Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have till today tolerated comments made by some of my readers that seemed to vent their personal vendetta at some senior figures of the Ministry of Defence (past and present) for reasons best known to themselves.

While I encourage my readers to make their comments related to the subject of my postings, I am however less enthusiastic when the comment is turned into a 'public forum' to vent one's personal vendetta directed at a particular person by name, knowingly that the person has no means of defending or clarifying himself. I would prefer that such comments be limited and confined to the contentious parties themselves, rather than discussing it in the blog. I will accept if the comment made is already public knowledge and the purpose is to offer an opinion.

Over the last one year of being a blogger, I have learnt a lot from the comments that I received and am thankful for it. It has opened up my narrow minded self, to begin viewing issues in more positive and constructive ways.

In my crusade against corruption, the aim is to make people to realise that corruption is not only wrong, but sinful. I know that every person is aware of this, but the lure to instant richness has blinded people to do the evil rather than good. This is the work of Satan anyway, and his job is to blind all people from seeing good, and it is only the weak and dishonourable that will succumb to Satan's ways.

Foremost, I do not accept corruption to occur among officers of the Armed Forces because our profession is noble. And sadly of late, there has been the regular talk of corruption among officers of the Armed Forces in public domain, and this incites me speak out aloud. As I have said before, some of my writings on corruption have offend some, especially those who are involved and finds themselves hard to shake off their guilt. But I also said that for those who are freed of the scourge of corruption, they need no fear.

Integrity and honesty are some notable personal virtues to be held by military officers at all times, and when this is forsaken, the officer is worse than a scum. When this happens, it is time that the officer takes leave of the profession, rather than remain a scum and be treated with disdain.

I trust my readers will heed all that I have said with regards to making their comments and to exercise self imposed moderation and fairness in their writings.



abdulhalimshah said...

I concur with your remarks about the etiquette of posting comments on your blog.
I share with your stand against corruption and even though I cannot do anything about it, but I believe that there are honest people in the public sector and the private sector who holds the same view. What the Nation lacks is the political will to rid this country of the corrupt leaders who are still around and they behave as if they had done no wrong.
We have the means to cleanse the system, but lack the will to achieve it all the way.

FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

As a gentleman, I take full responsibility of what I said here in this blog and in anywhere else blog as I have taken equally full responsibility on what I have said it in the open. That's to me I merely express myself in the real sense of 'without fear or favour' knowing fully well that what I said would be challenged had I not ready with proving the things I would want to say before I say it out. I am being specific not merely talking in general in talking about "general". It is nothing personal, it is all business, and the business is 'crusading against corruption', how else to fight a crusade if all we do is delivering sermons with no action. I have acted and come in here to talk about it for the benefits of all crusaders to learn my experience where no one else had done it the way I did it. The problem is that when you don't bother to read and understand it and simply conclude that all I did is to vent a personal vendetta.

If the person concerned has got any ball he should use this to clarify and defend himself or dare him ask me for the proofs? I don't buy their excuses in telling you to the point that you said they have "no means of defending or clarifying" themselves. What have they sweet talked to you? That's the way they sweet talked to the BPR in trying to slip out of a tight situation.

See it this way, while I have proven myself, they haven't. I am ever ready to to be confronted by them for what they can do is coming in this blog under assumed name or using someone to talk on their behalf or if they are brave enough to come in as themselves.

Have I been too much for you all crusaders and readers, or too much for the sinners to bring in the blatant truth, and without fear or favour? Have I not done what I did here, you all would be calling me a liar and this blog would be nothing than just another coffee shop.

Have we been so uncivil in our writing here that I see vulgarism in this blog is almost zero unlike in many other blogs. Maybe because we are not many with just a few and a handful of us making comments. But this few of us here are of strong characters who came in to write with strong words and when we did that, they said we are bent on venting our personal vendetta. We are open, it is just that they aren't ready for openness because they fear the truth. And like you said "for those who are freed of the scourge of corruption, they need no fear". So?

And it is they who have to proof me wrong to shut me up, not asking you Dato to shut me up by asking me to self impose myself from telling the truth.

Now I am more than convinced to learn that if this Crusade Against Corruption's Blog cannot behave like a crusade, then you all better learn that our enemy is winning and will continue on with corruption in the military because we the crusaders let ourselves be "neutralised" when we can only talk in here but without any "Sting".

Personal Vendetta! that movie "V For Vendetta" then you all should know better why we must have 'a cause to fight' to be determined in our crusade against corruption. Don't let yourself be groping in the dark in your fight against anything, you'll go nowhere.

While some of us here give me encouragement, you have given me a discouragement, but as a man and a fighter, nothing will deter me from fighting for a just cause until somebody stops me. I consider you as my family so please do not side with our enemy. Thank you.

FMZam said...


There are many like you who take the easy way out by saying they agree with this and that but cannot do anything about it and yet hoping for others to do it for us. Just like when a terrible accident happened, we are so relieved and say, "ah! it is not happening to us, it is happening to others". If you are hoping for others and everybody else is hoping for others, the day will come when there will be no more others and you will be "the other".

At least if you do not want to do anything, pray for those who will do everything to fight corruption. If you are hoping for honest people to do it, or an angel to come to save our country, then pray hard to Allah for it.

Be a driver, don' just be a passenger.

maurice said...


The last thing we want to do is to put a gag on fellow crusaders.It give a signal to the culprits that we have lost the desire and determination to pursue them.

It is common knowledge whoever feel that they have been wronged/victimized by certain comments, he has the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998 to fall back on.

So why frighten to kick the ball when it is already laid at your feet?

tuahjebat said...

Dato' Arshad and Gentlemen,

Not too long ago I overheard a very
senior ex-serviceman giving views on blogg postings and readers' comments involving Mindef and the military. The "Wira Damai" blogg which can longer be assessible, was branded as "opposition party
motivated" aimed at attacking BN, Mindef and armed forces.

One very senior serving general commented "mind No EVIL" blogg as being negative, attending too much to generalising things but without real facts and very damaging to MAF, especially to certain key army figures.

