brig Jen Dato Abdullah is a well known figure in the Armed Forces. I being his neighbor before, can vouch that he is an honorable person who had served his country with distinction. However, the lies that you had so willfully written about him, and so daringly posted in your blog has somewhat smeared his good reputation. And it is an apology that he wants from you. Is this asking too much?

I have been told that you are close to some political masters, and this must have given you the audacity to post something that is false without regards as to who the person is. If this is true then you are worse than a roden that scrounges filth and stale foodstuff in stinking alleys and potholes. I do not care who your political masters are, because liars are people that Brig Jen Dato Abdullah and I hate most, and they ought to be taught some manners. I hate telling you this, but that is what you portray yourself to be – a coward and an incorrigible liar.

My final word to you Bigdog – please do not take retired military officers for granted because we are no fools.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


There are now calls for DPM Muhyiddin Yasin to quit for being an accessory to the failed NFC project that has rattled Sharizat, her family members and the UMNO fraternity, with allegations of a criminal breach of thrust. Muhyiddin was the Agriculture Minister then when the project was approved, and a soft loan amounting RM250 million. Muhyiddin is therefore deemed accountable, though not necessarily responsible for the ‘mess’ the NFC has created.

As I had alluded in an earlier posting, Muhyiddin wasn’t the first to defend Shahrizat, but it was Noh Omar, the present Agriculture Minister who poked his nose into something he wasn’t quite sure about. Then, it was followed by Khairy Jamaluddin who yielded enormous power at level 4 of the PM’s Department; him being the SIL of then PM Abdullah Badawi, who is believed to have a hand in approving the project. When the debate over the NFC got heated up, Agriculture Minister Noh Omar took a retreat, curled his tail and went into hibernation. Likewise, Khairy Jamaluddin who had earlier agreed to debate the issue with PKR’s Rafizi Rahim, has for now thrown in the towel. Muhyiddin was a bit wiser. He believes that silence is not an acknowledgement of guilt.

I do not know what is in the mind of PM Najib and the leadership of UMNO over this issue. I view this NFC fiasco as a scaled down PKFZ debacle where the ‘actors’ are of the same make and brand i.e. UMNO/BN. There is now the unusual silence from Shahrizat including those of her boisterous Wanita mates. Shahrizat isn’t anymore the same Wanita boss that spoke from the rostrum during the UMNO General Assembly with her theatrical tirade mimicking Aldof Hitler; blaming the opposition, and not herself. The mainstream media as we knew from the start wasn’t too keen in reporting. Least, they are seen to play to the gallery of the opposition.

Be that as it may, this ‘scandalous issue’ that had brought shame to the nation, and more so to UMNO that is already mired in numerous cases of corruption and abuses of power, is not going to be cast away by the rakyat that easily. This involves a huge amount of tax payer’s money; an amount that could otherwise be utilised to serve the dire need of the rakyat, rather than enriching a government minister’s family members. I do not know if others (cronies and the like) had a share in the ‘spoils’, but I believe they do.

Let me tell you this – the upcoming GE will be tough for UMNO/BN, and this NFC scandal has negated the chances of UMNO/BN narrowing their 2008 losses. Tun Dr. Mahathir can say otherwise, but he does not see the reality on the ground that is so obvious in the cities, kampongs and among the marginalized estate and farm workers. The government can keep throwing cash handouts to rally the support of the rakyat, but when the coffer goes dry and the rakyat begins to demand for more, then that’s when the problem starts. Or, is the government resigns to the fact that this will no longer be their problem after the 13 GE?

To the UMNO/BN leadership, time is no longer in their favour and the tide of change is fast being felt by Malaysians. The rakyat knows what they want – a government that is trustworthy, responsible, incorruptible, not abusive, just and fair. It is changes to the UMNO/BN leadership that the rakyat wants, and if the leaders do not change and are stuck to their old mould, than be rest assured; it will be the rakyat that will eventually change them.

