Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Having been a blogger since June last year, and I having read the comments of my readers, especially those whom I believe to be either serving or retired military officers, have subscribed strong, constructive as well as contentious views and opinion concerning the issues that I had raised in my postings.Never mind the language that some have used, but the fact of the matter is that the readers are willing to make their views and opinion heard, which hitherto has been silent and unheard of. That's the wonder of the blogging world, and I will always take my readers views, comments and opinion to be well intended.

The same goes to my civilian readers who now have access to the myriad of issues relating to the Armed Forces, and to be able to share and to subscribe an 'impartial or an outside view' that was not forthcoming in the past. This have given me an all round perspective of how a particular issue that I have raised in my postings are being viewed by all parties.

I am an advocate of strong and critical view, and I do not mind if someone says that the issues relating to the Armed Forces that I write is garbage. Whatever word that is being used against my writings; be it garbage, rubbish or any other derogatory term is a trivial matter to me. What is more important to me is that by having to say something that I have long haboured in my mind, gives me a complete sense of relieve and satisfaction.

I know that there are many others (retired/serving military officers and civilians alike) who are like me out there, but they are not able to find the opportunity to say their piece, or they may have something that inhibits them from doing so. This has to be respected, for there can be no two people who are alike in ever way.

Now, this reminds me of the many retired military officers that I know off, who have continued to speak out, but are not able to attract enough audience for their views to be heard. In my many casual meetings and 'coffee shop talks' with some of them, I noticed that they have a lot to speak about; not limited to the affairs of the present Armed Forces only, but over a myriad of issues that are afflicting the nation today. Being out of their uniforms now, they believe they have every responsibility to act as a 'voice of reason' to checkmate what they believe is improper and outrageously being done against public interest by the various authorities and the powers that be.

Most whom I know are not interested in being members of a political party because the mindset of a retired military officers cannot cohabit with that of politicians. I know this because I was a member of a political party upon my retirement, but force myself to quit because my military training have taught me to perceive and do things quite differently from of politicians. What I hate most is to see an ill discipline member during meetings, and the talk usually revolves around how best to serve the members first, and not to society as a whole.

There are today thousands of retired officers and soldiers that can be a formidable voice of reason for the purpose explained above. They do not need to be in politics, but what is needed is a strong leadership that can harness a voice that is coherent enough to act as a checkmate against the abuses of the authorities and powers that be towards our society. Certainly, the Ex-Servicemen Association cannot be that voice because it is seen to be political with vested interest by a few.

I know that, that a strong leadership is out there somewhere, and it will only be time when the retired officers and soldiers can be reunited again, not at arms in defence of the nation, but at 'arms' in defence of what is righteous, and to discard what is wrongful.



Firdaus Omar said...

Ride on Sir!!

atsixty said...

Assalamkumn Dato, apa yang Dato tulis itu adalah KEBENARAN, kami diluar ini akan bersama sama dengan Dato dalam apa jua tajuk yang akan Dato kupas, teruskan menulis - BERKATA BENAR WALAUPUN PAHIT ! Terima kasih Dato

Sysop said...


We "ex-servicemen" will fight what is right everytime.

eli said...

I am with you Dato'. A corrupt Armed Forces is no good for the nation.

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. What you are doing is fantastic and honourable, for the good of the country, the armed forces and above all for the retired servicemen. In a way, it is keeping "check" on what is going on to our beloved nation and armed forces and at the same time keeping our ex-servicemen informed on the national issues and connected them with one another, sharing our views, different as they may be.
2. Our heroes had sacrificed their lives that others may live in peace and prosperity in Malaysia. At the very least, we should honour our dead heroes by taking upon ourselves to be guardians of what they had sacrificed for, is not in vain.

3. Hopefully, more ex-servicemen from Sarawak will join your blog and enjoy your postings, like I do.

4. Wishing you good health, happiness and joys in blogging.

Fabian Wong

abdulhalimshah said...

Dato' Arshad Raji,
As a benchmark, the US is an example of how the veterans of their Army, Navy and Air Force are treated through a systematic safety net and carried out as part of the public service, namely Veteran's Administration. Their Veteran's hospitals provide the badly needed healthcare for the ex-serviceman who could ill-afford the astronomic costs of maintaining a decent healthy life especially those who needed specialised treatment. Some might say we cannot compare a first world country and ours. But we do already enjoy many first world standards and why not apply it to our ex-serviceman. I believe not only ex-serviceman should be active in making themselves heard, but also all top ex-civil servants who onced honed their skills as the principal advisers to their Ministers.But many just faded into oblivion and it is very sad indeed to see some avoiding their former colleagues for reasons best known to themselves. I am a non-politician but I do follow the political developments of the country with earnestness. My prayer is that we shall avoid the fate of the failed states syndrome by choosing leaders who place the national interest above everything else.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Abdulhalimshah,

You said it well. I suppose I should not only confine the write up to only the Armed Forces, but to equally include all retired government servants. You are right to say that some good retired government servants have faded into oblivion, and I know personally some of them.

