Saturday, September 26, 2009


The mainstream media seems to be having a gala time in keeping the Selangor state government on the defensive over the actions of a member of its PR partner and Executive Councillor from PAS Hassan Ali, who is seen to have acted in a way that runs contrary to the spirit of unity within the loosely led PR state government. Some have even predicted that the ongoing spat between Hassan Ali and its PR partners may inevitably cause the breakup of the Selangor state government, if PAS does not wish to make any compromises to resolve the actions of Hassan Ali.

It all began when Hassan Ali raised the issue on the sales of Beer in a convenience outlet in Shah Alam, and subsequently directed that the sales of Beer should not be allowed in predominantly Malay residential areas. He also instructed mosque officials to execute a people's arrest on any Muslim seen to be consuming or purchasing Beer in the Selangor state.

I have no qualms that serious action must be taken upon Muslims who are caught consuming Beer or alcohol in public places, regardless of whether the place is predominantly a Malay area or otherwise. And for a Malay who profess Islam as their religion of faith, there is no excuse whatsoever for him/her not to understand what the Koran says of those who consumes alcohol; for Allah wrath is severe.

Whatever punishment destined by the state's Syariah Courts for Muslim offenders who have been found to have defied the laws of Allah swt regarding the consumption of alcohol, will have to be punished accordingly by the Syariah Courts. Although the Koran (surah Ma'idah) reveals the complete prohibition (Haraam) of alcohol for those who profess Islam, the Koran however is not explicit in the type of punishment to be meted to offenders. It is therefore left to the state's Syariah Courts to interpret and to decide upon a punishment most appropriate to the offence, that is meant to serve as a repentance to the offender. The punishment is never meant to cause any grievous hurt to any part of the body of the offender, true to the believe that even in the execution of a punishment, Islam teaches one to be compassionate, merciful and mindful of the sufferings of others..

Having caused a stir over the sales of Beer, Hassan Ali has gone further to criticised the on-going proceedings of the Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat), particularly with regards to the manner in which the witnesses are being questioned over the unusual spendings of the previous BN assemblymen prior to the March 8, 2008 General Elections. One has only to follow the proceedings reported in the media, and if one does not see these unusual spendings of public funds that amounts to several millions as an act of unscrupulous abuse by the former BN assemblymen, then I do not know what else to say of Hassan Ali.

If Hassan Ali is not too happy with the method used in the questioning of witnesses by Selcat, I would only be too pleased to learn from him as to the correct method of questioning witnesses. I do not believe that Hassan Ali will subscribe to the methods used by MACC, nor will he be pleased to used the methods adopted by the PDRM. I would love to see how Hassan Ali reacts to Selcat over its investigations into the Balkis affairs and Khir Toyo's excessive family spendings overseas on the pretext of it being official business trips.

Personally, I do not know what is in the mind of Hassan Ali when he is seen to act and play into the hands of the opposition, rather than to act and play as a member of the PR team.Is he trying to play the 'voice of conscience' with the hope of being a populist, or is there anything that is troubling him in his relationship with the PR led government? Strangely, UMNO Selangor is backing up Hassan Ali in his spat with his PR partners, for this is exactly what UMNO wants to see happening in Selangor. Even UMNO Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin has said that the PR led government in Selangor is incompetent to govern. Is Hassan Ali not emboldened by this remark?

Whatever be the reasons for Hassan Ali to act the way he did, his actions have not been well received by his PR partners. There is now a growing demand that he quits if he persist to remain at divergence with his PR partners, and if he does quit, I guess that will be the end of his political career. I do not believe UMNO would willingly accept him into their fold, and if he still wants to continue his political career, he still has one final option i.e. to join M. Kayveas Peoples Progressive Party which is a party open to all Malaysians.



komando said...

This fellow needs to get his brains checked....that is the first step.

Secondly, find out if he is a undercover UMNO agent or a traitor..

Thirdly, has he been paid lots of money to behave and speak like a clown...

Fourthly, is he playing games...!

Lastly, kick him out...if he is proven to be a NUT or worse still a fox in sheep skins!

FMZam said...

I wonder how much longer can PAS make a reality of its objective to make this country an Islamic state, the whole of Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak not only the peninsular, even if all Melayu are PAS, not UMNO and not PKR but one hundred percent PAS.

When all Melayu are PAS and there is no other party for Melayu but PAS, it is still that this country a half of it is not muslims and that other half is made of Chinese, Indians, and all the races and religions of the people of the peninsular and the Sabahans and Sarawakians.

It is not the question whether all Melayu will vote for PAS but it is the question whether PAS can form a federal government with 100%muslims' votes?

What Hassan Ali has demonstrated was what we all can see the true hostile PAS attitude towards friends of other religions. If PAS cannot win the hearts and minds of its own friends, it cannot win over its enemies. Though in this case Hassan Ali may has won the hearts and minds of UMNO, its arch enemy, that cannot even be seen as a short term gain, but a long term pain for PAS itself to regain the trust of its friends and allies in Pakatan Rakyat.

And even if PAS and UMNO unite and all Melayu and muslims are united under a single banner, they may be united in all things except one thing that they will fight forever between themselves - what name to call their new union, PAS or UMNO?