To the opposition PR, the path to Putrajaya will not be easy. While the PR has an edge in the urban areas, the rural front will still be decisive in ensuring whether it is BN or PR to helm the government post the 13th GE. And should Muhyiddin, Shahrizat and Khairy Jamaluddin decides to go for the polls, they will have a lot of questions to answer.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I was asked recently this question – how could the RMN allow bloggers Bigdog and Papagoma to set foot inside the submarine during LIMA recently? Was the RMN ignorant of who the two bloggers were, their official status and whether both were officially accredited and sanctioned by the military intelligence to board a naval craft?

I would agree if both were senior government officials who would have taken the oath of secrecy and properly vetted by a government intelligence agency. And what is even worse is that these two unauthorized bloggers were permitted to take photos inside the submarine, when I am fully aware that photographs are prohibited even to be taken inside an RMN installation. Isn’t this the ruling imposed for visitors coming to visit the RNM submarine base in Sempagar Bay, Sabah?

I think there is a serious breach of security here that must be answered by the RMN. I do not know if the two bloggers were sanctioned by the Chief of Navy, and even then I think it is a wrongful decision. I have spoken to some of my navy colleagues (fairly senior ones) that have retired, and they are quite puzzled and certainly not amused.

Certainly, what is done cannot be undone. But the least the RMN can do now is to tell the two bloggers to seal their gap, and not to be too overly excited to claim that they are the first bloggers to board the RMN submarine. I would also suggest that the RMN review its security procedures relating to visit by civilian visitors immediately.



Who is this Awang Selamat of Utusan Malaysia to suggest that Kelantan Menteri Besar Tuan Guru Nik Aziz should step down as he is “physically getting weaker, his mind is not as sharp as it once was, his hearing and speech are also not as good”. I can expect such a comment to come from Awang Selamat, as we all know for whom he writes, serve and speak in his column, in Utusan Malaysia.

Now, may I ask Awang Selamat this question – between Tuan Guru Nik Aziz and your chosen leader within the UMNO elite, who do you think you could trust for honesty, incorruptible, subservient to Allah, pious, patience and a heart filled with humbleness and generosity. Name me one from the current crop of UMNO leaders with such personal traits. I say to you now that there is no one from among the present crop of UMNO leaders that are anything close to the personal traits that I have described. I tell you now that these are the personal traits that are inherent in Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, and if someone were to say that he loves Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, it comes from his heart. One gets nothing in return; only a warm smile and a sincere salam from Tuan Guru Nik Aziz.

Now, compare this with anyone of your preferred UMNO leader. Do you see genuine humbleness and generosity in anyone of them? Are they totally free from corrupt practice i.e. not having taken even a sen from someone? Are they free from abusing the powers of their office? Now, don’t get me wrong please. I am not accusing that all UMNO leaders are corrupt and have lined their pockets with ill gotten money. There may be some good ones and some bad ones too, and I know that you know who the bad and good ones are. You have seen a bad one recently; abusing public money to buy all the luxuries that you and I could never afford in our lifetime. You call this an honest person. I’ll call this person a thief.

Please Awang Selamat, age is no factor. Anyway, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz does not rule like an Egyptian pharaoh. I am quite sure he has his advisors whom he consults with. Had he ruled like an Egyptian pharaoh, he would not have lasted even a term. Surely, he knows when is the right time to leave (you don’t need to tell him) but as of now, the party and the people in Kelantan still wants him to lead the state. And what’s wrong with that?

Yes, Kelantan may be a poor state; unlike some other states with a skyscrapers to show. But being poor does not mean that the people are not happy, disillusion and mired in poverty. If you were to talk about poverty, it is everywhere and who do you blame for this. Sure, you will blame it on the state government, but do you not know that the BN/UMNO government has rule the country for more than five decades? Are you saying that they should not be blamed?

My advice to Awang Selamat is simply this i.e. please do what you are good at i.e. writing silly commentaries in your Utusan Malaysia column. But do not teach what the Kelantan people want; in particular with regards to the position of Tuan Guru Nik Aziz as the Kelantan Menteri Besar. You will do great justice to this country and to UMNO in particular if you were to write about corruption that has infected UMNO and the country today. If you can save UMNO from corruption, you will save this country. And for a start, why don’t you comment on the NFC fiasco that involves an UMNO minister?


