Saturday, October 17, 2009


Though late, I however wish to congratulate you for having rose to the exulted post of the new Chief of Defence Force (CDF) of the Malaysian Armed Forces. I certainly do not know you well enough to personally call you and to congratulate you. But I did post a congratulatory note in my blog on August 29, 2009.

Your rise to the number one slot in the Armed Forces must be in recognition for your outstanding performance and contribution to the nation, while you were the Air Force Chief. And being at the pinnacle of your career now, you can no longer be yourself and to savour the freedom that you once enjoyed when you were a junior officer.

I was told by my superior once that being at the top can be very lonely. Your subordinates no longer feel the freedom, nor will they be at leisure to meet you unless it is for some official purpose. Even if you are at the golf course with them, do not think that your subordinates are at ease playing with you. They enjoy losing the game, not because they are not good at the game, but they lose out of respect for you. This is the privilege that you enjoy and you ought not to blame yourself for this. It is the military culture I suppose i.e respect to a superior is utmost, even at a game of golf.

Now, let me get to the more serious aspect of this letter, the reason for which I do not want you to fall into the things being said of your predecessor that had brought himself and the good name of the Armed Forces to odium, disrepute and be the talk of the town. I know many in the Armed Forces, in particular the Army knows what all he has done, and the reasons why he had to leave in such haste. I am puzzled as to why was there no action taken against him, should he do anything wrong that had brought him and dragged the service to odium.. Was there a fear of retaliation? Or has the rot creeped into the entire system, that it is now beyond redemption?

The burden to raise the good name of the Armed Forces back to its former 'glory' now lies with you. You have to shoulder that responsibility and to do that, you have to have the unequivocal support of all the three service chiefs. You should demand support and loyalty from them, and should they weaver to the detriment of the service, sack them. And for goodness sake, keep a tight watch on the activities of the the three services, because to claim ignorance of any failures found in the three services, is not an acceptable answer to come from the CDF.

You should set the tone by setting good personal examples; exemplary leadership; make firm and fair decisions; discard cronyism; disengage yourself from ever being involved in business or being seen among contractors and business associates; do not allow family members to use you in their business with Mindef; never request favours from any businessmen; be extremely weary of the people around you, and last but not the least, do not ever feel beholden to politicians. Be a professional soldier, and you will gain gratification and respect from your men and the nation.

I seem to be teaching you to suck eggs, but it is better to be sucking eggs than to lose honour and pride of being a member of the Armed Forces by your unsavoury acts.

You may not have access to the talks that lingers outside the corridors of Mindef, but I do. And it is the love that I still have for the Armed Forces that I am force to tell you what ails the Armed Forces under the leadership of your predecessor. Call me a busybody if you want, but I would rather be called that, then to see the Armed Forces slip into decadence.



komando said...

The old chicken can still teach the new chicken some egg laying tricks.
Don't worry we shall be watching and eye-ing and listening !

CDF - clean up the ATM

Clean up the system.

Clean all the three Services

Be brave and Fear no man but GOD
U shall be judged by your actions not mere words or repeat of the ole ways!

Pak Oncu said...

Tuan, berani ke Azizan bersihkan ATM keseluruhan nya??????

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

Well said. It is an excellent advice to the new CDF. I don't think any other veteran could have said it better because you must have put into it a lot of thought and deep thinking. Precise and matured advice from one who loves the MAF to one who too loves the MAF but is given the heaviest responsibility of his life of bringing up the MAF to its former and greater glory.

2. I am sure the new chief will appreciate the advice, if not for anything, it acts as a TIMELY REMINDER not to fall into the wrong side of the talk of the town but to achieve excellence and GREATNESS that money cannot buy.

3. May God bless the new CDF and guide him in his new job.

Fabian Wong

taming said...


Saya kira Dato' memang berani. Dalam masa satu minggu Dato' telah menulis "Open Letter" kepada PAT dan PTD, sunggoh pun kandungan berlainan, tetapi matalamatnya sama,iaitu untuk mengigatkan pucuk pimpinan ATM dan TD supaya jangan terjerumus dalam lembah kehinaan.
Syabas Dato' dan saya menghormati
tindakan Dato'.

