Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Would anyone believe this news i.e. a 70 year old man with his 60 year old lover were caught for close proximity (khalwat) by the Trengganu state religious department; and of all time, during the month of Ramadan. If you do not believe the news, just read Star Online today. I hope it has nothing to do with eating too much of 'kerupok leko'. And didn't Khir Toyo says that his youthful gleaming looks is attributed to eating lots of 'tempe'?

I am already pass 60 and I have to be honest that there is nothing left in me. I do not know what others would say of themselves, but seriously, the case stated above is abnormal to say the least. I just wonder where the hell did the old man gets his 'drive' and likewise the women. At that age, the 'crankshaft' does not spin as fast, and what is worse the fog lights isn't as bright either. Do what you want with it, the more you play with the switches, the more the lights will fade. If only I could get hold of that old man in order to seek a little advice from him.

I am quite sure both have been married (or are they divorce individuals) and would be having children and grandchildren. How on earth are they to face them, and what will be the reaction of others against them. The couple have certainly 'desecreated' the Muslim month of Ramadan and have shown a bad example to all Muslims, especially the youth.

I do hope non of my readers have silly ideas like this,and if you do, just take a good look at your grandchildren and say 'grandpa is not doing to do what the 70 year old man did'.



arboking said...

Dear Dato'

No doubt they were caught but what do you think they were doing?

Even my dirty mind tells me the furthest they could have gone is heavy petting, nothing more, unless the finger is adventurous...

But don't underestimate the power of Viagra

Koljohn said...

Dear PakChad,
Saperti Arboking nyatakan 'don't underestimate the power of Viagra' dan banyak lagi 'booster' yang ada. Hugh Hefner, pengasas Playboy pun menjelma semula sebagai icon Playboy dengan pengeluaran Viagra. Jadi harapan untuk kita masih ada. Kenyataan Dato bahawa 'there is nothing left in me' sounds defeatist.60 bukan 'tua' tapi 'lama' atau 'seasoned'.Jadi jangan cepat mengaku kalah.Sifat 'Juang' mesti sentiasa membara.
Yang kena tangkap basah tu, mungkin mereka tak buat apa pun sebab mereka berdua duaan dan mereka bukan muhrim. They may be doing ketok ketampi even, tetapi oleh sebab undang undang syariah bagitu rupa. maka salah lah mereka.
Salam dari kawan RAMD.

abdulhalimshah said...

I concur with you that one must think of being called to face our Creator sooner than later when we pass the age of sixty. Every year is a bonus for the sixty plus and have very little time to prepare for the inevitable.
Of all the place that old man was caught was in Kuala terengganu. Regardless of the circumstances, he should supplicate to ALLAH S.W.T. for "Taubat Nasuha" before he goes six feet under. One of the signs of going astray is when you stop reminding ourselves that we are nearer to the grave and we reap what we sow in afterlife. Wallahuwa'lam.teryote

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Datuk, what do you think of this?

The 7th Battalion Royal Malay Regiment in action for all the wrong reasons!

One month ago, on 3 August, Army personnel from the Bn 7 Rejimen Askar Melayu Di Raja swooped on Pulau Pandanan Kecil, off Semporna and ordered the villagers there to take down all the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) flags hoisted at their houses. When the villagers declined to comply, the army personnel brought the flags down for them. When confronted by a disgruntled villager on who ordered them to do so, the army personnel replied that it was an instruction from their ‘boss’, without giving any name.

Outraged by the incident, one of the villagers later lodged a police report at the Semporna district police station. The outrageous episode was videoed and photographed by a courageous villager and sent to me. Continue reading in Putt For Change

The sovereignty of Sabah is being dangerously compromised with the involvement of the Armed forces in politics. The intrusion of fully armed army personnel in demanding a villager Datu Pengiran Ahmad Datu Ali Alam,who is a member of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to take down the party flag which he proudly hoisted in his house,simply because the Minister of Defence, Datuk Zahid Hamidi was making an "Ops Pasir" visit is not only tantamount to abuse of power but complete erosion and violation of his constitutional rights and freedom of association with the political party of his choice.

In a magnanimous stand, Supreme council member, Hj.Ansari Abdullah and the state leadership of Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) of Sabah called for the armed forces to keep out of the political realm of the country,at a press conference. The video clip on the press conference is presented to you here.

Part 1

Watch video clip in the site itself.
For Parts 2 to Four and the whole write up go here to Ronnie Klassen's blog 'Putt For Change".

It has also been reliably learnt,that the police had forwarded the report made by Datu Pengiran Ahmad to the Army for their further action. I was also informed by Datu Pengiran Ahmad that, he was also approached by a third party to withdraw his police report and negotiate the matter amicably. What was there to negotiate is absolutely mind-boggling.

FMZam said...

Somewhere in Chow Kit there are dimlit back alleys where prostitutes are making a living offering services for old men and they are old prostitutes over 60 years and they are meant for old men, some old men who have not the money for expensive sex but still packed with unending strength for lust.

Talking about sex what does an old man but still strong in sexual desires do to release his nature call while his spouse is already expired especially when that old men has the means and money?

How many grumpy old men spend time in hotel rooms, posh hotels rooms, with flashy young girls without getting caught for many many times? How many rich old men keep mistresses and keep changing mistresses in luxurious condos and apartments? How many old bosses have secretaries who are their secret lovers? And how many old datuks and Datuks and Dato's are doing sex with "illegal" partners either for love or lust?

This sex thing is nothing impossible in everyday's life. It's nature and you cannot tell an old men to stop sex at any time when they are still strong at it, they will find ways and means to have sex, legally or illegally, especially when sex is a "silent industry" in this country.

If religion is the reason that can stop illicit sex, it can only stop some of the people while some seemingly religious people are still flouting their religion when come to sex.

And to many powerful people illicit sex is just a leisure and pleasure part of their work routines in every society including the army where many military drivers have bear witness to their generals secret trysts with girlfriends.

There are too many rich old men in this country for too many beautiful young potential whores who like the rich old men more than just a handsome penniless young brutes.

That 70 years old man and his 60 years old lover are easy meat for the enforcement people in Kuala Trengganu. It will certainly be a different scenario if the couple is a somebody as we all have known a number of khalwat cases involving VIPs that has slipped through and escaped from justice many times before.

Many old men are old coconut or aged wine. And old coconut is "kelapa tua banyak minyaknya!"

komando said...

hello folks whatever happens is happening and will even be worst trust me

the end is nearing "kata orang yang pelik dah jadi tidak pelik"

makin lama makin akan jadi Jahil manusia, itu dah tanda besar...maka sedia kan lah diri

sekarang adalah zaman "DUNIA FITAN"