Tuesday, September 29, 2009


After an 8 months wait, the Kugan's case is back in the news. It was announced that a cop (supposedly referring to just one cop) will be charged 'for voluntarily causing hurt to extort a confession; a charge which carries a maximum jail sentence of seven years and a fine'. The question that many have asked is why just one cop, and the cop is believed to be an Indian cop. Where are the rest of the cops (not corpse), and don't tell me that it is this one single cop who had hammered Kugan lifeless.

I am not a lawyer nor a doctor, but for a person to die in the manner that Kugan did, would require many hours of persistent and deliberate abuse, torture and beating; not by one cop but by more than one cop. I do not know how the law defines 'voluntarily causing hurt', but to my understanding Kugan's death wasn't caused by voluntarily causing hurt, but with deliberate intent to cause death, and that in very simple term means murder. I need to be corrected in this regards.

Too many death have occurred while police custody in the past, and the cause of death is usually claimed to be 'self inflicted'. And I am yet to see one cop sentenced to death for murdering a detained person. Who the hell would want to believe a cocked up story, and of all persons, even the honourable judges would believe these cocked-up stories.

Where are the inquest that the IGP have promised if a detained person dies while in police custody? I am not wrong if I say that there are now many uniformed government employees who are murderers lurking the streets. And if they have blood in their hands, there is nothing to stop them from murdering another one.

These are some of the reasons that the people are angry about. Here we have the PM howling 'Rakyat di dahulukan' but in reality, it is the government servants themselves that are not contributing their share in realising the slogan uttered by the PM.

Undoubtedly, the Kugan's death and the poor handling of the Hindraf issue by the authorities have made the Indian community angry, and just watch how they will vote during the Bagan Pinang by-elections.

And if you ask me if I am angry, my direct answer to you is that I am indeed angry, and this has nothing to do with whether one is a Malay, Chinese or Indian. It has all to do with the indiscriminate abuse, torture and murder by the authorities.



The battle is on for the Bagan Pinang by-election. Isa Samad is the best BN candidate (so they say) to stave off the opposition attack. Will it be a direct BN-PR challenge or will we see a third spoiler in the race?

Well this time around, elder statesman Tun Dr. Mahathir's cautionary remarks about choosing a clean candidate wasn't heeded at all. I am just wondering what will be Tun Dr. Mahathir's reaction to the BN's choice of Isa Samad. I am quite sure Tun. Dr. Mahathir isn't pleased at all. And is this UMNO's way of saying bluntly “Tun, your days are over and please let us run the party our way. You had yours for 22 years”.

I quickly called up some friends for their views and comments. Their views and comments were mixed. But there was one that I liked most. He says that the UMNO leadership does not have any choice. It is Isa Samad or nothing, and that nothing struck fear in the UMNO leadership. UMNO leaders will be threatened and the election will be boycotted by UMNO Negeri Sembilan itself.

I was also told that there were already some posters threatening a boycott if Isa Samad is not named as the candidate, supposedly by UMNO supporters. If threat is the way to choose a candidate, then there is nothing to stop the same method being used to elect UMNO's top echelon leaders in future party elections. Isn't this scary, and if the scourge of money politics isn't enough, this new method of applying threat and boycott will be the final nail in UMNO's coffin.

I am concern at how the political parties will act to entice the soldiers to vote for their party, knowing that the 5000 odd postal votes is critical. I would like to appeal to politicians to cease going into military camps now on the pretext making an official visit, but in actual fact it is to campaign. There is already a report that some senior ministers are making their rounds in military camps.

Let me tell this to politicians that our soldiers today are not like those recruited in the 50's and 60's. Soldiers today can think rationally and they can distinguish between a lie and truth. Making lots of promises at this critical stage of the by-election is futile and means nothing to them. Keep soldiers out of your political fray, if you want them to remain apolitical.


Monday, September 28, 2009


It was reported that Selangor PAS Commissioner Hassan Ali has said that the reason he raised the issue regarding SELCAT’s method of questioning of witnesses over the unusual disbursement and spending of the previous Selangor government state assemblymen allocation was because he only wanted to defend the rights of the Malays. Here, he was referring to the District Officers who were called as witness to the public inquiry.

I think Hassan Ali is utterly confused as to what ought to be defended, and what ought not to be defended. In the case of the on-going SELCAT inquiry, it is clear that the District Officers who are the custodian of public funds have approved the request for the release of the allocation to the assemblymen via the ‘express service’ that is deemed unusual and supposedly casting aside regulatory procedures pertaining to the disbursement of the allocation.

Here we are talking about public funds derived from the tax payers totaling several millions, and not the personal account of the Menteri Besar or the assemblymen. For the assemblymen to exhaust their entire year’s allocation within a space of a few days and prior to the March 8, 2008 General Elections, should be a cause of grave concern to the District Officers. How could they ignore this is something that I as a retired government servant could not fathom. I know for sure that there is no such thing as an ‘express service’ in the disbursement of funds in the government, and I think Hassan Ali also knows this.

SELCAT has every right to find out the truth and if need be, to be harsh in their questioning of the witnesses in order to get the truth out of them. There is an obvious lack of responsibility and accountability on the part of the District Officers being questioned, and this has to be corrected. In defending the conduct of the District Officers, is Hassan Ali saying that what the District Officers did was proper and in keeping with the order of the regulatory procedures?

If Hassan Ali is sincere in wanting to defend the rights of the Malays, there are many other issues that he can be looking at and one of which is the long delays taken by the previous BN state government in reviewing the status of Malay reserve land. Don’t tell me that these land that has been occupied by the Malays for several generation will remain a ‘leased land’ in perpetuity? Please go out and start asking the owners of such land.

Next, as an elected representative, is Hassan Ali satisfied with the livelihood of the Malays in the kampungs. While the people living in the urban areas lavish themselves with the ‘joys of life’, many in the Malay kampungs scarcely earn enough to feed their families a meal a day. Haven’t he noticed this? And what about those poor Malay kampung folks who cannot afford to send the children to school? Doesn’t he know this? These are the things that he should be voicing out loud, if Hassan Ali is dead serious in wanting the defend the Malays………not merely their rights. And please do not forget that as an elected representative, you are also responsible to the other races, and not merely your kind.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Former Menteri Besar Pahang Datuk Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar was laid to rest on Friday 25th 2009 at the Taman Kosas Muslim Cemetery after having succumbed to a heart attack on the evening of Thursday. He was 66 years old.

I read several remarks made by UMNO politicians regarding Datuk Abdul Rahim who all claimed that his demise is a great loss to politics, particularly UMNO. Some even commended Datuk Rahim for his his high values, but failed to explain clearly what it meant.

I want to remember Datuk Abdul Rahim as someone who is generous, humble and approachable, despite his high standing in society. My first and only encounter with him was when he was the Menteri Besar of Pahang in 1978. I was a student of the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College, and the college was on a study tour to the state of Pahang.

Listed on the day's itinerary, was to be a dinner hosted by the Pahang state government, and it was Datuk Abdul Rahim who was the main host.and who was then just 35 years old; an age that I shared with him. I thought to myself how fortunate was this young man who at the age of 35 is now the Chief Executive of the state.