Fabian said...

Dear armed forces retirees,

1. The call by our dear friend Arshad is relevant and timely.The AF retirees must have a strong voice of reason in today Malaysia.

2. I can think of one good reason why we must have a strong voice:
"We, as AF retirees, have fought two insurgency wars and won. Many of our brothers-in-arms had sacrificed their lives and many more maimed or mentally-ill because of the stress and hardship they had undergone. Not only they had suffered, their families too suffered with them. Without their sacrifices, we, Malaysians today, would NOT have such a peaceful, stable and prosperous MALAYSIA. Are we going to sit back and keep radio-silent when important national issues affect all of us and our children and grandchildren are being debated, decided and acted upon? Are we having no say on how the country is heading and managed? Are we not concerned on the welfare of the men who had fought with us and served us? And their families' welfare? Are we not having the share of the country wealth and prosperity? Are we being rightfully REWARDED, especially the older veterans. Have our former men need to fight for survival and struggle for a living to feed their families, after giving their best part of their lives to the King and Country."

3. I heard Veterans Affairs Department is championing our cause in presenting a working paper to introduce a Veterans Act. That is good and long over-due. The veterans deserve better than what they are getting now.

4. Our able ex-senior officers (generals) MUST come forward and provide the VOICE that our dear friend, Arshad said is needed.

"TIME TO CALL FOR OUR GOVERNMENT TO PLACE THE WELFARE OF OUR VETERANS FIRST, EACH AND EVERY TIME." (The politicians last, each and every time.)I am sure the VOICE of the generals counts.

5. Our generals can also request the PM to appoint a Veteran Minister to head the Veternas Ministry (to be created), to look after the veterans. The appointed Minister or his deputy MUST be a retired general.

6. So much from me. I like to invite others to add their views.

Fabian Wong

maurice said...

Dear Dato,

Rather risky to go for broad objectives.Suggest we stick to defence and retirees issues only.That way people will listen to us more as we have wide experience in these two subjects.

I wish more of our retireee friends would participate in this kind of blog.A very effective media to disseminate views to gain public support to our cause.

Fabian said...

My dear friend and readers,

1. Our soldiers have proven again and again they are or were brave while in the Army. Our Officers and Generals too have proven they are or were brave while in the Army. Now it's also the time for them TO SHOW THEY ARE BRRAVE by speaking up or sharing their views and opinions, based on their immeasureable experiences.
2. They SHOULD and in my view MUST still lead the way. That's why Malaysians still call them, "General".
3. Readers of this blog are encouraged to get as many generals as possible to join this blog and give a helping hand. Our former men need the generals' services.
4. One way to show loyalty to King and Country is to soldier on but in a different form. One form our ex-service Officers and men can do best is - Be "Guardians" of the Nation, Armed Forces and AF veterans organisation.

5. Also keep a close watch or control of Ex-Servicemen Association. Much need to be done in this association. To close one eye on it, is not the DS solution. A brave General MUST take one step forward and commit himself to solve the problem, correct the ills and upgrade it. Let's see WHO that brave general is????

Fabian Wong

taming said...


I agree that the ex-servicemen need to become a strong voice but for many reasons this appears only to be a dream.

You look at Kelab Pegawai Rejimen Asykar Melayu (KPRAMD) and count the number (many) of ex-army generals who are members. Almost all those ex-generals serve as chairmen of some LTAT companies, other public listed companies and do pretty well to draw lucrative incomes. Do they bother about the club and help members in some ways?Their contributions to KPRAMD other than playing annual golf with DYMM The Agong?
Almost nothing!

On the other hand, look at Kelab Semboyan Diraja with the highest ranking member is only an ex-Major General. This club talk less but had achieved tremendous successes, including having a very respectable Yayasan Semboyan Diraja to help needy ex-signalmen and their families.

Where do the ex-servicemen go wrong? They are quick in blaming Ex-Services Association (PBTM) but
they don't bother to lift a finger to do something about it!

It is a very serious point to ponder, especially for the senior ex-servicemen. Retirees must change and BUCK UP in order to become a formidable force!