Friday, September 18, 2009


It was reported that former MB Selangor Khir Toyo had received a death threat letter from an anonymous individual on Tuesday 15, 2009. The letter was hand written and bears the Bukit Raja, Klang postage mark. The person warned Khir to lay off from any attempt to take over the Selangor state government; otherwise he will be shot dead with a gun or be blow piped with a poison dart.

I just do not know whether to laugh or cry at this threat, because I see no logical reason for anyone to kill Khir Toyo. In fact many in Selangor (me included) preferred him alive so that he can face the law regarding his palatial home and the Balkis affairs that is currently under investigations by MACC. The longer he stays alive, the better it is for Selangor, because many more 'skeletons' will be revealed in the course of the investigation.

I tend to believe that the letter is some sort of a ruse to divert the attention of people away from the on going MACC investigation. It could also be an attempt to influence the minds of the people that the death threat letter is the work of someone from the ruling party of the Selangor state government. I know to well that the supporters of Khir Toyo will soon be coming out with several allegations all aimed at blaming the PR state government, and to keep the MB Tan Sri Khalid on the defensive.

I am not surprise too that the supporters of Khir Toyo will try another 'kepala lembu' trick i.e. to launch a protest in front of the gates of the Selangor State Secretariat or in front of the residence of the MB carrying banners alleging that the PR government is implicated in the attempted murder of Khir Toyo. The reason they will give is that the PR government wants to shut off Khir Toyo because he knows too much about the abuses and corruption of the state government, and this is enough to spark an immediate reaction by the Selangor MACC to launch further raids on the PR government.

If at all the the intention to kill off Khir Toyo by elements within the PR state government is true, then I would say that the PR is stupid; much more stupid than a cow. Isn't this what Khir Toyo has said of a cow?



hussin said...

yeah, me too dato, let him pay for that. but you see these people, they do not sit quietly but scheme ways to topple the selangor government, signalled by no other than the piem, that selangor must be taken by hook or crook

umno's shit is everywhere, wherever you go, you smell these shit. the more reason for 'crusade against corruption' to 'fight' against umno, the mother of all corruption. the corrupt system is irrepairable until and unless umno is 'dead'.

The reason Temasek sold BII to "Maybank: because it was a bad investment


written by Mama Juwie, September 18, 2009 00:17:29
Thanks to the brilliant UMNO-BN and all Malaysians who blindly voted them into power, Malaysia is now the dumping ground for Singapore. Malaysian taxpayers' money is now officially used to bail-out Singaporean interests.

All the brainy smurfs in EPU, MOF, Khazanah, Maybank and CIMB should give themselves a toast for raising the concept of 'prosper thy neighbour' into a higher level, i.e. enriching the Singaporean Treasury while paving a golden path for Malaysia to bankruptcy.

1Malaysia: 1 for Malaysia, 10 for Singapore. Syabas Najib! Your late father must be so proud of you, son!

written by SamYap, September 18, 2009 00:56:33
Quote: written by Hakim Joe, September 18, 2009 00:13:08
You appoint stupid people to helm a bank, you get bad results. Simple as that.

Not quite accurate this time, Hakim Joe. Those people are not the stupid ones. The actual stupid people are the voters who had consistently purchased BN's policy statements and spin, and vote them into power at every GE. The people appointed to helm any GLC were put there for a purpose, quite like the time when the government purchased MAS shares back from Tajuddin for RM8.00 per share when its market value was hovering around RM3.50.

written by cheemengwong, September 18, 2009 01:33:14
They bought some motorcyle factory for millions and sold for 1 euro
They bought a car company and lost money
now they buy bank and lost money

one day they will sell Malaysia for a dime!

Get out of here BN!"

still want to think about it?

FMZam said...

All these are nothing but a diversion tactic by Toyo to defuse public attention from his ongoing MACC's investigation. Toyo has done all to make himself as the meanest man in Selangor and he has never hide that intention ever since he was appointed as Selangor opposition leader.

Actually the death threat story has not defused public attention against him, instead it gives him that buzz needed to swing public symphaty towards him. It's a hype used in building his image as the staunchest asshole of all the BN's "Kambing Sembelihan" for Najib's takeover agenda.

Toyo is that "swine", he is too dirty to be made a BN's hero but too good to not to be used as BN's fall guy for a stunt work creating havocs in Selangor. So that left him with the only choice left - to be the BN's Bad Boy and like a bad boy he is ready to be the goat of sacrifice.

And like Najib has said it that the opposition is tasting their own medicine, what Toyo did was copying what Karpal had done it and don't be surprised if the next time Toyo would produce the proof of threat with a box of 3 poison darts!.

Now who the hell "really" wants Toyo dead? Political assassination is not blooming in this country that a proffessional killer finds it hard to make a living here. And Toyo suggests poison darts, so we all better start buying those club darts and rain hundreds of them darts on Toyo in any of his public appearance and kill Toyo and his supporters by DARTING?

We better FART than DARTING Toyo for he does not deserve to die a martyr!

Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...

Well, I told you so! Now, let's see the plot for a mini series:-
EPISODE 1 - Khir cries Help
EPISODE 2 - Indians are suspects - reasons- due to man behind cow head.
EPISODE 3 - PDRM CSI type investigations suspect PENANS, since blowpipes are the suggested weapons.
EPISODE 4 - Spin doctoring is done at Bagan Pinang where PKR is accused to be behind this and leads have shown that the assasin is from Perak.
EPISODE 5- Assasin suspect goes missing without a trace.PDRM says we are working with Interpol and will get the culprit. Meanwhile, MACC takes a break from intorragating Khir due to new angle in the case.
EPISODE 6 - MCAC shuts down all blogs who reported events.
EPISODE 7 - KERISMUDIN steals the thunder by stating this is not our culture. Some other UMNO politicians jump onto the bandwagon to claim some limelight.MCA says it stands behind the government as this act of threats should stop, instead EGM should have been called. Finally, MIC bangs Selangor, UMNO and all others to question who suspected and suggested that it was an Indian behind it? It says that people cannot take advantage of a marginalised, minority community. Semi Value heads protest March to PM's office (a historical first). But this time he instead wears a garland of slippers, because a supposed supporter is actually an aggreived Indian holding a dagger behind his back. All the episodes come with interspersed songs (Satu Malaysia), some clips of acts of charity by Rosmah(we can't leave her out can we?) To meet Rais's and RTM guidelines, no C4 to be used, no references to RPK/ some mongolian, no scenes of Indon looking dancers or backgrounds. These series shall be telecast by all MSM at prime time to entertain rural folk, whom we take are so deprived. Finally, SEASON TWO will bang on season one's success with the theme "THE REVENGE OF BN AND GE 13".

komando said...

He wants to live lah..not die all the monies still not spent yet..mana boleh...hidup seribu tahun this guy..he must have GUTS!

Throw stones & blame others lor!

So, we will see more sordid stories coming forth....soon...
very interesting times ahead for this 1 country call ma la sia !

hi hi hi