As I progressed in my career, I was posted to Temerloh, Pahang on two different occasions and in two different capacities (1982 and 1994 respectively). Of course, by this time Datuk Abdul Rahim was no longer the Menteri Besar, for he only lasted three years i.e. from 1978 to 1981 or thereabout.

One wonders why did Datuk Abdul Rahim lasted only three years? This was where the truth was not revealed, and was kept under wrasp for fear that the reasons behind the brief tenure of Datuk Abdul Rahim as the Menteri Besar may be related to the affairs of the Pahang palace. I do not wish to speculate, but during my two tours in Pahang, I was exposed to several versions of the stories relating to the brief tenure of Datuk Abdul Rahim as the Menteri Besar of Pahang. Many felt that Datuk Abdul Rahim was a victim for not wanting to succumb to the demands of the palace.

I believe in the defence of the truth, and shielding away the truth will only create many more lies and false perceptions. The scandals, corruption and abuses that permeates our society today is the result of people who no longer see truth as virtuous, but would rather be a persistent liar in order to shield the truth from being known by others. The PKFZ mother of all scandals is one sterling example to quote.

I wish to express my heartfelt condolence to the family members of Datuk Abdul Rahim and pray that his soul now rests among those that Allah swt has chosen.

Al Fatihah


Saturday, September 26, 2009


The mainstream media seems to be having a gala time in keeping the Selangor state government on the defensive over the actions of a member of its PR partner and Executive Councillor from PAS Hassan Ali, who is seen to have acted in a way that runs contrary to the spirit of unity within the loosely led PR state government. Some have even predicted that the ongoing spat between Hassan Ali and its PR partners may inevitably cause the breakup of the Selangor state government, if PAS does not wish to make any compromises to resolve the actions of Hassan Ali.

It all began when Hassan Ali raised the issue on the sales of Beer in a convenience outlet in Shah Alam, and subsequently directed that the sales of Beer should not be allowed in predominantly Malay residential areas. He also instructed mosque officials to execute a people's arrest on any Muslim seen to be consuming or purchasing Beer in the Selangor state.

I have no qualms that serious action must be taken upon Muslims who are caught consuming Beer or alcohol in public places, regardless of whether the place is predominantly a Malay area or otherwise. And for a Malay who profess Islam as their religion of faith, there is no excuse whatsoever for him/her not to understand what the Koran says of those who consumes alcohol; for Allah wrath is severe.

Whatever punishment destined by the state's Syariah Courts for Muslim offenders who have been found to have defied the laws of Allah swt regarding the consumption of alcohol, will have to be punished accordingly by the Syariah Courts. Although the Koran (surah Ma'idah) reveals the complete prohibition (Haraam) of alcohol for those who profess Islam, the Koran however is not explicit in the type of punishment to be meted to offenders. It is therefore left to the state's Syariah Courts to interpret and to decide upon a punishment most appropriate to the offence, that is meant to serve as a repentance to the offender. The punishment is never meant to cause any grievous hurt to any part of the body of the offender, true to the believe that even in the execution of a punishment, Islam teaches one to be compassionate, merciful and mindful of the sufferings of others..

Having caused a stir over the sales of Beer, Hassan Ali has gone further to criticised the on-going proceedings of the Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat), particularly with regards to the manner in which the witnesses are being questioned over the unusual spendings of the previous BN assemblymen prior to the March 8, 2008 General Elections. One has only to follow the proceedings reported in the media, and if one does not see these unusual spendings of public funds that amounts to several millions as an act of unscrupulous abuse by the former BN assemblymen, then I do not know what else to say of Hassan Ali.

If Hassan Ali is not too happy with the method used in the questioning of witnesses by Selcat, I would only be too pleased to learn from him as to the correct method of questioning witnesses. I do not believe that Hassan Ali will subscribe to the methods used by MACC, nor will he be pleased to used the methods adopted by the PDRM. I would love to see how Hassan Ali reacts to Selcat over its investigations into the Balkis affairs and Khir Toyo's excessive family spendings overseas on the pretext of it being official business trips.

Personally, I do not know what is in the mind of Hassan Ali when he is seen to act and play into the hands of the opposition, rather than to act and play as a member of the PR team.Is he trying to play the 'voice of conscience' with the hope of being a populist, or is there anything that is troubling him in his relationship with the PR led government? Strangely, UMNO Selangor is backing up Hassan Ali in his spat with his PR partners, for this is exactly what UMNO wants to see happening in Selangor. Even UMNO Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin has said that the PR led government in Selangor is incompetent to govern. Is Hassan Ali not emboldened by this remark?

Whatever be the reasons for Hassan Ali to act the way he did, his actions have not been well received by his PR partners. There is now a growing demand that he quits if he persist to remain at divergence with his PR partners, and if he does quit, I guess that will be the end of his political career. I do not believe UMNO would willingly accept him into their fold, and if he still wants to continue his political career, he still has one final option i.e. to join M. Kayveas Peoples Progressive Party which is a party open to all Malaysians.



On November 26th 2007, the Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP) led by Dato Nalla was formed and it quickly vowed its support for the BN. I remembered that at the launch of the party a month earlier, Dato Nalla had Izam Noor, the one time aide to Anwar Ibrahim by his side. Dato Nalla who was also a staunch supporter of Anwar Ibrahim's PKR, disassociated himself from the PKR, supposedly due to some political differences with the PKR leadership.

Now, we have another Indian based party i.e. the Makkal Sakti Party (MSP) scheduled to be launched on October 10th 2009 by non other than the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak himself. If one could recollect, Makkal Sakti was the slogan used during the Hindraf anti-government rallies in 2007. MSP is therefore a splinter of the outlawed Hindraf that still has a large number of followers.

By having PM Najib for the launching, one can assume that the MSP is aligned to the BN, though the party is yet to be formerly recognised as a component party of the BN. The same can also be said of the MIUP. However, should both the parties seek to be a component party of the BN, this I suppose will not go well for the MIC as it can no longer claim to be the rightful representative of the Malaysian Indian community, and for which the BN leadership can now willfully ignore. And I suppose too that by having more than one Indian based political party within the BN's ambit, neither can anyone claim that the Malaysian Indian community is now united. On the contrary, I foresee dissension among its leaders will continue to persist. This has been the case between the MIC and PPP, although the latter does not represent an all Indian based political party.

The launch of the MSP on October 10th 2009 comes a day short of the Bagan Pinang by-election day. This may be a coincidence, but to most political observers, it is designed to boast the Indians dwindling support for the BN, especially where the Indian voters accounts for almost 20% of the total eligible voters in Bagan Pinang. Acceptance of the MSP by the BN leadership will portray to the Indian voters that the BN is willing to reconcile and to extend their hands of friendship, even to all those who had once opposed the government through their association with Hindref.

One cannot discount the little known MIUP's role in the by-election, as well as M. Kayveas People's Progressive Party (PPP) in their attempt to woo the Indians to vote for the BN. Mr. Samy's MIC that proudly claims to represent the Malaysian Indian community would not want to be left out in its quest to remain relevant and to draw Indian voters support for the BN, and indirectly the support for the MIC. Mr. Samy now needs the support of the Indian community more than the rival MIUP and MSP, because of the growing pressure for him to step down as the MIC chief from within and outside the party, notably from elder stateman Tun Dr. Mahathir himself.