Monday, December 12, 2011


What exactly is going wrong with Malaysia’s tourism trade? Take a walk at the Federal capital’s tourist heart beat belt in Bukit Bintang / Raja Chulan / Jalan Sultan Ismail and it would not need a social scientists to figure out the daring and flourishing sex trade.

What are we selling? Rows and rows of massage parlors are screaming amidst the shopping attractions. The signature trade sees women – almost all of them foreign nationals, spilling onto the walkways with laminated brochures of the types of massages one can have.

The canvassing and soliciting women are dressed in short skirts, revealing tops and decorated to entice tourists. And surely, Malaysians are also patrons.

Why are we allowing such trade to flourish all over the country? Yes, is it also not true that all over the country, in every Taman even in suburbs we now see huge signboards screaming from shop lots announcing ‘body massage’?

What, are all Malaysians now desperately in need of massage? And why are all these outfits employing foreign women by the hundreds operating from premises that are far too private and shady?

What are the authorities doing? Are they so blind that they do not know what is happening in the country?

We call ourselves an Islamic nation. But look at the streets of Bukit Bintang. Look at the thousands of foreign women recruited from China, Thailand and Philippines – even African nationals to provide massage.

It is about time that the Ministers spoke up with honesty. It is about time that NGOs come forward to audit this scam called ‘massage’ services and spilled the beans in the public foyer. It is about time that leaders of religious organizations took to the pulpits of their congregation to demand an immediate stop to this sex trade done now with so much brazenness and total disregard for the values and morals of a nation that professes to be an icon of hope for the generations to come.

Yes, massage is a therapy. But why do we need to do it in dimly lit rooms that are shrouded in questionable privacy?

Massage is helpful and refreshes a tired body. But do we need sexily clad women – all of them foreign nationals, to provide such services?

It is about time that massage services comes under the health ministry’s purview and not one of businessmen and scoundrels. Failing which, we are all kidding ourselves.

Pray the authorities respond in an accountable and responsible manner to this sinful and scheming operation that seems to have gone beyond all decency.

The religious minister in the prime minister’s department too should respond. Is what is happening acceptable?

Perhaps, NGOs dedicated to human rights and fighting abuse of women too should go out onto the streets – with police escorts, to interview all these women who are being enticed to come into the country to ply their services. There in all likelihood, is a thread that will expose the sordid employment and work permit abuses that Malaysians would puke on reading.

And the accountable media in the country must expose all the total truth without fearing the crooks and collaborators – whoever they are, but by the fear of God and the sacred values of the Malaysian society.



Today, 12th December 2011 marks the end of a five year reign of Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin as the 13th Yang Di Pertuan Agong of the nation. He was appointed the Yang Di Pertuan Agong on 13th December 2006 at the age of 44 years old, taking over from Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail, the present ruler of the state of Perlis.

In a simple but yet colourful ceremony at the Parliament this morning, Malaysians and foreign dignitaries bid farewell to Tuanku Mizan and his consort, prior to their departure for their home state of Terengganu. Tuanku Mizan shall be remembered for his sporting prowess in horse endurance riding and his athletic physical appearance. For members of the Armed Forces, a new and modern military hospital at Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur bears his name.

Taking over as the 14th Yang Di Pertuan Agong is Tuanku Abdul Halim Badlishah, the ruler of the state of Kedah. This will the second time Tuanku Abdul Halim is appointed the Yang Di Pertuan Agong; the first time being from 21st September 1970 till 20th September 1975, when he was 43 years of age.

Malaysians, in bidding farewell to Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin for a glorious five year reign, looks forward to welcoming Tuanku Abdul Halim Badlishah as the 14th Yang Di Pertuan Agong of our nation.

As a retiree of the Armed Forces for almost 13 years now, I miss the many official functions that are associated with the presence of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and his consort, especially during the Armed Forces Day parade and dinner.



PM Mohd Najib Tun Razak was all praise for the Sarawak government during his address to delegates attending the SUPP General Assembly in Kuching recently. He say that “the future of Sarawak to achieve a develop status is more guaranteed if the BN government continues to lead the state”. He then pledged that he will work closely with the Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud (ATM) “to ensure that all the planned agendas for development for the rakyat becomes a reality”.

