Friday, September 11, 2009


The headlines on Star Online, Friday September 11, 2009 reads, “MACC to quiz Khir”, and one cannot be mistaken as to who that Khir person is. Incidentally, I too have a cousin by the same name, but definitely he is not the person the media is referring to.

At last the MACC is going for someone 'big', and Selangoreans like me who have all along been suspicious of Khir Toyo, looks forward to the outcome of the investigations. If all could remember, it was Khir Toyo and his famous 'broom award' that have angered most civil servants in Selangor. Say what he wants, but awarding a broom to a civil servant in the presence of others, is ill intended and disgusting. Now it is time that he is being 'broomed' by MACC, and the Malay saying,”buat baik berpada pada, buat jahat jangan sekali” truly describes what Khir deserve for his ill intended action.

It was reported that MACC had opened up the investigation on Khir's alleged abuse and corrupt practise based on an earlier report made in a blog over his palatial home that costs millions, and subsequently the allegations made by DAP state assemblyman Ng Swee Lim. Khir defended himself against any wrong doing and claimed that had he acquired a bank loan to purchase the home.

It seems that Selangor state assemblymen under the Khir Toyo regime has a penchant for palatial homes, and Khir Toyo is not alone at this. Remember the palace built by one Dato Zakaria, dubbed the 'Zakaria Palace' in Klang. One only need to look around, to observe what other palaces have the other BN assemblymen built.

And this reminds me of my trip to Sarawak some years ago, where I was taken on a tour by my host to look at some of the 'palaces' of the Sarawak state assemblymen. He even showed me the home of the Chief Minister, but what I manage to see is only the entrance gate to the house. I was told that the Chief Minister's home is indeed a palace build on acres of land, and I suppose he deserve a palace as a reward for being the nation's longest serving Chief Minister.

Now back to Khir Toyo. The report says that besides an investigation on Khir's Palace, the MACC will also be investigating about the accounts of Balkis (Wives of Selangor State Assemblymen an MP's Charity and Welfare Organisation) in which Khir's wife is a party. His refusal to attend the Selcat inquiry into the Balkis affairs only heightens people's perception that he is guilty of all the allegations against him. By refusing, he had missed an opportunity to clear his name.

Now that the heat is on Khir Toyo, what other findings will emerge out of the investigation? Will Khir Toyo be implicated in the current Selcat inquiry into the allegation of irregularities in the spending of the BN assemblymen allocation prior to the March 8, 2008 General Elections? Will he also be questioned about the Kepala Lembu incident in Shah Alam? What about the mysterious letter alleging the Selangor State MACC boss close association with Khir Toyo when he was the Menteri Besar, that appeared in the Teoh Beng Hock's on-going inquest? Has Khir Toyo got anything to do with the issues surrounding the PKFZ debacle?

These are exciting times for Selangor, and my piece of advise to the present PR state government is to be watchful, as the move by BN to get back Selangor by 'hook or by crook' is gaining momentum.



FMZam said...

So we all now see it very clearly that allegation of corruption gets MACC's attention much better (not faster) by media exposures than by any other means, let alone by any proper means. And that was not by just any mainstream media but by the media of those that this government brands as the opposing media, especially the e-media of which the government has no better means to control it except closing down the internet and all wireless communication system, broadbands and mobile/cellular phones.

Though action by MACC on Khir Toyo is long overdue, we all must not be blinded by the fact that MACC is taking action 'only' now and 'why' now when all the allegations against Khir were made even before his state government came crumbling down in the last GE and we all can still remember how he "cleansed his office clean of any single document" on his last day.

And I hope we all are wise enough to know right now without waiting for any outcome until MACC closed the investigation on Khir, to know what would be the result.

What we must learn now is that while Pakatan's government is 1 year old, BN's government has been 50 times more to have remained untouched by anti corruption agency until now. What the people really want to see is not that Pakatan's government is not corrupt, but is why UMNO leaders in Selangor must build "palaces" to rule and live like a king.