Clearly, the Indian community is more divided now than ever before, and this does not auger well for the future of the community. The issue of Hindraf will remain a thorn in the flesh of the government, and the creation of smaller Indian based political parties is no guarantee that the community can be united. The problem actually lies in its leaders, and the sooner they get their acts together and to set aside their ego, self centered and selfish beliefs, the better it will be for their community.

And to Mr. Samy, your days are numbered and you very well know this. It is better to leave when you still have some semblance of support from the party. It will be worse if the party so decide to oust you and for you to be treated like a pariah. Please take the cue from the departure of our former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tun Abdullah Badawi who are still treated with honour and respect.


Friday, September 25, 2009


Transparency International (TI) in its recent report has ranked Malaysia as the 47th least corrupt nation in the world, out of 180 countries being reported, and is tied with Hungary and Jordon. The report also estimated that corruption figures could well reached an astounding RM10 billion a year.

Now, with the revelation of the figures, are we to believe that the report is untrue? Will there be someone to say that the figure is out to discredit the government and an opposition propaganda for the up-coming Bagan Pinang by-election? Anyway, what is RM10 billion compared to the PKFZ's financial scandal that is reported to be twice that amount? And for how long more are Malaysians to tolerate this unscrupulous acts of thievery by individuals and parties that are bent on bleeding the country's coffer to satisfy their greed and selfish self interests?

What has happened to our leaders who were suppose to be the voice of reason to fight corruption? What I hear so often from our leaders are the award of projects that costs millions, and who gets the projects are kept under veil. For those who dare reveal the owners of the projects, the OSA will be slammed on them. This is the practise of transparency; the Malaysian way.

For those who reads this posting of mine will surely say that I am anti establishment, which I am not. What I am very much against is the scourge of corruption that seems to lavish among those in power, without an end in sight. Now, even the once noble profession of the Armed Forces is believed to be mired deep in corruption by some unscrupulous officers, which hitherto is unthinkable. I am ashamed for I too was once a member of the Armed Forces.

My heart bleeds when someone approaches me to talk about corruption in the country, for I know that if nothing is done to eradicate this scourge, then it is the people that will suffer the consequences. The rich will remain rich, and the poor will become even more poorer.



Was I not surprised to hear that the Ruler of the state of Pahang had asked the people to continue backing the BN government so that “more social, economic and educational development would be implemented for them”, or words to that effect. I first heard about this in the news on TV but ignored it, thinking that there was nothing wrong if a Ruler should voice his support for the government of the day in matters that would benefit the people.

But when a friend called me to seek my views on what the Pahang ruler had actually said, that was reported in the news on TV, I began to realise that something was not right. My friend argued that rulers are above politics and should therefore remain non-partisan. By naming a political party, he is deemed to have acted in a partisan manner, and is therefore playing into the hands of that political party.

My only hope is that the Pahang ruler had made a mistake, and was only making a reference to the government of the day, and not referring it to BN in particular. Or was the news on TV being reported wrongly?

If the TV news report was correct, the ruler will now have to accept being criticised by the public for what the public sees as being a mouth piece of a certain political party. This is exactly what all rulers should avoid doing, if they are to remain a symbol to be respected by all people, regardless of their political affiliation.


Sunday, September 20, 2009


PM Najib, I believe is in a quandary as to who should be the best BN candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election scheduled October 11, 2009, and with the nomination date in just a week from today. PM Najib's predicament is made worse with the likes of Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh voicing their reservations on the choice of former Federal Territory Minister Isa Samad, who is said to be the only BN/UMNO Negeri Sembilan choice.

Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh obvious comment to Isa Samad's choice is because of the latter's involvement in money politics that led to his suspension from UMNO for three years in June 2005, and his subsequent resignation as the Federal Territory Minister. Tun Dr. Mahathir said that by nominating Isa Samad, the BN would be seen as not being serious in discarding insavoury characters, as a precondition to being an assemblyman. I think, Tun Dr. Mahathir was only commenting the obvious.

Isa Samad was reported to have said that in the case of the opposition, they had a former prisoner (I suppose referring to Anwar Ibrahim) who contested in a by-election and won, as a justification for his rightful nomination. I am surprise that Isa Samad have to come out with such a justification which smack of thoughtlessness and self interest. He had failed to realised that what Tun Dr. Mahathir was trying to suggest is to rid unsavoury characters from within BN/UMNO, and he was not making any reference to the opposition party. If this is the kind of mind set that Isa Samad inhibits, then I would say that he and his supporters are no better than 'Si Luncai' of the famous Malay annals.

Isa Samad must also have been emboldened by the outcome of a popularity poll conducted by PAS recently, which finds that it will be difficult for the opposition candidate to beat Isa Samad, if he is the candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election. I am not privy to the polling method adopted by PAS, but my basic training in military intelligence tells me that this is a ruse or a deception to convince the BN/UMNO that Isa Samad is indeed their best choice. If BN/UMNO takes the trap, it will be to the advantage of the opposition who will have a gala time during the campaign to demonised Isa Samad over his unsavoury past. Is this what the BN/UMNO wants to see?

And now Mr. Samy Vellu has also joined the fray. He had asked Tun Dr. Mahathir not to interfere in BN's affairs and to just leave it to Najib to make the decision. Mr. Samy does not seem to understand the difference between 'interference' and 'commenting' which have differing connotations. I think, Tun Dr. Mahathir was merely making a comment and there was no pressure what so ever applied to the BN leadership to accept the comment. It is only the BN that is feeling the pressure for undue reasons and Mr. Samy knows this.

Tun Dr. Mahathir has not come forward to comment on what Mr. Samy has said, and by the look of it, the spat between the two seasoned politician is unlikely to end that soon.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have just returned from Seremban, after an unusually long two hour drive early this morning from Kajang. I thought driving out early to Seremban from Kajang would allow me to escape the anticipated heavy traffic along the South bound highway. That thought however proved to be wrong because the moment I exit Kajang at the Country Heights toll house to get into the Seremban-KL highway, I noticed that the highway is clogged with traffic. By this time, it was already to late for me to turn around and I had to bare the agony of trailing the heavy traffic that took me almost two hours to reach Seremban, where usually it takes only 30 minutes.

Upon getting into Seremban town, you would not believe in what I saw i.e. a line of large posters of the Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar with the caption 'Selamat Hari Raya Idilfitri' hung at every alternate street light pole along the roads in Seremban town. It is pointless to count the number of posters because one is sure to lose count of it. Even having a calculator will not help.

I cannot understand the usefulness and purpose of the posters with the picture of a smiling Menteri Besar on it. I would like to ask why have his picture on the poster? Why are the countless of posters needed? Don't the Seremban folks recognise the face of the Menteri Besar?

I think this is cheap publicity and a total waste of money; more so if it is public money. I would'nt mind if the posters bill is paid from the personal account of the Menteri Besar himself, which I think is certainly not the case. Or is the bill taken up by some Chinese businessman? This Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar seems oblivious to the fact that the country's economy is still bad, and that the money spent on his posters could have fed hundreds of poor families. I think the people of Seremban do not mind to be without the Hari Raya greeting posters.