What else can Najib say other than praises for ATM who has held the helm of the Sarawak government for more than three decades? With ATM being such a lofty figure in the Sarawak political landscape, are we not to believe that Najib needs ATM more than the latter need the former? The entire nation knows that the Sarawak BN plays a significant role in determining the rise and fall of the BN at the national level. The voter’s statistics are there for all to see.

Based on the last Sarawak state election held on April 16, 2011, it was clear that Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), a component party of the BN headed by ATM had swept all 35 seats that the party contested, making it the largest single party to have won the election. SUPP, also a component party of the BN fared poorly having lost 8 seats including its leader George Chan and former Deputy Chief Minister.

If someone were to ask, with such ‘massive people support’ towards ATM, and the enormous resources at his disposal, could Sarawak not become a fully autonomous state off the Malaysian federation? My immediate answer would be, YES. If the Sarawak Report that chronicles the enormous personal wealth of ATM and his family members is to be believed, than my answer would be a double YES.

Having viewed what all is revealed in Sarawak Report, and assuming that it is true, I would say that ATM undoubtedly is even richer than the Sultan of Brunei, and beats all of Malaysia’s rich and famous. Despite all that is revealed in Sarawak Report, ATM has yet to deny the reports, and instead attempted to do a ‘double’ of Sarawak Report to deceive the public, and trumpets that his family members are all shrewd and clever at doing genuine business. He believes that his position as the longest serving Chief Minister has no influence over the business successes of his family members. And it is unbelievable that Sarawakians that had continuously voted him in is not able to distinguish lies from truth.

As for PM Najib, I trust he wouldn’t dare raise any issue relating to ATM wealth and that of his family members, or to talk to him (ATM) about handing over the helm of power. Of course, people in UMNO would dare ask Tuan Guru Nik Aziz to leave; because Tuan Guru isn’t anything like ATM. Tuan Guru is not in business nor does he resides in a palatial home perched on acres of land.

So, it is the power and wealth that ATM yields that frightens our national leaders to open their gap to say anything adverse against ATM. It is this fear too that can cause the BN to fall, and with such inherent fear of ATM, Najib therefore finds it expedient to allow ATM to do all the bargaining – corruption or no corruption; that does not really matter. Retaining power by whatever means does.


Sunday, December 11, 2011


Someone called me to quickly view Bigdog aka Mohammed Zakhir Mohammed’s blog and to read an article of him boarding the RMN submarine berth at Langkawi for LIMA 2011. I reluctantly viewed the blog and upon reading the first paragraph itself, I began to get spells of dizziness and nausea.

The paragraph goes like this, “I was in Langkawi for the LIMA 2011 this week. I was given the trust by the Minister of Defence and Chief of Navy, to be given the honour of the first new media practitioner and blogger to go inside Perdana Class submarine, KD Tun Razak”. Scrolling down the article was a photo of Bigdog taken at the officer’s cabin of the submarine. From the photo, he appears to be physically a large person and for that size, he does not fit being a crew of any submarine. Submariner’s work in confine spaces and being XXL in size, he is unacceptable not only to the navy, but to all other service of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Having declared himself as being given the TRUST and HONOUR as the FIRST new media practitioner and blogger to board an RMN submarine, he then deserve to be awarded a FIRST BLOGGER TO BOARD A SUBMARINE MEDAL by the Defence Ministry. It is just like Neil Alden Armstrong being awarded the CONGRESSIONAL SPACE MEDAL OF HONOUR for being the first person to set foot upon the moon. I hope the Chief of Navy will not place a plaque in the officer’s cabin that reads, “BIGDOG WAS HERE” in honour of Mohammed Zakir Mohammed.

Curiosity has now set in me to begin asking this silly question - how did Bigdog get an invite to visit the submarine? He must be someone very special; a preferred blogger among the many other bloggers roaming cyberspace (me included). From his writings, he sounded like someone align to the powers that be, and hence the preferential treatment and the only blogger to board an RMN submarine. You all know what this mean.

And what a coincidence – he must be in the submarine together with Penang Chief Minister Lim Eng Guan. If this was so, then he was a sort of ‘marker’ to keep a close watch on Lim Eng Guan and to snarl him around.