There were opposing views and remarks given to Dato' Arshad. He is regarded as being a very brave retired Army General, to write an aggressive "open letter" to Dato' Sri Najib, DPM/Minister of Defence then and his "former boss"! Among other subjects commented boldly by Dato' Arshad in the blogg was on his wife, Rosmah as being arrogant, "Imelda Marcos", etc, etc.....

Majority in the group considered it
as a direct personal attack on Najib and Rosmah but many in the group were ignorant of worst attacks on the same couple in other bloggs such as "Malaysia To-day", "Lim Kit Siang" and "Anwar Ibrahim". Some even viewed "mind
NO EVIL" would not take long before meeting its end and Dato' Arshad retiring from blogging!

Of course, "WIRA DAMAI" was burried in a deep grave though I know a transformation had taken place but "mind NO EVIL" and Dato' Arshad are still soldiering on! Well done. We readers, have no priviledge to share what Dato' Arshad might have gone through and we don't want to speculate either.

My highest respect to Dato'Arshad for suggesting the "Rules of Engagement" (ROE) for "mind NO EVIL" as he is the owner of the blogg. I note that a lot of wisdom has been exercised by him to analyse, accept and print only comments which met his ROE, though I see some readers simply "HANTAM x HANTAM X HANTAM" as if there is no end to anything.

There are views by readers which I personally feel are very solid, aggressive and definitely have answered the need to be factual about some cases without actually naming them like in Parliament. Unfortunately, certain names appeared but I feel that it is far from being one's personal vendetta!

There is a very clear message of frustrations by the affected parties ( some may be seen in courts and media one day ) whose attempts to reveal the truths by ordinary and gentlemanly means had met complete failures due to many reasons, mainly by those people who are in power. The "powerful people" who have eaten the chillies are now definitely feeling "pedas" and I know they will resort to anything and everything to discredit others with the sole aim of championing themselves.

I grade postings and comments in this blogg as "MILD" compared to many other postings and very
blatant, "kurang ajar" comments, anti-national, anti-racial, anti-religion, anti-leaders, anti-policies and "anti-anything",whose
authors well deserve to go behind bars in the interest of national security! Except for RPK and few readers, nothing happen to others.

I observe most of this blogg's readers are ex-servicemen, people who had sacrificed their lives for the country as "true soldires", now very angry and disgusted to see some military seniors as no longer professional "military commanders" but perceived as "partners or followers of dirty business cronies and certain politicians"!

My advice to you Dato' Arshad, please allow "mind NO EVIL" readers to free-wheel ourselves as responsible and matured people in order to continue our struggles and fight against corruption. Do exercise your wisdom and judgement within your ROE to disqualify any unwarranted contribution.

Gentlemen, We will continue our crusade against corruption to gun down those CORRUPTED devils who are worst enemies of our Nation.

Happy blogging.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear TuanJebat,

I am encouraged by your comments. In fact I have personally received words that some people are not quite pleased with what I am doing. They would rather see me mute and dumb.
As I have said in a number of postings, being mute and dumb is not me. For those who have served me will know me well enough that I will only speak when I know that something is not right.
Though I am a jungle basher, I do not bash at others that easily, just for the sake of bashing.
Thanks once again.

FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

As you go on and say "For those who have served me will know me well enough that I will only speak when I know that something is not right" then what different is that with those who think the same as you do.

Even a person of your calibre, with an established image of a well respected ex-general and a seasoned blogger, still cannot escape the hatred heart of those scum military top guns, because they cannot control you to write what they want you to write.

But they treat you with respect hoping one day to weaken your mind so that you will play well into their hands.

So I ask where do you stand in this crusade? If you are not firm and wobbling in your standing, then we all see you as what you show yourself here in this blog, not as what you tell us all what you are and what you were, because deeds speak louder than words.

Are you a "firm base" to launch this crusade? Instead of facing our common enemy we are fighting against each other to establish first a firm base?

I am maybe a rogue writer in here like I have been in other blogs including in Malaysia Today too. I can understand if you dislike me because I understand why I am welcomed as a friend to many writers in Malaysia Today as well as enemy to others. It is a blog life where one remains where he stands in anywhere blog to maintain his dignity as a person he is. In blog life don't expect praises and cheers, in blog life one must be prepared to take the beatings like a fighter learns to take punches.

And as TuahJebat put it that "One very senior serving general commented "mind No EVIL" blogg as being negative, attending too much to generalising things but without real facts and very damaging to MAF, especially to certain key army figures", I say that general was lucky he didn't say that to the right person who could answer his irresponsible statement with ease to prove that he is a coward when confronted with facts and figures.

Will that general call me for he surely had read my comments all over this blog to have to say that? Or for that matter anyone whom I had named in my case file and those were the names I had named in this blog?

Or you want me to insert my case file in this for all to read in greater details to make you convinced, Dato'? Is for you all to read my case file will make you happy and then DO NOTHING?

I am the living proof and if anything bad to happen to anyone for speaking out the truth, it will happen to me and let me face it for better or for worse for the sake of this crusade. In war there must be casualties and I am ready to be the first blood.

I have stopped writing in Malaysia Today to dedicate myself here because in here I feel more a true ground where a soldier will want to die and die fighting.

Who am I? A nobody, and who are my enemy? A very powerful people with hell of resources to rid a dwarf ex-soldier like me with ease. I am only packed with so much energy of the truth and the problem with them is that they have underestimated the plight of a determined wronged ex-soldier.

And they are hiding behind their sheepskin that made me come into the open to take them out into a fair battle. I made myself a target for you all to train your rifle onto them.

Life is cruel and so is a blog life.

Tangkas Perkasa said...

Dear Dato'

I do not know the existence of your blog until someone told me about it. Since then, I browse your postings as well as comments made by all readers. Mind you Dato’, I surf your blog and read your postings with great interest. I believe that your views on many issues will certainly promote positive values amongst those officers still in the service. Although my views may be differ from yours on certain matters, however, that will not discourage me from visiting your blog. Thank you Dato’.

All this while, I refrained myself from making comments on issues discussed in your blog. However, some comments are beyond allowable tolerance, that force officer like me to post my comments. To be specific, I refer to FMZam. Please forgive me if my comments are not welcome here.