I have noticed that this Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar fancies posters with his photo on it. During the last 2008 General Elections, the number of election posters with the Menteri Besar photo must have been in the thousands. Not only was Seremban town turned blue by the BN colour; even highways and village roads were turned blue. And I am now reminded of a case that appeared in court recently were the supplier of posters, flags and other election paraphernalia had lost his case of claim against BN for the payment of all the election paraphernalia that costs several millions. I just wonder if these were the election paraphernalia that the supplier was to attempting to lay claims.

The Bagan Pinang by-election is just around the corner and the Menteri Besar should be concern about winning the by-election more than scattering posters of him in Seremban town. Or are the posters meant to be part of his by-election campaign to spike up his popularity more than whoever the BN candidate would be for the by-election?


Friday, September 18, 2009


In slightly more than 24 hours, Muslims around the world will welcome the month of Syawal 1430 Hijiriah, and says farewell to the month of Ramadan.

To all my Muslim readers, my family and I wish you and your family 'Selamat Hari Raya'. I also wish to take this opportunity to seek your forgiveness, if I had in my writings said any thing that might have hurt you.

If ever I have hurt the feelings of anybody, it was never intended, and feel a deep remorse for what I did.



Please allow me to say my piece concerning these young Royals who have brought disrepute to the Royal families and more importantly, had shamed the entire Malay race as well. I hope this piece of advice does not make me look like another Malay ‘penderhaka’ to the Royal household that I hold with reverence and in great esteem.

I am referring to the media report on the assault of a member of the Negeri Sembilan royal family by a young member of the Johore royal family and his bodyguards at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kuala Lumpur in the late hours of October 25 last year.

I do not wish to dwell on the circumstances that led to the fracas because I was not at the scene of the incident. And one could hazard a guess that it could be over the weaker sex and a bit of alcohol. But what is more important is that this incident having been flashed all over the media, does not make it appear good for sereneness of the Royal household.

Let me be honest by saying that I am personally disgusted at the behaviour shown by the children of members of the two Royal families in the above incident, regardless of who is more righteous than the other. Most elders like me would be saying the same thing.

In the first instant, an incident like this should never have happened at all because most Royal families in this country are all regarded as one large family, either through marriage or having long period of relationship that sometimes predate the period of the early Malay Sultanates.

Each and every member of the Royal family have been raised and tutored with strong religious upbringings, of examplary character, taught the Royal etiquette and how to carry ones self in the palace and in public, and not to do anything that will expose them to odium.

If the aforesaid incident were to occur 150 years ago, I am quite certain that there will be war and bloodshed between both the Royal household. But we are now living in a different world; a world that upholds the rule of law; not a law where the Ruler is absolute and reigns supreme.

Are they not being reminded of an incident some years ago where another young member of the Johore royal family was said to have been involved in a fracas with a hockey coach, that later led to the government reacting to strip the Royal immunities enjoyed by them previously. This incident though not similar to the October 25 incident, involves the unsavory behavior of a member of a royal family; one that is a subject of abuse of an innocent citizen.

It is also unfortunate that bodyguards who are paid to protect and to keep their ‘masters’ away from harm and trouble, have taken upon themselves to react like lawless thugs. I would like to say that these hired thugs only gets their strength and sense of bravery by being in the company of other hired thugs. Place them alone; they are more likely to run off with their tails in between their hind legs.

I do not wish to say anything more of the incident, and let's hope that the problem will be resolve amicably between the parties involved; any damages to the hotel compensated and the hired thugs realizing for themselves that what they did was embarrassing and wrongful.



It was reported that former MB Selangor Khir Toyo had received a death threat letter from an anonymous individual on Tuesday 15, 2009. The letter was hand written and bears the Bukit Raja, Klang postage mark. The person warned Khir to lay off from any attempt to take over the Selangor state government; otherwise he will be shot dead with a gun or be blow piped with a poison dart.

I just do not know whether to laugh or cry at this threat, because I see no logical reason for anyone to kill Khir Toyo. In fact many in Selangor (me included) preferred him alive so that he can face the law regarding his palatial home and the Balkis affairs that is currently under investigations by MACC. The longer he stays alive, the better it is for Selangor, because many more 'skeletons' will be revealed in the course of the investigation.

I tend to believe that the letter is some sort of a ruse to divert the attention of people away from the on going MACC investigation. It could also be an attempt to influence the minds of the people that the death threat letter is the work of someone from the ruling party of the Selangor state government. I know to well that the supporters of Khir Toyo will soon be coming out with several allegations all aimed at blaming the PR state government, and to keep the MB Tan Sri Khalid on the defensive.

I am not surprise too that the supporters of Khir Toyo will try another 'kepala lembu' trick i.e. to launch a protest in front of the gates of the Selangor State Secretariat or in front of the residence of the MB carrying banners alleging that the PR government is implicated in the attempted murder of Khir Toyo. The reason they will give is that the PR government wants to shut off Khir Toyo because he knows too much about the abuses and corruption of the state government, and this is enough to spark an immediate reaction by the Selangor MACC to launch further raids on the PR government.

If at all the the intention to kill off Khir Toyo by elements within the PR state government is true, then I would say that the PR is stupid; much more stupid than a cow. Isn't this what Khir Toyo has said of a cow?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Would anyone believe this news i.e. a 70 year old man with his 60 year old lover were caught for close proximity (khalwat) by the Trengganu state religious department; and of all time, during the month of Ramadan. If you do not believe the news, just read Star Online today. I hope it has nothing to do with eating too much of 'kerupok leko'. And didn't Khir Toyo says that his youthful gleaming looks is attributed to eating lots of 'tempe'?

I am already pass 60 and I have to be honest that there is nothing left in me. I do not know what others would say of themselves, but seriously, the case stated above is abnormal to say the least. I just wonder where the hell did the old man gets his 'drive' and likewise the women. At that age, the 'crankshaft' does not spin as fast, and what is worse the fog lights isn't as bright either. Do what you want with it, the more you play with the switches, the more the lights will fade. If only I could get hold of that old man in order to seek a little advice from him.

I am quite sure both have been married (or are they divorce individuals) and would be having children and grandchildren. How on earth are they to face them, and what will be the reaction of others against them. The couple have certainly 'desecreated' the Muslim month of Ramadan and have shown a bad example to all Muslims, especially the youth.

I do hope non of my readers have silly ideas like this,and if you do, just take a good look at your grandchildren and say 'grandpa is not doing to do what the 70 year old man did'.


Monday, September 14, 2009


Recent events does not look good for the BN alliance; with the MCA divided between Chua Soi Lek and Ong Tee Keat and the MIC aiming its missiles at Tun Mahathir who is accused by Samy Vellu of interfering in the affairs of his party. Samy claims that the “Indian comunity is upset with the BN, and not with him”. Don't Samy know that when he mentions the BN, it also comprised of the MIC of which he is the boss; hence he is equally to be blame? This is the usual Samy's antics; blame others except himself.