So Bigdog, I must congratulate you for being the first blogger to board a submarine, and I look forward to you being honoured with a Datukship for this, in the near future.



This Ezam Mohd Nor is spewing loads of rubbish again, and of all people, to students of the UIAM. In the first instant, how on hell was he, a politician at that, be permitted to address students and to speak about politics and claiming that there are Malay traitors in our midst working in cohort with the DAP “bent on destroying the multi-racial foundation of Malaysia so it can turn the country into another Singapore”. He claimed that we had “lost an island (I suppose referring to Singapore) ” because of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew and “the same fate awaited the rest of the country if they (I suppose referring to Malaysian) stood idly by”.

Here, I would just like to ask – who are the Malay traitors that Ezam is referring to? Was he referring to any particular personality in the opposition? And why wouldn’t he name that person out loud and clear? Are you too afraid Ezam? The word traitor is a damning word to use upon someone, and if I were to call Ezam a traitor for having jumped the UMNO boat onto the PKR boat, and soon after back into UMNO’s boat, would Ezam like it? And you know, I am still waiting for the many boxes that reportedly hold the many mysteries of UMNO’s corrupt practices that Ezam had promised to expose when he was in PKR. Till this day, the boxes are nowhere to be seen, and would you still believe in Ezam?

And may I also ask – who actually ‘gave away’ the island of Singapore to Lee Kuan Yew, just by a stroke of a pen? Was it anyone person from the opposition today; be it a Malay, Chinese or an Indian? I would advice Ezam to read up his history, because he was too young to understand the causes that led to the separation of Singapore from Malaysia. Why don’t Ezam blame it on Tengku Abdul Rahman who was the UMNO President then? Surely, Ezam wouldn’t dare because he would be deprived of his Senatorship by a stroke of a pen too.

I think Ezam has made a grievous error by speaking to student of UIAM who by and large are sickened at the way the government had acted against Prof Dr. Aziz Bari. Don’t be fooled by the reception given to Ezam by the students that only represents a fraction of the UIAM’s population. We do not know how the rest of the student population would react to Ezam’s appearance at the university. Students being what they are, are a curious lot and the desire for knowledge may have been the reason for their presence at Ezam’s talk – but not to hear a load of rubbish.

To UIAM’s management, I ask, if you have allowed an UMNO politician to spew rubbish to your students, would you dare to allow an opposition politician to do likewise?



Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has gone in full gear to ready the party for the upcoming General Election (GE) that will happen anytime next year. ‘Ceramah’ are being organized on a daily basis and this has been going on endlessly since the 2008 GE. I think the PR strategy is to exploit the momentum of their 2008 GE successes, despite the occasional hiccups within the loose coalition over some teething issues. Today, PR is much stronger and is able to galvanize themselves into a credible force to challenge their political foe in the upcoming GE. The strength in PR today can further be strengthened by their successes in governing the states captured by them during the previous GE.

The Barisan Nasional (BN) strategy is to weaken PR morally by exploiting what apparent weaknesses found in PR’s leadership and in the states it governs. I think this strategy has backfired for many reasons, some of which are enumerated below;

1. Exposing moral issues of individual PR party leaders can only lead to a counter expose of moral issues perpetrated by BN leaders, and there are many to list.

2. To attack the PR controlled states for poor governance is of little bearing because it is quite illogical for a 3 year old government to outclass and outdo 54 years governance by the BN government. Issues of corruption and abuse of power of BN years of governance can be exposed in tons. However, this should not be the issue to be taken up by PR to discredit the BN government, because time is not in the favour of a newly appointed PR government. The PR government has to immediately prove that theirs is a better government by formulating policies that will appease the rakyat, in a way that the rakyat see changes and hope for the future.

3. Using a language of threat to arouse people’s support is a poor showing of one’s character and upbringing. This has been PM Najib’s major failure and his use of such language surprised me. Certainly, his late father would not have used such a language ever. PM Najib needs a brushing in interpersonal relations to improve his oratory skills. Remember the 'crushed bones' and 'you help me and I help you' statements.

