Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The truth is out, and what is so honest and honourable about Selangor BN lawmakers and State Executive Councillors (Exco) of the previous state government's claim that their spending is above board.

While the MACC officers would rush into the offices of the present PR Exco and lawmakers with 'blazing guns and cannons' for a reported misuse of a mere RM 2,500 of public fund, the 'extraordinary spending' of the previous Selangor state lawmakers and Exco seem too trivial for their investigation. And now, how do you expect me and many others to believe that the MACC does not practice selective investigation, as they have so profoundly claimed.

The financial abuses of the lawmakers and Excos of the previous Selangor state government have been revealed in a statement made by the Gombak District Officer Huzaini Samsi at the special Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (SELCAT) convened by the Selangor State Legislative Assembly.

Huzaini Sami claimed that a number of BN lawmakers and Exco members under his jurisdiction had spend their entire yearly allocation ranging between RM 500,000 to RM 600,000 within a few days prior to the March 8, 2008 General Elections. Some of the allocation were disbursed in hard cash to individuals, which is rather abnormal in all public funded transaction. My experience as a government officer tells me that even a sen spent from public fund must be supported by an approved document and most payment shall be paid by cheque.

Now, what is so special of these BN lawmakers and Exco members that they can order a withdrawal of their entire year allocation within a few days? Do they think that the money belongs to them; hence they need not be accountable for all the money that they have spent? Do they not have an iota of guilt, responsibility, honesty and integrity to report and judiciously account for every single sen that they spent? Little wonder, these lawmakers and Exco members sometimes act like little Santa Claus by 'generously' giving out cash to their constituency, not realising that the money is not entirely theirs.

I think what have been revealed by Huzaini Samsi is merely the tip of the ice berg. And if SELCAT is to extend its probe to other districts in Selangor, more will be revealed, and one is not surprise to find that some public fund may have gone into the renovation works of some of the BN lawmakers and Exco members homes of the previous state government.

I would now like to hear what Khir Toyo have to say of the startling revelation by the Gombak District Officer. And if Selangor is still in the hands of the BN government, I do not know what will be the fate of Huzaini Samsi.


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FMZam said...

In line with what MACC has recently said that High Profile cases take time, take long long time to complete, and MACC has started to send officers for various advanced courses only now, we can imagine how chaotic is MACC at this moment having to face a shortage of investigators at the time when their service is at peak time. MACC is like an army marching into the battlefield unprepared. And you cannot expect to see much actions for when at the time we are supposed to be on the ground and fight the enemy, yet we are so bogged down for preparatory works first, so when can we start fighting?

But if MACC uses that as an excuse in saying High profile cases take time to complete, that is as good as saying what the BPR used to say it when MACC was still unborn. That can be understood because they were BPR but not when they are MACC for MACC didn't start in infancy but in adulthood and for them to give that excuse they must have been behaving like an adulterous cheating wife.

Khir Toyo has been in the "red" limelight for many times and has gotten out of each of it as fast as he has been entered into it. He was swift like a "smooth operator". He has been lucky because MACC is always the one who makes him lucky for MACC is a plucky tool of UMNO.

As long as the revelation is done by SELCAT who is not recognised by the Federal Government, SELCAT findings on Khir Toyo is only CATpaws. And Khir Toyo has shown that he is no mouse to even MACC whom he had made into a paper TIGER on many occasions. Khir Toyo is INVINCIBLE!

MACC has no intention to resolve UMNO's corruptions and that has been clearly demonstrated to the people by their lopsided actions against Pakatan's government in Selangor.

Lest we forget, in war teaching, MACC actions or inactions are best described as "the prelude to war". The war to capture Selangor has started long ago the moment Pak Lah formed MACC at his last moment. That old man is as vengeful as any UMNO man to prepare MACC as his weapon of revenge. And it is not for nothing that Najib confidently uttered his word that the opposition is tasting the bitter pills of their own medicine and that medicine is being administered by a Doctor Macc.