Friday, September 25, 2009


Transparency International (TI) in its recent report has ranked Malaysia as the 47th least corrupt nation in the world, out of 180 countries being reported, and is tied with Hungary and Jordon. The report also estimated that corruption figures could well reached an astounding RM10 billion a year.

Now, with the revelation of the figures, are we to believe that the report is untrue? Will there be someone to say that the figure is out to discredit the government and an opposition propaganda for the up-coming Bagan Pinang by-election? Anyway, what is RM10 billion compared to the PKFZ's financial scandal that is reported to be twice that amount? And for how long more are Malaysians to tolerate this unscrupulous acts of thievery by individuals and parties that are bent on bleeding the country's coffer to satisfy their greed and selfish self interests?

What has happened to our leaders who were suppose to be the voice of reason to fight corruption? What I hear so often from our leaders are the award of projects that costs millions, and who gets the projects are kept under veil. For those who dare reveal the owners of the projects, the OSA will be slammed on them. This is the practise of transparency; the Malaysian way.

For those who reads this posting of mine will surely say that I am anti establishment, which I am not. What I am very much against is the scourge of corruption that seems to lavish among those in power, without an end in sight. Now, even the once noble profession of the Armed Forces is believed to be mired deep in corruption by some unscrupulous officers, which hitherto is unthinkable. I am ashamed for I too was once a member of the Armed Forces.

My heart bleeds when someone approaches me to talk about corruption in the country, for I know that if nothing is done to eradicate this scourge, then it is the people that will suffer the consequences. The rich will remain rich, and the poor will become even more poorer.



John said...

Yes, Dato, you are absolutely right about the military being corrupted. I never dreamed that I would one day see this wonderful institution going down the drain because of the self interests of a few individuals. The sad problem is that it is not only the military's problem, it is society's problem. What I mean is that there are non-military people high up who know what is going on and yet are not taking action, because it fits the grand agenda. Once someone is corrupted, he will then be beholden to his superiors who know about it.
God forbid, one day, we will lose a war because of corruption.

taming said...

Dear Dato' and Readers,

Selamat Hari Raya to you and Muslim readers. I am glad that we are now back on track.

The political leaders of this country quickly became defensive when international organisation such as TI, publish reports labelling Malaysia among the corrupted countries in the world. During my Hari Raya outings I met some prominent leaders who view such international reports as being unfair and not well researched! When questioned "Can you name 3 leaders in this country who are NOT corrupted or perceived as clean"?

It is very difficult for my politician friends to come out with 3 names!

My next question was "What has the country done to drive this country to be among the 10 least corrupt countries in the world"?

Everybody already knows the answer.
It is the same.... very little or nothing, a lot of talking but very little positive actions!

It just shows that we have NO political WILL to reduce or eliminate corruptions. In the first place, leaders must not be corrupt or perceived as corrupts before they can even open their mouth to talk about anti-corruption, otherwise they will be made a laughing stock.

The country is serious in the fight against corruption only when cabinet ministers including PM and DPM, senior PTD officers and generals are disciplined, removed from their jobs and land in jails if found guilty of abuse of power and involved in corruption!

Will we see a day?


taming said...

I observe there have been many cases raised by readers such as FMZam, tuahjebat and komando about military being corrupt and some generals were involved!

What happened to all those generals
who were involved?

To me any army general who gets involved in collaborating with his families or cronies in securing defence contracts MUST resign his commission and leave the military.
A corrupted general is NOT fit to cammand troops and it is a disgrace to the Yang DiPertauan Agong, the country and the service!

My challenge to the generals.
The stars which land on your shoulders are the country's recognition of your professional and dedicated service and NEVER meant to be abused to the extent of making quick money through corruptions. You MUST earn those stars, we watch you from outside and we know every move you make.

Some of your surbordinates too are following your foot-steps. If you were corrupted they would be more corrupt than you and the military
is heading for the doom!


FMZam said...

Malaysia has been so long, a country where corrupt politicians and corrupt government servants can live with their corrupt money, without SHAME and GUILT, because the BN has made the government of this country, a "privately owned" organization closely protected by their three-headed dogs - the MACC, PDRM and Malaysian Armed Forces.

Corruption is the norm of Malaysia that made fighting, eradicating, combating and crusading againgst corruption, nothing but a voice in the darkness that cannot do anything more than making the corrupt leaders of this country even more bold and brave to continue with corruption down to many of their generations.

This government has made corruption to be seen and felt as so difficult to control and has turned corruption into something that are so out of control, but yet they all have no shame to live far beyond their means that we all can see the reason corruption is ever blooming is because they are THE CORRUPTION themselves.

The picture perfect of our government leaders is painted by the luxury and glamour they live in their private life that have emboldened and encouraged other government servants to taste the piece of the cake and join the league of the distinguished people of the corrupt.

And yet they have the guts to go to mosque and pray and thank to Allah for the fortune they made by all ill means, and they even go and perform Haj with that kind of money.

God bless this country.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

I do believe that your comments to fight corruption in the Armed Forces is taking its effect. Let us all keep alive this issue until every single soldier knows what is happening to their leaders.
It is better that we shame them, then to allow them to bleed the tax payers money and destroy the very institution that was once viewed with high esteem by the rakyat.

FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

I see a determination in your word "It is better that we shame them, then to allow them to bleed the tax payers money and destroy the very institution that was once viewed with high esteem by the rakyat".

I stand by my word that Mindef is a "Rasuah Tegar" area as long as that corrupt general and all his cronies generals and senior military officers are still very much in power and the new general take no heed of our concern about corruption in the military.

While many of us crusaders are getting tired seeing no positive development in our fight, let me remind you all that whatever you may want to think about this crusade, keep thinking, but never give up hope on it, for the war against corruption is time consuming and our patience is of the essence.

The corrupt generals may laugh at us and let them laugh while they still can and laugh until their dying moment to see that they are leaving this world with all their ill gained wealth to be inherited to their children and the children of their children and to all of their generations who will go on living on earth on their forefather' sins who are suffering in their graves.

Remember, while we are forever fighting to "stay out of corruption", the corrupt generals and their cohorts are fighting hard to "stay in corruption". So don't give up hope in fighting corruption for we are doing, if not many, at least one thing right in our lifetime.

We can never be wrong in fighting corruption when the corrupt can never be right in living and dying with corruption.

anaconda said...

I ve been in the servive for almost thirty years. And from what I see from the transition that have been taken place, not a minute the word corruption can be separated from our military leaders. Every inch from securing camp maintenance contract to acquiring large scale scale assets, the drawbacks are exorbitant. Needless to say that the evident is clearly portrayed physically. Need I say more? Corruption is here to stay and will forever be there....but there is saying which says the good things you do will stay with you and the bad things you do will come back to you.need I say more?