Dato’, people like FMZam can always find me because I am still in the Army. Berapa besar sangat TD kita ni. But, who is FMZam – Fauzi Marzuki ke? Zam Zam Ala Kazam ke? At the time I posted this comments, I’m still searching his true identity. One of them may be Fauzi Mohd Zam, a retired Engineer officer (who opts to retire early?) – tapi betul ke bekas seorang pegawai tentera sebab the way FMZam posted his comments to this blog as well as other blogs, masyaAllah. I doubt he is responsible enough to stand by on his comments.

As far as I'm concern, FMZam don’t have balls. I couldn’t find his profile on line. Gaya bahasa macam malaun, kurang ajar.Dia anggap diri sendiri pejuang dan orang lain sebagai bangsat – hei come on lah jangan sampai naik tocang.

Si luncai ni kalau dia terjun dengan labu-labunya dia punya pasalah tapi masalahnya apabila perbuatan sumbang lagi mengarut FMZam ada kaitan untuk memperkotak katikkan perjuangan bangsanya, mempersendakan agamanya, menidakkan pengorbanan orang lain, memutarbelitkan kebenaran, maka para pembaca sekalian, sila awasi orang ini – sila baca juga komen dia dalam blog-blog lain. Dewasa ini ramai yang anggap dirinya pejuang tapi hakikatnya adalah pengkhianat – tak susah kita nak kenalpasti musang walaupun dia berbulu ayam.

FMZam accused other people succumb to corruption – based on what? Hear say or fact? I don’t know who you are but you happily mentioned my name and others in your comments. You damaged other people reputation. You want to argue with me? – boleh ba kalau kau mahu – don’t forget to bring your balls along. You want to bring additional balls – also no problem ma. A word of caution, do not think that others will often smash your shuttle cock even if you put it high enough to be smashed. Let use the right platform to debate the ‘case’ that you have (kes kalah perang agaknya). I repeat again – use the right platform. Please stop the bullshit! FMZam – please consider that.

YBhg Dato’, again I would like to apologize if this comments are not welcome in your blog. Selamat berpuasa Dato’.

FMZam said...

Tangkas Perkasa,

Now which one is you as you said I happily mentioned your name, are you the great Mael Polin or Raja Affendy or Masrani or KSU Mindef, to hide behind Tangkas Perkasa? OK I discard KSU I don't think he is that courageous to use Perkasa as the three of you are soldiers.

And what took you so long to come in here and I am glad you honour me in your way that I made you take quite an effort to find my profile online and even browsed other blogs to learn what I am? Am I supposed to believe that a person so mighty as you, whether you are Mael Polin or Raja Affendy or Masrani, a serving general, would lower your ego to come down into this blog and wrote like a haprak moron person who is paid to write on behalf of someone else? Am I supposed to believe a general writes like that? You must be a suffering sargeant to write as a general...Ha..ha..ha..

I don't want to think that you are that one very senior serving general as mentioned by TuahJebat, but if you are then I let all guys in this blog see just what kind of general you are to have to turn into a fuming mad cow because of my writing. So I made you mad hah?...Ha...ha...ha....LOL!

But I am not stupid to believe you are the person I named for one obvious reason. If you are that person, you should have no doubt about my identity because my name was in the case file as a signatory and that file was easily accessible by the most powerful general you are.

Very good try Mr Tangkas Perkasa you sound like Tangkas Perkasa Sdn Bhd sort of, what a way to conceal yourself under that name, not brave enough to use your initials like I do.

And mind you for all you know I have been into the right platform to bring my case only to learn that people like you are sleeping throughout in that right platform until I have to exhaust all the right platforms with only one left - the court of law and if you still insist for the right platform then wait for that moment of truth in court.

If you are who you said you are, then you cannot be him because how come then you are so forgetful to not to remember that we have met in 3 different ocassions where in all ocassions I have our conversation secretly recorded by my James Bond. Does it ring the bell now? If it doesn't then you are as I suspected - a paid blogger of that person(s). Good try.

And don't start giving excuse by saying I am all but a traitor to my country when many like me who see the real traitors are people like you who misuse, abuse and so corrupt with the powers the people had trusted upon you.

Now I challenge you, if you are really a serving general, pick a place where I can present my case in the open where people will judge me and you. Don't just talk cock about your "perjuangan" when all you know about "perjuangan" is to sell this country by cheating in tender to serve your purposes.

loreng said...

Saudara Tangkas Perdana,

Sukar bagi anda untuk menangkas prasangka umum bahwa gejala-gejala rasuah tidak leluasa di Kementah dan ATM.

Blog ini sudah banyak kali menengahkan beberapa kes yang berunsur rasuah, seperti pemberian projek-projek secara rundingan terus kepada syarikat-syarikat tertentu, penglibatan keluarga pucuk kepimpinan ATM dalam syarikat-syarikat yang ada urusan dengan Kementah, kedudukan sebilangan 'businessmen' yang dilihat sangat special dikalangan kepimpinan ATM dan Kementah etc..etc.

Saya rasa usul untuk berdebat secara terbuka dengan FMZam adalah omong kosong sahaja kerana anda sudah tentu tahu ianya tidak akan mendatangkan sebarang kesudahan (conclusion).Kalau anda terasa pertuduhan FMZam itu menginayakan anda elok didebatkan di forum perundangan.Merbahayanya opsyen yang logikal ini akan membawa risiko yang tinggi kerana terbuka kepada sebarang kemungkinan yang tidak akan terkawal. Tetapi kalau kita benar-benar mahu membuktikan kebenaran, risiko tersebut seharusnya tidak menjadi sebarangan halangan.

Saya lihat jalan yang lebih baik untuk mengikis gejala rasuah di Kementah dan ATM adalah bagi pucuk kepimpinan ATM yang baru mengeluarkan dasar-dasar yang inovatif yang dapat melindungi pegawai-pegawai dan anggota-anggota ATM dari menjadi sasaran kejaran kumpulan yang mahu menghulur wang.Pucuk kepimpinan ATM yang baru perlu berusaha untuk mengurangkan penglibatan pegawai-pegawai ATM dalam proses perolehan Kementah dan ATM.Ini bukan sesuatu yang mustahil kerana sudah ada negara-negara lain yang mempraktikan Sistem Perolehan Tentera tanpa penglibatan pegawai-pegawai Tentera.

Tangkas Perkasa said...