I just wonder whether Samy realises that he does not command the entire Indian community in this country any more, but rather he only commands those in the MIC. If he had the command of the entire Indian community, he would not have lost the Sg. Siput constituency during the 2008 General Elections, which he had won for umpteenth time. Had he contested anywhere else, he would have lost any way. Is he now going to say that it was BN's fault that he lost? The Indian community is so divided now, especially after the Hindref 'uprising' where most are said to be angry with Samy.

What Tun Mahathir commented was the obvious, that the Indian community has had enough of Samy; his arrogance, loud and boastful language. He proudly claim his 30 years as a politician, oblivious to the fact that as a Minister he was merely apple polishing his BN bosses; and have ignored the plight of the many poor Indians; especially those living in the estates. Who does he blame in this instant; the BN or himself?

I think as a soldier, I have visited the families of the poor estate workers more than Samy does. Some don't even know that Samy existed; let alone see his face because most cannot afford to buy the Indian daily.

The 'all the president's men' that won the Saturday's MIC party elections, and the lost of Datuk S. Sothinathan for the Deputy Presidency may not be good for the BN in the up-coming Bagan Pinang by-election. Sothinathan is from Negeri Sembilan and his lost can have a negative impact on the Indian voters, who may not be pleased with the MIC. The Indians comprised about 20% of the total 5171 voters in Bagan Pinang.

The Chinese voters that comprised almost 10% is another cause of concern for the BN with the MCA leaders in tatters. Which MCA leader would lend support for the BN during the campaigning is going to matter very much to the Chinese voters. Remember that former Health Minister Chua Joi Meng is now with the PR pack. I am not surprise that if Ong Tee Keat is bent on demonising Chua Soi Lek, the latter might gang up with Chua Joi Meng, to campaign for the opposition. If this happens, this signals the eventual demise of the MCA.

Now what about the Malay voters. Of the 5171 total eligible voters, the Malays makes up almost 66% of the voters, and out of this, 37% are postal voters who are military voters. This is an exceptionally high percentage that can easily influence either a win or a lost for the BN. Being a former servicemen, it would be difficult for the opposition to sway the support of the soldiers, who traditionally have been supporting the government of the day.

There is also the perception that postal voting is not transparent and flawed, especially having to cast their votes a few days ahead of the actual polling date. Actually, there is no reason to do this, especially if the postal voter is located in the same constituency where the voting is held. The voter can cast his vote like anybody else, and his name checked against the nominal roll usually prepared by the Armed Forces Record & Pension Directorate. If this is done, transparency is upheld and there will not be any accusation that absent voters ballot papers are marked and place in the polling bags.

Now, if one were to ask me to assess the wining chance of the BN in the Bagan Pinang by-election, I would say that the BN should concentrate more on the Malay and Indian voters to ensure a win because the two races forms the majority. The Indians and Chinese community are clearly divided now and have lost confidence in the MIC and MCA. I think they are more incline to vote for the PR candidate, regardless of who it would be, and this have been the case in the previous by-elections.

And if the PR comes in convincingly during the campaigning, and if Isa Samad is the BN's candidate, I then foresee a situation similar to the Permatang Pasir developing during the campaigning. While many have confidence that Isa Samad can produce the result, my intution tells me that if Isa Samad's does win, it can spell trouble to the present MB leadership of Negeri Sembilan. If at all UMNO wants to see the removal of the present MB who is said to be a non performer, then Isa Samad would be their best choice.

In the case of the PR, losing the by-election does not matter much for the PR in Negeri Sembilan state assembly, as the status quo would remain. But to win is a major setback for the BN, and a clear indication that the PR is gaining ground in Negeri Sembilan. This would then be BN's greatest fear during the next General Elections.


Sunday, September 13, 2009


The change over of leadership of the Armed Forces recently had come as a surprise to most and to some, it was expected. I have to wait a while to understand why this sudden an 'abnormal' departure of the former Chief of Defence Force (CDF) Tan Sri Gen Abd Aziz Zainal who apparently left without the grandeur of the military parades, dinning out, farewell visits to formations as well as a call upon his foreign counterparts, especially those from within ASEAN.

I did seek an explanation from some serving officers and those retirees regarding the sudden departure of Gen Aziz Zainal, but many agreed that for whatever the reason, it was improper for the government to have allowed Gen Aziz Zainal to leave in such a haste. Never has there been an occasion where a CDF had left the military service in a manner that Gen Aziz Zainal did. The least would have been for the Armed Forces to honour him in a farewell parade that all outgoing CDF truly deserve.

I do not wish to speculate nor do I wish to say anything that will embarrass Gen Aziz Zainal. But I sense that there is something seriously wrong, and this will only allow serving officers and especially those retired senior military officers to come in defence of their kind, and to perceive that the government has not given due recognition, respect and honour to a retiring CDF. Certainly, I am one of those who have a similar perception.

I am told that Gen Aziz Zainal was to have retired in August 2007 at the age of 56 then, but upon his appointment as the CDF in February 2007, he was offered to serve for one year considered from his effective date of appointment as the CDF, that would expire end of January 2008. He was once again offered another year of service that expires end of January 2009, just short of approximately 6 months to his 58th birth date, that is now the new compulsory retiring age of all senior military officers. On completing his second extension at the end of January 2009, he was again offered to serve until his handing over on September 1, 2009. I am told too that he is now on 5 months resettlement leave until 31 January 2010. In all, Gen Aziz Zainal had served as the CDF for approximately 2 years and 6 months.

I am baffled as how the government, in particular the Ministry of Defence could announced Gen Aziz Zainal's handing over to the newly named CDF just within days after the Armed Forces Council sitting. My experience tells me that the Armed Forces Council decision on the appointment of the new CDF will require the prior sanction of His Majesty the King before an official announcement can be made, and this usually takes a bit of time.

Whatever the circumstances that led to a decision regarding the appointment of the new CDF, I deemed that the departure of Gen Aziz Zainal as abrupt and does not conform to the military norms that have been accorded to all previous CDFs. One must understand the status and standing of the CDF in the Armed Forces and our society, and it only leaves a bad taste to know the manner in which Gen Aziz Zainal had departed from the military service.

Let there not be a similar occurrence like this, and having served as a staff in the Armed Forces Personnel Division, it would not be wrong for me to say that the blame should be shouldered by that Division as well as the Ministry's Chief Secretary, who is also the Secretary to the Armed Forces Council.



If the Selangor PR government is feeling the pressure over the recent unsavoury happenings in the state; the Trengganu BN state government is also facing its worse caused by the infighting among the BN/UMNO state assemblymen. This political infighting does not seem to ebb despite the recent intervention by DPM Muhyiddin, and after an unsuccessful attempt by the appointed UMNO state information chief Hishamuddin Hussein to placate the contentious parties.

The squabbling among some UMNO's assemblymen that is close to former MB Idris Jusoh on the one hand, and MB Ahmad Said on the other, arose out of former dissatisfaction over the appointment of the latter as the MB, coupled with the 'unfair treatment' they get from MB Ahmad Said. It was reported that the Trengganu palace had a hand in the appointment of the Ahmad Said soon after BN won the March 8, 2008 General Elections. One could still remember that former PM Tun Abdullah who initially announce his support for Idris Jusoh to another term as the MB, had failed to convince the palace that Idris Jusoh should be the rightful MB.

