Sunday, September 13, 2009


If the Selangor PR government is feeling the pressure over the recent unsavoury happenings in the state; the Trengganu BN state government is also facing its worse caused by the infighting among the BN/UMNO state assemblymen. This political infighting does not seem to ebb despite the recent intervention by DPM Muhyiddin, and after an unsuccessful attempt by the appointed UMNO state information chief Hishamuddin Hussein to placate the contentious parties.

The squabbling among some UMNO's assemblymen that is close to former MB Idris Jusoh on the one hand, and MB Ahmad Said on the other, arose out of former dissatisfaction over the appointment of the latter as the MB, coupled with the 'unfair treatment' they get from MB Ahmad Said. It was reported that the Trengganu palace had a hand in the appointment of the Ahmad Said soon after BN won the March 8, 2008 General Elections. One could still remember that former PM Tun Abdullah who initially announce his support for Idris Jusoh to another term as the MB, had failed to convince the palace that Idris Jusoh should be the rightful MB.

Speculations are rife that Idris Jusoh was not reappointment as the MB because he had caused the wrath of the palace over some matters affecting his running of the state. The same can also be said of the Perlis state where the incumbent MB Shahidan Kassim was not favoured to retain his post, purportedly by the palace too. These are precedences that could happen to any of the Malay state that clearly challenges the rights of the PM to name its choice of the MB.

The rift among the Trengganu UMNO state assemblymen should not be allowed to go unabated as it can seriously affect the state's administration, which in turn is likely to affect the people who had the voted them to power. This is where the assemblymen have failed to understand that being elected by the people would mean that the electorates interest comes first; not their personal interest. I believe it is the latter that is the primary cause of the rift, where loyalty to the party is being thrown out of the window.

Many that I have talked to believe that in politics, loyalty to a leader is linked to the pecuniary rewards, such as contracts, benefits and privilages that one will obtain by being loyal. I would term such show of loyalty as 'false loyalty'. Politics is also about wanting to remain in power for as long as can be; hence the 'power grab' in Perak and the 'hook or by crook' utterance by PM Najib to Selangor BN.

Such is Malaysian politics that despite 52 years of Independence, the maturity level of most of our politicians have not got any better. It is time for our politicians from both the political divide to set aside their political differences and to start thinking of harnessing together the best brains from among them (regardless of ones political affiliation) to truly serve the nation and its people.

I am also now offering the above solution first to UMNO Trengganu assemblymen to test if they have the maturity to be level headed politicians, and to set aside their differences for the sake of the party, people and state. If they still are not able to set aside their difference, let me be honest to say that the party will be doomed come the next General Election.



hussin said...

salam dato,

dato nampaknya bimbang dengan perkembangan politik dalaman umno terengganu.

what is "crusade against corruption" all about then? don't you see that corruption is so rampant now headed by umno politicians?

menasihati supaya pemimpin umno terengganu membetulkan keadan demi keselamatan umno, adalah tidak ubah mempertahankan rasuah yang dato perangi.


komando said...

Nicely said Mr Husin.

If so, what is this story telling us folks?

Analysis needed urgently!

Are we at the right place fighting the wrong battle or at the wrong place fighting the right battle?

The UMNO death is no stoppable, kata Orang Melayu, dekat nak mati tunggu di baca "Talkin" sahaja, tidak perlu baca "Yasin"

Even the great Mamak has declared UMNO dah tidak boleh ditahan lagi dan akan MAMPUS!

NAJIB will be the last PM from BN or UMNO. The other 2 major BN components i.e. MCA & MIC pun sama tunggu nak "mampus"!

Just watch them self destruct, this is the real :"ACT OF GOD" as famously used by the "Botak Samy D'Valued"

ceng ceng ceng