FMZam, I think you are a great astrologer – may be relatively a little bit lower than that of Nostradamus. You know that someone paid me to write in this blog. And you even claimed that you have met me 3 times and recorded ‘our conversation’. I tell you what – you will be at par with Nostradamus if you don’t consider KSU as likely candidate of Tangkas Perkasa since I already told you that I’m still in the Army. Whatever it is, don’t blame your J Bond la.

Next – The meeting? The conversation? The recording? The case file? Well, it does ring the bell now. Initially, there were 17 offers, 5 managed to go to second round and finally, leaving behind two. The Board had to choose only one (and I believed that yours was not selected). I see the rational now why you are barking in this blog and claim yourself as a crusader against corruption. If yours were selected then everybody in the chain of the procurement process (a group of people who prepares the General Staff Requirements, a group of people who approved the Requirements, a group of people who prepares tenderers’ documents for evaluation, a group of people who evaluate the systems offered based on the Requirements, and a group of people who select the system that best meet users requirements) are good people.

Let put it this way, since you have already filed your case to the court, then don’t write nonsense in this blog – I’ll see you in court, full stop. It is not a big deal to me. Am I talking cock here? Or you are the one who talk cock? Again, don’t blame your J Bond, OK!

Saudara Loreng,

Terima kasih kerana member pandangan ke atas isu yang dibangkitkan. Pada pendapat saya, perkara yang selalu diketengahkan tidak semestinya betul. Bukankah kita pernah dengar bahawa Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad pernah tersilap menuduh Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mempunyai bungalow mewah bernilai RM 60 juta di Australia. Semuanya gara-gara perkara tersebut sering diperkatakan.

Kalau ada kes rasuah yang nak diketengahkan sekalipun, buatlah dengan betul dan terperinci. Selidik dengan penuh rasa tanggungjawab. Jangan main serkap jarang buat tuduhan.

Saya setuju dengan Saudara bahawa debat terbuka tidak membawa apa-apa faedah.

Tentang cadangan Saudara supaya Sistem Perolehan Tentera tidak perlu melibatkan pegawai-pegawai Tentera adalah satu cadangan yang mungkin boleh dipraktikkan. Ini semua bergantung bagaimana orang awam (atau bekas tentera) mampu menterjemahkan keperluan pengguna (TD) kepada bentuk keperluan yang boleh dinilai secara kualitatif dan kuantitatif. Contoh, terdapat sebuah sistem yang diperlukan TD mengandungi 1,889 keperluan vital, 25 keperluan essential dan 2 keperluan desirable. Sila renungkan.

Terima kasih.

tuahjebat said...

I read saudara Tangkas Perkasa's comments with interest and I am glad that someone within the system finally has balls to respond to some issues which we have been discussing in this blogg.

For FMZam, looking at the style, deliberation and the languages used
I know that Tangkas Perkasa is NOT the same senior army general I have mentioned in my earlier posting. Furthermore, he claimed that he is not interested and did not want to waste time in blogging.
One puzzle has already been solved for you!

Saudara Tangkas Perkasa, I see that you are trying and we readers are analysing and making judgement.
Your ealier comments gave me the impression that you are one of PTD's risik staff waiting for the next Haigate staff course. Your second input shows improvement but still it is far from the standard of deliberation and the language styles of those four figures named by FMZam in his comments. Never mind, since I am no astrologer like what you say FMZam is, I give you the benefit of the doubt and regard you as one of those named.. But please, don't forget I know all of them personally!

Saudara Tangkas Perkasa, we watch and listen from outside and some facts known to us may be foreign
to you. Statements such as " one week old two-ringgit company could win multi-million Mindef contract",
"It's NOT the type of equipment but the local agent behind it", "army generals, project team and Mindef civilian staff are all in the pocket of...." put you generals in bad light.

If Tok Guru Nik Aziz were being speculated to have committed
"khalwat" or taking bribes by his political opponents, NOBODY would believe it. Even if photos being distributed to imply that he had done it, the rakyats would stand behind Nik Aziz and prove that the photos were fabricated.

Can you and army generals, or for that matter the PAT and Service Chiefs live to the same credibility
and NOT corrupted? NO, NO! It's because of your disgraceful conduct
in the eyes of rakyats, some of your actions to indicate personal interest in supporting certain defence contractors.... that's the PERCEPTION and it's up to you to change this.

New PAT, Gen Tan Sri Azizan, you lead to change this perception but you yourself MUST be clean!

Coming to FMZam's case. We all know
what it is all about. Many Mindef contracts fall into the same fate. The Nuri helicopter tender, for example, right from the start, the
Eurocopter was dominating the game... who was behind it? Give a guess and we know! Fortunately or unfortunately, the project did not
materialise but the damage had been done to the Mindef tender system process.

In FMZam's case, which local company won the contract, who are the owner(s) and the directors of the company? I am not prepared to wait until the case goes to court!

loreng said...

Saudara Tangkas Perkasa,

Saya rasa konsep GSR yang anda sebutkan itu perlu juga diubah.Apa yang telah terjadi staf pada lazimnya akan hanya melakukan 'market survey' dan menyiapkan GSR bersaskan kepada pelbagai maklumat yang didapati melalui 'market survey' yang dilakukan.Jarang-jarang sekali penyiapan GSR dibuat diatas keperluan 'user', keadaan iklim/ cuaca/tanah/infrastuktur dan kebolihan senggaraan lojistik TD dan industri pertahanan negara.

Kalaulah GSR di persiapkan kepada keperluan dan realiti 'on the ground' barangkali TD akan dapat mengurangkan masalah-masalah besar yang dihadapi sekarang berhubung dengan senggaraan sebilangan peralatan/sistem yang telah diperolehi.Pihak penjual sistem sudah pandai berkata, 'we are the only one qualified to maintain our system (sold to Army) and no local company can do the job.'

Jadi saya lihat Sistem Perolehan ATM/TD maseh banyak kelemahan kerana pihak sipenjual boleh mempermainkan kita sedemikian.

PS: Saya akan sambung dengan penerangan selanjutnya.

FMZam said...

