Monday, September 7, 2009


It is distressful to listen to the grandson of Dato Onn Jaafar, Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein not to think and follow the strides of his illustrious grandfather, who not only cared for his own race, but including other Malayan minority races at the time as well.
Hishamuddin is reported to have supported the actions of the Kepala Lembu protesters in Shah Alam, even before the police could conclude their investigations of the incident.
To say that Hishamuddin is a Kepala Lembu himself is improper and downright rude. But for a trained lawyer to have preempted an 'opinion' at a time when a police investigation is on going, makes me to think that there is something seriously wrong with Hishamuddin, who is himself the Minister in charge of the police. The call by some parties to have him sack from his ministerial post for his outrageous statement regarding the Kepala Lembu incident is apt.
It will not be wrong now for the rakyat to perceive that the incident is UMNO's doing, and this puts UMNO/BN in a precarious position to placate the minority Indian votes in Selangor, and in particular Shah Alam come the next General Elections. There is already a call by some Indians not to vote in the next General Elections, and I suppose the Chinese too would be skeptical of UMNO's motives. Isn't this unruly act of some despicable Malays ridiculing the hopes and aspiration of Najib's I Malaysia? Or are we seeing a deliberate attempt by some from within the party to sabotage Najib's I Malaysia? And the actions and statements of some leaders within UMNO recently appears to be breaking ranks from Najib's I Malaysia policy. It was unlike the era of Tun Dr. Mahathir where leaders within the BN speaks in unison and does not break ranks easily.
Speaking of Dato Onn Jaafar, I remembered as a primary school student of Batu Road English School, Kuala Lumpur some time in the early 50's, listening to a talk delivered by Dato Onn Jaafar at the school assembly one morning. I cannot remember what he was talking about, but I could remember that he looks like a white men, not realising that he is a Johorean born of a Turkish mother and a Malay of aristocratic lineage. Neither do I know who he was at the time. I only knew what a great person Dato Onn Jaafar was upon knowing that he was the person who marshaled the support of all Malayans to oppose the Malayan Union that the colonialist had propagated. I remembered too a picture of Dato Onn Jaafar prominently displayed at the home of my uncle in Ulu Langat. I suppose he adored Dato Onn Jaafar and he was a staunched supporter of Party Negara that Dato Onn Jaafar had formed after leaving UMNO.
I am not at all surprised that the 'opinion' made by the grandson of illustrious Dato Onn Jaafar's was well received and supported by some UMNO politicians for the same wrongful reasons. Famous among them is former MB Selangor Khir Toyo who even claimed that the Lembu is a stupid animal, and the controversial Independent Parliamentarian from Kelantan Ibrahim Ali who said that the protesters intention was not to hurt the Indian community. But why the Kepala Lembu where any idiot would know that the Lembu is sacrilegious to the Hindu faith. Why not Kepada Harimau or Kepala Beruk? And why has the authorities not slammed the ISA on the person who uttered threatening language that could incite racial disharmony? Is ISA the privilege for those who opposed the government only?
I was taken aback by Khir Toyo's claim, because the Lembu is certainly not a stupid animal. In fact God has created the Lembu to feed mankind besides being a tough, loyal and a humble worker. I think I find some humans to be more stupid than a Lembu, because some could not even think rationally and only knows to echo the voice of their leaders without thinking the repercussions of their claims.
There have been too many things happening in the country today that I fear the worse is yet to come. Hence, I am not going to comment the recent event that happened in Perak concerning the 'illegal' sitting of the State Assembly, as well as the uncertain political future of the Trengganu state government. I am also not going to pass any comment on the extended service of the IGP Musa Hassan, and neither will I write anything more on the PKFZ scandal because there are too many filthy hands at work, and most of them are associated with politics.
And while the opposition has found some relieve after winning the Permatang Pasir state assembly by-election, another by-election is in the offing with the sudden demise of the BN state assemblyman for Bagan Pinang Azman Mohd Nor a few days ago. What concerns the opposition is the high number of postal voters (armed forces and police) estimated at 5000 or 35% of the total number of eligible voters.If the opposition is not able to entice these postal voters to cast their votes for the opposition, the result will surely be in favour of the UMNO/BN candidate (whoever it may be). It is for this reason that Najib was quick to announce that the party will vie for a contest in the Bagan Pinang by-election. And Najib knows that the party cannot afford to lose this by-election and if they were to lose, this spells disaster for the BN in the next General Elections.



tuahjebat said...