Speculations are rife that Idris Jusoh was not reappointment as the MB because he had caused the wrath of the palace over some matters affecting his running of the state. The same can also be said of the Perlis state where the incumbent MB Shahidan Kassim was not favoured to retain his post, purportedly by the palace too. These are precedences that could happen to any of the Malay state that clearly challenges the rights of the PM to name its choice of the MB.

The rift among the Trengganu UMNO state assemblymen should not be allowed to go unabated as it can seriously affect the state's administration, which in turn is likely to affect the people who had the voted them to power. This is where the assemblymen have failed to understand that being elected by the people would mean that the electorates interest comes first; not their personal interest. I believe it is the latter that is the primary cause of the rift, where loyalty to the party is being thrown out of the window.

Many that I have talked to believe that in politics, loyalty to a leader is linked to the pecuniary rewards, such as contracts, benefits and privilages that one will obtain by being loyal. I would term such show of loyalty as 'false loyalty'. Politics is also about wanting to remain in power for as long as can be; hence the 'power grab' in Perak and the 'hook or by crook' utterance by PM Najib to Selangor BN.

Such is Malaysian politics that despite 52 years of Independence, the maturity level of most of our politicians have not got any better. It is time for our politicians from both the political divide to set aside their political differences and to start thinking of harnessing together the best brains from among them (regardless of ones political affiliation) to truly serve the nation and its people.

I am also now offering the above solution first to UMNO Trengganu assemblymen to test if they have the maturity to be level headed politicians, and to set aside their differences for the sake of the party, people and state. If they still are not able to set aside their difference, let me be honest to say that the party will be doomed come the next General Election.


Friday, September 11, 2009


The headlines on Star Online, Friday September 11, 2009 reads, “MACC to quiz Khir”, and one cannot be mistaken as to who that Khir person is. Incidentally, I too have a cousin by the same name, but definitely he is not the person the media is referring to.

At last the MACC is going for someone 'big', and Selangoreans like me who have all along been suspicious of Khir Toyo, looks forward to the outcome of the investigations. If all could remember, it was Khir Toyo and his famous 'broom award' that have angered most civil servants in Selangor. Say what he wants, but awarding a broom to a civil servant in the presence of others, is ill intended and disgusting. Now it is time that he is being 'broomed' by MACC, and the Malay saying,”buat baik berpada pada, buat jahat jangan sekali” truly describes what Khir deserve for his ill intended action.

It was reported that MACC had opened up the investigation on Khir's alleged abuse and corrupt practise based on an earlier report made in a blog over his palatial home that costs millions, and subsequently the allegations made by DAP state assemblyman Ng Swee Lim. Khir defended himself against any wrong doing and claimed that had he acquired a bank loan to purchase the home.

It seems that Selangor state assemblymen under the Khir Toyo regime has a penchant for palatial homes, and Khir Toyo is not alone at this. Remember the palace built by one Dato Zakaria, dubbed the 'Zakaria Palace' in Klang. One only need to look around, to observe what other palaces have the other BN assemblymen built.

And this reminds me of my trip to Sarawak some years ago, where I was taken on a tour by my host to look at some of the 'palaces' of the Sarawak state assemblymen. He even showed me the home of the Chief Minister, but what I manage to see is only the entrance gate to the house. I was told that the Chief Minister's home is indeed a palace build on acres of land, and I suppose he deserve a palace as a reward for being the nation's longest serving Chief Minister.

Now back to Khir Toyo. The report says that besides an investigation on Khir's Palace, the MACC will also be investigating about the accounts of Balkis (Wives of Selangor State Assemblymen an MP's Charity and Welfare Organisation) in which Khir's wife is a party. His refusal to attend the Selcat inquiry into the Balkis affairs only heightens people's perception that he is guilty of all the allegations against him. By refusing, he had missed an opportunity to clear his name.

Now that the heat is on Khir Toyo, what other findings will emerge out of the investigation? Will Khir Toyo be implicated in the current Selcat inquiry into the allegation of irregularities in the spending of the BN assemblymen allocation prior to the March 8, 2008 General Elections? Will he also be questioned about the Kepala Lembu incident in Shah Alam? What about the mysterious letter alleging the Selangor State MACC boss close association with Khir Toyo when he was the Menteri Besar, that appeared in the Teoh Beng Hock's on-going inquest? Has Khir Toyo got anything to do with the issues surrounding the PKFZ debacle?

These are exciting times for Selangor, and my piece of advise to the present PR state government is to be watchful, as the move by BN to get back Selangor by 'hook or by crook' is gaining momentum.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


SHAME on you MACC. Your investigating officers are worse than thugs who torture and abuse people, knowing that the person is helpless. If you want to pick up a fight with someone whom you have detained, please give him a chance to defend himself and be able to fight back, and it must be a one to one fight. I dare the officers of MACC to accept this challenge, for I know that all of them are a bunch of men in 'skirts and lady under wears'.

What can a handcuff and a lone person do when he has a bunch of thugs waiting to pounce on him? Even if it was an elephant, I am sure the animal would have died being beaten with iron rods and other paraphernalia.

I would now like to ask if the use of torture on a detained person permissible and a standard SOP? I am sure the answer is NO. And where did the investigating officers learn these torture methods? Not from Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney I hope. Or have some of them gone to study how the US prison officers torture their Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq?

The ongoing inquest on the death of Teo Beng Hock while in custody of the Selangor MACC in Shah Alam, has brought to public notice that the investigating officers do torture people during their investigation, and the appearance of a former MACC detainee Sivanesan Tanggavelu at the inquest bears testimony to this claim. Besides being abusers and cowards, the MACC investigating officers are the biggest liars who hides behind their ugly uniforms.

I am surprise too that Sivanesan's report of abuse and torture to the police soon after being release from MACC detention in early September 2008, has never been investigated. This clearly show how the police and MACC works in cohort, as if the use of torture and abuse is their privilege. I hope more people who have been tortured and abused by MACC investigating officers to come forward to expose the unjust and inhumane treatment they received from the MACC officers.

Victims of police and MACC brutality, torture and abuse have suffered enough, and we the ordinary citizens of this country demands that the government orders the MACC and police included, to cease immediately their unjustifiable acts on persons in their custody. If nothing is done, we the ordinary citizens are to suffer the inexcusable conduct of these brainless MACC and police officers.

I hope justice will prevail in the ongoing inquest and all those found guilty be severely punished.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The truth is out, and what is so honest and honourable about Selangor BN lawmakers and State Executive Councillors (Exco) of the previous state government's claim that their spending is above board.

While the MACC officers would rush into the offices of the present PR Exco and lawmakers with 'blazing guns and cannons' for a reported misuse of a mere RM 2,500 of public fund, the 'extraordinary spending' of the previous Selangor state lawmakers and Exco seem too trivial for their investigation. And now, how do you expect me and many others to believe that the MACC does not practice selective investigation, as they have so profoundly claimed.

The financial abuses of the lawmakers and Excos of the previous Selangor state government have been revealed in a statement made by the Gombak District Officer Huzaini Samsi at the special Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (SELCAT) convened by the Selangor State Legislative Assembly.