Tangkas Perkasa,

Since you take me as an astrologer I now specifically refer you as Raja Affendy since you didn't deny you're paid to write for someone and your way of talking is with that traits of a person I know you are. At least now we know some mighty general is humble enough to come into blog and swim together with us "the fishes who live in this water". Please do not insult my intelligent when I discarded KSU as one of you for he is too coward to be so brave a fool like you. And please don't get angry with my little nasty word for you for I am not as vulgar as you put me in your first appearance in this thread above.

And as an astrologer as you said I am, my instinct tells me only you, amongst all the generals in the army, you match the one we all know as the "pet general" of the "great white" Mael Polin. Again please I am not being vulgar in saying it here.

I like it your coming in with your blazing gun as first impression and I am glad I made you "coming of age" from your deep hybernation and out into the open. Here we have, of all the somnumbulant generals, the best of the worst loyalist of a master where only dogs are loyal to orders. I mean to say if you are not the person I meant, then the bell had rung but only to the person's dog and that dog had barked to tell me to take my case to the right platform only to agree to the platform I have been preparing - the court. Nice barking! But what to expect when I trespassed into a forbidden zone guarded by rotweiller dogs, and the dogs are the first I have to confront before anything else.

Let me put it this way, if my case has no weight then why the Army had to stop with the retender exercise on wargame system? It is not the matter who wins the tender that I put up my case but it is how they cheated in winning the tender for their cronies. My case is not about losing the battle as you said but it is a beginning of a fight against those people in the government who don't care about government's call for fight against corruption, because they are the corrupted ones and corruption is a network that involves not just Mindef but other related government agencies that helped covering each other.

Anyway, Tangkas Perkasa, this is good for Mind No Evil to have any future PTD in the making to mingle in this forum of the "inner" hearts and minds of your own people where in here you hear it right from our hearts with no holds barred. Out there you hear only the "captive" hearts and minds of the soldiers. But again it depends on how you want to take us, as friend or foe.

komando said...












tuahjebat said...

Ho ho, hardly 10 (not 100) days
since Gen Tan Sri Aizan, the first RMAF Chief, took over the PAT job
(1 Sep 2009) the rakyats are already speculating about what happened at the last MAT.

Most of us hailed at the much expected appointment of the RMAF General to the job but some stories about Azizan are spreading like wild fire. Please, I am not siding Azizan but we should give this new PAT at least 100 days to settle down!

Few days before the MAT ( 27 Aug ) there was very strong "radio karat"
going round about Gen Tan Sri Aziz
being considered for extension along with the IGP. Also, there was a plan for early retirement of PTD and PTU. Many readers commented
adversely against this perceived plan but welcome early retirement of PTD but not PTU.

Was it the Bakar/Azizan "buddy-
buddy" or "kamcheng" network which had changed the course? Was it a political decision or could it be a possibility of Tan Sri Aziz refusing another extension?
After having sacrificed his life and served the country for almost 40 years why the media suddenly had opted not to give him the
normal colour and splendour of a retiring general and accordingly honour him? The above topic is now dominating "post-terawih" discussion!

One thing for sure, the MAT had made a radical decision by appointing Gen Dato Rodzali from Panglima Operasi Udara ( 3-stars)to be PTU and promoted to 4-stars to replace Azizan. This plan would look good for RMAF to have a younger PTU to be on the job more than 5 years to "stabilise" the organisation. We must congratulate MAT for this great decision.
Congratulations to Dato Rodzali.

In the process, the MAT had posted
a very senior RMAF 3-star General, Datuk Shahron, from Chief of Staff
Armed Forces HQ, the 5th highest ranking position in MAF to be TPTU, RMAF's number 2 position.

Another RMAF 3-star, Dato Bashir of same seniority in rank to Dato Rodzali but very well senior in air force service, was posted from TPTU to take over the Panglima Operasi Udara, the Operational
Commander, third senior position in the RMAF from Dato Rodzali.

Some politicians and civilian officers who are not sensitif and have no feel for military command and traditions view that there is nothing strange about the above postings. There are many who feel that in the excitement of having an air force general to be PAT and to allow more time for the new PTU, the MAT had not made a wise decision but instead had "demoted" and humiliated Dato Shahron and Dato Bashir.

Oops! Anybody observed something?The Minister of Defence making press announcement on MAT's decision subject to the approval of DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong!
I could have misread the newspaper!

Azizan is the PAT and as the country's most senior military he is responsible for postings and promotions of his surbordinates.
In this case, has he put himself in the shoes of Dato Shahron and Dato Bashir to "really feel"? or may be Azizan has to be mean and cruel in order to be kind!

Lastly, I have gathered very reliable informations that Dato Shahron and Dato Bashir are potential candidates for "crusaders
against corruption" and we need to rope them in our team before the corruption "dajals" lure them into their camp.

FMZam said...

Bro TuahJebat,

There is a clear demotion of Dato' Bashir and Dato' Shahron in term of seniority but isn't it a norm in RMAF that any PTU is promoted from those who holds the post of POU (Panglima Operasi Udara)? The TPTU post is a two steps away, not one. In term of appointment, then Dato' Rodzali is the right heir to be PTU because he was "juggled" into the post of POU. So promotion to PTU is based not on seniority but on position, isn't it the same with Army and Navy?.

Now you put it that those two demoted Dato's are potential candidates for our Crusade, I said we welcome anyone to join our Crusade as long as he joins us by his/her own will for the purpose of fighting corruption, and even if he is a frustrated big shot, he must remember that if he is not clean, he will be an easy target of retaliation from our enemies. I like to say to them join this Crusade on your own free will.

I like your idea of roping them into our Crusade by offering the idea that they be the source of information on any corruption in the military, instead of their direct participation in our Crusade where their identity is not safe from a very determined enemy. And I am sure that is what you meant and I am sure you have the ways to do it for you seem to me a someone with very good link with top military people, just like Dato' Arshad.

Sometimes I think you are a double of Dato' Arshad or you are in fact Dato' Arshad himself in his alter ego, like a super hero in disguise of another person. Sorry if I think that way but I have been blogging too long to learn it from other blogs how one person had used many cyber identities to situate a situation. Well, human ingenuity knows no bound, for good or for evil.

I salute you for putting your capability to good use in contribution of this Crusade. Again I say, in blog we are not what we said we are, we are what we write.

