Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If someone were to ask me, which political party in this country has the most number of song? My answer would be UMNO.

At the launching of One Malaysia by PM Dato Seri Najib in Ipoh recently, I was told that the Perak state UMNO members sung the UMNO state song to the smiles of everyone. I am not quite sure if everyone at the launching knew the lyrics.

I know UMNO has a party song that will being played on TV each time there is a General Assembly, and will be sung in unison at the assembly itself. I am not aware of each state having its own song, but I do know that even some UMNO Divisions (Bahagian) have a song. Now, what about the UMNO Branches (Cawangan)? Do they have a song too?

So we now have a song for the Cawangan, a song for the Bahagian, a song for the State (Negeri) and finally a song for UMNO Pusat. That's Song Galore!

I do not know what all these songs means to the party. But I would agree that there should only be just one song for the party; not any other songs.

If a song is to symbolise unity, then by allowing every strata of the party to have its own song, this would then give the impression that there is 'diversity' and not unity in the party. Can someone from UMNO explain this?



Zhilal's Blog said...

Dear Dato'

It's remind me to a good friend of mine - Jaswan Singh !

nxforget said...

Maybe UMNO got to pleased some composers. If that the case, we haven't done enough to bring this composers to the center stage.

Anybody know if these songs are posted in Youtube.