Huzaini Sami claimed that a number of BN lawmakers and Exco members under his jurisdiction had spend their entire yearly allocation ranging between RM 500,000 to RM 600,000 within a few days prior to the March 8, 2008 General Elections. Some of the allocation were disbursed in hard cash to individuals, which is rather abnormal in all public funded transaction. My experience as a government officer tells me that even a sen spent from public fund must be supported by an approved document and most payment shall be paid by cheque.

Now, what is so special of these BN lawmakers and Exco members that they can order a withdrawal of their entire year allocation within a few days? Do they think that the money belongs to them; hence they need not be accountable for all the money that they have spent? Do they not have an iota of guilt, responsibility, honesty and integrity to report and judiciously account for every single sen that they spent? Little wonder, these lawmakers and Exco members sometimes act like little Santa Claus by 'generously' giving out cash to their constituency, not realising that the money is not entirely theirs.

I think what have been revealed by Huzaini Samsi is merely the tip of the ice berg. And if SELCAT is to extend its probe to other districts in Selangor, more will be revealed, and one is not surprise to find that some public fund may have gone into the renovation works of some of the BN lawmakers and Exco members homes of the previous state government.

I would now like to hear what Khir Toyo have to say of the startling revelation by the Gombak District Officer. And if Selangor is still in the hands of the BN government, I do not know what will be the fate of Huzaini Samsi.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have many non Malay friends, and I even had one Chinese friend from Kedah whom my parents have taken him to be their adopted son. This was because my father was the person who had circumcised him when he was a student in Kuala Lumpur many years ago. Our relationship with him and his family has always been one of an extended family and even during his moments of death, he would not fail to call to convinced us that he is alright.

Being older than me, I would call him brother and every time I get to Kedah, my itinerary includes a call on him and his family. My wife would normally prepare some cookies that he loved very much, and the moment we meet, his first words to me would be, “Macam mana Mak Chik”, referring it to my mother, and speaking in a heavy Kedah accent.

Now that he is gone and so is his loving wife, there is nobody else to fill the lost of my Chinese adopted brother and the only thing that can remind me of him is his phone number that is still listed in my hand phone.

Very early in my postings, I have also written about some of my Indian neighbours whom I had befriended during my formative years and are all within reach of me till today. Some had even brought their aging parents to visit me, and what an excitement I get when their parents would start to remimisce about my childhood days that I could hardly remember. I am fully aware of their 'taboo' when I comes to serving them food. Beef is strictly forbidden; just like pork to a Muslim. And even if I have Indian visitors to my home whom I am not too familiar with, I would tell them what to eat and what not to eat.

Having been raised in a multi racial environnment, I am extremely sensitive to the taboo of my non Malay friends. I feel that I will betray their trust if I were to play ignorant of their racial and religious sensitivities. Likewise, I do not expect them to be ignorant of my sensitivities too. And this has always been my strict observance of the sensitivities of my many non Malay friends.

But of late, we notice that there is a growing disregard for the sensitivity of one race by another, and a good illustration would be the recent Shah Alam 'Kepala Lembu' incident, where even Ministers and some 'rumble rousing' politicians have come forward to claim that what the protesters did was not wrong, and they did it without malice. My spontaneous reaction to this is that they are talking rubbish, and if only my father was alive, he would call them 'Gobblok'. That's been my father's way of venting his anger; though mild but it hurts one's ego.

Clearly, today's politicians have not contributed enough to strengthening racial harmony and tolerance that our founding fathers had hoped to inculcate in the people of this nation. Leaders of today would say one thing, but do otherwise, just out of fear of losing popular support, position and power. They do not care much about what will be the consequence of their words and action, but would say or do anything that will boost their popularity. I suppose what really matters to them is the financial gains that they will harvest by towing the line of their masters.

An incident like the Kepala Lembu must not be allowed to happen ever again, because it it does, the consequences would be beyond rapproach. And to my many Indian friends, the ugly incident at Shah Alam is viewed with utter disgust by the vast majority of Malays who profess that the Quran clearly forbids them from ridiculing people of other faith.

And in this holy month of Ramadan, my only hope is for my many Indians friends who have been grievously hurt by the incident, to forgive the protesters for their ignorance and stupidity, and to allow the law to take its course.



It was reported that the Teluk Kemang UNMO Division wants former MB Negeri Sembilan and ex-Federal Territory Minister Tan Sri Isa Samad to be their candidate for the Bagan Pinang state assembly by-election scheduled to be held soon following the death of the incumbent, YB Azman Mohd Nor on Thursday, September 3, 2009. This will be the ninth by-election to be held since the March 8, 2008 General Election where the opposition had won seven against one in favour of the BN. In other words, BN/UMNO had lost all the by-elections held in Peninsular Malaysia and this is startling.

The choice of an acceptable candidate will once again pose a major concern to the BN leadership, particularly that of UMNO. The lesson of the previous by-elections, especially the recent Permatang Pasir by-election and the Kuala Trengganu by-election in particular, that saw their choice candidates crumbled despite the full weight of party and 'govermental' support, will hopefully serve the BN leadership to rethink seriously the essential criteria necessary of its candidate, to ensure a convincing win for the party.

I personally think that Tan Sri Isa Samad choice as proposed by Teluk Kemang UMNO Division is flawed from the start. He should not even be considered for a mediocre party post. Now, to be nominated as a likely candidate for a by-election, knowing that he has a tinted past, will make him a 'shooting duck' by the opposition during the campaigning.

Did we not see how the opposition made 'mince meat' out of Rohaizat during the Permatang Pasir by-election by exposing his lack of integrity and his scandalous past? I am quite sure the opposition is ready with 'missiles' and 'rockets' to assassinate the character of Tan Sri Isa Samad if the party so accepts him as the candidate. And Tan Sri Isa Samad should know full well that the attack on his past character will be the opposition's main thrust of attack and there is nothing the government can do to silence them. I am also quite certain his past record as the former state MB and a federal minister will be also be spilled out.

My choice of an ideal candidate is one that is a local of Bagan Pinang, possesses strong religious credentials, a God fearing person and is devoid of scandals and an untarnished personality. Having a tertiary education is preferred and should have excellent public speaking capabilities. He should not be seen as a crony of some top party official or a relative of the Menteri Besar, as this will create dissension within the party members. He should not be too old, and the preferred range should be between 37 to 45 years of age.

The above are some essential criteria of a good candidate that is not exhaustive. But the concern now is whether UMNO could find one meeting the aforesaid criteria from within its existing rank. UMNO's choice of a candidate in the past is much to be desired, and the results so obvious. And as I have said before, BN/UMNO cannot afford to lose another by-election, and losing for the 8th time does not augur well for the future of the party.

And in a surprised TV news report last night, the AG Gani Patail had announced that the Kepala Lembu protestors will be formally charged; some under the Seditious Act while others for illegal assembly. This is a slap on the face of Home Minister Hishamuddin and others who claimed to have supported the actions of the protestors. Let us see if there will be a candle light vigil at the Shah Alam police station or at the gates of the Selangor State Secretariat building, by those in defence of the protestors. Hopefully, Khir Toyo or Hishamuddin will not be one of them.


