Thursday, September 10, 2009


SHAME on you MACC. Your investigating officers are worse than thugs who torture and abuse people, knowing that the person is helpless. If you want to pick up a fight with someone whom you have detained, please give him a chance to defend himself and be able to fight back, and it must be a one to one fight. I dare the officers of MACC to accept this challenge, for I know that all of them are a bunch of men in 'skirts and lady under wears'.

What can a handcuff and a lone person do when he has a bunch of thugs waiting to pounce on him? Even if it was an elephant, I am sure the animal would have died being beaten with iron rods and other paraphernalia.

I would now like to ask if the use of torture on a detained person permissible and a standard SOP? I am sure the answer is NO. And where did the investigating officers learn these torture methods? Not from Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney I hope. Or have some of them gone to study how the US prison officers torture their Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq?

The ongoing inquest on the death of Teo Beng Hock while in custody of the Selangor MACC in Shah Alam, has brought to public notice that the investigating officers do torture people during their investigation, and the appearance of a former MACC detainee Sivanesan Tanggavelu at the inquest bears testimony to this claim. Besides being abusers and cowards, the MACC investigating officers are the biggest liars who hides behind their ugly uniforms.

I am surprise too that Sivanesan's report of abuse and torture to the police soon after being release from MACC detention in early September 2008, has never been investigated. This clearly show how the police and MACC works in cohort, as if the use of torture and abuse is their privilege. I hope more people who have been tortured and abused by MACC investigating officers to come forward to expose the unjust and inhumane treatment they received from the MACC officers.

Victims of police and MACC brutality, torture and abuse have suffered enough, and we the ordinary citizens of this country demands that the government orders the MACC and police included, to cease immediately their unjustifiable acts on persons in their custody. If nothing is done, we the ordinary citizens are to suffer the inexcusable conduct of these brainless MACC and police officers.

I hope justice will prevail in the ongoing inquest and all those found guilty be severely punished.



abdulhalimshah said...

The testimony given at the inquest is given under oath and as such the person who gives it face serious consequences if found to be lying. He could be charged for perjury.
On hindsight, the Commission of Inquiry formed to investigate into the standard operating procedures and the conduct of MACC officers is timely. The Commission of Inquiry must not let any stones unturned and whatever recommendations made must be implemented by the Govt without procrastination. Otherwise it would be another exercise in futility, and the guilty party must be penalised.

FMZam said...

MACC is fighting hard to deny torture and yesterday their lawyers fought well to disqualify a prosecution witness from testifying on torture by MACC. But that raised a question why should MACC fears the witness's testimony well before he could testify in front of a commission? The move by MACC to deny a witness from testifying is in itself has created a good impression in the mind of the people, that torture does exist in MACC's interrogation as it does in the police lock ups. And it is more so to believe when the witness said his police report on torture by MACC was silenced.

Is this is what MACC meant that our anti-corruption commission is designed to be like that of Hong Kong's? Is Hong Kong's one is like this? Or is this is like Guantanamo? What is MACC trying to prove?

If MACC believe in torture, MACC must be very stupid to believe in torture because first and formost MACC is not a detention camp to keep a detainee for long period like that of Guantanamo, to administer torture without anybody knowing what is happening behind the wall.

It is not torture, the right word is manhandling as what we military people know what is it and even in military, manhandling is an offence. Maybe MACC would feel relieved to admit manhandling in the eventuality of any adverse finding by the inquiry, rather than admitting torture. But then what kind of manhandling was that to cause a detainee his dear life? What is so excessive in Teoh's interrogation that made Ahmad Said said so disrespectfully that Teoh took his own life? What is that something more excessive than manhandling that a detainee could not stand it if it was no other than TORTURE? Even a mental torture? So now we better believe with you Dato' that TORTURE is the right word, not anything less than that to have to cause death to Teoh. Yes it's TORTURE!

So I said, before this government would admit torture by MACC, the inquiry of Teoh's case would do the best to save the government from any embarrasment, and to do that MACC must fight tooth and nail to deny anything about torture so that the inquiry's finding could find ways and means to come up with at least a "face saving" measure.

Don't hope the finding would be to our expectation of any justice to Teoh because no way this government would uphold a one man justice at the cost of making MACC a big liability to BN.

Please bear in mind we have had so many inquiry commissions but not one of them had ever come up to he people's expectation of any justice, that is why to many people the commission of inquiry, even the royal commission is a mockery of justice because they are made of the government's people, never an independent one.

It's no different to me between a jury and a commission when they are all made of kangaroos and sworn to serve the kangaroo's court!