Remember what I indicated in ealier
postings? There must be some political motives behind the "cow head demo"!

Cow Head Demo... UMNO project??

Instigators.... UMNO "Dajals".

Demonstartors... UMNO "Culprits".

Law Enforcers... UMNO Cronies.

Negotiators... UMNO leaders with
"cow brains".

Final Result... Rakyats and country
suffer. UMNO leaders live happily ever after.

Next GE.... UMNO becomes slaughtered cow. Its leaders turn into cow shit. The Rakyats live happily ever after.
Jeng..jeng..jeng..jeng....The End.

This is a WAKE-UP call for all!!!!

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

The writting was on the wall from a long while back. When Zaini, the so called hero of Sauk, who gave the directive to units under the 3rd Div, that they who are of other faiths other than Islam, not be allowed to pray within the camps. Then along came scumbag's (Mahathir)declaration that Malaysia was an Islamic nation. From then on, tolerance went on a downward slide. There are 57 OIC countries on earth, are their minorities given a fair shake when it come to justice and equality? Something to ponder upon.

abdulhalimshah said...

Is it for nothing the term "sacred cow" was coined if not for the fact that it is a symbol of reverence for that animal by Hindus. Even in the city of Hyderabad the capital of Andhra Pradesh in India, I saw many cows moving freely without hindrance and the Muslim population is one of the largest in that Hindu dominant country.
In the west where dairy industry is an important economic activity, the cow is a significant animal that ensures income for farmers who depends on animal husbandry to survive. So only those who think " Lembu " as stupid should look in the mirror and ask whether they could be worse morons owing to their ignorance.
Obviously the "Kepala Otak" of those who brought the "Kepala Lembu" to the civilised office compound is no better than the " Kepala Berok " or should be equated to the "Kelapa Komeng" which contains just the shell with no meat.

aofuad said...

Dato Pak Chat,
I have to thank the Lembu for the susu.
If not for the milk powder during my early years, i would not have been alive.
I consider myself lucky that there was a steady supply of milk powder then..
I was told that Dumex was the milk brand that i was fed with.
My children, 5 of them grew up on Dumex and Nan 2.

So i have to admit that the cow's milk played an important role in my life, so to say..

I know that the best is for all mothers to breast feed their young ones to at least age 2...
But in this modern world of ours, not many does that, giving many excuses..

Coming back to your question between lembu and manusia...
Well, has the lembu got to our brain?

Looking from another perspective albeit, maybe a silly one...
'Maybe the lembu has got to our brains..'

And off course, i cannot deny the fact that the lembu is more stupid than human...
After all i am human, and Allah Taala has created Humans to be above animals....

And, another silly perspective of mine....'Dalam Dunia Lembu, Mana ada Manusia, but in Dunia Manusia, memang banyak ada Lembu'

On that note, i must apologise to all Lembus...i meant no harm..

And to the guys that brought the kepala lembu that blessed Friday, my query is, 'Why can'y you carry a lighter kepala like kambing, kuching, dlll?'

Why 'Kepala Lembu?'

I am equally appalled at the 'lembu act' by those 'ber-kepala lembu'

They are treading on dangerous grounds and from my little observations, these 'lembu act' must be seriously stopped, because an uncontrollable group of lembu can create havoc!!!

FMZam said...

The Murphy's Law is dawning onto our country! "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" when what is so wrong for some is so right for others and so many rights for others accumulate into a pile of wrongs and snowballing down onto all of us.