FMZam said...

Tangkas Perkasa,

By and large, Mindef can be classified as a "RASUAH TEGAR" area because of promotion of some people like you who got promoted to close eyes on corruption and got promoted to shut the mouth of corruption fighters.

Take you for example, you said "Kalau ada kes rasuah yang nak diketengahkan sekalipun, buatlah dengan betul dan terperinci. Selidik dengan penuh rasa tanggungjawab. Jangan main serkap jarang buat tuduhan." That shows the attitude of a weak general you are. A strong general will not give that "lepas tangan" statement as such, a strong general will say " report to us and leave the rest to us, we will do our best to investigate and take action".

I have proven one thing that I am not a person who merely report a case so sketchy, that I have reported my case in great details and backed with proofs. I have proven that when I came in with all the details, not only Mindef was caught by surprise, but MOF, BPR and KSN and yet you and them all have the guts to say what a corrupt mind would always say.

In the first place I made report with details that can lead for "siasatan terperinci", whereas you cannot expect the rakyat to do any "siasatan terperinci" and yet I did that. The "siasatan terperinci" is the job of the respective government agencies because only government has the ways and means and the authority to conduct thorough investigation.

Your stupid statement does not encourage corrupt reporting, it encourages more and more corruptions.

I am waiting for Saudara Loreng to come with more on GSR as he promised. And mind you Tangkas Perkasa don't think I don't know what is GSR or KESAM is all about when you think you try to impress by precisely putting the "1,889 keperluan vital, 25 keperluan essential dan 2 keperluan desirable". You only know how to say it by figures like a bloody parrot you are but you forget to say why you have selected the bastard company who failed to meet the GSR and yet won the tender?

I know better than you how your people made the GSR and tailored it to make sure the company you favoured will meet tender specifications, but Allah is great when I proved that you had picked the favoured company even when it had failed to meet the GSR.

You better think Tangkas Perkasa, the more you talk in blog the more you make mistakes especially on my case file. I will pick on you on any point to show that you have a big ball too heavy to carry because I don't think you have the endurance to pit a battle with me in this blog.

Go on, make my day.

tuahjebat said...

FMZam, I appreciate your respect but I must clear your curiousity and how I wish I were Dato' Arshad who is sacrificing his retired army life leading the fight against corruption. I am a simple nobody, blogger like you, who shares the common contribute to this country of ours in the fight against corruption.

I am blessed with a solid network of working relationship with many
personalities of various standings and backgrounds. These friends are my inspiration and great sources of informations which motivate me to continue writing. I share common traits with Dato' Arshad, you and all readers...we dispise corrupted people, especially those military seniors who swear to defend our beloved Nation but they are perceived to have been involved in various forms of power abuse and corruptions.

After my consultations with various sources, my findings about
the appointments of Service Chiefs
were traditionally from the 2nd most senior general in each service
who are the Deputy Chiefs. In the Army, the only exception was when one Chief of Staff Markas ATM was promoted to 4-stars, became Army Chief and later the PAT.
Another Chief of Staff Markas ATM who was TPTD prior to getting posted to MAF HQ, was made PTD. One very smart and clever Division
Commander( a 3-star on personal to
holder) was parachuted to be PTD
for reasons known to all.

In the RMN, so far it has always
been the TPTL to take the CN job,
including one who was Chief of Staff Markas ATM being transitted
to Deputy position just prior to becoming the Chief.

The RMAF almost has the same tradition for TPTU which is the service's second most senior position ( not Panglima Operasi) to be appointed the PTU. However, there was a close call for a RMAF
3-star General who was Chief of Staff Markas ATM in the middle ninetiees who was speculated to be
the PTU. This did not materialise ( on God knows the real reason) as a 2-star TPTU was promoted to be Chief.

The recent appointment of Gen Datuk Rodzali from Panglima Operasi to be the PTU is the first
in the history and I suppose this is what changes are all about which we have to expect.

In life we must try very hard not to humiliate other human beings especialy those who have demostrated loyalty, credibilty and professionalism. On the same note, instead doubally humiliating by "demoting" Gen Datuk Shahron and Gen Dato Bashir to move to lower positions, MAT must respect these two very senior RMAF generals by at least to have them to remain at their respective positions for a couple of months until their retirement.

Has Azizan betrayed his own brother generals in blue suits?

Tangkas Perkasa said...


You missed the point when I took you as an astrologer, read it again – are you very sure that you have recorded ‘our conversation’ ? – Yes? - you are in the LOL.

You claimed yourself as having strong character (please refer to his previous posting) and yet scared to confront rotweiller dogs in the forbidden zone – Furthermore , is there such things as forbidden zone to Crusaders – you are in the LOL.

You manipulated my statement ‘Kalau ada kes rasuah yang nak diketengahkan sekalipun, buatlah dengan betul dan terperinci. Selidik dengan penuh rasa tanggungjawab. Jangan main serkap jarang buat tuduhan.’ There is nothing to do with ‘siasatan terperinci’ as what you claimed – you are in the LOL.

You manipulated my statement again, when I gave an example of a system having ‘1,889 keperluan vital, 25 keperluan essential dan 2 keperluan desirable’. It is nothing to do about impressing people like you. Read saudara Loreng statements on procurement process – you are in the LOL

How do you know that the company that failed to meet the GSR and yet won the tender? Are you saying that the system that you offered complied to all of the vital requirements? Have you read the Paper Evaluation Report and the Physical Evaluation Report? You are a great liar or you still want to be a great astrologer – whatever – you are in the LOL.

There were NO TENDERER that offer wargame system and complied to all vital requirements as stipulated in the SOC. How on earth that you are able to come with the conclusion that the GSR is tailored to a particular company? What is the name of the system that you offered – please tell me – you are in the LOL.

You accused me of getting promoted just to close eyes on corruption and to shut the mouth of corruption fighters. The question is, did you study and analyse my career progression profile? Janganlah main balun aje – selalunya yang balun-balun ni adalah golongan Mangkuk Ayun.

Since you are in the LOL, I must advise you to think before you leap, use your brain, dont use your kepala lutut and try not to mislead others into believing that your personal vendetta as a crusade against a common cause.

To all readers, please open your eyes, and think with open mind, do you still convince that FMZam talk about truth?