4. Using race and religion to garner Malay support, but this strategy has turned not only non Malays outside the BN to feel ‘uncomfortable’, but a similar feeling is felt from among non Malay component parties of the BN. Likewise, moderate and likeminded Malays that are apolitical have made their displeasure known that this strategy is damning UMNO itself.

5. Some agencies of the government are of little help in trying to portray BN as a people’s government. Instead, what they seemed to be doing are to act subservient to the wishes of the political masters. This is very obvious in the actions taken by the police and the judiciary in particular. The Election Commission and the MACC too has also come under heavy criticism from the opposition and civil society alike.

6. All government controlled media (print and electronic) are notorious for being the mouth piece of the BN government i.e. everything is right with the BN and nothing is good with the opposition. And it is because of this that the rakyat now rely more on bloggers that are flourishing on a daily basis. Fair reporting is not what the government controlled media seems to believes in. One only needs to click randomly to any blog and to feel the frustration that bloggers has towards the ruling government. I say this in all sincerity.

Seriously, UMNO’s new approach and strategy to deal with the opposition has to be carefully worked out, and traditional ways are no longer effective. Even seeking an alliance with PERKASA or PEKIDA will not help. I say this because UMNO has failed to think of winning the support of the other races i.e. Chinese, Indians and other indigenous races, and supporting PERKASA and PERKIDA will only distance the support of these races away from UMNO. Even now, there is a distancing of its BN partners from UMNO, and if UMNO were to rely solely on Malay support, the party is doomed.

Winning today’s election is all about winning the hearts of the population, and ours is a multi racial and religious society where we have no other option, but to be living together. Because of UMNO’s narrow and skewed view (they still talk about Malay supremacy) of the other races, UMNO has not only lost its non Malay support, but has also lost its Malay support, particularly the urban Malays. If at all there is any support left, it is from the rural Malays, and even this is dwindling too.

With all that I have said of UMNO, would that mean that PR now has a better chance of making major inroads into BN controlled states, and eventually winning the next GE? My answer is YES, if UMNO/BN continues to do all that I have listed above, and think that their 54 years of ‘good deeds’ is sufficient proof to rally the rakyat’s continued support for the BN. UMNO must realize that the consequence of them losing is real, and PR has all to gain from UMNO’s weaknesses. For a democracy to strive, a change in government is only natural.

While PR has gone in full gear drawing crowds at their ‘ceramah’, UMNO/BN on the other hand is still in deep slumber, relying only on the mainstream media as its propaganda machine. In the area that I reside, ‘ceramah’ by the opposition is carried out on a daily basis. If it is not a PR ‘ceramah’, it is the individual component party that does the ‘ceramah’. Now, may I ask where are the big boys of UMNO/BN? UMNO/BN strategy is to win the urban lot first, and winning the urban lot will naturally spill over into the rural areas. This is UMNO/BN biggest failure. Winning Putrajaya, an urban constituency with a meager voter population does not constitute a major victory for the BN. Winning Kuala Lumpur does.

Finally, the million ringgit question – will Malaysia see a change in government in the next GE? My answer is YES, not that I am pro PR and anti BN or vice versa, but I notice a sincere desire in the rakyat to see a change. I suppose the Arab Spring must have some influence in the rakyat’s changing desires.


Saturday, December 10, 2011


What’s wrong with JAKIM to have passed an ‘edict’ that the book titled, ‘Lee Kuan Yew: Truth to keep Singapore going’ is haram; hence the book shall be banned. I have not read the book, but what is so ‘revealing’ in the book that had JAKIM declared the book haram. Please say it out explicitly.

I am sorry to say this, but I think this is a thoughtless decision that has made the non Muslims in this country highly suspicious and weary of the Malays and Muslims. If JAKIM is so concern about the Muslim mind being influence or adulterated by what they think is bad and contrary to the teachings of Islam, then most books written about Islam that are sold openly in bookshop throughout the country ought to be declared haram as well. And why not ban books of the other faith because isn’t such book likely to influence Muslims as well?