A palatial home worth RM20 million even a millionaire would have tough time to service a bank loan for that. Zakaria Md Deros or Abang Zak, the man who owned that Istana Zakaria dropped dead soon after the result of BN lost in the last GE was made known. And his istana wasn't worth that much as Khir's one. Khir must have a very strong heart to have to face MACC at this time when he is not in power, but then don't be fooled by his situation for when he is not in power, he has many powerful friends who are in very powerful positions, and MACC works for those friends of Khir.

Now we hear that Najib said UMNO is an Islamic party and we can see what he really meant to say was that, UMNO is a rich man's Islamic party compared to PAS a poor man's Islamic party.

abdulhalimshah said...

You and I know that suspicion is not enough to nail a person of corruption no matter how palatial his mansion appears to be. For the record, the only time when a Mentri Besar was convicted for corrupt practice was the late Dato' Harun Idris.
The scenario then was a different world then now, where Dato' Hussein Onn who brooked no nonsense and an upright man was the PM. The SG who prosecuted the case was non other that Tun Salleh Abas and the judiciary was fiercely independent when Tun Suffian was the Lord President. The ACA was then not the toothless tiger and it was headed by an equally strong willed character.
If we compare the stage then and now,we all can guess the outcome. Without political will and a fiercely independent judiciary and a no nonsense Head of the Government, plus the absence of credible witnesses, this is going to be another wayang.

tuahjebat said...

This guy, Khir Toyo had created so much shits when he was MB Selangor to the extent that he forgot that political leaders' future would depend on the Rakyats.

One just cannot imagine, from an ordinary politician/dentist he was catapulted to head Selangor State Government under BN, all because of Mahathir. Mathathir could have meant well to appoint Khir Toyo as the MB in his radical decision to teach senior Selangor UMNO leaders
but in all sicerity and knowing Mathathir, he must have regretted
in making this decision.

Looking at Khir Toyo's track record since he became the MB until BN lost the Selangor State to PKR in 2008, his many "boops"
during his entire tenure of office as MB and his perceived corrupted
activities, this guy ought go to the gallows.

From an ordinary dentist to a filthy rich politician, the MACC MUST not leave any stone unturned to investigate the corrupt practices of this guy. Check with the land office whether this guy also accumulated his land teasures in JANDA BAIK and how??

For MACC, your credibility is very much at stake and the Rakyats are watching how you handle this case. We expect positive result even if a former BN MB has to go the gallows, so what? The Nation must eliminate corrupted leaders irrespective of ranks, positions and public standings, only then we would respect MACC!

maurice said...

While on holiday in Bali a few years ago a hotel staff where we stayed mentioned to us that Khir Toyo and family were also there earlier to look at a few of land.Suggest MACC conduct a check with Bali authorities to ascertain the extent of his and family landownership on that paradise island.

Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...

Well Gentlemen, be ready for a no case to answer situation or another "I swear upon god"episode. When..., tell me... when ever have we seen justice to be done when it involves politicians? I have only contempt for these smooth criminals. May they rot in hell for their evil deeds. I feel so sad to see sometimes on TV when poor rakyat kiss these scoundrels'hands in greetings. God almighty, please display your powers for us all to see.

hussin said...


i like to differ from you on dato harun although there may be some truth in it.

to me, it is more political than anything else. it was a situation well exploited to put an end to his political career by somebody who saw him as obstacles to his political ambition. to clear his way up.

he then have the three abduls under isa, one of them dollah kok lanas, tun razak's political secretary, young and ambitious. he posed a potential threat to that somebody.

once the line was clear that somebody "forced" hussein onn to retire. and now he is preparing his son for the position.

my two sens.

komando said...

Politics is a dirty Word and a Dirty Game.

Forget it if you want to stay clean..and ready to killed your closest of friends and what more your enemies!