I would like to know whether you have done something, while you were in the service, that shows you were not a coward. Please read the followings:

Did you come across a case whereby miilions of ringgit had been allocated to procure additional 54 unit of ATV Hugglund as weapons platform and why the exercise did not materialise? Who was the officer, as a member, not as the team leader, in the JPTT to evaluate BILL 2 and Milan 3 but did not signed the report even when the report was presented to JKKOTD? Why the Infantry used 6 x 6 Pinzgauer Mortar transporter rather than 4 x 4 as instructed? These are a few instances of ‘melawan arus’ that had happened before and I strongly believe it still happen today. So do not classified Mindef as ‘RASUAH TEGAR’ as it hurt everybody in the organization.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.

Tangkas Perkasa said...

Saudara Loreng,

Saya bukan nak berdebat di sini. Cuma saya nak ingatkan FMZam supaya jangan merapu dalam blogg ini. Macam mana kita nak menghormati orang, kalau orang itu memperlekehkan kita. Tentang GSR tu, saya mempunyai pengalaman ketika saya Mejar lagi. Apabila ada kesempatan, segala pandangan saudara akan saya ketengahkan kepada pihak yang berkenaan.

Saudara TuahJebat,

You should not only ask FMZam what was the company that won the tender but also ask him what system that he offered. I dont think he dare to tell you the system. If got balls, he will tell you the system and you can always analyse yourself whether the system is the best among 17 tenderers particiapted in the tender process. For most wargame system, the specifications of which can be found on line.

Thank you very much TuahJebat for your advice not to humiliate other human beings especially those who have demonstrated loyalty, credibility and professionalism.

Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

FMZam said...

Tangkas Perkasa,

Then again you are not the person I meant when you doubted the recorded conversation, so I was right you are not that person, you are an impostor or an impersonator. Very well then it's OK if you want to play the game, I am in. I'll let you go back and forth to the right person and do your homeworks to post your answers here.

Well who cares if I missed your point when you too missed my point and manipulated it to suit your "menegakkan benang basah". Simply said we both can never agree to anything. But the LOL is not so much on me but on you for a man so big like you has to shit brick for a countdown with me. We don't give a damn about your career progression even if you are god out there, in here we are all equal. You can be a somebody out there but in here if you are a monkey, we give you peanuts. Maybe you should learn why a one man's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter.

And with a character like you I don't have to waste my brain, I can just use my 'kepala lutut' and save my brain for a worthy enemy.

Asking me to read the evaluation reports knowing fully well that kind of papers are OSA materials? Well I'd be glad to have one if I could get my hand on it, but had I read them reports, the question would certainly fall back on what basis the reports were made when you did not do the Test Protocol and yet when caught you told you did the Test Protocol and that Test Protocol was destroyed, that was exactly what you told the BPR. Don't think a monkey like you can outsmart a mangkuk ayun like me, because a mangkuk ayun can be swung at the monkey's head and I feel nothing while your monkey head will feel at least dizzy lah.

The systems offered has got no bearing whatsoever in this case because in the first place you call for open tender, so why now you are bragging about the systems offered? Why didn't you tell us that my system reached the final board together with the system you favoured, the two finalists and you beat me to death by your cheating ways. If now you questioned about the system offered, isn't that proof enough to all of us that you have a preconceived idea of a preferred system in your mind even before the tender is concluded, and yet why the hell you called for tender and wasted our time and money to compete with your preferred system, Hah monkey you?

Still want to talk big in this puasa month and you blundered even deeper into a self confession of "melawan arus" case. That shows what you really are, you meant those poor souls who refused to sign the report as "melawan arus" where in real fact they might have made a stand to "melawan arus" against those corrupt generals like you who ordered them to abide by the "WAHYU" of your corrupt masters, hah?

I stand to say that all your argument are more befitting to prove what I say that Mindef is a RASUAH TEGAR area for as long as we have general like you.

And I don't ask people to believe me for they are all matured enough to think like a sensible person. I am more concerned with what I believe in what I do and I have done it. I am not a prophet and you are not god.

Tangkas Perkasa said...

Hello FMZam

This may be my last posting to this blogg as I do not want to waste my time playing a game with someone who prefer to use his ‘kepala lutut’. Do not think that I dont have the endurance to play the game with you in this blogg. I still got a lot of bullets and most of them AP. Before I release these AP rounds, you better read the followings:


‘Where are all those KUNCU-KUNCU bastards hiding?’
‘Will that general call me for he surely had read my comments all over this blogg to have to say that? Or for that matter anyone whom I had named in my case file and those were the names I had named in this blog?’
Angkuh sungguh? You said these and you are in fact invite me to play the game. Now I am already in the game – are you scared of me?, and you still claimed yourself as crusaders? – Jangan lah buat lawak bodoh di bulan puasa yang mulia ni FMZam oi.


FMZam also said this : ‘If you are god out there, in here we are all equal‘ and ‘I am not a prophet and you are not god.’ Apa punya bahasa ni? Good luck to all crusaders to have a member like him!!!


You claimed that I did not do the Test Protocol? Your J Bond must have done a very good job – because he himself is in the LOL. Janganlah buat cerita tak senonoh, itu fitnah namanya. Do you know that the final report can only be presented to the Board if and only if all requirements listed in the Test Protocol have already been completed? So, when the system that you offer already been selected as one of the finallist, that means the requirement in the Test Protocol have been completed. Furthermore, the Test Protocol is not done by one person but by JPTT. The JPTT comprised 3 x TD, 1 x TLDM, 1 x TUDM, 1 x BTM and 1 x STRIDE. So to all readers, do you think FMZam is a man with integrity? Fikir-fikirkanlah ...


Do not give excuses that the Paper Evaluation Report and the Physical Evaluation Report are OSA materials. When you claimed that you know ‘what exactly I told the BPR’ then certainly it is not a big deal for you or your J Bond to get them. I know exactly what happen, so dont bullshit la. Bercakap benar, tiada yang tidak benar melainkan benar belaka.