Monday, September 7, 2009


It is distressful to listen to the grandson of Dato Onn Jaafar, Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein not to think and follow the strides of his illustrious grandfather, who not only cared for his own race, but including other Malayan minority races at the time as well.
Hishamuddin is reported to have supported the actions of the Kepala Lembu protesters in Shah Alam, even before the police could conclude their investigations of the incident.
To say that Hishamuddin is a Kepala Lembu himself is improper and downright rude. But for a trained lawyer to have preempted an 'opinion' at a time when a police investigation is on going, makes me to think that there is something seriously wrong with Hishamuddin, who is himself the Minister in charge of the police. The call by some parties to have him sack from his ministerial post for his outrageous statement regarding the Kepala Lembu incident is apt.
It will not be wrong now for the rakyat to perceive that the incident is UMNO's doing, and this puts UMNO/BN in a precarious position to placate the minority Indian votes in Selangor, and in particular Shah Alam come the next General Elections. There is already a call by some Indians not to vote in the next General Elections, and I suppose the Chinese too would be skeptical of UMNO's motives. Isn't this unruly act of some despicable Malays ridiculing the hopes and aspiration of Najib's I Malaysia? Or are we seeing a deliberate attempt by some from within the party to sabotage Najib's I Malaysia? And the actions and statements of some leaders within UMNO recently appears to be breaking ranks from Najib's I Malaysia policy. It was unlike the era of Tun Dr. Mahathir where leaders within the BN speaks in unison and does not break ranks easily.
Speaking of Dato Onn Jaafar, I remembered as a primary school student of Batu Road English School, Kuala Lumpur some time in the early 50's, listening to a talk delivered by Dato Onn Jaafar at the school assembly one morning. I cannot remember what he was talking about, but I could remember that he looks like a white men, not realising that he is a Johorean born of a Turkish mother and a Malay of aristocratic lineage. Neither do I know who he was at the time. I only knew what a great person Dato Onn Jaafar was upon knowing that he was the person who marshaled the support of all Malayans to oppose the Malayan Union that the colonialist had propagated. I remembered too a picture of Dato Onn Jaafar prominently displayed at the home of my uncle in Ulu Langat. I suppose he adored Dato Onn Jaafar and he was a staunched supporter of Party Negara that Dato Onn Jaafar had formed after leaving UMNO.
I am not at all surprised that the 'opinion' made by the grandson of illustrious Dato Onn Jaafar's was well received and supported by some UMNO politicians for the same wrongful reasons. Famous among them is former MB Selangor Khir Toyo who even claimed that the Lembu is a stupid animal, and the controversial Independent Parliamentarian from Kelantan Ibrahim Ali who said that the protesters intention was not to hurt the Indian community. But why the Kepala Lembu where any idiot would know that the Lembu is sacrilegious to the Hindu faith. Why not Kepada Harimau or Kepala Beruk? And why has the authorities not slammed the ISA on the person who uttered threatening language that could incite racial disharmony? Is ISA the privilege for those who opposed the government only?
I was taken aback by Khir Toyo's claim, because the Lembu is certainly not a stupid animal. In fact God has created the Lembu to feed mankind besides being a tough, loyal and a humble worker. I think I find some humans to be more stupid than a Lembu, because some could not even think rationally and only knows to echo the voice of their leaders without thinking the repercussions of their claims.
There have been too many things happening in the country today that I fear the worse is yet to come. Hence, I am not going to comment the recent event that happened in Perak concerning the 'illegal' sitting of the State Assembly, as well as the uncertain political future of the Trengganu state government. I am also not going to pass any comment on the extended service of the IGP Musa Hassan, and neither will I write anything more on the PKFZ scandal because there are too many filthy hands at work, and most of them are associated with politics.
And while the opposition has found some relieve after winning the Permatang Pasir state assembly by-election, another by-election is in the offing with the sudden demise of the BN state assemblyman for Bagan Pinang Azman Mohd Nor a few days ago. What concerns the opposition is the high number of postal voters (armed forces and police) estimated at 5000 or 35% of the total number of eligible voters.If the opposition is not able to entice these postal voters to cast their votes for the opposition, the result will surely be in favour of the UMNO/BN candidate (whoever it may be). It is for this reason that Najib was quick to announce that the party will vie for a contest in the Bagan Pinang by-election. And Najib knows that the party cannot afford to lose this by-election and if they were to lose, this spells disaster for the BN in the next General Elections.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have till today tolerated comments made by some of my readers that seemed to vent their personal vendetta at some senior figures of the Ministry of Defence (past and present) for reasons best known to themselves.

While I encourage my readers to make their comments related to the subject of my postings, I am however less enthusiastic when the comment is turned into a 'public forum' to vent one's personal vendetta directed at a particular person by name, knowingly that the person has no means of defending or clarifying himself. I would prefer that such comments be limited and confined to the contentious parties themselves, rather than discussing it in the blog. I will accept if the comment made is already public knowledge and the purpose is to offer an opinion.

Over the last one year of being a blogger, I have learnt a lot from the comments that I received and am thankful for it. It has opened up my narrow minded self, to begin viewing issues in more positive and constructive ways.

In my crusade against corruption, the aim is to make people to realise that corruption is not only wrong, but sinful. I know that every person is aware of this, but the lure to instant richness has blinded people to do the evil rather than good. This is the work of Satan anyway, and his job is to blind all people from seeing good, and it is only the weak and dishonourable that will succumb to Satan's ways.

Foremost, I do not accept corruption to occur among officers of the Armed Forces because our profession is noble. And sadly of late, there has been the regular talk of corruption among officers of the Armed Forces in public domain, and this incites me speak out aloud. As I have said before, some of my writings on corruption have offend some, especially those who are involved and finds themselves hard to shake off their guilt. But I also said that for those who are freed of the scourge of corruption, they need no fear.

Integrity and honesty are some notable personal virtues to be held by military officers at all times, and when this is forsaken, the officer is worse than a scum. When this happens, it is time that the officer takes leave of the profession, rather than remain a scum and be treated with disdain.

I trust my readers will heed all that I have said with regards to making their comments and to exercise self imposed moderation and fairness in their writings.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


With the arrival of the countrys' first Scorpene submarine tomorrow September 3, 2009 at Port Klang, the Royal Malaysian Navy has now entered into a new dimension in maritime warfare. Being a maritime nation, the acquisition of the submarine though late, will heightened the defence posture of the navy of our territorial waters and beyond. This added dimension in naval warfare capabilities will not only influence the teachings at our naval institutions, but more significantly influence joint warfare studies at all Armed Forces institutions, where in the past submarine warfare particularly at the Armed Forces Staff College and the Defence College was purely academic and is of lesser importance.

The first submarine named after the nation's first Prime Minister Tengku Abdul Rahman was jointly built by DCNS of France and Navantia of Spain. The second submarine expected to arrive in March next year is named after the second Prime Minister Tun Razak. The construction of both the submarines began in 2002 at a cost of a whooping RM 3.4 billion, that became a contentious issue by the opposition during the March 8, 2008 General Elections. Both the submarines will eventually be located at its new ultra modern base at Sepanggar Bay, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Here I wish to congratulate Cdr Zulhelmy Ithnain and his crew of 35 submariners for being the first group of submariners to form the RMN's submarine fleet, and this will be documented in the annals of the RMN; to be fondly remembered by the future generation of officers and men of the RMN.