What is so wrong with the cow head incident is that they made two wrongs to make one right. While the seed of hatred has been sowed by the demonstrators, Hishamuddin and Toyo came in to add fuel to fire. Now we need a big fire extinguisher to douse the flame but the damage is done, a collateral damage has reached the length and breadth of our nation.

And as long as the temple remains unrelocated, it will be the wedge that cracks the wall of national integration and the burden to foster religious tolerance will have to deal with the straw that broke the camel's back.

This issue will be taken to the battle for Bagan Pinang and to all other future election battles, and regardless who wins Bagan Pinang, a dangerous precedence has been set and there will be many more cow heads to come with many more temple relocations when there will be many more new residential estates built.

To the idea of relocation by the temple people and to the gesture of protest by the residents of the affected place, I say why not the temple remains where it is and let the encroaching surroundings gets acclimatized with it because it has been there well before the new development.

I don't see the residents of Section 23, with the supports shown by UMNO politicians will budge from their stand against any temple relocation into the area and likewise the Indians will not stop thinking of relocating it.

While the Malays may have won a battle, the Indians have not lost the war.

komando said...

The cow or lembu is one of the many makluk of allah swt, he knows no other god and he goes surely to heaven!

The cow is assured of that, we the mortals with brains are not too sure where we will end up!

If going by this fellow call keris mudin or tok mudin I can't believe and trust him anymore, if he becomes the next PM and if that happens if I am still alive I will surely run to tim bak tu!

Cows have served the humans from the times of yonder and they are the beast of what we have are animals called humans becoming a burden to our country!

They are all in politics! UMNO practically has a big HERD!

ommo said...

Salam Dato'
The previous government seldom or never call a meeting of this type on these problems and this issue has been unsolved for 25 years. It's unfortunate that the present PR government has inherited so many problems of the previous government and are trying to solve it the better way. The irk of it all is that the opposition UMNO is trying to hoodwink us by showing thru cause and effect with the help of the rogue media that these unresolved problems were caused by the present State Government.This is a dangerous trend especially for the Malays and make us become irrational and silly with a lot of help from the rogue media. There was a death threat issued in a public area. The police must take action on this otherwise cow brain people will try to take actions that we all will regret.I believe if the public were to see the full video on the ruckus they will be shocked, but the main stream media (msm)showed what was convenient for them and their political masters. The vulgarism and threats are can be misread to mean that anything goes and this is not a way to resolve a problem. Or this is a ploy by which UMNO intend to take over the state government i.e. by sly and dirty tricks plus dangerous actions. I doa' that Allah SWT protect Malaysia from such people, Amin.
Insaflah UMNO sebelum terlewat.

[If Allah were to punish men according to what they deserve, He would not leave on the surface of the earth one single living creature: but He gives them respite for a stated term.] (Fatir 35:45)

[O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Do not despair of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Turn to your Lord (in repentance) and bow to His Will, before the Penalty comes upon you: after that you shall not be helped.] (Az-Zumar 39:53–54)

[Allah accepts the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and repent soon afterwards; to them Allah will turn in mercy: for Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom. Of no avail is the repentance of those who continue to do evil, until death faces one of them, and he says, “Now have I repented indeed” nor of those who die rejecting Faith: for them We have prepared a painful chastisement.] (An-Nisaa’ 4:17 –18)
Mari kita baca sebelum kita jadi pekak, bisu and buta walaupun boleh bercakap, mendengar dan melihat.

komando said...

They can win in N9 - PD is an Army town and all postal votes uuuummmmm
one week in the store many many things can happen and has happened B4...

So if the army is stupid they play along the game and if UMNO is clever they will not be afraid to do away with postal vote, but they have no balls

for 52 years they just hang on to this lifeline....can see it thru and thru!

all the army generals i believe are not that stupid, but how many are daring and clever enough to say umno!

no means go to cold storage for good till retirement!

ahiya....sudah lapuk punya cerita....najib najib....

maybe divine intervention is going to happen this time,

insya allah
we doakan ....