Saya amat kenal PAT lama dan PAT baru dan saya sunggoh malu dengan apa yang telah berlaku hingga menyebabkan PAT lama diarah menyerahkan tugas kepada pengganti, Gen Azizan, dalam masa
3 hari, termasuk hari minggu dan Hari Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan.

Jika perkara yang menjadi buah mulut pegawai-pegawai ATM yang sedang berkhidmat dan yang bersara adalah benar, maka ianya merupakan
satu penghinaan kepada ATM dan memang wajarlah kerajaan mengambil tindakan berani menghukum beliau dan menjadikannya satu pengajaran kepada semua.

Jen Azizan, anak Kedah ini baik orangnya tetapi kerana beliau bukan malaikat sudah tentu beliau juga mempunyai kelemahan sungguh pun tidak sehebat seperti kita dengar tentang PTD. Pada satu ketika sebelum perlantikan PAT baru diumumkan ada spekulasi mengatakan Jen Azizan akan bersara awal oleh sebab-sebab yang tidak begitu manis didengar.


Tugas beliau berikutnya adalah membersihkan nama ATM daripada persepsi "bahawa ATM merupakan sebuah organisasi kotor yang berasuah dimana pegawai ATM disemua peringkat dikaitkan dengan rasuah".

Selepas beliau sendiri membersihkan dirinya daripada rasuah, barulah Jen Azizan boleh memulakan "TINDAKAN PEMBERSIAHAN
RASUAH DALAM ATM", kalau tidak beliau juga akan gagal sebagai PAT.

Jen Azizan mampu mengubah dan Selamat membersihkan ATM.


maurice said...

Saya ingin mencadangkan PAT, PTD, PTL dan PTU mebaca buku "Have you met Mariam" oleh Gen Tun Ibrahim Ismail (ISBN-967-989-000-7) dari masa kemasa.

Barangkali akan dapat membawa keinsafan kepada Tan Sri/Dato Seri/Dato bahwa ATM bolih balik ke pokok pangkal asalnya.

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. Having read the comments on responses to your open letter written to the new CDF, I wish I am the Government and can give 100 millions RM to the new CDF as a REWARD, if he can clean up the MAF, real or perceived, by the end of his service or within a year, whichever comes first.

2. I must be outdated on the affairs of the MAF, especially on corruption, having left the Army 13years ago and living, far from MINDEF corridors, in Kuching. It seems the military chiefs are serving under tremendous TEMPTATIONS.

3. Poor Malaysians, military veterans and the general public can only pray the new CDF can do a great job without the promise of RM100 millions REWARD which, to me, is a small amount to pay, comparatively to the amount that could be saved. (The amount saved could be ploughed back into the Veterans Affairs Department or Ministry's coffer for the welfare of the AF personnel/veterans.)

4. It seems we can not only VOICE but also PRAY. We pray each day with the new Chief to withstand the TEMPTATIONS.

Fabian Wong

EAGLE said...

Just like talking to the wall and the new CDF needs to sack himself first before sacking others or he needs to stand a little bit longer in front of the mirror.
He screwed the RMAF leaderships and you aspect him to be respected by other services???
The damage is beyond repair. This guy will further destroy the Armed Forces. The only way out at the moment either he resigned and the Defence Minister has to get down to the real business instead of being kelentong by all these apple polishing generals. What is your take Dato' in order to be on top? Apple pollishing the politicians or with the latest of so called "Blue blood bodeking".
It is all with hidden agenda that will be reveal soon. Good luck sir!!! You will hear a lot more!!!

hussin said...


ArshadRaji said...

Dear Maurice,

Well said of Gen Tun Ibrahim. Though we feared him, but we all loved him. Upright, professional and no nonsense of a man.

Capt's Longhouse said...

my take,,,the greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving !.
,,,to my old buddy the new CDF, just concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand, the sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus.
,,,Hereafter, you should be too great for pettiness, too courageous for fear, too virtuous for wrong.

Regards to the other half yaa.

Shariff Uban (KapasPirateKing)

old_ironside said...

You dont't have to teach my Chief how to do his job. You were in the service once, what have you done? Most of the Senior officers in the service now are your product. Don't waste your timelah Dato', don't you have anything better to do.
"Ibaratkan Ketam Mengajar Anaknya Jalan Betul".