I think JAKIM must be having the view that all Muslims in this country are weak in their faith towards their religion Islam. I say that such a view, if ever there is one is utter rubbish. Throughout my lifetime, and that’s past half a century, I am yet to hear a Muslim (regardless of their race) say something that is adverse and contrary to their faith i.e. Islam. We do often hear a Muslim criticizing another Muslim in their conduct of the faith, but never dare go against the contents of the Koran and the sayings and teaching of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Blasphemy is a dreaded word among Muslims and to be accused of being one, is like walking this earth without a soul.

The book by Lee Kuan Yew, I think is not meant to be read by any Dick, Tom and Harry. It is only bought and read by people of sound knowledge and understanding. If the book is read by Muslims, I do not think they can be easily influence by what is written, because such readers have sufficient knowledge and understanding of their religion to defend and differentiate truth from false. In fact, I am of the view that the more one understand how others perceive Islam; negatively or otherwise, the stronger and more determine will they be defending their faith. I have no doubt about this.

In the present day environment enveloping this country, because of political expediency, politicians in particular have used religion indiscriminately as a tool to frighten others (particular non Muslims) simply to buttress their own position and political survival. PERKASA is one outfit that consistently does that, and now they talk about the revival of the Keris Taming Sari to defend their Malay rights. What rights are they talking about now, when those rights have been taken away from them by their own brethrens over the last 54 years?

Now, there appears to be a conflicting statement over the ‘haram’ issue coming from the Minister in the PM Department in charge of Islamic Religious Affairs. How will be book end is much awaited.



The ‘Malaysian Maverick’ has finally spoken. Tun Dr Mahathir was reported to have suggested that Women Minister Shahrizat Jalil, whose family members are embroiled in the NFC fiasco “should leave before being chased out by her party”. Those words can be summed up as being in agreement that the NFC fiasco has burdened the party and its leadership to the extent that it is beginning to threaten the very survival of the government itself. If this is still not understood by Shahrizat and all those within the party that had supported her, then UMNO is in very serious problem. I think, it is not only Shahrizat that has to go, but including her staunch supporters i.e. Khairy Jamaluddin, Noh Omar and including Muhyiddin Yasin himself, for misleading the party with poor reasoning and wrongful judgment.

As I have said in some previous postings, this issue was badly handled by the party and government. It was the Agriculture Minister Nor Omar who beat them all by coming to the defence of the project, when he himself isn’t quite sure what the project was all about. Then came Khairy Jamaluddin, who for whatever reason, chipped in with his own version of the project of which he wasn’t part off. Or was he directly involved, since he was the powerful 28 years old in full reign at Level 4 of the Prime Minister’s Department then? In the case of Muhyiddin Yasin who was then the Agriculture Minister when the project was approved, he was in his quiet self contemplating what all to say if being questioned. Even PM Najib dipped his hand into the issue by issuing a statement, while he was abroad.

So you see, while the NFC was deemed a mess by the Auditor General, UMNO and its ministers thinks otherwise, and has made the mess into a bigger mess. It is similar to what most people would say – “if you want to defend a lie, you need to defend it with a bigger lie”. Now the NFC fiasco has become so indefensible that the only way out of the predicament for the party is to ask Shahrizat to leave.

Now, since the NFC issue has been blown up to untold proportion, it would be better for Sharizat to leave and to spare her colleagues in the party and government the agony of defending her personal and private matter. But Shahrizat has said that she will not leave because she thinks that this is a ploy by the opposition to get at her. Now that Tun Dr Mahathir has said his piece, we will have to leave it to Shahrizat to decide herself; not the party or for Najib to make the official announcement.

As for her supporters, I think it would also be best that they too consider leaving for it was because of them that had boosted the morale and spirit of Shahrizat to act like a Hindustani heroine during the UMNO General Assembly, which became so popular on You Tube. I simply could not believe my eyes upon seeing her act.

To Khairy Jamaluddin, the challenge to a debate with PKR’s Rafizi Ramli over the NFC is long awaited. Surely, Khairy being in the know about the origins of the NFC should stand a better chance at defeating Rafizi in the debate.

Finally, my brotherly advice to Shahrizat is this – “It’s over to you now. The problem is your family’s own creation that has to be resolved by your own family members. Dragging the party into the mess isn’t right. So have the courage to do what is right for yourself and the family”.