You claimed that I told the BPR - ‘the Test Protocol was destroyed’? Ini satu lagi pembohongan yang nyata. Putar alam sungguh lah you ni FMZam. Bukankah Test Protocol tu telah ditandatangani oleh kesemua 7 ahli dalam JPTT tersebut dan macam mana pulak benda tu boleh dikatakan musnah? The truth is that the JPTT has submitted the final report together with the completed Test Protocol.


FMZam said ‘Don't think a monkey like you can outsmart a mangkuk ayun like me, because a mangkuk ayun can be swung at the monkey's head and I feel nothing while your monkey head will feel at least dizzy lah’ - Tu dia kata-kata bernas seorang crusader yang mewarisi ciri-ciri mangkuk ayun. Dia ni baru je kena semburan pendek .22, kalau terkena AP, boleh bayangkan tak reaksi dia macam mana?

Bersambung ....

Tangkas Perkasa said...



FMZam said – ‘my system reached the final board together with the system you favoured, the two finalists and you beat me to death by your cheating ways.’ Ayo yo tambi yenne sonne? See, I am so powerful that I can beat him to death. Ini merupakan satu lagi penipuan yang nyata dan usaha untuk memutar belitkan kenyataan. Sebenarnya, JPTT memutuskan 2 sistem wargame termasuk sistem yang ditawarkan oleh FMZam, boleh digunakan oleh TD. Saya dapat tahu, sistem yang ditawarkan oleh FMZam tidak dipilih sebab sistem yang ditawarkan adalah terlalu mahal – beza berjuta-juta ringgit – terlalu jauh mengatasi kesemua 16 tawaran yang lain. Ada hikmahnya Lembaga Perolehan tidak memilih sistem tersebut. FMZam – kalau nak cepat kaya pun janganlah sampai macam tu sekali, lagi pun, rancangan perolehan adalah secara COCOM, bukan terus diberikan kepada TD.


Regarding cases of ‘melawan arus’ that I highlighted, got nothing to do with ‘WAHYU’. I want to inform you that the officer behind all those cases was ME. Dalam 3 contoh tu, FMZam ambil contoh ‘the poor soul who refuse to sign the report’. Ada makna tu - Again, I remind you that I know exactly what happen, so dont bullshit la.

So thats it. I will not submit anymore comment on whatever claims by FMZam after this on his ‘kes kalah perang’.

The JPTT who evaluate all 17 system had performed their job professionally, dont beliitle their capabilities. Please do not have the idea that your system is the best and the JPTT should recommend ONLY your system without paying due consideration to other system as well. Remember, as I said, there was no wargame system offered that complied all 1889 vital requirements as stipulated in the SOC.

You and your kuncu-kuncu should be professional enough and behave like orang beriman, kalau dah kalah tu, takde rezekilah maknanya. Jangan mengarut bila dah kalah tuduh orang lain korup. Muhassabah diri.

Do not declare yourself as the only living proof – because there are people including myself will confront people like you – even in the court.

Maaf Zahir Batin.

FMZam said...

Hello General Tangkas Perkasa,

You are Raja Affendy, that's why you took 2 and a half days to respond to my last posting to gather your points from elsewhere and that is because you are not directly involved in the tender and in my case file your involvement is only during the taped conversation with Mael Polin when you asked us to withdraw our complaint letter so as not to jeopardise Mael Polin's chance of promotion. So it is understood why you are so kelabu in your answer because you don't have a ready answer and you have to take time. You did your part to ensure Mael Polin get his promotion because you see your chance as his pet general when he is promoted you too will climb to your next "career progression" ladder.

But lesson learnt, when you come in blog don't boast your rank, your illustrious career, your whatever you said you are because it doesn't count here if your writing is no better than a monkey, you will be treated a monkey. Itulah balasan Allah untuk orang riak dan takbur pangkat macam kamu akan di"tangkas" di dalam blog. Tempat lain bolehlah kamu nak berlagak, jeneral.

Actually I don't really care much about your answers because all those answers were all the answers you all gave to my case report 2 years ago. I didn't stop to take that answers as you all have said it, I proceed to prove about how you cheated your ways to give that kind of answers. Let me prove this here:

On price you said this "Saya dapat tahu, sistem yang ditawarkan oleh FMZam tidak dipilih sebab sistem yang ditawarkan adalah terlalu mahal – beza berjuta-juta ringgit – terlalu jauh mengatasi kesemua 16 tawaran yang lain". This is where you are a clear munafik to paint here a lie where of all the 17 systems mine is not the most expensive, the most expensive were three others, the most expensive one was at almost double my price and the the system you made to win is mere few millions lower than mine. You better check this because I have the PERO's listing with me. So you are the one munafik in this puasa month.

And you didn't say why my system is more expensive than the system you made to win the tender? Because I offered the play level up to Corp level while the system that you picked is up to Brigade level but was manipulated in document as Division level even lower than my system's capability.

Even you and Mael Polin had agreed (I have the recorded conversation) and mael Polin clearly said that should the army go on with the purchase of that system you all have helped approved by the tender board, it will be a waste for the army to have to upgrade it again to Corp level.

Suffice that I say it on this alone that you are my dear general, a clear cut MUNAFIKIN of the highest order. I do not wish to proceed talking on other points because you are so bloody stupid to think that I am lying where in fact if I am, then why is that Mael Polin had not get promoted as the PAT now?

You can say lah this is your last posting where in fact you cannot stand facing me because anytime you post here, I will quickly respond, while you take long time to answer, why? Because you are a liar, you don't have the answer but have to gather your answer from elsewhere.

And you have the guts to say this is your last posting, I bet you will come back again when you have collected some more good points to fire at me. I don't think you have any AP rounds as you said you have and what you have shot at me was not .22. All you have shot at me were nothing more than water pistol.


hussin said...


everybody have balls. the only difference is that whether one choose to carry one's own balls or to carry other peoples' balls!

hey, a lot have been said about the changes in rmaf. the deputy is removed elsewhere instead of taking over the helm. there is this "rumour" that the tptd will also be removed to another place. if this happened, it is a move not to allow dato zul to take over as ptd as how they removed dato bashir.

both are kelantanese. pity these kelantanese generals. they become the victim of political manouevers. i hope i'm wrong, but what i see is taking place is that what happened in the 90's is repeating. like mahathir, umno politicians are scared of kelantanese, kah, kah, kah.

maaflah, saje acah je...